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Acknowledge dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. But, I will acknowledge what.
  2. First you acknowledge that you.
  3. Having to acknowledge that the.
  4. In all your ways acknowledge Him.
  5. Though we will not acknowledge it.

  6. More than she wanted to acknowledge.
  7. So they will acknowledge their sins.
  8. If they choose to acknowledge that.
  9. The failure to acknowledge that.
  10. Donna didn’t even acknowledge him.
  11. He didn’t acknowledge her presence.
  12. Do I need to acknowledge that?
  13. He would not acknowledge at all any.
  14. Roman didn’t acknowledge the question.
  15. Any man of sense must acknowledge that.

  16. She didn’t acknowledge the compliment.
  17. The figure acknowledge them with a wave.
  18. Acknowledge that you really took offence.
  19. You have to acknowledge that you have a.
  20. The fact that don't acknowledge what is.
  21. He’d be the first to acknowledge it now.
  22. I didn't want acknowledge it, she thought.
  23. It refuses to acknowledge our radio calls.
  24. If we can see that someone can acknowledge.
  25. Most Christians in America acknowledge this.

  26. She tipped her head to acknowledge the point.
  27. He didn‘t acknowledge any form of help.
  28. Simon could only acknowledge the truth in that.
  29. Manju maybe, but others barely acknowledge me.
  30. Only his mate refuses to acknowledge the bond.
  31. As a rule, they acknowledge the existence of.
  32. Pretending to acknowledge the presence of her.
  33. Still, she refused to acknowledge his existence.
  34. You need not acknowledge further transmissions.
  35. But Brumvack refused to acknowledge that memory.
  36. Trevain, however, did not acknowledge her touch.
  37. Neither would acknowledge the other’s ability.
  38. Accept it and acknowledge that it is in your mind.
  39. Loranzi didn't seem to acknowledge her questioning.
  40. Repeatedly God does not acknowledge woman in the.
  41. He cannot acknowledge me openly, it appears, but.
  42. Nevertheless, to begin means to acknowledge that.
  43. The suggestion is to acknowledge rather than accept.
  44. You need to acknowledge the youth and child in you.
  45. He did not acknowledge her, only watched the dark.
  46. He was forced to acknowledge that goodness did exist.
  47. He barely turned his head to acknowledge her arrival.
  48. Lucas nodded at him to acknowledge that Smith was ok.
  49. They refuse to acknowledge how desperate many of the.
  50. Be forced to acknowledge that solutions and problems.
  51. Reverence Contemplation is to simply acknowledge and.
  52. Acknowledge for live crated in gradual break through.
  53. Acknowledge you have suppression and move towards it.
  54. If they cannot consciously acknowledge the danger to.
  55. Refusing to acknowledge his throaty interruption, she.
  56. The Company and the undersigned acknowledge that the.
  57. He would not acknowledge his wife’s or daughter’s.
  58. Proverb: 3:6: In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he.
  59. By refusing to acknowledge it, the institution could.
  60. They would not hear it, they would not acknowledge it.
  61. Celebrate! Acknowledge the truth about it and.
  62. I acknowledge I would have given anything to find it.
  63. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct.
