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Adept dans une phrase (en anglais)

  2. An Adept of great power.
  3. Her own mother, an Adept.
  4. Syd was adept at the work.
  5. I was pretty adept at that.
  6. Yogeshwar is an adept in yog.
  7. He was an adept of the Black Ring.
  8. Your mother was an Adept, one of.
  9. I understand they are adept hunters.
  10. Her Lutheran father was adept at it.
  11. Ashi had become adept with a flint.
  12. The Adept spends much of His time in.
  13. Th e practicing adept contemplates on.
  14. Th e practice starts from adept contem-.
  15. Your kin are adept users of subterfuge.
  16. The adept mage enchanted an attack spell.
  17. It helps the adept to survive the state of.
  18. The Taliban are quite adept at inflicting pain.
  19. The case of an Adept is very different from this.
  20. You creatures are adept and resourceful engineers.
  21. They were quite adept at disguise and wouldn’t.
  22. Any reasonably adept ten year old could handle one.
  23. It seemed Carl was more adept at wielding than him.
  24. The united magic of the adept wizards was resilient.
  25. I have become adept at relieving myself in this way.
  26. He was very adept at setting up meetings for others.
  27. That is where Ricardo became so proficient and adept.
  28. An Adept, however, is an all-round Man, a Man whose.
  29. It would seem that one Adept on each of the Rays is.
  30. He'd never been adept at controlling his temper, but.
  31. Melvin was quite adept at dodging the barrage of fists.
  32. It seems you were always adept at that in some fashion.
  33. Master, an Adept, and a liberated and self-realized soul.
  34. The Swordsmen were particularly adept at ground warfare.
  35. A luminescent, red matrix appeared before the adept mage.
  36. The Adept has eliminated the lower self, and is living.
  37. He’s an adept climber, as are all people-like creatures.
  38. She is every bit as adept at hand-to-hand combat as he is.
  39. That is unfortunate, Adept Assassin, replied Taliesin.
  40. He was enormously charismatic and adept at using the media.
  41. Michael was adept at exacting maximum potential from people.
  42. He is indeed, as we have seen, a Yogeshwar, an adept in yog.
  43. The adept sees the almond through the envelope of its shell.
  44. During the process of meditation the practicing adept is to.
  45. Still, Jed Foster proved to be an adept horseman, skillfully.
  46. Adept with the basics on how the state government operates, too.
  47. By using this scheme the practicing adept or his teacher could.
  48. He was an empire builder and very adept at snapping his fingers.
  49. She was more adept at her crutches now and didn't need carried.
  50. KRISHN? … He was a Yogeshwar, an adept in yog, an accomplished.
  51. That was the fate we had hoped for you, that as a great Adept you.
  52. It was obvious that Jessica and Caleb were adept at life on the trail.
  53. Could Pontius Pilate fly a plane or was he just adept with his palm?
  54. By temporarily occupying the body of a pupil, the Adept avoids these.
  55. Ganid was becoming adept at sighting those who appeared to be in need.
  56. Adept does not wish to repeat the process more often than is strictly.
  57. But, Vidya, besides excelling at her studies became adept at kuchipudi.
  58. Beaumont, Belmont, and Aaron are all adept in the art of Aikido, but I.
  59. Sticky clouds emanated from the hands of the adept Wizards of Coermantyr.
  60. To know that a certain man is an Adept it would be necessary to see His.
  61. Perhaps he may prove a true savant---more adept than even you or I!.
  62. As the world is at present divided, one great Adept may be said to be in.
  63. He was equally adept in teaching by either asking or answering questions.
  64. ALL this while, the Adept, besides using His pupil as an apprentice, has.
  65. The question is often raised as to why an Adept, whose work seems to lie.
  66. I had become quite adept at altering molecules and atoms with my thoughts.
  67. The Master Jesus, who became an adept in His incarnation as Apollonius of.
  68. In the members of the Adept Brotherhood the distinctions of Rays are much.
  69. The powers of the Adept are indeed many and wonderful, but they all follow.
  70. Beyond their inherent abilities, many have become very adept spell-casters.
  71. In the first place let it be understood that an Adept habitually keeps His.
  72. Soon only a handful of the most adept were struggling through the seventies.
  73. Those who are adept in Astrology will attest to the significance of that date.
  74. Mona was very feminine and adept at using all the wiles of her sex and Robbie.
  75. He smiled, You can't become more adept at what you can do, without practice.
  76. You are the Prophet Charlie, after all: seer, teen visionary, adept of noumena.
  77. He was adept and confident in a way that inspired other people to be confident.
  78. Now does the candidate approach the fifth Initiation, that of the Adept; he.
  79. Above the Initiation of the Adept lies that of the Chohan, and further on still.
  80. Heather"s Master Scout rushed to overcome Gareth"s Adept Warrior, and yelled in.
  81. Vampires become extremely adept at accents; living for centuries does that to you.
  82. As a nation, we are slowly becoming more adept at understanding those differences.
  83. I found myself admiring Brandon’s impersonal but adept acknowledgment of the press.
  84. Titled, The Institute for Hacks Tomfoolery and Pranks, the journal offers an adept.
  85. I always felt attracted to females, though I was never socially adept enough to date.
  86. He is adept at tackling tough problem sets to uncover hidden truths because it’s a.
  87. The Stalactite Forces will be less likely to take it from our number of adept wizards.
  88. The Lore Masters were known throughout Coermantyr and Mystic Down as adept magic users.
  89. Electrical engineers are adept in the use of electricity, but if you asked any one of.
  90. Ellie Mae and Elvira became adept at spotting suspicious cargoes and intercepting them.
  91. The army that is more adept at cunning strategy and misdirection of intent usually wins.
  92. The thick, scaled hide of the Titan was strong and deflected the attack of the adept mages.
  93. Using someone else's energy to accomplish a goal was something at which he was quite adept.
  94. Never-the-less both boys were disciplined and adept at any physical challenge presented them.
  95. These straight blows Trask proved less adept at blocking and several broke through his guard.
  96. Horatio was adept at slicing Noses and Ears with great Display of Blood but few Mortal Wounds.
  97. They are, however, adept at using their mental prowess to influence the actions of the living.
  98. I desired nothing more than to lose myself in desire, and Michael was perfectly adept at that.
  99. China had become adept at ‘stealing’ those secrets for their own use – but, the stupid.
  100. A fact that gratified Matthew who was not adept at being two faced, no matter what the occasion.

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