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Acquire dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We need to acquire the.
  2. And I could never acquire.
  3. The wit of others to acquire.
  4. We did acquire the Trading.
  5. She needed to acquire power.

  6. Acquire wealth in a just way.
  7. I acquire beliefs in many ways.
  8. I was unable to acquire him.
  9. Then acquire this Roman Swivel.
  10. Get Training and Acquire Skills.
  11. The more it costs to acquire any.
  12. We can acquire the means we need.
  13. I went without much to acquire this.
  14. One has only to acquire the noble.
  15. How could it be possible to acquire.

  16. The more knowledge you acquire, the.
  17. Abundance is not something we acquire.
  18. Only this way we acquire Vidya Shakti.
  19. Oh, could mine but acquire that livery.
  20. Then your life will acquire true sense.
  21. Here’s how to acquire more information:.
  22. Others with much less effort acquire wealth.
  23. We need to acquire the courage to fight them.
  24. He will acquire, so to speak, a society polish.
  25. Such knowledge would take centuries to acquire.

  26. And how did you acquire these? Bliss asked.
  27. These again by degrees acquire a positive meaning.
  28. It is relatively easy to acquire the first skill.
  29. Where did you acquire it then? The swamps?
  30. Opportunity to acquire these, Canada will afford.
  31. How can you acquire the resources that you need?
  32. It is easy to acquire those things and still be.
  33. Can be expensive to acquire a mated pair and/or.
  34. What they acquire: the deeds they have done.
  35. Buoyant health is not something we acquire by luck.
  36. It's trying to achieve or acquire spiritual depth.
  37. He lusted to acquire power and riches at any cost.
  38. In high school I did acquire the nickname Beelzebub.
  39. To legally enter a country, you must acquire a visa.
  40. But what they acquire cast a veil over their hearts.
  41. The other way to legitimately acquire things is gifts.
  42. No State can lay an embargo, or acquire new territory.
  43. Therefore it is ludicrous to think that we can acquire.
  44. For that money, the owner would acquire a firm with $1.
  45. He didn't need anyone to help him to acquire more of it.
  46. In June 2010, CDI Corporation tried to acquire RCMT at $5.
  47. A Fortune 500 company made a serious bid to acquire GEICO.
  48. So it is not that this awareness is impossible to acquire.
  49. How did you acquire it? he asked looking incredulous.
  50. The instruction to acquire food in abundance, by any means.
  51. If he was a fixed asset, I’d borrow to acquire it…’.
  52. We can escape through here once we acquire the McCoy piece.
  53. Figure 8 This was the prime real estate I needed to acquire.
  54. I was hoping to acquire a copy of the Kingsbridge Panacea.
  55. It is as difficult to acquire in London as it is in New York.
  56. By learning it you will acquire all the knowledge and ulti-.
  57. There’s only two ways to acquire it, Doctor Jurak said.
  58. Such slaves could acquire nothing but their daily maintenance.
  59. We acquire habits of thought, feeling, and action, repeated use.
  60. It is easier than you think to acquire the art of conversation.
  61. Mind will acquire the capacity of realization of higher states.
  62. You can acquire all those types of titles through online media.
  63. Simple transformation was sufficient to acquire a notion of it.
  64. Alistair had managed to acquire a whetstone to sharpen the tools.
  65. Jane would strive wholeheartedly to acquire the handsome reward.
  66. Those who desire to acquire the knowledge leading to the Siddhis.
  67. By learning it you will acquire all the knowledge and ultimate.
  68. To acquire a stepfather at the age of fourteen was no easy task.
  69. The mind seems to work in mysterious ways, its answers to acquire.
  70. The Cosmos is telling you to acquire mental clarity in this area.
  71. The first thing he was able to acquire was a new farm property in.
  72. Tony knew that at fifteen hundred feet he would finally acquire the.
  73. As I don’t have a wife and am unlikely to acquire one —.
  74. That woman made him question and wonder more than acquire solutions.
  75. Then the crystal ball began again to acquire its usual transparency.
  76. We lost external leadership, but we didn’t acquire self-leadership.
