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Acquit dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Colmore, I acquit you.
  2. It seemed to acquit him.
  3. Of these charges her children acquit her.
  4. Therefore you have no choice but to acquit.
  5. I have a business charge to acquit myself of.

  6. The juries who acquit every criminal are ours.
  7. Acquit: To hold not guilty to the debt load of sin.
  8. But, Fanny, if your heart can acquit you of ingratitude.
  9. But, Fanny, if your heart can acquit you of ingratitude—.
  10. Rommel, he said, as if he was pleading to a jury to acquit.
  11. God says: … to find out which of you would best acquit himself.
  12. Knox said, I believe that a military tribunal would acquit you now.
  13. If he does not acquit himself of his task with caution, not only will all.
  14. It would be shameful, disgraceful, not to acquit him! cried the official.
  15. When the opportunity comes, thus you would have been equipped to acquit yourself well.

  16. That's why they'll acquit him, because he struggled against it and yet he murdered him.
  17. Let them acquit him—that's so humane, and would show what a blessing reformed law courts are.
  18. The facts could be placed before a jury but then the court or the judge could acquit the guilty.
  19. The merchant, desiring to acquit Maslova, insisted that Bochkova was the author of the conspiracy.
  20. The merchant, anxious to acquit Maslova, insisted that Botchkova was the chief instigator of it all.
  21. He wanted to see Gould in his true colours and he was interested to see how James Wong would acquit himself.
  22. She said that she didn’t care how long it took; she was determined that he was going to acquit himself in bed with her.
  23. The foreman, however, said that it was impossible to acquit her, because she herself had pleaded guilty to having given the powder.
  24. On the one hand the judge was immensely relieved that the jurymen were screaming out to acquit as that might possibly save his judicial career.
  25. Her heart and her judgment were equally against Edmund's decision: she could not acquit his unsteadiness, and his happiness under it made her wretched.

  26. Her heart and her judgment were equally against Edmund’s decision: she could not acquit his unsteadiness, and his happiness under it made her wretched.
  27. What in a great measure justifies the criminal in his own eyes, is his conviction that the people among whom he has been born and has lived will acquit him.
  28. I am satisfied it means the end; they will surely kill him, but if that is the Master's choice, then let us acquit ourselves like men of courage; let us go also that we may die with him.
  29. The fact that they are accidents does not acquit them of its responsibility - the magician looked at us without reacting and, with an indifferent gesture in his glacial face, continued:.
  30. For such reasons, I was very glad when ten o'clock came and we started for Miss Havisham's; though I was not at all at my ease regarding the manner in which I should acquit myself under that lady's roof.
  31. Woe upon any nation when only those who possess money and influence can secure ready justice before its courts! It is the sacred duty of a magistrate to acquit the innocent as well as to punish the guilty.
  32. For these reasons he asked the jury to acquit Kartinkin and Bochkova of stealing the money; or, if they found them guilty of stealing he asked for a verdict of theft, but without participation in the poisoning, and without conspiracy.
  33. Maslova was charged with intentional poisoning of Smelkoff, and with robbery as a motive, while the jury, in their answer, denied her guilt of the robbery, from which it was evident that they intended to acquit her of the intent to kill.
  34. From a legal point of view, the thief must be convicted for robbery, or at least for the illegal appropriation of the property of others; but from the medical point of view, we must acquit him, because he is not responsible for his acts.
  35. The poisoning was committed by Maslova alone; therefore he begged the jury to acquit Kartinkin and Botchkova of stealing the money; or if they could not acquit them of the theft, at least to admit that it was done without any participation in the poisoning.
  36. What superlatives! What adjectives! How acquit Bonamy of sentimentality of the grossest sort; of being tossed like a cork on the waves; of having no steady insight into character; of being unsupported by reason, and of drawing no comfort whatever from the works of the classics?
  37. If we consider the testimony by the Amalekite in today’s day and age, we would probably acquit him of any retribution for his act, but what does David do? He has the Amalekite killed, on the spot! Why, because the Amalekite took a life of an anointed of God, even though Saul’s sins were terrible, to put it mildly.
