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Abound dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. His works abound in the.
2. With Your truths to abound.
3. The faithful man shall abound.
4. Apples abound in Johanna's attic.
5. For in us all, true fears abound.
6. And stoves of various shapes abound.
7. Examples of such transactions abound.

8. Fairy tale castles abound in the area.
9. Misconceptions Abound About Weight Loss.
10. Abound: Be plentiful; to have an abundance.
11. The poets abound in allusions to the daisy.
12. Conversions abound, yes, but also ways to.
13. We lose the serendipities that abound when.
14. Commercial and home remedies for acne abound.
15. There opportunities of losing oneself abound.
16. God said, Let the waters abound with living.
17. Both charlatans and deluded believers abound.
18. Testimonials abound on effective weight-loss.
19. Stories abound of just what happened on that day.
20. His grace abound to us who are believers in Christ.
21. Whispers were abound that without me able to play.
22. Potatoes abound in earth-covered heaps out of doors.
23. Putting the crown down means there is a grace abound.
24. The definitions of common sense are varied and abound.
25. Floral/flower gardening and suggestions would be abound.
26. Finally, the waters around the islands abound with fish.
27. Conspiracy theories abound; did the ATF jump the gun? Or.
28. When motherly feelings were abound, no one could stop them.
29. There is factor abound and method found in ones own madness.
30. Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound.
31. Rumours abound he wore a hair shirt, a symbol of his piety, his.
32. Those metals frequently abound in countries which possess no mines.
33. With the absence of any real corroboration of facts, theories abound.
34. They will abound in prosperity, in children, and the fruit of the land.
35. Outside the sanctuaries in the next-later level, phallic symbols abound.
36. We must also check out the other non-Christian beliefs that abound in our.
37. Yet false gospels abound that put us square in the middle of the tribulation.
38. Rumours abound that the elves and dwarves were involved in the final battle.
39. Theories abound and every generation for thousands of years has had its views.
40. Then everything rises, the pavements begin to seethe, popular redoubts abound.
41. Over the next few hours, an euphoric feeling abound in the centre of the village.
42. However, manufactories of chemical products abound in the Faubourg Saint-Marceau.
43. Frank again, Rumors abound that Robert Windowmaker is actually here in Needless.
44. Quartz crystals appear to abound at the same place, besides various other minerals.
45. Stories abound of yogis who can sleep on a bed of nails without pain or evidence of.
46. Trafalgar Square and many of the quaint and elegant areas that abound in this great.
47. I am pleased with your stewardship of the forest and the animals that abound in it.
48. Frozen, he could only watch as they closed in on him with flashing red lights abound.
49. I’ve read of such a thing in books, and urban legends of that type abound on the Internet.
50. They will abound in prosperity, in children, and the fruit of the land [Deuteronomy 28:11-12].
51. They would abound in prosperity, in children, and the fruit of the land (Deuteronomy 28:11-12).
52. Alastrajareas, Madasimas, or others of that sort, with whom, as you well know, the histories abound.
53. Lots of mysteries abound, there has been a hell of a backlash as one might expect, it’s anarchy.
54. Philander says that we can exist indefinitely on the wild fruit and nuts which abound in the jungle.
55. For let a man look carefully into all that variety of which the arts abound, he will everywhere find.
56. The climate is mild year-long in most of New Zealand and nice beaches and fantastic scenic sights abound.
57. There is, however food – fruits and fish, lizards and turtles that abound in the waters around the island.
58. Thus, ample profit opportunities abound by going short at the right time, and the time value can be enormous.
59. It was a time Mitchell cherished, everyone in one room rooting on their favorite team, with happiness abound.
60. Republican billionaires and politicians who pretend to be straight but are not, abound in the political world.
61. In neither location were any weapons or male idols found from that time, though later layers abound with them.
62. We might mention other parts of country where prairies and barrens abound, and which have been formed by water.
63. Someone who came back recently from Ville-Marie to France told me that berry bushes abound around this country.
64. Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.
65. Values abound and we believe we can broaden and diversify the portfolio without sacrificing future rates of return.
66. Rumors abound about people who are alive with edifying communication, but really, they are dead to fruitful exchanges.