  77. The company it wished to acquire was thus seven times the size of NVF.
  78. Many are held back by a sense of inadequacy which they acquire during.
  79. The next thing for the business is to acquire other businesses and grow.
  80. In order to succeed; you need to acquire the protective crust of an ego.
  81. Spirituality is not a quality that someone may acquire through learning.
  82. The public library will usually acquire popular titles after some times.
  83. Some call this "scavenger eating;" many children acquire this habit by.
  84. Even if you have to spend more to acquire a customer than they pay you on.
  85. In order to make travel more streamlined first acquire the right attitude.
  86. Usually, businesses acquire inventory on credit and sell products on credit.
  87. To give up, to destroy everything is very easy; to acquire it very difficult.
  88. This type of letter of credit, does not acquire the other bank's confirmation.
  89. Suppose Promoter Group wanted to acquire control of XYZ in a hostile takeover.
  90. But, what is worse, as you acquire colonies and ships you must create armies.
  91. Thus, it is best that you acquire your first pair of running shoes from them.
  92. As for my shop in town, I was introduced to a lawyer who wanted to acquire it.
  93. We proposed to these students, both the males and the females, to acquire the.
  94. In fact, the higher some officials were, the more they seemed to acquire vices.
  95. Often with this type of acquisition, the buyer is seeking to acquire knowledge.
  96. There is a law of abundance and the amount of worldly goods one wil acquire is.
  97. At conception they acquire the awareness that every human being is an end unto.
  98. The chapter linked below provides many methods you can use to acquire new skills.
  99. Anyway, we had hoped you would at least acquire it then, but that was not to be.
  100. Many people make the mistake, when they think that they need to acquire tons of.
  1. Upon acquiring, at a sec-.
  2. Enough if you stop acquiring.
  3. Both sides started acquiring guns.
  4. Formerly I loved acquiring these.
  5. He could be acquiring his stock-in-trade.
  6. I have a process for acquiring a customer.
  7. Have they chances of acquiring education…?
  8. They are interested in acquiring firms which.
  9. The lives of our children depend on us acquiring it.
  10. They will be even more interested in acquiring the.
  11. Acquiring a boat at 5:34 in the morning wasn’t easy.
  12. There's an excellent chance of acquiring a Ken Danby.
  13. There are two ways of acquiring this knowledge, the.
  14. Kylmahn understood the logic behind acquiring Talisman.
  15. They were not, however, capable of acquiring property.
  16. One of Henry’s other passions was acquiring property.
  17. Seeing possibilities is another step toward acquiring.
  18. These practices also result in acquiring magical power.
  19. He loved power, but he loved the chase of acquiring it more.
  20. I assumed that Gertrude had slept her way to acquiring her.
  21. The lit "ACQUIRING TARGET" button changes from red to green.
  22. There are three steps in acquiring this special knowledge: 1.
  23. Hospitals keep on acquiring more fantastic, expensive machines.
  24. This could be anything from an accomplishment to acquiring a.
  25. Acquiring one of these programs is well worth it in my opinion.
  26. They’d been doing some heavy acquiring over the past few years.
  27. And so, we could open to the acquiring of His Oneness-qualities.
  28. The first quarter (25 years) was devoted to acquiring knowledge.
  29. In which coachees are seen as acquiring skills through coming to.
  30. This approach led to the customer acquiring a benefit from their.
  31. All thrusters reverse and acquiring exit buoy guidance signals.
  32. Even when your business is all about acquiring information?
  33. This hasafforded me the opportunity of testing my ideas, acquiring.
  34. Now, with Xanadu Holdings acquiring land adjacent to but not on the.
  35. We haven't got a p-prayer of acquiring either one of those companies.
  36. However, anything worthy of acquiring meant taking some risks for it.
  37. An everyday understanding of information suggests that acquiring in-.
  38. Financial peace isn’t about acquiring more stuff in rapid succession.
  39. This is the knowledge after acquiring which nothing else remains to be.
  40. Acquiring firms, especially those which have experience in M&A, assume.