  38. Casaubon's leaving a copy of himself; moreover, he had not yet succeeded in issuing copies of his mythological key; but he had always intended to acquit himself by marriage, and the sense that he was fast leaving the years behind him, that the world was getting dimmer and that he felt lonely, was a reason to him for losing no.
  39. The jury in their verdict acquit her of the intent to rob, or participation in the stealing of valuables, from which it follows that they intended also to acquit her of the intent to murder, and only through a misunderstanding, which arose from the incompleteness of the president’s summing up, omitted to express it in due form in their answer.
  40. Fanny's disposition was such that she could never even think of her aunt Norris in the meagreness and cheerlessness of her own small house, without reproaching herself for some little want of attention to her when they had been last together; much less could her feelings acquit her of having done and said and thought everything by William that was due to him for a whole fortnight.
  41. Better acquit ten guilty men than punish one innocent man! Do you hear, do you hear that majestic voice from the past century of our glorious history? It is not for an insignificant person like me to remind you that the Russian court does not exist for the punishment only, but also for the salvation of the criminal! Let other nations think of retribution and the letter of the law, we will cling to the spirit and the meaning—the salvation and the reformation of the lost.
  42. Little did I dream that Coxtart would truly propose a Counter-Scheme whereby each Wench earn’d a Share of the Profits of the House according to her Seniority and Industriousness! But now I saw that my Determination had frighten’d Coxtart, particularly when she saw all too clearly the Threat of her most valu’d Wenches all departing at once; and suddenly my bluffing Brazenness to acquit myself of Blame had turn’d me into the Heroine of all the House! ’Twas droll indeed! ’Twas perhaps a Lesson to me.
  43. Therefore, this faith is deceitful, even such as will leave thee under wrath, in the day of God Almighty; for true justifying faith puts the soul, as sensible of its condition by the law, upon flying for refuge unto Christ's righteousness, which righteousness of his is not an act of grace, by which he maketh for justification, thy obedience accepted with God; but his personal obedience to the law, in doing and suffering for us what that required at our hands; this righteousness, I say, true faith accepteth; under the skirt of which, the soul being shrouded, and by it presented as spotless before God, it is accepted, and acquit from condemnation.
  44. What! This man was that Thenardier, that innkeeper of Montfermeil whom he had so long and so vainly sought! He had found him at last, and how? His father's saviour was a ruffian! That man, to whose service Marius was burning to devote himself, was a monster! That liberator of Colonel Pontmercy was on the point of committing a crime whose scope Marius did not, as yet, clearly comprehend, but which resembled an assassination! And against whom, great God! what a fatality! What a bitter mockery of fate! His father had commanded him from the depths of his coffin to do all the good in his power to this Thenardier, and for four years Marius had cherished no other thought than to acquit this debt of his father's, and at the moment when he was on the eve of having a brigand seized in the very act of crime by justice, destiny cried to him: "This is Thenardier!" He could at last.
  1. As it is, the papers accuse the jury of acquitting prisoners.
  2. And the deeper he went in domesticity the more did the sense of acquitting himself and acting with propriety predominate over any other satisfaction.
  3. Sometimes she could believe Willoughby to be as unfortunate and as innocent as herself, and at others, lost every consolation in the impossibility of acquitting him.
  4. Casaubon's time of life, she had no means of knowing, so that he could not have the advantage of comparison; but her husband's way of commenting on the strangely impressive objects around them had begun to affect her with a sort of mental shiver: he had perhaps the best intention of acquitting himself worthily, but only of acquitting himself.
  1. You are acquitted, Captain Croker.
  2. You are acquitted, Captain Crocker.
  3. Those are acquitted of what they say.
  4. Yeah! Dana has been acquitted Mom! ….
  5. They were busted for it and acquitted.
  6. And thank you, God, she’d been acquitted.
  7. Whatever you do, you will be acquitted at once.
  8. On June 13, 2005 he was acquitted on all counts.
  9. Junie had been acquitted of Michael Campion’s death.
  10. Evans had been acquitted of sexually abusing a girl 3.
  11. When his case eventually went to trail he was acquitted.
  12. He acquitted them both and put all the blame on Maslova.
  13. The public roars with delight that the torturer is acquitted.
  14. But, brother, have you no hope then of being acquitted?
  15. He’d come back to the Ellsworth compound when Chandler was acquitted.
  16. Had they had Kelsen as defense counsel, they would have been acquitted.
  17. Columbus was eventually acquitted, but his reputation had been tarnished.
  18. Dreyfus was finally acquitted in 1906, twelve years after his imprisonment.
  19. Oh! it was the Kolpakoff business, and of course he would have been acquitted.
  20. He had recourse to the law everywhere, and the tapster was everywhere acquitted.
  21. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.
