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Adaptation dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. There was no adaptation in my.
  2. Here is an adaptation of a short.
  3. It is an adaptation of the HEARTLAND.
  4. Here is the mechanism of this adaptation.
  5. An adaptation of this cast is the roll lift.

  6. There is perfect adaptation to whatever may.
  7. Adaptation policies help populations facing.
  8. Vidar has the gift of environmental adaptation.
  9. They have a special adaptation for their survival.
  10. Degeneracy of contact as an adaptation is of course a.
  11. To avoid this adaptation you should use more regularly.
  12. Oh no, that’s been my difficult adaptation out here.
  13. However, with a little work and adaptation, it is possible.
  14. There’s actually a term for this—hedonic adaptation.
  15. An adaptation of the Zmijewski algorithm, has that capacity.

  16. VI - adaptation to the existent laws of the financial system.
  17. Psychological adaptation to new sensations, which makes the.
  18. Each stage is mainly related to adaptation to one of stress-.
  19. In their essence the mentioned mechanisms of adaptation are kin.
  20. Market conditions may change rapidly, which calls for adaptation.
  21. Their form of adaptation became experiential rather than genetic.
  22. Although the adaptation of premises to house prisoners in secret.
  23. To neutralise this adaptation we use advanced variations of asanas.
  24. Th ese tendencies once again show the principle of adaptation to.
  25. All Huldras have the following gift: the gift of climate adaptation.