  41. The opportunities of acquiring an abnormal thirst had been here limited.
  42. But you will find that you are acquiring a calmness you never had before.
  43. They are acquired because of the benefits that the acquiring corporation.
  44. Goldstein ever express the buyers’ intentions in acquiring that land?
  45. Most businesses spend the bulk of their time, effort or money on acquiring.
  46. He did this by quickly acquiring 19 new businesses from 1997 to early 2001.
  47. There is nothing wrong with acquiring prestige or wealth and earthly gains.
  48. Money is something they need and they set about acquiring it scientifically.
  49. The secrets of acquiring private lenders through marketing and one-on-one or.
  50. Does the Management Team Intimately Understand the Business It Is Acquiring?
  51. She was going nowhere and was widely acquiring the reputation of a loose woman.
  52. The biggest poker site is acquiring FTP’s assets through a deal with the DOJ.
  53. Given that you are anticipating that the large acquiring corporation will have.
  54. The first step in acquiring a new skill often is learning the basic information.
  55. Bank finance should be restricted to 50% of the finance required for acquiring.
  56. An "ACQUIRING TARGET" button on the rail gun's instrument panel lights up in red.
  57. Acquisition of Control without Acquiring Securities by Using the Proxy Machinery.
  59. However, let us just consider the recent Comcast announcement about acquiring Plaxo.
  60. My meaning is, Sancho, that the desire of acquiring fame is a very powerful motive.
  61. The fundamentals of a money-management firm include acquiring and retaining accounts.
  62. One of the girls’ favourite methods of acquiring new pets was to buy them and then.
  63. Cisco learned the importance of retaining talented employees after acquiring StrataCom.
  64. A professional method of presenting one's talents and abilities, and of acquiring the.
  65. Maht’s ship had managed to turn about and was in the process of acquiring its target.
  66. Acquiring assets in themselves is not a viable goal towards achieving sustainable wealth.
  67. Thus, education is seen as a pathway to acquiring the power necessary to create capital.
  68. Acquiring knowledge is the first part of the success formula, applying that knowledge is.
  69. Dividend per share is negative because they are still acquiring and building their empire.
  70. The idea of acquiring knowledge through questioning, whether the questions are directed at.
  71. One flaw of human abstract perception has to do with the effect of humans acquiring language.
  72. When he cast his eyes on acquiring a company, the owners started quaking in their board room.
  73. However, there are businesses out there that thrive on acquiring different kinds of companies.
  74. Then again, he was able to do that, because by 1995 and 1996, he was rapidly acquiring clout.
  75. You are never happy with what you have and are always trying to acquiring more material things.
  76. All things being equal, the black will outstrip the white in acquiring knowledge and applying it.
  77. Danaher is successful at acquiring businesses because they are able to reduce many potential risks.
  78. As a father, he was pleased his son was acquiring the skills needed to survive in a difficult world.
  79. But, then again, Japan had very strong industrial production of its own and was acquiring material.
  80. We’re both earning a nice profit and we’re actually acquiring quite a reputation in Kentucky.
  81. If the business can use its overvalued stock to make acquisitions, it favors the acquiring shareholders.
  82. The investor’s primary interest lies in acquiring and holding suitable securities at suitable prices.
  83. Information is never free, even if the direct costs of creating and acquiring information can be avoided.
  84. The key is to watch an acquiring company go off on a binge and then once it has bloated itself, short it.
  85. In those years, the acquiring company’s management may undercut the previous CEO’s decisions or plans.
  86. Make a list of your successful strategies and unsuccessful strategies in acquiring any needed information.
  87. He would pass any intel to the team on his return, Central Council acquiring it without need for a request.
  88. What of the nature of acquiring a life you have sought since birth, what of contentment? He asked again.