  64. He finally tore his eyes away from her to acknowledge.
  65. He didn’t even acknowledge that I was standing there.
  66. Alves lifted his hand to acknowledge the polite applause.
  67. First, we acknowledge that we are not truly in control.
  68. Acknowledge where you didn’t do what you needed to do.
  69. First of all you have to acknowledge that you now share.
  70. Acknowledge all these and any other symptom on your body.
  71. More than 26 years ago when I started to acknowledge Sai.
  72. The greater part of them did not acknowledge their guilt.
  73. I acknowledge that there are some difficulties in the way.
  74. Junmi bowed her head briefly to acknowledge his compliment.
  75. Be brave and acknowledge that being a victim protects you.
  76. She wants you to acknowledge that you think as she does.
  77. Or I can acknowledge and accept it, and thereby reduce the.
  78. She was really in danger, but wouldn’t acknowledge it.
  79. That, Maindayl had to acknowledge, was an excellent question.
  80. I just didn’t know it, or maybe I didn’t acknowledge it.
  81. You acknowledge, of course, that you owe this sum to him?
  82. That ham hock of a head swiveled to acknowledge Jezza and me.
  83. We all have to acknowledge what happened, and see it through.
  84. My brother glanced over at me as if to acknowledge his claims.
  85. And therefore to acknowledge that bad and good are the same?
  86. Neil did not acknowledge him with an answer and just pressed.
  87. And how deeply inevitably it shamed her now to acknowledge it.
  88. Simon smiles briefly at her, but she does not acknowledge him.
  89. Publishers acknowledge having adopted (since the early 1980s).
  90. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
  91. Recognizes and help the client acknowledge and appreciate his.
  92. The goon didn't acknowledge them and they said nothing to him.
  93. Both acknowledge the concept of one God, and both have ances-.
  94. Along with believing, you acknowledge a collective attachment.
  95. We waited a few minutes for someone to acknowledge our presence.
  96. She knows I beat her this time, but she won’t acknowledge it.
  97. What he did refuse to do was acknowledge that he had done this.
  98. Yet civilized societies do not even bother to acknowledge this.
  99. I try to acknowledge this in words, but they stick in my throat.
  100. We love You, Lord, and acknowledge the fact that You are with us.
  1. I nodded, acknowledging his words.
  2. Acknowledging that we have flaws we.
  3. Mom continues without acknowledging her.
  4. Nixon was acknowledging no strategic gain.
  5. She has been really good at acknowledging.
  6. Conik nodded politely, acknowledging his loss.
  7. He expressed some compassion by acknowledging.
  8. They both looked away without acknowledging them.
  9. Without acknowledging Ashton’s presence, Alex.
  10. Jean nodded his head, acknowledging her compliment.
  11. Mary continued without acknowledging the scorning.
  12. He looked at me without acknowledging me in any way.
  13. Instead she comes quite close to acknowledging his.
  14. Notice in the Shahadah that before acknowledging the.
  15. While consciously acknowledging, creates an allowance.
  16. Kalver, Rykus said, acknowledging him with a nod.
  17. They turned their backs without even acknowledging her.
  18. Situation Now is a case of acknowledging the problem in.
  19. By acknowledging the situation, you're clarifying it and.
  20. The negation of other deities is followed by acknowledging.
  21. The opponents of revisionism, while acknowledging the ten-.
  22. Matching coachee's state, verbally acknowledging emotion or.
  23. Acknowledging all of the abuse and bad things is not the most.
  24. Thomas smiled, evidently acknowledging the subtle shift in the.
  25. Without acknowledging him, she turned away, rejecting his pleas.
  26. Without acknowledging the remark McNamara turned to his assistant.
  27. He stared into the distance, barely acknowledging their presence.
  28. Names often were said by immigration to those acknowledging them.
  29. His sudden guilt at not acknowledging them flushed him with shame.
  30. Eva looked briefly at the nurse without acknowledging her presence.
  31. I can also support this with acknowledging that my life.
  32. Guši Khan, he would have been publicly acknowledging a historical.
  33. Chevalier pulled her from the room without acknowledging the guards.
  34. She can continue to be protected while not acknowledging this choice.
  35. Colin nodded, acknowledging that he’d been thinking the same thing.
  36. Alfred was fairly slow in acknowledging and the last one on the call.
  37. Justin and Corbin gave the boy hope simply by acknowledging his pain.
  38. Accepting the information by acknowledging it and exploring it, Yes.
  39. My heart throbs and my stomach flutters, acknowledging his proximity.