67. Your garden soil, plants growing in it, and natural debris on its surface abound with a multitude of various organisms.
68. Votive offerings, with the smoke of incense, abound in the temples—bribes with which good luck is purchased from their gods.
69. In a world surrounded by death, with mortality everywhere, our love should abound, be magnified, if love is contexted by death.
70. Anecdotes abound about this production, one of the best being that production was constantly held up due to Marilyn’s lateness.
71. And now, you who hate insolence; you who do abound in mercy; you who are the protector of all things; appear quickly to those of.
72. One thing that bothers many people is the not knowing who they are dealing with after hearing some of the scam stories that abound.
73. He had known from tales that abound that Satan, himself, was looking for more men, fresh and strong, to man the oars of his ferryboat.
74. Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
75. This does not suggest that one cannot find responsible and dignified lecturers, who certainly abound in our campuses in greater number.
76. I say to you now unless your righteousness abound more than that of the scribes and Pharisees you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
77. My father had fallen over one of the deep chalk-pits which abound in the neighbourhood, and was lying senseless, with a shattered skull.
78. Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound.
79. What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, so grace can abound? Certainly not! How shall we - notice what he said - who have died to sin.
80. They abound, therefore, in the rude produce of land ; and instead of importing it from other countries, they have generally a large surplus to export.
81. Again, for the astute investor who has the ability and the tools to grasp the implications of these governmentally induced changes, opportunities abound.
82. Monasteries, when they abound in a nation, are clogs in its circulation, cumbrous establishments, centres of idleness where centres of labor should exist.
83. The rumours abound of strange noises and lights pulsing out of the ground, so the Khmer Rouge patrols avoided the area, therefore they were relatively safe.
84. I stated earlier that people don’t have decent work and yet the help wanted signs abound, without getting answered while there are jobs that need to be done.
85. Edible plants abound in tropical areas, but unless you are already familiar with them it is better to begin with to eat palms, bamboos and the commoner fruits.
86. For if by the transgression of the one the many died, much more did the grace of God and the gift by the grace of the one Man, Jesus Christ, abound to the many.
87. Religious literature abound with stories of how the devil or the ego tries to thwart the upward climb of an aspirant to a more expansive and holistic awareness.
88. Liberal ideas may abound all over the country, but to the old farts that live around here, this incident would have provided enough fodder to fill a dozen silos.
89. Rumors abound that she has connections to a number of terrorist organizations inside and outside of the continent, but none of these allegations have been proven.
90. But for those who can wait out the eruption of enthusiasm-those with patience and job security-opportunities will abound when the excitement wanes and fear reappears.
91. This is even more universally the case in those poor countries which are commonly said to have no manufactures, than in those rich ones that are said to abound in them.
92. Naturally, they could not visit all the big cities, much less the thousands upon thousands of villages where poverty is said to abound and repression reigns inexorably.
93. Until a few decades ago, this kind of information was available only to insiders in certain secret societies (this is not a joke, secrets society still abound today, and MOST.
94. He wrapped a thick terrycloth robe abound his body and returned to the mini-balcony of his apartment, where he eased into a canvas-back chair to enjoy the changing colors of the sky.
95. The stories abound about the person, who is mentally defective in most things, but can draw pictures of what they have seen in amazing detail, or play a piano in a way that is a marvel.
96. If a bounty could in any case be reasonable, it might perhaps be so upon the transportation of coals from those parts of the country in which they abound, to those in which they are wanted.
97. For by some curious fatality, as it is often noted of your metropolitan freebooters that they ever encamp around the halls of justice, so sinners, gentlemen, most abound in holiest vicinities.
98. Even orthodox nutritionists now recognize that white flour is an empty food, supplying calories for energy but none of the bodybuilding materials that abound in the germ and the bran of whole grains.
99. Were they seeing things? Was this an illusion or was this truly an apparition from beyond the grave? Sacred sites abound on the island, and tales of spirits were very much a part of the local culture.
100. They will be few, not because the subject does not abound with various fruitful and interesting topics, but because an indisposition of some days has unfitted me for any considerable effort of memory.