  22. Diego Olivera stood before the court at his retrial and he was acquitted of all charges.
  23. But everywhere the public-house keeper managed to bribe the officials, and was acquitted.
  24. Put Me in remembrance; let us contend together; state your case, that you may be acquitted.
  25. Had you but added the words, ‘without intent to cause death,’ she would have been acquitted.
  26. A score or so of years ago, that woman was tried at the Old Bailey for murder, and was acquitted.
  27. It is true Stepanov had sulfcrcd for it ; but he had been acquitted by public opinion, as it was.
  28. Ten years after her death, even after I was acquitted, the public still believes I killed my wife.
  29. Some were pleased, others frowned, while some were simply dejected, not wanting him to be acquitted.
  30. He had lost a great deal of weight and he had, according to reports, acquitted himself well in battle.
  31. Khalifa was arrested after the explosion and deported to Jordan where, after a trial, he was acquitted.
  32. Marilyn acquitted herself well in her work on this film, demonstrating her growing ability as an actress.
  33. Multiple murderer who was acquitted due to a combination of his race and the venue in which he was tried.
  34. But you really do admit the justice of what I have said in his defence?--I am happy--and he is acquitted.
  35. At the impeachment trial, the Senate finally came to a vote and Johnson was acquitted by one vote falling.
  36. But at last the High Court of Appeal went into it and the poor fellow was acquitted and put under proper care.
  37. That he would be acquitted, all the ladies, strange to say, were firmly persuaded up to the very last moment.
  38. This acquitted young woman and Provis had a little child; a little child of whom Provis was exceedingly fond.
  39. He'll be acquitted of everything at once, and ladies will wave their batiste handkerchiefs from the platform.
  40. Danglars acquitted himself like a man placed between two dangerous positions, and who is rendered brave by fear.
  41. Why, gentlemen, in Lent an actress was acquitted in our town who had cut the throat of her lover's lawful wife.
  42. My thoughts were that of course I’d be acquitted, and then I’d be admired at school for being such a bad-ass.
  43. They were veterans now, veterans of brief service, but veterans just the same, and they had acquitted themselves well.
  44. Well, I said, the law says that when a man is acquitted he is free from guilt, and what holds at law may hold in argument.
  45. Parents and friends were highly gratified with the very flattering manner in which the young ladies acquitted themselves.
  46. If they are tried here, and not in a provincial court, I guarantee that they will be acquitted, and I shall charge nothing.
  47. Several of Koresh's Davidians were tried for attempted murder of the leader of the original faction in 1987, but were acquitted.
  48. In others it also includes arrests, charges dismissed, charges pending and even charges where the individual has been acquitted.
  49. Nature, in short, had done so much for him in those parts, that she perhaps held herself acquitted in doing so little for his head.
  50. In the arrangements of the little household, Miss Pross took charge of the lower regions, and always acquitted herself marvellously.
  51. One, a man who had shot and killed three notorious burglars, was tried for legal informality and acquitted on the ground of the public weal.
  52. The case was this: These Christians, fallen away from the Greek Orthodox Church, were first exhorted and then tried by law, but were acquitted.
  53. However, he was acquitted when a senior British officer testified in his defence that Allied Commando forces had also fought in enemy uniforms.
  54. Actually, it doesn't really matter if he was acquitted or not because the pain he went through was as great as if he had actually been found guilty.
  55. The friends of the acquitted prisoner had dispersed, under the impression--which he himself had originated--that he would not be released that night.
  56. The hopes of Washington residents that one of the cases might be solved were raised and the crushed when Robert Langdon was acquitted in May of 1938.