  40. Acknowledging the reality, he walked through into the corridor beyond.
  41. Zarr starts off into the water without acknowledging Explode’s threat.
  42. Shoop, without even acknowledging the woman’s existence, dropped his.
  43. I gazed into the fire, privately acknowledging the truth of those words.
  44. She looked straight ahead and drove away without ever acknowledging him.
  45. Jemelda, he said, acknowledging her presence but adding nothing more.
  46. Acknowledging his nickname, he pauses and stares at me with raised eyebrows.
  47. Garcia bit his tongue for a moment, before acknowledging that Kletsova was.
  48. There are many firms that are not even acknowledging their employees at all.
  49. Wordlessly acknowledging the mother's agreement, he turned his mount toward.
  50. Development strategy, while acknowledging the wide differences of individual.
  51. Sahana reached the restaurant and the waiter threw her an acknowledging smile.
  52. Acknowledging in full what Zolla had said was now bringing about an improvement.
  53. You are acknowledging your abilities and moving toward a new stage in your life.
  54. Be certain that you’re acknowledging and rewarding what you do want in a timely.
  55. Boxer, Jacobi said, without even acknowledging the others, I need you now.
  56. Chodorow's (1978) explanation of how this happens begins by acknowledging various.
  57. I guess you are right… she said with reluctance in acknowledging the truth.
  58. Resistance can be mastered with acknowledging, in allowing, and by forward planning.
  59. Resources Department has done a phenomenal job of acknowledging the staff for their.
  60. She lowered her head to the side, acknowledging the question without looking at the.
  61. But it is significant, I think, that upon acknowledging these ignorances, there was.
  62. You cannot truly acknowledge that people without acknowledging the God of that people.
  63. So calling it what it is means acknowledging and owning up to the fact that your.
  64. Face the worry by acknowledging it and by just being with it without worrying over worry.
  65. He turned his head to look at her but said nothing, still not acknowledging her presence.
  66. The problem, of course, is that the first step in dealing with a problem is acknowledging.
  67. Chutani began acknowledging individual guests as the last of the soup bowls were delivered.
  68. Dippa sits at the window and stares out not acknowledging that Steve has entered the room.
  69. And the only cure for the illness lies in acknowledging that teaching in its full meaning.
  70. He walked right up to her, acknowledging the other Vulcans with brief nods, and said Hi.
  71. She looked away as her hand hung perfectly still, purposely not acknowledging Ishan's grip.
  72. True acceptance of what has occurred is akin to the CM fully acknowledging Fred’s message.
  73. Alteza, he said, acknowledging her only with the slightest lizard’s-tongue eye-flick.
  74. This was a step up perhaps because I was acknowledging again that he was my father in a sense.
  75. Colin stood in front of the bathroom mirror, acknowledging that it could have been a lot worse.
  76. Acknowledging this, she had sought outside advice, and Mr Samgrass had been found to help her.
  77. I felt a little guilty at not acknowledging that they too were grief stricken, they lost a son.
  78. Evans takes his drink without even acknowledging its provider, who he waves away, contemptuously.
  79. While acknowledging the involuntary feelings within oneself can be difficult, nothing is gained.
  80. As we see with the Biblical leaders, learning begins by knowing and acknowledging your weaknesses.
  81. Dan could hear the other Mammoth agents in his earpiece, acknowledging the beginning of high alert.
  82. It is not an act exclusive of, or in opposition to, patents, but acknowledging and confirming them.
  83. It is taking and acknowledging our children for what they are, for what they are capable of becoming.
  84. As you grow in acknowledging the presence of God you will begin to sense different kinds of anointing.
  85. No, thank you, David said, acknowledging Niki with a smile as she placed the tea on the coffee.
  86. He has put everything in place and the gods and stars of all things are acknowledging his faithfulness.
  87. The only response was just a vacant silence; they did not even e-mail me in response acknowledging that.
  88. To dream that you are hiding behind a wall suggests that you ashamed in acknowledging your connections.
  89. Still in tears, the two women walked together back toward the apartment without acknowledging his presence.
  90. Accepting responsibility for their actions and acknowledging their behavior was unhealthy and unacceptable?
  91. You can imagine how I felt to see all these—my boys—standing up acknowledging Christ to be their Saviour.