1. The Denizens of Chaos are yet abounding.
2. Ahead lay the scalloped ocean and the abounding.
3. Genesis, when compared to the beliefs abounding at.
4. A lively story, abounding in stirring incident and in humorous descriptions.
5. The abounding good cheer of these English whalers is matter for historical research.
6. Every log and stream he examined was not abounding with small creatures, as he would have 72.
7. Notwithstanding the abounding provisions, sometimes the mind gets so hurt that men retire into.
8. We are a rich country, abounding in the necessaries of life; we have money's worth, but no money.
9. When there was no depths, or fountains abounding with water, you came forth to be betrayed for me.
10. Nor did she, confronted by the girl's abounding youth, even resent being taken for Dwight's mother.
11. Moscow, abounding in provisions, arms, munitions, and incalculable wealth, is in Napoleon’s hands.
12. So we were constantly perusing the notice boards abounding in South Ken with room vacancies and rents.
13. Pro 8:24 When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water.
14. They are to go out to conquer the world with unfailing forgiveness, matchless good will, and abounding love.
15. We spend too much time in the trader blogosphere discussing why traders fail, with a thousand theses abounding.
16. This is the first practicable Collection of Hymns and Tunes abounding in vigorous Pieces adapted to the Gospel Temperance Movement.
17. But this august dignity I treat of, is not the dignity of kings and robes, but that abounding dignity which has no robed investiture.
18. The woman, presently abounding with newly found freedom and assertiveness, drove over to the Beltzville State Park, a twenty-minute ride.
19. It is the town where the young man sees abounding examples of ungodliness; and, if he is determined to live in sin, will always find plenty of companions.
20. If we are only "steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord," we shall find, to our amazement, that our labour was not in vain in the Lord (1 Cor.
21. He felt his strength, and wanted still to have a life of his own; there are some men who long to live in a rich, abounding life, even when old age has got hold of them.
22. But, doubtless, this noble savage fed strong and drank deep of the abounding element of air; and through his dilated nostrils snuffed in the sublime life of the worlds.
23. On top of everything, he was very attractive, you must admit, and worked in a milieu abounding with nubile young women brought up in the uninhibited sexual ethics of out times.
24. We left behind a vastly conservative Egypt and found ourselves in a country abounding in pretty, unattached young women who were free from moral restraints in their sexual conduct.
25. You can minister in the name of: insecurity, rejection, abandonment - or you can minister in the name of the compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiveness God.
26. As we have received Christ Jesus the Lord, enable us so to walk in him, rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith as we have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.
27. So if you’re angry or sorrowful all the time, it’s not from God! It is very wise for us to imitate our God in being very slow to anger, and abounding in love, lest our anger lead to sin.
28. And equally fallacious seems the conceit, that because the so-called whale-bone whales no longer haunt many grounds in former years abounding with them, hence that species also is declining.
29. I don't want you to lose track of the context here: that when the name of God comes on you, what is actually coming on you? Compassion, grace, slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiveness.
30. A rich country, in the same manner as a rich man, is supposed to be a country abounding in money ; and to heap up gold and silver in any country is supposed to be the readiest way to enrich it.
31. And for as good presence refers, this assumption did not last very much, but up to the moment in which I saw my image reflected in one of the mirrors of two bodies that were abounding in the lounge.
32. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, be you steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as you know that your labor is not vain in the Lord (1 Corinthians 15:57-58, American Standard Version).
33. A country abounding with merchants and manufacturers, therefore, necessarily abounds with a set of people, who have it at all times in their power to advance, if they chuse to do so, a very large sum of money to government.
34. Now what would you think if someone gave a whole year's wages to the Lord? You'd [inhales sharply] – you shouldn't do that! But you see: she had a heart that was just abounding in generosity, and gratitude to the Lord.
35. Widely-ranging species, abounding in individuals, which have already triumphed over many competitors in their own widely-extended homes, will have the best chance of seizing on new places, when they spread out into new countries.
36. With what enthusiasm, what vigor, what youthfulness do the denizens of this modern world manifest their abounding vitality! The arts and sciences, the various industries, political and administrative details, all are full of life.
37. In a commercial country, abounding with every sort of expensive luxury, the sovereign, in the same manner as almost all the great proprietors in his dominions, naturally spends a great part of his revenue in purchasing those luxuries.