  26. The fight-or-flight response is an amazing physiological adaptation.
  27. The answer to adaptation starts with changing the mindset of Leaders.
  28. This adaptation allows the investor to quickly extract these figures.
  29. Those salamanders in Mexico, that’s not an evolutionary adaptation.
  30. This commitment to the caring of other entails adaptation and evolution.
  31. It may help the student/investor to view it as another adaptation of the.
  32. He reckons that maybe it is just natural because of environment adaptation.
  33. Strength, endurance and fitness results are the results of this adaptation.
  34. The compatible objects that belong to the Computer class need no adaptation.
  35. One adaptation - we use the book values of debt and equity rather than the.
  36. Learn to harness the power of adaptation inherent in the cells of your body.
  37. Change, perhaps, for all things apparently change, in adaptation or extinction.
  38. To see how this works, we will revisit the adaptation of the Miller/Modigliani.
  39. Marx’s dialectic was an adaptation from the philosopher Hegel, whose thoughts.
  40. Asia is best adapted for growth for the driving force of evolution is adaptation.
  41. The Mexican axolotls have developed this adaptation under environmental pressure.
  42. The show that Miss Thorne was producing was an adaptation of A Christmas Carol by.
  43. The more similarities, the higher chance of successful adaptation, and vice versa.
  44. Compare The Lord’s Prayer to my adaptation at the beginning of this piece.
  45. In fact, with most bodybuilders that adaptation will occur within about six workouts.
  46. Neural adaptation occurs when you’re working at between 90-150% of doesn’t lead.
  47. She had captivated me as Jo March in George Cukor’s film adaptation of Little Women.
  48. While the talking points are clear, the process of adaptation and transformation are not.
  49. Remember when I went through the Book of Huldras and mentioned environmental adaptation?
  50. Stress is a system's existential/physical response and adaptation to environmental stressors.
  51. Nevertheless, a period of training and adaptation will be required for the 8 new press workers.
  52. The position within the bands is calculated using an adaptation of the formula for stochastics.
  53. The manual name registration process is an adaptation of the host table for use on a DNS server.
  54. But the degree of adaptation of species to the climates under which they live is often overrated.
  55. I believe in evolution and adaptation because the wisdom behind creation has made provision for it.
  56. Experiential adaptation outstripped and replaced genetic adaptation as its basic survival technique.
  57. It is a societal adaptation to allow a spectrum of frustration within the safety of social restraint.
  58. Another strategy is to include with this denial an adaptation of the stage of mourning known as bargaining.
  59. NFS servers also take no part in the adaptation of the exported file system to the client’s requirements.
  60. The reason it is the number of the animals that reflect adaptation by their high population and wide spread.
  61. Two of the main examples of irrational expectations are excessive extrapolation and insufficient adaptation.
  62. Terrestrial strength – more than any other type of dignity – is a measure of adaptation to social conditioning.
  63. Two months later Maria and the boys arrived and a difficult period of adaptation to a new life began for the family.
  64. During exercise we physically stress our body and it is our body's adaptation to that stress that makes us healthier.
  65. One method represents an adaptation of the generally accepted technique, whereas another one is our original development.
  66. Our tool-brains were now reflective: capable of learning-changing, far faster than any evolutionary process of adaptation.
  67. From such structures we may advance till we come to such a case of extraordinary adaptation as that lately described by Dr.
  68. NOTE The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is an adaptation of the Directory Access Protocol (DAP) designed for use by X.
  69. When racing he would approach each race with an objective and strategy, but sometimes the strategy would require adaptation.
  70. She then started playing her guitar to sing an adaptation of a hit song by Céline Dion, composed at the end of the 20th Century.
  71. The ratio of the absolutes, Net Income / Total Cost of Equity is an adaptation of EVA that offers a chance to compare magnitude.
  72. For advanced bodybuilders, guys that have been training for more than four years, that adaptation can occur within three workouts.
  73. But this incredibly narrowed form of adaptation led us to lead narrow, blinkered, linear lives devoid of all creativity and wonder.
  74. Instead of flowers, I gave this loose adaptation away as a little gift to a lady friend and she had it published under her own name.
  75. Rather, they are states of physiological adaptation caused by errors in lifestyle choices and/or exposure to environmental stressors.
  76. The strategy S(P*(Tn)) trades during the next after time interval [Tn + 1, Tn+1], after which a new step of adaptation and trading is made.
  77. First, what they evolved from; second, the condition of their environment (oxygen levels, pressure, gravity, and temperature) and adaptation.
  78. This format is sort of a twenty-first century adaptation of the old correspondence classes, but now done instantaneously through the internet.
  79. They were not fond of the native's reusable tea bags, what they liked to call a 'sock,' but Ava didn't see how that was such a big adaptation.
  80. It took hominids at least 4 million years to develop tool-use to the level of sophistication that could supplant genetic adaptation with learning.
  81. That the small size of the egg is a real case of adaptation we may infer from the fact of the mon-parasitic American cuckoo laying full-sized eggs.
  82. Nancy followed Bach’s piece by an adaptation as a solo harpsichord piece of a modern pop song, singing along in English as she played the instrument.
  83. Try to recognize that these emotions are a normal part of the adaptation process, and try not to let them overly affect your behavior or your decisions.
  84. Even if someone gives them a decent piece of land on Earth or space in one of our space cities, their adaptation and integration will be long and costly.
  85. The failure test pattern is the classic Wyckoff spring and upthrust; the only adaptation is the addition of a firm stop level and a concrete trading plan.
  86. Hence adaptation to any special climate may be looked at as a quality readily grafted on an innate wide flexibility of constitution, common to most animals.
  87. This is why a leisurely walk does not qualify for aerobic training; unless we push ourselves our training stimulus will not illicit a physiologic adaptation.
  88. This is extremely rapid development for a parrot--an adaptation to raise as many broods as possible in an environment where food and water are unpredictable.
  89. If results are produced by adaptation caused by stress then the most efficient way to elicit change is to fatigue your muscle to the point where they grow stronger.
  90. Humans and the Earth are all going through accelerated evolution and adaptation not only to the organic environment, but also to the inorganic electromagnetic waves.
  91. He is a bit lost in Paris, because he can’t produce the plays offered there without adapting them, and in the adaptation much is lost, and nothing takes its place.
  92. To advocate the rejection of Christ's command of non-resistance to evil, or its adaptation to the needs of life, implies a misunderstanding of the teaching of Christ.
  93. IPv6 requires a number of fundamental changes to the hardware and software that make up the network infrastructure, apart from just the adaptation to 128-bit addresses.
  94. And this entire living adaptation of love must be effected in the light of both the environment of present evil and the eternal goal of the perfection of divine destiny.
  95. He has written for the theater and the cinema, including the screenplay for John Huston’s classic film adaptation of Moby Dick, and was nominated for an Academy Award.
  96. Once that adaptation happens, you’re wasting your time continuing with the same routine because the intensity is just not there, and it’s intensity that spurs growth.
  97. Tonight, today, would see the fulfilment of this audacious enterprise that had started off as a fantasy whose adaptation to reality had proved amazingly simple to perform.
  98. GEICO was designed to be the low-cost operation in an enormous marketplace (auto insurance) populated largely by companies whose marketing structures restricted adaptation.
  99. Some common definitions include criteria such as metabolism, growth, reproduction; and responses to stimuli or adaptation to the environment, that originates within the organism.
  100. These latter resemblances may be accounted for, as it seems to me, by adaptation for similarly active movements through thickets and herbage, together with concealment from enemies.

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