  89. Cisco follows a similar strategy by routinely developing products in-house before acquiring another company.
  90. For another, Buffett often shies away from acquiring financial companies outside of the insurance business.
  91. The Prince referred to Gāndhi and said that acquiring more things does not bring happiness or satisfaction.
  92. Hence the embryo acquires the appearance of a blood clot in addition to acquiring the appearance of a leech.
  93. They were acquiring a computer-like efficiency at the expense of the more artistic traits: a true fuzzy logic.
  94. He is steadily acquiring the art of adjusting his aspirations to the commonplace demands of the human occasion.
  95. While the gentlemen were engaged in acquiring rail tickets, Harry and the Spelman ladies enjoyed a light brunch.
  96. The public stockholders acquiring Corporation common stock sought, above all, immediate stock market performance.
  97. Money will be seen merely as an agent for acquiring food and is not the nourishment that the cell actually needs.
  98. Since acquiring the plan of the Royal visit to Oman, he was now hell bent on utilising the information to the full.
  99. If you receive a package, then it indicates that you are acknowledging certain feelings or acquiring new resources.
  100. For example, here’s how Caterpillar disclosed its motivation behind acquiring Bucyrus, a mining-equipment company:.
  1. I acquired it from Dr.
  2. I have not acquired the.
  3. He had acquired it out of.
  4. He acquired only the peanut.
  5. His tone acquired a decidedly.
  6. Otter, habits of, how acquired.
  7. Had I acquired what I now have.
  8. The assumptions I had acquired.
  9. She acquired a course involving.
  10. The Rotham acquired a Polarian ship.
  11. Love is not something to be acquired.
  12. He acquired cattle, goats and sheep.
  13. With an earnout in place, acquired.
  14. His friendship I acquired just then;.
  15. You have not acquired such experience.
  16. But they who have acquired the treas-.
  17. ABI's acquired assets in return for an.
  18. Freedom, however, is an acquired habit.
  19. The Comanche had acquired land within.
  20. Some of them were acquired by the crew.
  21. Overnight it had somehow acquired that.
  22. The Gift of Grace Acquired at Salvation.
  23. Our acquired experience in map reading.
  24. Like Mary, David has acquired a love of.
  25. Harry in his recently acquired nasal tones.
  26. He had suddenly acquired a hulking great.
  27. How? Money has acquired a Virtual Disease.
  28. The date the media was created or acquired.
  29. This valuable gift had been acquired by Mr.
  30. Samantha had acquired a taste for being real.
  31. Yahoo acquired eGroups in the late 90s, and.
  32. Profile links can be acquired in two ways:.
  33. Do not desire things that cannot be acquired.
  34. I acquired what he wanted, said Gaspar.
  35. So, Venture Finance Fund acquired its first.
  36. They acquired a house there, and Picasso got.
  37. He even fired his newly acquired gun at some.
  38. Joe acquired a spaniel pup, which was adorable.
  39. All they had acquired was of no avail to them.
  40. After he has arranged the earth, he acquired.
  41. He acquired a stable of 30 horses, raced them.
  42. This mechanism is the root of sin acquired at.
  43. Instead he had acquired the name of a clinical.
  44. His voice acquired a serene and harmonious tone.
  45. Keep track of what you have acquired from the.
  46. Both are acquired in large amounts and without.
  47. Three years later, they acquired their own home.
  48. It doesn’t matter how you acquired your assets.
  49. Be sure to take care of your newly acquired plant.
  50. He had acquired hundreds of acres of mineral land.
  51. Once she has acquired it, she will be unstoppable.
  52. A selfishness perhaps acquired due to a hard life.
  53. He was just another guy she acquired after having.
  54. The data is acquired out of practice and teaching.
  55. I know that I have acquired power as a result of.
  56. He didn’t explain to John how he’d acquired it.
  57. From his mother he acquired an interest in medicine.
  58. Millions of people in the past have acquired this.
  59. However, the business knowledge can be acquired by.
  60. I have acquired a new spirit which wil put me over.
  61. And in October 1999, EMC acquired Data General Corp.
  62. Because most of these casinos were acquired at an 8.