38. Domingo, therefore, was represented as a country abounding with gold, and upon that account (according to the prejudices not only of the present times, but of those times), an inexhaustible source of real wealth to the crown and kingdom of Spain.
39. In an apartment of the great temple of Denderah, some fifty years ago, there was discovered upon the granite ceiling a sculptured and painted planisphere, abounding in centaurs, griffins, and dolphins, similar to the grotesque figures on the celestial globe of the moderns.
40. Her legs were perfectly well shaped and her thighs, which she kept pretty close, shewed so white, so round, so substantial and abounding in firm flesh, that nothing could afford a stronger recommendation to the luxury of the touch, which he accordingly did not fail to indulge in.
41. Barrande added another and lower stage, abounding with new and peculiar species, beneath the then known Silurian system; and now, still lower down in the Lower Cambrian formation, Mr Hicks has found South Wales beds rich in trilobites, and containing various molluscs and annelids.
42. We wish to express our devout thanksgiving for the grace of hospitality which has been bestowed in such abounding measure upon the churches of Christ and the good people of this city of Providence, with whose name in its divine significance we are to associate this peculiarly impressive anniversary.
43. The people of the Coast which she had left might pride themselves on taking people, courteous, generous, filled with abounding good nature, but sturdy, virile, easy all their affairs, even their duels and their feuds, with a careless air but these north Georgia people had a streak of violence in them.
44. What will the street provide them with? It will certainly present them with meanness and vices, and this is the utmost wish of the devil: to find a wretched evildoing errant idle generation so that they will grow up abounding with obscenity, vice, and misery, just as children today are adults tomorrow.
45. A country abounding with merchants and manufacturers, necessarily abounds with a set of people through whose hands, not only their own capitals, but the capitals of all those who either lend them money, or trust them with goods, pass as frequently, or more frequently, than the revenue of a private man, who, without trade or business, lives upon his income, passes through his hands.
46. What good does it do, to have a church of people covered in gold dust, with diamonds in their shoes, seeing angels in the sky, and they walk out and be mean? No! That is not the point! The point of the spirit of God and glory resting on you, is that it produces something in your life of the name of God: the compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiveness God.
47. If someone gave a prophetic word in the First Century, they would test the prophecy; and the first question about the prophecy was not: is it right or wrong; the first question about the prophecy was: was it delivered in a manner consistent with the disposition of messiah? Was it delivered in a compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiveness way? What was the tone of the prophecy?
48. He also yielded to none in his admiration of Rossini's Stabat Mater, a work simply abounding in immortal numbers, in which his wife, Madam Marion Tweedy, made a hit, a veritable sensation, he might safely say, greatly adding to her other laureis and putting the others totally in the shade, in the jesuit fathers' church in upper Gardiner street, the sacred edifice being thronged to the doors to hear her with virtuosos, or.
49. He preached it as the miraculous fact on which Jesus Himself staked the whole credibility of His mission, and as a fact proved by such abounding evidence that no caviller at miracles has ever yet honestly dared to meets�He preached it as a fact, which was the very top-stone of the whole work of redemption, proving that what Christ undertook He fully accomplished, that the ransom was accepted, the atonement completed, and the prison doors thrown open forever.
50. He had communicated it to no creature: he had not breathed a syllable of it even to Mary; while uncertain of the issue, he could not have borne any participation of his feelings, but this had been his business; and he spoke with such a glow of what his solicitude had been, and used such strong expressions, was so abounding in the deepest interest, in twofold motives, in views and wishes more than could be told, that Fanny could not have remained insensible of his drift, had she been able to attend; but her heart was so full and her senses still so astonished, that she could listen but imperfectly even to what he told her of William, and saying only when he paused, How kind! how very kind! Oh, Mr.
51. In this other squadron there come those that drink of the crystal streams of the olive-bearing Betis, those that make smooth their countenances with the water of the ever rich and golden Tagus, those that rejoice in the fertilising flow of the divine Genil, those that roam the Tartesian plains abounding in pasture, those that take their pleasure in the Elysian meadows of Jerez, the rich Manchegans crowned with ruddy ears of corn, the wearers of iron, old relics of the Gothic race, those that bathe in the Pisuerga renowned for its gentle current, those that feed their herds along the spreading pastures of the winding Guadiana famed for its hidden course, those that tremble with the cold of the pineclad Pyrenees or the dazzling snows of the lofty Apennine; in a word, as many as all Europe includes and contains.