  57. That’s why! Had there been money, and had a good lawyer that’s up to their tricks been hired, they’d have acquitted her, no fear, said Korableva.
  58. Doctor Price was acquitted on account of there was no law at the time which prohibited the act of cremation; therefore the cremation was ruled as being legal.
  59. By a law of Solon, indeed, the children were acquitted from maintaining those parents who had neglected to instruct them in some profitable trade or business.
  60. James McCarthy was acquitted at the Assizes on the strength of a number of objections which had been drawn out by Holmes and submitted to the defending counsel.
  61. And if he is acquitted, make him come straight from the law courts to dinner with me, and I'll have a party of friends, and we'll drink to the reformed law courts.
  62. How can such a prisoner be acquitted? What if he committed the murder and gets off unpunished? That is what every one, almost involuntarily, instinctively, feels at heart.
  63. It is not to be conceived, although the gentleman from Massachusetts and others have acquitted the Government of participation, that the Spanish Government will do so also.
  64. He is guilty, but he will be acquitted, from motives of humanity, in accordance with the new ideas, the new sentiments that had come into fashion, and so on, and so on.
  65. Despite the fact that he was acquitted, a series of bizarre personal behaviors accompanied by serious legal and financial problems left a devastating mark on the star's life.
  66. The verdict was rendered that I was a deceived husband, that I had killed in defence of my sullied honor (that is the way they put it in their language), and thus I was acquitted.
  67. They still couldn't prove it at the trial that Dana did it! They couldn't find the shooting weapon! No evidence could be found against her, that's why she winds up being acquitted!.
  68. Second, that in the case being considered, if there is a reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the accused, the doubt shall be resolved in the favor of the accused, and he shall be acquitted.
  69. What charade Colonel Dent and his party played, what word they chose, how they acquitted themselves, I no longer remember; but I still see the consultation which followed each scene: I see Mr.
  70. Although her husband, her father-in-law, but especially her mother-in-law, who had grown very fond of her, did all they could to get her acquitted, she was sentenced to hard labour in Siberia.
  71. A peculiar fact—established afterwards by many observations—was that almost all the ladies, or, at least the vast majority of them, were on Mitya's side and in favor of his being acquitted.
  72. She had a yataghan in her flat she brought from Paris with her, and she caught it up one night and drove it into her lover’s neck, and was acquitted on the ground that it was done in self-defense.
  73. But when the question of her having taken part in the poisoning was raised, her zealous defender, the merchant, declared that she must be acquitted, because she could have no reason for the poisoning.
  74. Having acquitted themselves of their errand, and exchanged a hearty shake of the hand with Edmond, Danglars and Caderousse took their places beside Fernand and old Dantes,—the latter of whom attracted universal notice.
  75. It is now well known that three Shpigulin men really did have a share in setting fire to the town, but that was all; all the other factory hands were completely acquitted, not only officially but also by public opinion.
  76. Inevitably, many people have argued that the Nuremberg trial was ‘victors’ justice’ but most commentators agree that the Nazis got a fair trial: By no means all of them were sentenced to death and three were acquitted.
  77. Willoughby, "poor Willoughby," as she now allowed herself to call him, was constantly in her thoughts; she would not but have heard his vindication for the world, and now blamed, now acquitted herself for having judged him so harshly before.
  78. My father and I both testified on Friday, December 6, and after my forty minutes on the stand—for which I had been excessively and expensively prepared—it would have been great if my involvement was almost at an end when he was acquitted.
  79. Willoughby, poor Willoughby, as she now allowed herself to call him, was constantly in her thoughts; she would not but have heard his vindication for the world, and now blamed, now acquitted herself for having judged him so harshly before.
  80. If I have delayed the sequel of my history, it has been purely to allow myself a little breathing time not without some hopes, that, instead of pressing me to a continuation, you would have acquitted me of the task of pursuing a confession, in the course.
  81. And, strange to say, he did not at present even wish to succeed; he had got used to the thought of going to Siberia and living among the exiled and the convicts, and he could not easily picture to himself how his life and Maslova’s would shape if she were acquitted.