  92. His wife was a fine woman and he didn’t want to hurt her by acknowledging he’d had a child out of wedlock.
  93. The only respectable thing Cooper did was congratulate Tags on his goal while acknowledging his own stupidity.
  94. Next to the merit of infallibility which you appear to possess, I rank that of candidly acknowledging a fault.
  95. We must begin by acknowledging that our situation in life is, to a large degree, the result of our own actions.
  96. Sincerely acknowledging that he had been guilty of an act of folly, our hero ran back to Shestilavotchny Street.
  97. As to acknowledging that human duties were more obligatory than those of a Czar—he had not strength for that.
  98. Acknowledging her sister- Micaiah nodded her head, sitting there with her hands in her lap, seemingly in a daze.
  99. Harry looked over at all the pieces scattered about and simply picked them up without acknowledging his friend.
  100. After acknowledging that Torin is not going to spend the night, Toni calls him after she has finished showering.
  1. He acknowledged him with a.
  2. It is acknowledged by Krishn.
  3. Both boys acknowledged the order.
  4. She acknowledged it to be right.
  5. Bahit acknowledged him with a nod.
  6. The signal had been acknowledged.
  7. This treaty was acknowledged and.
  8. Joey acknowledged Karit with a nod.
  9. She did not like this acknowledged.
  10. Acknowledged, they'll be there stat.
  11. Newell acknowledged that with a salute.
  12. He acknowledged her with a slight nod.
  13. He has acknowledged through attorneys.
  14. He acknowledged her surprised expression.
  15. Once you have acknowledged this, start.
  16. The army is acknowledged to be necessary.
  17. On top of that, I always acknowledged my.
  18. But if they knew, neither acknowledged it.
  19. Okay, dear, the Sheriff acknowledged.
  20. Still, he felt acknowledged and important.
  21. Eke acknowledged his friend and they took.
  22. Can’t use torpedoes, I acknowledged.
  23. Aye, he has that, Symkyn acknowledged.
  24. And the possibility has been acknowledged?
  25. I acknowledged her with an apathetic glance.
  26. Judah acknowledged them, and said, She is.
  27. Charles acknowledged the object’s origin.
  28. A person in the third row was acknowledged.
  29. The guard barely acknowledged Garcia as he.
  30. She acknowledged him with a smile and a nod.
  31. This, of course, will never be acknowledged.
  32. That, replied Glaucon, has been acknowledged.
  33. In that case, yes, Howsmyn acknowledged.
  34. The other pilots acknowledged their agreement.
  35. Krocek acknowledged he had released red smoke.
  36. When he acknowledged the call, the ship’s.
  37. Robert acknowledged her words with a nod, and.
  38. Helga barely acknowledged the gawking soldiers.
  39. They have seen and acknowledged their utility.
  40. And so Andar was simply never acknowledged.
  41. Yes, I have, Baron Sarmouth acknowledged.
  42. Likewise, she acknowledged that her frivolous.
  43. They acknowledged his signal and ran after him.
  44. They acknowledged that that was not acceptable.
  45. She acknowledged that her sister was gone, of.
  46. It was, Cudd acknowledged, a reasonable question.
  47. Carrie acknowledged his greeting with a wave of.
  48. Stillwell acknowledged and winked again at Mary.
  49. The mind is the man acknowledged by his standard.
  50. More so, if he acknowledged Euredon was his son.
  51. They had long acknowledged the power of thought.
  52. We probably have all that, he acknowledged.
  53. He is always with us and wants to be acknowledged.
  54. He has acknowledged himself to be in the wrong.
  55. The human acknowledged him with a primitive grunt.
  56. It must be constantly acknowledged and reiterated.
  57. Even the makers of Viagra have acknowledged that.
  58. Rafael acknowledged the riposte with a twisted grin.
  59. He acknowledged weakly that he could still breathe.
  60. Toria acknowledged the professor and Joshua with a.
  61. The king nodded as he acknowledged their gratitude.
  62. Heliri got off Yeltsa and acknowledged her comrade.
  63. Newell acknowledged the message, and that was that.
  64. Sound started in before Nurse even acknowledged him.
  65. In case he succeeded in this and was acknowledged.
  66. The hottie acknowledged Louie's wave with slight nod.
  67. In a way, yes, I guess it did, he acknowledged.
  68. I acknowledged a knock on my door and Peggy entered.
  69. Simply acknowledged her with a cold word, Commander.
  70. Kenneth spotted her and they acknowledged each other.
  71. Thank you, I acknowledged inwardly and then shifted.
  72. She acknowledged Ethan's story with a sympathetic look.
  73. Dunbar quickly took off his mask, and acknowledged Sam.
  74. He barely acknowledged Ernie’s presence in the room.
  75. At least it seemed the Elusiver had acknowledged this.