52. With a solemn interest in the lighted windows where the people were going to rest, forgetful through a few calm hours of the horrors surrounding them; in the towers of the churches, where no prayers were said, for the popular revulsion had even travelled that length of self-destruction from years of priestly impostors, plunderers, and profligates; in the distant burial-places, reserved, as they wrote upon the gates, for Eternal Sleep; in the abounding gaols; and in the streets along which the sixties rolled to a death which had become so common and material, that no sorrowful story of a haunting Spirit ever arose among the people out of all the working of the Guillotine; with a solemn interest in the whole life and death of the city settling down to its short nightly pause in fury; Sydney Carton crossed the Seine again for the lighter streets.
53. Lay it to your heart not to be anxious before the time what you shah say and I shall give you understanding and wisdom which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay; And then shall they deliver you to constraint and shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations because of my name; And then shall many go astray and they 52 shall hate one another and deliver one another to death; And your parents and your brothers and your kinsfolk and your friends shall deliver you up and shall 53 kill some of you; But a lock of hair from your heads shall not perish; And by your patience you shall gain your souls; And many men false prophets shall arise 56 and lead many astray; And because of the abounding of iniquity the love of many shall wax cold; But he who endures to the end the same shall be saved; And this the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a testimony to all nations; and then shall come the end of all.
1. Glory abounded and heaven smiled.
2. Rumours also abounded about the.
3. Maskers abounded on the boulevard.
4. Quiet heroism abounded on all sides.
5. These tragic tales abounded in Madame de T.
6. The "drawing-rooms" particularly abounded in remarks of.
7. When afflictions have abounded, consolations have much more abounded.
8. Weeds abounded, which was a great piece of luck for a poor corner of land.
9. His gratitude for a personal relationship with God through Christ abounded.
10. The woods abounded with squirrel–like animals, the size of small beavers.
11. Jesus was intimate with the Father, and He abounded in good works to people.
12. Of course the campus abounded with folk singers holding forth to small groups of.
13. The island on which I found myself was full of people, and abounded in all sorts.
14. Large boulders abounded in the Pittsburgh area, left over from millions of years ago.
15. He felt more alive than he had in years and the prospects for war and glory abounded.
16. It abounded with rugged islands with waterfalls and coral reefs, lots of sand and palms.
17. A variety of statues and stone shapes abounded some small ponds with bright lotus flowers.
18. Rumors of murder, suicide, and a plan that he was about to desert his abbey anyway abounded.
19. Two hours after he again landed at Pianosa, where he was assured that red partridges abounded.
20. Looking above the walls of the caravansary, the hills held dark holes where I knew caves abounded.
21. A sound that she could never quite fathom, though she was well aware that spectral beings abounded.
22. Wizards and sorcerers abounded in his barbaric mythology, and any fool could tell that this was no common man.
23. This led to humans living almost exclusively near wetlands, where more game abounded that were easier to hunt.
24. Spiders and other insects abounded in the wheel pit, making the selection of a sitting place a little difficult.
25. The Law came in so that the transgression would increase; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, 21.
26. In the prosperous Tribe of Kravena, the tribe members abounded with activities, preparing for tonight’s merriment.
27. There, as in every spot where Monte Cristo stopped, if but for two days, luxury abounded and life went on with the utmost ease.
28. Satisfied with the bottom line, he came out into the open to ascertain the proclivities of the passing women who abounded by then.
29. The strong, unstaggering breeze abounded so, that sky and air seemed vast outbellying sails; the whole world boomed before the wind.
30. He had started exhibiting that trait as soon as he made some money and of course, he was in a milieu where the opportunities abounded.
31. Rumours had abounded in connection with some large land acquisitions and mysterious construction projects that were appearing worldwide.
32. The din of early dinner professionals abounded, you miss the first couple of words coming out of Jane’s mouth as she lowers her camera.