  63. They acquired a large apartment in Morehampton Road.
  64. Trying to forecast forex rates is an acquired skill.
  65. He must have acquired my scent from Antelope Hunter.
  66. There is no longer any room; all habits are acquired.
  67. He blasted it with the Iotian phaser he had acquired.
  68. Various keys have, over the years, been acquired by.
  69. The wealth we are supposed to have acquired is left.
  70. That was second thing I acquired from her geneticaly.
  71. These latter are acquired by exposure to other humans.
  72. So, you have acquired some of Ayun’ini’s skills.
  73. By the 1980s they had been acquired several times over.
  74. Marah, by the exercise of his newly acquired authority.
  75. It would appear that you’ve acquired a flat tire.
  76. It is all a matter of acquired habits and convictions.
  77. On the other, almost every thing is yet to be acquired.
  78. His wealth did not avail him, nor did what he acquired.
  79. Eridu acquired, then lost, a highly inclined ring of.
  80. Again, the shrug, which had acquired italics in her mind.
  81. Property acquired by the lender after it went to auction.
  82. The skills and arts acquired over years of lovemaking.
  83. Jon Hawes acquired an education in the local New Bedford.
  84. Dad was surprised to learn I acquired that skill at UCSD.
  85. Bonnie, her daughters, and my other newly acquired friends.
  86. Combining the acquired functionality with our existing.
  87. Its last Protector was killed and a titan has acquired it.
  88. Something sticky and sweet, a habit only recently acquired.
  89. But, in the process the mind acquired the art of symbolic.
  90. Within a few days, Darth Iratus had acquired the necessary.
  91. The HBC acquired enormous land mass only to lose it through.
  92. VI - the movable properties and acquired properties for the.
  93. After concepts of imperfection have been acquired, one can.
  94. And she’s empathetic enough to have acquired a few other.
  95. I acquired it in 2001 when they were more readily available.
  96. At that time they were just that and hadn’t acquired the.
  97. G&D imply that the higher-dividend issue should be acquired.
  98. The proprietary interest we had acquired in Jacob and ‘Mrs.
  99. After Hess had acquired its 9 percent interest and before Mr.
  100. Sounds like you have Acquired Identity Dysmorphic Syndrome.
  1. It acquires meaning only with.
  2. This is how, too, the I acquires.
  3. Before she acquires another flat mate.
  4. The husband acquires a right of private property.
  5. If angry his lift off acquires momentum in a sound action.
  6. The Yogi acquires various powers by practicing this Samyama.
  7. But when the Pranayam is mastered the mind acquires the power.
  8. Before it acquires color half a pound of Carolina rice is added.
  9. One acquires the knowledge of life by perceiving the impressions.
  10. Therefore, if one only acquires the expertise to retain the ejaculation.
  11. Thus Eve acquires many of the attributes of the First Mother, who in early.
  12. This is the stage that when any one acquires then nobody can stand before them.
  13. When one business acquires another, that business is taking on all the existing.
  14. He from that moment acquires a degree of consideration which he never had before.
  15. The public ceases to take interest in it, or, rather, never acquires interest in it.
  16. At this point the worshipper acquires the ability to destroy the world of nature and its.
  17. A soul, though being an energy substance, enters the body, acquires a quality of subtle matter.
  18. Every human being sooner or later acquires a certain concept of this world and a certain vision of the next.
  19. Hence the embryo acquires the appearance of a blood clot in addition to acquiring the appearance of a leech.
  20. Manc band boss acquires the assets of legendary label Nifty Records and brings it to life after 14 years.
  21. Moreover, by adjusting his bid-ask spread, he can to some extent determine the types of positions he acquires.
  22. In this way by degrees he acquires those ideas of roughness and smoothness, hardness and softness, solidity, &c.
  23. Having been detached, he manifests several of them, but carries in himself the remaining ones and acquires new ones.
  24. To think of riches when in the midst of poverty requires power; but he who acquires this power becomes a MASTER MIND.