  82. The situation is a curious one, you see, said the president; what lay before this Maslova was one of two things: either to be almost acquitted and only imprisoned for a short time, or, taking the preliminary confinement into consideration, perhaps not at all—or Siberia.
  83. He filled the heavens with what Al’lah the Almighty had revealed to him of the Qur’anic scientifical knowledge, for it is he who acquitted the noble prophets from all what conflicts with their perfection, impeccability and their spirits’ purity in his book Impeccability of Prophets.
  84. The total market value of these good-will items at the end of 1968 was more than $120 billions! Despite these optimistic market valuations the group as a whole showed a price advance per share of 15% between December 1968 and August 1971, and acquitted itself best among the 20-odd lists studied.
  85. My good temporal mother was, however, so kind as to use all the arguments she could imagine to dissuade me: but, as I found they only turned on a motive of tenderness to me, I persisted in my resolution, and thereby acquitted my offer of any suspicion of its not having been sincerely made, or out of compliment only.
  86. Finding that the God of Heaven throw a shield of protection over the Jews so as to preserve them and that he fought for them as a father always fights for his sons; 7 and taking into consideration their constancy and fidelity towards us and towards our ancestors we have as we ought acquitted them of every sort of charge.
  87. Therefore we drink the cup in the Holy Communion—which represents the blood of Christ—to show that we are saved from death by the shedding of His blood, the pouring out of His life; that we are justified thereby acquitted, pardoned, reckoned innocent, declared righteous, treated as righteous’—being in ourselves sinners deserving death.
  88. Their children are sometimes congenital idiots, like the hero of our story; sometimes they are found in the dock at the Assizes, where they are generally acquitted by the jury for edifying motives; sometimes they distinguish themselves by one of those burning scandals that amaze the public and add another blot to the stained record of our age.
  89. Suppose that the whole fine in any particular case had been paid by individual subscription, what has the Government to do with that? Will it be contended, because an old soldier who received a pension also received individual contributions, that the pension should be taken from him, or that the Government is thereby acquitted of what it owed him? Surely not; the Government has nothing to do with transactions between individuals.
  90. Such was the habit of this venerable humane scholar (his soul has been sanctified by Al’lah) concerning all that he has bestowed upon us of the endless knowledge which turns heads and makes the fronts bow, glorifying and revering the meanings of the Holy Qur’an: he filled the heavens with the Qur’anic scientific knowledge that Al’lah the Almighty had revealed to him, for it is he who acquitted the noble Prophets of all that conflicts with their perfection, impeccability and their spirits’ purity in his book Impeccability of Prophets.
  91. If I belong to the minority of oppressors the disadvantages of non-compliance will consist in my being brought to judgment for refusing to perform my duties to the state, and if I am lucky, being acquitted or, as is done in the case of the Mennonites in Russia, being set to work out my military service at some civil occupation for the state; while if I am unlucky, I may be condemned to exile or imprisonment for two or three years (I judge by the cases that have occurred in Russia), possibly to even longer imprisonment, or possibly to death, though the probability of that latter is very remote.
  92. Where now is the Revolutionary hero to whom you are about to confide this sacred trust? To whom will you confide the charge of leading the flower of our youth to the Heights of Abraham? Will you find him in the person of an acquitted felon? What! then you were unwilling to vote an army where such men as had been named held high command! when Washington himself was at the head—did you then show such reluctance, feel such scruples; and are you now nothing loth, fearless of every consequence? Will you say that your provocations were less then than now? When your direct commerce was interdicted—your Ambassadors hooted with derision from the French Court—tribute demanded—actual war waged upon you!.
  93. And I do solemnly, in the presence of God, profess, testify, and declare, that I do make this declaration, and every part thereof, in the plain and ordinary sense of the words read unto me, as they are commonly understood by English Protestants, without any evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation, and without any dispensation already granted me for this purpose by the Pope or any other authority or person whatsoever, or without any hope of any such dispensation from any person or authority whatsoever, or without thinking that I am or can be acquitted before God or man, or absolved of this declaration or any part thereof, although the Pope or any other person or persons or power whatsoever shall dispense with or annul the same, or declare that it was null and void from the beginning.

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