33. Such quasi-muscles abounded in the crablike handling-machine which, on my first peeping out of the slit, I watched unpacking the cylinder.
34. Once more it was pouring and my irregular lawn, well-shaved by Gatsby’s gardener, abounded in small muddy swamps and prehistoric marshes.
35. A town where such monsters abounded was hardly more than a sort of low comedy, which could not be taken account of in a well-bred scheme of the universe.
36. Everywhere, the mire, which the sewermen came to handle with intrepidity, abounded in precious objects, jewels of gold and silver, precious stones, coins.
37. There was a burst of applause and general merriment throughout the cavern, as backbreaking slaps by warriors abounded as they anticipated meeting new females.
38. For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.
39. Thus, in a country where this kind of clover abounded, it might be a great advantage to the hive-bee to have a slightly longer or differently constructed proboscis.
40. When you saw a thief you went to be with him and have cast in your portion with the adulterers; Your mouth has abounded with evil and your tongue has contrived deceit.
41. Demons and angels abounded, men were vessels for greater powers and the great interplay between fish and fisher was held holy, as it still is in the treetops to this day.
42. His conversation abounded in long pauses during which his mind seemed to remain motionless; he always brought one back with a start to the exact point where he had stopped.
43. We bless thee for the redemption we have through Christ’s blood, even the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of thy grace, wherein thou hast abounded towards us.
44. We bless thee for the redemption we have through Christ�s blood, even the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of thy grace, wherein thou hast abounded towards us.
45. Pictures of sculls abounded, black sedition trousers, black sweatshirts, the uniform of all Goths, were discarded on the floor with the rest of this previous weeks clothing.
46. But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more, (21) so that as sin reigned in death, even so grace might reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
47. O let us have redemption through Christ�s blood, even the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of thy grace; wherein thou hast abounded towards us in all wisdom and prudence.
48. O let us have redemption through Christ’s blood, even the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of thy grace; wherein thou hast abounded towards us in all wisdom and prudence.
49. He knew of several high profile Nazi’s who were working in Brazil and Uruguay and rumours abounded about the work of a very high ranking official in Argentina but it was just a rumour.
50. With an instinct as to possibilities, he did not now, as he had intended, make for the first station beyond the town, but plunged still farther under the firs, which here abounded for miles.
51. For Joe Turk, coach travel equalled comfort, speed and convenience; coaches abounded and the roadside restaurants were open twenty-four hours a day to cope with the constant stream of punters.
52. Somewhat further rimward of the atoll a couple of little boats, trolling a net for the ferocious free-swimming oysters which abounded in those seas, caught something that dragged both vessels.
53. In other words he explained that while he felt it could be misleading to try to describe the wanted person he believed it might be helpful if the investigators cleared their minds of the myths that abounded.
54. He had been a meatman, one of the caste which earned a perilous living in large, sail-powered land yachts that ventured far out to land and hunted the shoals of deer and buffalo that abounded in the stormhaunted continents.
55. In such buildings England abounded, and, in the last decade of their grandeur, Englishmen seemed for the first time to become conscious of what before was taken for granted, and to salute their achievement at the moment of extinction.
56. Perak, I should mention, is the Malay word for silver, it having been supposed that vast lodes of that metal abounded in the river valley; but, as a matter of fact, there has been very little silver located anywhere near its vicinity.
57. Kennedy said, Boston abounded in monuments of this country and Jack heard about them and viewed them when he was knee high and then, when he would return home, he would read books which I had bought for him to supplement his knowledge.
58. At the epoch, nearly contemporary by the way, when the action of this book takes place, there was not, as there is to-day, a policeman at the corner of every street (a benefit which there is no time to discuss here); stray children abounded in Paris.
59. Clichés describing the territory abounded – the city that never sleeps, the city that would be wonderful when it was finished, the largest construction site in the world, the sprinter in the marathon, the only society where the work ethic is a way of life.
60. The little bits of gold with which the inhabitants ornamented their dress, and which, he was informed, they frequently found in the rivulets and torrents which fell from the mountains, were sufficient to satisfy him that those mountains abounded with the richest gold mines.