  76. We cannot discount anything, Kifter acknowledged.
  77. Dalai Lama has been acknowledged superior to the other.
  78. It's generally acknowledged that 80-90 percent of all.
  79. Mophi acknowledged the information and smiled to himself.
  80. He’d all but acknowledged Euredon as his son and heir.
  81. Sir, Brigadiers Voronoi and Edromas have acknowledged.
  82. The sisters’ eyes met and they acknowledged each other.
  83. We mentioned in the Foreword Gary Heins was acknowledged.
  84. The Patrón smiled and acknowledged his wisdom and waited.
  85. As long as he keeps the cork in it, he acknowledged.
  86. Bugg acknowledged receipt of my in-good faith check and.
  87. It was enough that she had acknowledged what she had done.
  88. Her silence acknowledged the truth of Haven’s statement.
  89. Le Nain acknowledged the compliment with a smile and a bow.
  90. It was barely there, Elon acknowledged to himself bitterly.
  91. In the shadows we have grown, Fears faced and acknowledged.
  92. He now acknowledged that his remark did not do her justice.
  93. Invited by all the villagers, the priest acknowledged.
  94. He acknowledged the influence that Fighting Bob had on him.
  95. Siri, hesitantly, stood and the Chairwoman acknowledged him.
  96. Rochelle acknowledged the waitress with a glance, a heated.
  97. The documents that Berger has acknowledged taking — some.
  98. Wilhelm Reich further acknowledged as a founder of the body.
  99. Brimmer acknowledged me, then told me to come in and sit down.
  100. Instead they all acknowledged his status with respectful nods.
  1. It acknowledges that the two.
  2. And in that codicil he acknowledges me.
  3. Brown acknowledges that current governance.
  4. Islam acknowledges that there is a supreme.
  5. He acknowledges his impromptu drinking partner.
  6. However, virtually everyone acknowledges the 36.
  7. I'm scanning all the time, Kurisko acknowledges.
  8. He acknowledges her by being quiet as he looks at that.
  9. This acknowledges the need for the Investor to achieve.
  10. Sidney chuckled, `Not at all, he acknowledges your presence.
  11. Reincarnation, Jesus acknowledges the generosity of the old.
  12. This work acknowledges all religions as being in pursuit of.
  13. He knowingly acknowledges that transcendental illusion itself.
  14. They share the same mother, yet neither acknowledges nor appears.
  15. A brave man acknowledges the strength of others, Four replies.
  16. The group indirectly touches on this topic when it acknowledges the.
  17. My Belief also acknowledges the fact that we are reborn and have 176.
  18. Death, be not proud acknowledges the immense power of death and.
  19. Buddhism is the only major religion that acknowledges a large area of.
  20. Satanist then simply acknowledges that she or he has become that hidden.
  21. Men pass on the road from time to time, but nobody acknowledges a slave.
  22. Fleetwood acknowledges, upon one occasion, that he had made this mistake.
  23. Today he acknowledges that he let his ego get in the way of his eardrums.
  24. Winglee acknowledges that it would take an initial investment of bil ions.
  25. And once he acknowledges that it’s deteriorating, at least to himself.
  26. Academic tradition acknowledges the market cost of debt as the only true.
  27. This concept acknowledges the fact that individuals react differently to the.
  28. He will return when Israel acknowledges their guilt and their portion in the.
  29. Figure 14-5 The server acknowledges the client’s SYN and sends a SYN of its own.
  30. There are tears on my face, but neither of us mentions or even acknowledges them.
  31. Another first, he acknowledges, but I have no idea what he’s talking about.
  32. Tori acknowledges Marlene with a nod and scans the crowd for another recommendation.
  33. Figure 14-8 The server acknowledges all of the data bytes transmitted by the client.
  34. Acknowledges guests request and pours in the water glass 3/4 ful , lifting up the.
  35. Whosoever denies the Son, the same hath not the Father: he that acknowledges the Son.
  36. Client acknowledges that all prices quoted by Supplier will be at the top end of high.
  37. The young lad behind the bar acknowledges Billy and takes an immediate interest in Bex.
  38. After guest has inspected label, waits for the hosts approval and acknowledges guest.
  39. Evidently the author acknowledges the doctrine of Christ in the fullness of its meaning.
  40. She has unified so many for peaceful purposes that the Board acknowledges her superiority.
  41. Wally dozes off halfway through the film, a fact which Rose acknowledges with a fond smile.
  42. The Christian is independent of human authority, because he acknowledges God's authority alone.
  43. The graph reveals that the market acknowledges variances in earnings volatility across sectors.