  25. If the demons of the Gospels were departed spirits of men, as many suppose, the subject acquires still further interest.
  26. This kind of belief which man acquires by looking and consideration and reaches through thinking is called mental belief.
  27. XYZ acquires ABC in a transaction by issuing 800,000 shares of XYZ common, which would have a market value of $48 million.
  28. The other is where sufficient speed is achieved so that matter acquires sufficient mass to move into the fourth dimension.
  29. It signifies the basic human inequity where one person acquires more human life energy from others than they bestow upon others.
  30. Thus, the main dependence is on the communication with God by which man acquires science of certainty and avoids all kind of evil.
  31. Also, indicate to the prospect that the training will become much more customized, the more strength and endurance he or she acquires.
  32. If a learner acquires such education what will be its benefits apart from its inherent ethical and humanistic desirability? Firstly the.
  33. Franz was less enthusiastic; but the count exercised over him also the ascendency a strong mind always acquires over a mind less domineering.
  34. The sinking fund acquires the security by call, by means of sealed tenders, or by open-market purchases made by the trustee or the corporation.
  35. Ulysses acquires strength in regards to Penelope, because he went through many experiences of being powerless while he wandered throughout the.
  36. If an advertising agency acquires another agency, take into consideration that customers may not renew their contracts with the acquired agency.
  37. His information may have lost its relevance by the time he acquires it, or in any event by the time the market place is finally ready to respond to it.
  38. This way he feels alive, his very existence is affirmed and he acquires a sensation of clear boundaries (where the narcissist ends and the world begins).
  39. What is left of the hunter’s human soul hungrily grabs the lion’s soul and acquires its ferocity and cunning as well as its rage to kill anything in its path.
  40. It combines with its body and acquires the impressions of the swine’s body which is resulting from the same combination between the swine’s body and its spirit.
  41. Although Self acquires experiences and knowledge, Self per se does not age, wear out, and die (change structure and function of its atom-energy) anatomical body does.
  42. In this way, it acquires a confidence in God’s satisfaction, and so, with this, it ascends through His paradises, from one to the next that is higher than the one before.
  43. There is no room inside for the adult I and the artistic I that are capable of creating a type of beauty that does not yet exist, and that once created acquires immortal life.
  44. Strength is not violence, it is a power that one acquires after living for a long time and after elaborating one’s powerlessness so it can be transformed into personal power.
  45. A man who considers life to consist in labour, will aim, in proportion as he acquires more skill, craft, and endurance, at having more and more work to do, to occupy all his time.
  46. Bank3Sector of Japan acquires the foreign debt securities of Brazil with discount in yens, even if the securities have nominal value in dollar, euro or other coin with free world circulation.
  47. Put Option A contract between a buyer and a seller whereby the buyer acquires the right but not the obligation to sell a specified underlying contract at a fixed price on or before a specified date.
  48. Call Option A contract between a buyer and a seller whereby the buyer acquires the right, but not the obligation, to purchase a specified underlying contract at a fixed price on or before a specified date.
  49. One learns of the whereabouts of other monuments, acquires a knowledge of the country, of the language, of the people and of all the local surroundings that help explain to us the significance of the past.
  50. We forget that the manager acquires his powers through a constant relation with his interlocutors and in relation to this dynamic, quick and changeable relationship, he must continuously adapt his attitude.
  51. In the course of his travels, he generally acquires some knowledge of one or two foreign languages; a knowledge, however, which is seldom sufficient to enable him either to speak or write them with propriety.