61. Wall Street has always abounded in bitter ironies, and the bursting of the growth-stock bubble has created a doozy: In 1999 and 2000, high-tech, bio-tech, and telecommunications stocks were supposed to provide aggressive growth and ended up giving most of their investors aggressive shrinkage instead.
62. She bent forward from time to time to gather gooseberries that abounded on the trail, after a few bites and found them in extreme degree of acidity as they were not yet ripe, she discarded them in search of other, ignoring the drops that began to put heavier on her jacket and make it more difficult to walk.
63. I don’t need to have it x-rayed do I? Kathy asked in a panicky, pain-filled tone…for x-rays meant going to a hospital, here in Washington no less, and hospitals were where doctors abounded! She’d never know, until it was too late, if the doctor assigned to her care there, turned out to be her stalking tormentor!.
64. Inquiry was made at that convent; the very best information and the most respectable references abounded; the good nuns, not very apt and but little inclined to fathom questions of paternity, and not attaching any importance to the matter, had never understood exactly of which of the two Fauchelevents Cosette was the daughter.
65. The meaning of many terms was heightened and deepened; but, as Professor Cremer allows in his lexicon, words which relate to the future state form the only class which, it is pretended, were twisted out of their proper meaning, in the New Testament dialect; and this notwithstanding the fact that Greek already abounded in words for expressing with fullest accuracy the ideas which it is sought to enforce under the perverted terminology.
66. Dejected beyond measure did Don Quixote pursue his journey, turning over in his mind the cruel trick the enchanters had played him in changing his lady Dulcinea into the vile shape of the village lass, nor could he think of any way of restoring her to her original form; and these reflections so absorbed him, that without being aware of it he let go Rocinante's bridle, and he, perceiving the liberty that was granted him, stopped at every step to crop the fresh grass with which the plain abounded.
67. Polyps and echinoderms abounded on the seafloor: various isis coral, cornularian coral living in isolation, tufts of virginal genus Oculina formerly known by the name "white coral," prickly fungus coral in the shape of mushrooms, sea anemone holding on by their muscular disks, providing a literal flowerbed adorned by jellyfish from the genus Porpita wearing collars of azure tentacles, and starfish that spangled the sand, including veinlike feather stars from the genus Asterophyton that were like fine lace embroidered by the hands of water nymphs, their festoons.
68. Who was this man? an examination had been made; witnesses had been heard, and they were unanimous; light had abounded throughout the entire debate; the accusation said: We have in our grasp not only a marauder, a stealer of fruit; we have here, in our hands, a bandit, an old offender who has broken his ban, an ex-convict, a miscreant of the most dangerous description, a malefactor named Jean Valjean, whom justice has long been in search of, and who, eight years ago, on emerging from the galleys at Toulon, committed a highway robbery, accompanied by violence, on the person of a child, a Savoyard named Little Gervais; a crime provided for by article 383 of the Penal Code, the right to try him for which we reserve hereafter, when his identity shall have been judicially established.
1. Happiness abounds in spades.
2. The novel abounds in highly.
3. Quackery abounds on the Internet.
4. It abounds in amazing expressions and.
5. This part of the country abounds with game.
6. The millennium has not begun, and much evil abounds.
7. The world abounds in situations of undue control and.
8. The chase abounds in grimaces and in comical postures.
9. Iniquity abounds among us, and the love of many is waxen cold.
10. Fantastic literature abounds with them in different variations.
11. The epoch, surnamed "of the riots," abounds in details of this nature.
12. The heterodon abounds in many sandy situations, and near the sea-shore.
13. Our country abounds in the necessaries, the arts, and the comforts of life.
14. He may well need some education in this area, for it abounds in misleading possibilities.
15. Everyone is occupied in their Life with the things with which their Subconsciousness abounds.
16. The mockers are almost invariably rare insects; the mocked in almost every case abounds in swarms.
17. The characteristics of that spirit are: confusion; passivity; and ungodliness and unlawfulness abounds.
18. The whole story is curious and uncommon, and abounds with incidents that fill the hearers with wonder and.
19. Fairy lore abounds with tales of travelers who were led into whole kingdoms that they believed to be fully real.
20. This is perhaps why such skepticism abounds when the words “timing model” or “timing the market” are mentioned.
21. In that at Nicojack, it abounds, and is found covering the surfaces of fallen rocks, but in more abundance beneath them.
