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Accept dans une phrase (en anglais)

I can accept that now.
She began to accept it.
We accept it by faith.
Accept it and move on.
It was a lot to accept.
If she will accept it.
I refuse to accept this.

I accept you as my own.
You can accept and adapt.
You have to accept that.
She had to accept what.
I just have to accept it.
I can accept that there.
Let me accept that I?ve.
Some will just accept you.
Love and accept him for.
Be Willing to Accept Help.
Accept him into your life.
For whoever will accept it.
But he would not accept it.
Accept others as they are.
The team will accept the.
I refuse to accept that.
As I could not accept, it.
Better to accept all the.
Accept God as the only God.
Isodor: I can’t accept it.
Will you accept this role?
And bow and accept the end.
If I accept that over 100m.
Molly seemed to accept that.
Just be open and accept it.
Will you accept it, Sir?
But she seemed to accept it.
Accept that you will never.
I did not accept this order.
Even that, I don't accept.
Neither could she accept it.
When we accept the premise.
You can accept the absolute.
Instead of accepting his way.
But, she was not accepting it.
Caris was not accepting excuses.
Mickens was not accepting any.
Before accepting it, Tracy sug-.
I am accepting the beliefs of a.
Because accepting others is the.
Thanks for accepting this position.
Accepting that concept is a biggie.
Accepting Hanor had been full of.
He had not the power of accepting it.
Without accepting this knowledge and.
They are perfect, accepting, trusting.
Accepting your offer is even easier now.
I never felt comfortable accepting them.
They can start by not accepting coupons.
Accepting the naked truth of the white.
Start by being more accepting of yourself.
Jeff had made accepting the position easy.
You have a choice between accepting the.
Love is accepting, patient, is not earned.
Emotionally Accepting Things as They Are.
I declined accepting more than was my due.
It felt like that would be accepting his.
Dogs are the worst at accepting change.
By accepting and loving yourself, you're.
I think accepting the ocean did it for me.
While accepting that I may never be rescued.
When it comes to accepting new students, Mr.
Taking responsibility means accepting the.
Marie knew that accepting the purple meant.
Very loving, and accepting of me and my son.
And by accepting that, it helped relieve.
Thank you, he said, accepting the bowl.
I have a seriously hard time accepting the.
Is the nursing home accepting new residents?
Thank You! for accepting my invitation to play.
Pausing and then accepting the limits of what.
It was about accepting a responsibility that.
The reality is when accepting treatment for a.
It had to be accepted.
It is not accepted by.
I want to feel accepted.
Then accepted as a fact.
I was accepted okay now.
I accepted the post on.
I had accepted the truth.
He had accepted his fate.
If not accepted with care.
He was accepted at Party.
She had accepted the price.
I simply accepted his word.
Why she had accepted this.
She accepted it and ate it.
It is a well accepted fact.
Why have we accepted this?
Homer accepted it in silence.
I had accepted the challenge.
Or at least have accepted it.
The Klingon accepted his hand.
He had been accepted to the.
I accepted her at face value.
You have accepted me as I am.
Finally he had been accepted.
That I would have accepted.
If it were accepted it would.
You accepted me for who I was.
She accepted things and made.
Emily accepted and agreed to.
The younger man accepted the.
Why they accepted him was easy.
Henceforth, I accepted my fate.
The doctor accepted it gingerly.
They accepted that there were.
Velvet accepted the gifts with.
Maureen accepted his little joke.
Now, she accepted it more openly.
Howard accepted the offer as a.
Her opinion was accepted at once.
He shrugs as he accepts.
He accepts now that his.
A horse that accepts only.
God the Father accepts this.
It accepts this pain as part.
It accepts them and revels in.
And Mary accepts all this?
The function accepts no parameter.
I think the norm accepts this as.
He then accepts that he might fail.
A world that accepts the body and.
God Himself accepts the sacrifice?
She laughs at him as she accepts it.
It is Nancy who accepts the criticism.
It loves and accepts everything that.
D -146-her good girl if she accepts it.
Accepts the suggestion made by others.
He does not tolerate us, He accepts us.
TK offers a helping hand; Kairo accepts.
He accepts this as reasonable and normal.
Rosa is upset, but eventually accepts it.
Vodka is the only thing his soul accepts.
He therefore discards that and accepts this.
A people which accepts a charter abdicates.
She knows my behaviours and accepts them.
A woman always accepts love, never a sorry.
Whether he accepts it or not, the burden of.
Yet who, upon this earth, accepts Me as I am?
She accepts my faults as well as my strengths.
Loki accepts and tries to hand back the flask.
Unfortunately, the order accepts no interviews.
The swamp is part of the forest; it accepts you.
In time, any god that accepts gold becomes gold.
And yet, He accepts us and loves us and forgives.
Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.
Krishn accepts whatever gifts are offered to him.
Therefore, it accepts the pain of having its mask.
If the girl caught it, that would mean she accepts.
Action accepts all stimuli in an affirmative manner.
Boldness, on the other hand, accepts responsibility.

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