  52. We are not talking here of physical strength, we are talking about the kind of strength that one acquires after having lived a long time and having transformed many situations in which they were completely powerless.
  53. This account, from an observant medical professor, (who may nevertheless have been deceived) acquires some additional title to consideration by a similar event which lately occurred at Schooley's Mountain, New-Jersey.
  54. In contrast, whenever a management team acquires another business outside of its core competencies, it risks becoming distracted as it attempts to understand the acquired business and begins to neglect its core operations.
  55. But alas! For every one who acquires the knowledge of these mysteries, thousands are lost in the search! One must be perfect indeed if his ambition is to accomplish this perilous journey and to dive deep into the stormy waters.
  56. When a business acquires another business, the odds that it will be a successful acquisition improve if it is done within the same industry—such as when Hewlett-Packard (H-P) bought Compaq (both were computer manufacturers) in 2002.
  57. In the first he acquires a true cross-section sample of the leading issues, which will include both some favored growth companies, whose shares sell at especially high multipliers, and also less popular and less expensive enterprises.
  58. Sensei, glancing at me very kindly, replied, Believe me, the one who acts with good intention has no need to be upset about what he has missed because he acquires a lot greater power for cognition of his soul than when doing nothing.
  59. But as soon as violence in any form is applied in the community, the meaning of money for its owner at once loses its significance as a representative of labour, and acquires the significance of a right, based not on labour, but on violence.
  60. The man who regards life as a matter of labor will propose to himself as his object, in proportion as he acquires understanding, skill, and endurance, greater and greater toil, which shall constantly fill his life to a greater and greater degree.
  61. The system deposits the value of the payment transaction in the supplier’s account and it debits equal value in the Current Account Personal of the agreed organization that acquires the product or service according to its Usuarist Project.
  62. The company is committed to having the amount of common stock outstanding relatively fixed, and therefore, acquires for cash, or property, enough outstanding common stock to cover the new issuance of common stock through the exercise of stock options.
  63. So, the night when man gets and enjoys such spiritual witnessing by which he acquires that real knowledge: that great night is called the night of Valuation , that is, the night when man watches the Mightiness of the Creator and appreciates the perfection of God.
  64. As a companion he acquires more importance than he ever had as a sort of minor genius in his way—as an original Italian sailor whom I allowed to come in in the small hours and talk familiarly to the editor of the Porvenir while the paper was going through the press.
  65. This subsistence is assured to him who works against his will; for such a workman desires only to relieve himself of the necessity of work, and acquires all that he possibly can in order that he may take the yoke from his own neck and place it upon the neck of another.
  66. The hands of the Executive, restricted and elective as it is, in the United States, became thence armed with a sceptre formidable indeed, and the more so as it acquires this strength without producing the shock to public feeling which the seizure of power by a military leader will always excite.
  67. Thus, straightening upon God’s command and drawing near to Him by rendering good actions: both of them are the two main conditions, that is to say the two wings which make the spirit fly up to that Supreme heavens where it witnesses a part of God’s perfection and acquires virtue and knowledge.
  68. Thus, straightening upon God’s Command and drawing near to Him by performing good deeds: these two together are the two main conditions – that is to say – the two wings upon which the spirit flies up to the Supreme Heaven, where it witnesses a part of God’s Perfection and acquires virtue and knowledge.
  69. The procedure begins in the exporter country when the agreed organization (Area of Activity TRADE) acquires the product or service in its domestic market through the intermediation of Bank3Sector (Area of Activity FINANCES) and this organization incorporates it as donation in its local Coordenational Structure.
  70. It is important to keep up with the purchases and sales of stock made by management by continually monitoring Form 3, 4, and 5 filings (which are SEC filings related to insider trading) and schedule 13-D filings (which are required for anyone who acquires beneficial ownership of 5 percent or more of a public company).
  71. Anyway victim when oppressed once tends to bear with that as weaker side lacks power to resist but when oppressed repeated twice, thrice and more and continues that because of victim’s silence then the victim’s patience becomes a tool for self defense and it acquires inward will power to resist like a hungry loin.