22. The work there knows no Sabbath, and the Chinese settlement abounds in gambling and opium dens and in petty idol shrines.
23. Although English Poetry abounds with pictures of the seasons, its Winter pictures are neither numerous, nor among its best.
24. You'll remain weak and ineffective - loving God, but not being able to bring forth fruit, that abounds to the glory of God.
25. These two Marys so different, so well represented by Spanish art, embody one of those shining symbols with which Christianity abounds.
26. Concern about pollution of the earth abounds, but the pollution that threatens this nation today lies not in stagnant rivers or dirty air.
27. I just scream inside, can't stand it, that heaviness and shut down religiosity - and you know the Bible abounds with noise and celebration.
28. The object of the present letter is to acquaint you with a circumstance relating to the limestone that abounds in this primitive country, which to me is inexplicable.
29. We have, however, the consolation that our country abounds with the richest materials, and that, in no instance, when engaged in action, have our arms been tarnished.
30. The situation of our country, fellow-citizens, is not without its difficulties; though it abounds in animating considerations, of which the view here presented of our pecuniary resources is an example.
31. To sum the whole story up into one grand lesson—that of humiliation of the Jews and exaltation of the Gentiles—makes it a vivid and ingenious picture, the history of which abounds in tragic experience to the Jew.
32. Nothing, indeed, presented by the western country seems to excite in a higher degree the curiosity of strangers, than the relics and vestiges of the extinct and comparatively civilized population with which it abounds.
33. But gold and silver will naturally exchange for a greater quantity of subsistence in a rich than in a poor country ; in a country which abounds with subsistence, than in one which is but indifferently supplied with it.
34. A country abounding with merchants and manufacturers, therefore, necessarily abounds with a set of people, who have it at all times in their power to advance, if they chuse to do so, a very large sum of money to government.
35. Unless a capital was employed in transporting either the rude or manufactured produce from the places where it abounds to those where it is wanted, no more of either could be produced than was necessary for the consumption of the neighbourhood.
36. Let me ask gentlemen if the evils depicted to exist in Peru, where gold abounds, do not equal any thing they can imagine to proceed from the want of money? We must forget the evils that force produces in the necessity which exists for having it.
37. Tell me, senor, do you mean to travel all that way for nothing, and to let slip and lose so rich and great a match as this where they give as a portion a kingdom that in sober truth I have heard say is more than twenty thousand leagues round about, and abounds with all things.
38. To those of our readers who may not be familiar with this subject, we would however take the liberty to remark, that porcelain clays generally arise from the decomposition of granite, and particularly of that kind which is denominated graphic granite, and which abounds with feldspar.
39. All other moveable goods, he says, are of so consumable a nature, that the wealth which consists in them cannot be much depended on; and a nation which abounds in them one year may, without any exportation, but merely by their own waste and extravagance, be in great want of them the next.
40. Slang abounds in words of this description, immediate words, words created instantaneously no one knows either where or by whom, without etymology, without analogies, without derivatives, solitary, barbarous, sometimes hideous words, which at times possess a singular power of expression and which live.
41. This excellent observer has shown that in some districts of South America, where, for instance, an Ithomia abounds in gaudy swarms, another butterfly, namely, a Leptalis, is often found mingled in the same flock; and the latter so closely resembles the Ithomia in every shade and stripe of colour, and even in the shape of its wings, that Mr.
42. To reach the foliage at a considerable height (without climbing, for which hoofed animals are singularly ill-constructed) implies greatly increased bulk of body; and we know that some areas support singularly few large quadrupeds, for instance South America, though it is so luxuriant, while South Africa abounds with them to an unparalleled degree.
43. A country abounding with merchants and manufacturers, necessarily abounds with a set of people through whose hands, not only their own capitals, but the capitals of all those who either lend them money, or trust them with goods, pass as frequently, or more frequently, than the revenue of a private man, who, without trade or business, lives upon his income, passes through his hands.
44. If you have an interest in prophecy, you certainly recognize that confusion abounds,.

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