  44. I will, Keisha acknowledges while he leaves for his car smiling from ear to ear as he calls Toni.
  45. Rico smiles at Cass, and then acknowledges his intentions by slightly nodding his head slowly up and down.
  46. For example, Science acknowledges that for our universe to exist there must be a preponderance of matter.
  47. When Self names and acknowledges Self’s imperfections, weaknesses and limitations Self can then claim them.
  48. Supplier acknowledges that whatever price they quote, Client will attempt further negotiation to get it lowered.
  49. Figure 14-6 The client then acknowledges the server’s SYN, and the connection is established in both directions.
  50. He acknowledges that General Sebastiani was beaten and obliged to fall back, but he estimates his loss at only 100 men.
  51. As she gets out, she feels slightly guilty, but acknowledges that it would be difficult to buy the newspaper elsewhere.
  52. Let us remember that David won as he acknowledges the Supreme Being, where his courage and strength directly originate.
  53. It is a lovely morning but Suzy barely acknowledges her surroundings; she had been trying to ring Lewis for over an hour.
  54. When a man acknowledges a deed to be evil he may refrain from the deed itself, but he can never cease to regard it as evil.
  55. He acknowledges that members of most groups constantly influence one another, creating waves of shared feelings and actions.
  56. Once the connection is established, the source system transmits the data, and the destination system acknowledges its receipt.
  57. Their child is most certain to respect the doctor's advice because he acknowledges the same as based on scientific information.
  58. It is perhaps some minor consolation that the political left (reluctantly) acknowledges that Saddam Hussein is an ―evil‖ man.
  59. Unlike spirituality, which is based on having absolute knowledge, spiritualism acknowledges that we don't currently have the answers.
  60. He acknowledges the truth: that the Creators’ words are allegory, and that to seek salvation one must look past them to the truth.
  61. Toensmeier acknowledges the complexity of Food Forest Farm, but hopes that this doesn’t discourage others in pursuing similar projects.
  62. He humbly acknowledges that it is the right hand of God, and not his own, that triumphs over the enemy who has summoned him to the fight.
  63. The author acknowledges the trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which has been used without permission.
  64. Even as he acknowledges that thought, a roar behind him catches Ralph unawares and the next moment he feels the jaws of death about his throat.
  65. In fact, the Holy Bible acknowledges the power of man when it says that we were created in the image of God and we always reap what we sow.
  66. Then he inclines it slowly in acceptance and respect, and I see the tension in Jo’s body ease a little when he acknowledges her as a valued loss.
  67. His choice was a life lived for itself, where a person acknowledges the absurdity of the world without flinching, and then lives life to the fullest.
  68. There comes that mysterious meeting in life when someone acknowledges who we are and what we can be, igniting the circuits of our highest potential.
  69. Also, proxy treatment acknowledges that it is often not bedwetting itself that is a problem, but rather it is the problems caused by it that seem unbearable.
  70. Impressed at the amount of effort that is being put into his visit, Grailem acknowledges Irin Gspa with an almost human smile as he breaks the communication.
  71. Since you are engaging with visitors from a social venue, you can adopt a lighter tone that acknowledges the fact that they have clicked through from Twitter.
  72. The receiver-SMTP, on receiving an RCPT command, checks to see whether it has a mailbox for that address and, if so, acknowledges the command with a 250 reply.
  73. He is desirous of humanizing the wars of Hellenes against one another; he acknowledges that the Delphian God is the grand hereditary interpreter of all Hellas.
  74. By now this refusal has been put into legal form Versilov is not making Prince Sokolsky a present of the money, but declares that he acknowledges his claim to it.
  75. When using a connection-oriented protocol at the transport layer, like TCP, the destination system acknowledges transmissions, but only for the packets it receives.
  76. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission.
  77. It is much the same feeling that the worldly man has who acknowledges, in a general way, that he is a sinner, but it does not touch him sufficiently to lead him to act.
  78. He gives a quotation from the "Encyclopedia Judaica Jerusalem," 1971, page 206, which acknowledges that the Jews of today do not believe they constitute a distinct race.