  72. It is well to remember that it requires the exercise of not less ability than that which acquires it, to use wealth so as to be really beneficial to the community Besides this, it may fairly be said that no man is to be extolled for doing what he cannot help doing, nor is he to be thanked by the community to which he only leaves wealth at death.
  73. Multi-Culturalism should not be confused with Inter-Culturalism that otherwise suggests a mutual exchanging and/or assimilating of the higher (Arts & Sciences, Music, Literature and Architecture) and lower (Cuisine, Fashions and Sports) cultures whose synthesis finds its ultimate expression within an overlapping culture that oftentimes acquires its own unique standing over time.
  74. This is the significance that physical labor possesses for man in every community; but in our community, where the avoidance of this law of labor has occasioned the unhappiness of a whole class of people, employment in physical labor acquires still another significance,—the significance of a sermon, and of an occupation which removes a terrible misfortune that is threatening mankind.
  75. Yes, sir, ask yourself this question in regard to any man, to whom you are about to confide important trusts: Does he pay his just debts? Is he a man of truth? Does he discharge as he ought the duties of a friend, a brother in society? After having done that, be his politics what they may, and his peculiarity of opinion in politics what it may, he is a good man; he acquires the esteem of all who know him; he is impenetrable to mere vulgar calumny.
  76. To prevent the slaughterer’s spirit from the impression of severity and the rise of abysses of murder and criminality, and lest he gets used to shed blood and becomes imprinted by such impressions through which he likes the view of blood and enjoys bloodshed, therefore, pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over the animal when slaughtering is considered as a mercy because, when the slaughterer knows that it is mere beneficence and comfort for the animal, his spirit acquires mercifulness.
  77. Endowed with the delicate perception which a solitary soul acquires through constant meditation, through the exquisite clear-sightedness with which a mind aloof from life fastens on all that falls within its sphere, Eugenie, taught by suffering and by her later education to divine thought, knew well that the president desired her death that he might step into possession of their immense fortune, augmented by the property of his uncle the notary and his uncle the abbe, whom it had lately pleased God to call to himself.
  78. Is the power to create this paper medium, or national currency, an attribute of State or national sovereignty? I put the question to the candor of gentlemen, and solicit a serious answer! The argument of my honorable friend from Georgia against the power of the States to authorize the emission of bank paper, founded on that part of the constitution which declares that "No State shall emit bills of credit," acquires great additional force, when these bills of credit are made to assume the character of money, for national purposes.
  79. That after water has reached the boiling point, 212° of Fahrenheit, the caloric which enters it no longer becomes latent, but sensible in the steam, which thereupon acquires expansive force to an unlimited degree: that this force increases geometrically; or, that every accession of about 30° of heat, nearly doubles its power at those stages of progression; that when the pressure at a high temperature is taken off, or the steam allowed to flow, there is an instantaneous and rapid production of steam; a fact which proves there can be no necessity of a large space for the steam to form in above the water, provided it be sufficient to prevent water from issuing with the steam, and, therefore, that boilers of a small cylindrical form are best.
  80. Provided ample opportunities to self-destruct, that child soon acquires disagreeable habits that, reinforced by common attitudes, establishes the rocky foundations of a society populated by lingering, single-minded adolescents who, guided by their own (―exceptional‖) rules of conduct, acquire self-centered and perhaps anti-social points of view devolving into a collection of interchangeable parts reflecting the questionable character of that society‘s lowest forms that must negatively impact its social, cultural and political institutions including schools, churches, political organizations, judicial system, the news media, corporations, all! A free and open society should never impose arbitrary limits or draw uncertain conclusions as to how an individual should (otherwise) think or act however eccentric or unconventional such attitudes may appear; although that society, by example, should seek to broaden exemplary manners and customs essential to the maintenance of proper form if that society hopes to function effectively.

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