  79. My Belief acknowledges the fact that a belief in the energy, spirit, or entity that created us and the universe we live in will bring us rest and salvation at the end of our lives.
  80. Client acknowledges that Supplier will refuse to answer impertinent questions such as ‘What is Your Profit Margin?’ and ‘Which of Your Competitors Should We Also Send This RFP To?’.
  81. The Surgeon, a fine young Man of Twenty-Seven or so, comes into the Great Cabin presently, bows to the Captain, acknowledges our Presence politely, and asks Whitehead what Service he desires.
  82. Marc is known for his eccentricity—he gleefully acknowledges his reputation as a connoisseur of the world’s nightlife—and is a popular speaker at financial forums and on cable news shows.
  83. He acknowledges that he is speaking to a small minority: At its core, this group will be a small minority of the population, but they will be augmented by a much larger group of fellow travelers.
  84. This message serves two functions: It acknowledges the receipt of the client’s message, as indicated by the ACK bit, and it initiates its own connection, as indicated by the SYN bit (see Figure 14-5).
  85. If one acknowledges but for a single hour that anything can be more important than love for one’s fellowmen, even in some one exceptional case, any crime can be committed without a feeling of guilt.
  86. The ruins of the television centre, which have still not been built on, deter the menace in the sky from carrying on further, as it acknowledges that someone else is already doing what they were planning.
  87. However, once one’s CM fully acknowledges Fred’s message, this is often experienced as an Aha! moment within the person, which is accompanied by the great feeling where things suddenly make sense.
  88. This is akin to Seykota’s TTP where traders emotionally embrace what Fred is telling their CM, which simply means that their CM fully acknowledges Fred’s message, and this leads them to their Aha! moment.
  89. But there is no need of any witness, said Polemarchus, for Thrasymachus himself acknowledges that rulers may sometimes command what is not for their own interest, and that for subjects to obey them is justice.
  90. If Self acknowledges Self’s shortcomings and imperfections, weaknesses and limitations, Self is naming and claiming these, and in so doing, casting aside Self’s pride and arrogance and opening the way for personal change.
  91. The principled conservative must deal with society as it is and acknowledges there is no wide-spread consensus for treating abortion like homicide—a requirement for converting a religious belief into the secular criminal law.
  92. Their flow of animal spirits is incessant—crowing cocks are a joke to them—blue devils are to them unknown—not one hypochondriac in a thousand barns—and the Man-in-the-Moon acknowledges that he never heard one utter a complaint.
  93. At a crisis of this sort, the importance of which every gentleman acknowledges, I deem it proper that every man who feels an ardent love of country should come forward to save that country, to rescue his sinking parent from the jaws of pollution.
  94. Tell the angel who will watch over your future destiny, Morrel, to pray sometimes for a man, who like Satan thought himself for an instant equal to God, but who now acknowledges with Christian humility that God alone possesses supreme power and infinite wisdom.
  95. They assert that it is so, notwithstanding the fact that nobody except themselves either understands or acknowledges their activity, and notwithstanding the fact that, according to their own definition, true science and true art should not have a utilitarian aim.
  96. On the point of paying attention, Stone acknowledges the insights of the developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik, author of The Philosophical Baby: What Children’s Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love, and the Meaning of Life (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009).
  97. Maurice, regard the papal sovereignty as a diabolic caricature of this divine monarchy, but think that the Kingdom of God is truly found wherever, as in England, the State acknowledges the Christ, and consecrates the Civil Power by the establishment of Christianity.
  98. Smith acknowledges the receipt of information, that the property which he had said in his last must be restored, in order to entitle France to the American commerce while it was denied to England, was sold, and the proceeds deposited in the caisse prive—privy purse of the Emperor.
  99. If a man owes a debt, acknowledges he owes it, and has received a consideration for it, the law has prescribed the nature and extent of his liability to pay it; and it is not for him to say that it shall only be paid out of a certain fund, or particular part of his property, and no other.
  100. All the intelligence, experience, and hard work that Greenberg and his partners have brought to bear has rewarded them with superior returns; but, as Greenberg readily acknowledges, they make plenty of mistakes and are often quite inexact in their estimates of a company's revenues and earnings.

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