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Adequate dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. If you die without adequate.
  2. Cage space should be adequate.
  3. There are no adequate words to.
  4. Adequate Size of the Enterprise.
  5. The answer must have been adequate.

  6. This will be more than adequate.
  8. It would be adequate in this world.
  9. It was adequate, she shrugged.
  10. If I find the room adequate, yes.
  11. An adequate amount of veggies will.
  12. The food was substantial and adequate.
  13. It wasn’t much, but it was adequate.
  14. Being deprived of adequate sleep for.
  15. We believe we have an adequate supply.

  16. The repairs you did seem adequate to me.
  17. No wonder there are not adequate funds.
  18. Nature believes in adequate compensation.
  19. Furniture’s adequate and the rents okay.
  20. Cognitive function is linked to adequate.
  21. They are only adequate to the process of.
  22. It is more than adequate, Dryac said.
  23. Prissy was not the most adequate of nurses.
  24. Why? There can be only one adequate reason.
  25. But it failed to provide adequate leverage.

  26. This alternative concept (adequate funding.
  27. The security at the party seems adequate.
  28. It was a rude inn but adequate to our needs.
  29. None of it was adequate preparation for the.
  30. Knowing you would have adequate electricity.
  31. I was adequate to the challenges set forth.
  32. The delivery system was archaic, but adequate.
  33. That will be adequate, said the computer.
  34. Nothing is more adequate to lead the mob than.
  35. The objectives are giving the public adequate.
  36. The job comes with a more than adequate sal-.
  37. This latter tactic raises adequate capital, but.
  38. I had to reassure him that it was quite adequate.
  39. It would have to be adequate to the need—.
  40. We don’t have a language adequate to this process.
  41. Risk taking without adequate study of the situation.
  42. Yes, he said, that is the only adequate image of him.
  43. In the event of adequate funding and equipment, Capt.
  44. They also consumed adequate dietary fiber from non-.
  45. On the culinary front the machine is adequate rather.
  46. The trees by the lake will provide adequate coverage.
  47. Provided that the court may, for adequate and special.
  48. Without adequate rest (at least eight hours of actual.
  49. Two hundred metres of hose would be more than adequate.
  50. Thus, a well run study with an adequate sample should.
  51. Cotton does not serve as an adequate hearing protection.
  52. It was claimed that this had proved adequate in the past.
  53. She commented that while her partner was adequate in his.
  54. After that moment, which time is would not be adequate to.
  55. Even the abundant shrubs would not provide adequate cover.
  56. Having adequate knowledge prior to making that leap into a.
  57. In addition, due to their size they need adequate ‘elbow.
  58. Both worlds have adequate water to make the exchange needed.
  59. Adequate seating in the lobby – you will be spending time.
  60. More adequate than killing them would be, Matthew says.
  61. Q: The adequate supply of means of livelihood is good for all.
  62. Gone are the days when plastic chairs were adequate for the.
  63. He showed adequate credentials and signed the required papers.
  64. There should be adequate though not excessive diversification.
  65. The house he bought was just about adequate for themselves he.
  66. If you include adequate exercise to burn the little sugar that.
  67. You'll admit, though—have I not proved an adequate sailor?
  68. The inns were adequate and the food returned to being wretched.
  69. DOWN) then the you can conclude that green strength is adequate.
  70. Just as meaning and the adequate sense of things as a whole are.
  71. Drugs alone are quite adequate for the majority of patients who.
  72. To fill up the reel spool and insure an adequate reserve in case.
  73. Concepts are not an adequate tool for understanding consciousness.
  74. It was beige and mint green inside, and adequate in every respect.
  75. Wanting in adequate knowledge of the path that leads to God, the.
  76. When taken out of water, an adequate alternative must be supplied.
  77. Levying of charges without adequate prior notice to the customer;.
  78. Q: Realization of the eternal and an effortless and adequate res-.
  79. The above sand would have adequate refractoriness to withstand the.
  80. Several passengers were not wearing adequate clothing for the tour.
  81. These activities are necessary for adequate sales project management.
  82. If he is not given adequate attention, his survival is not possible.
  83. A bed of adequate proportions will be brought into this common room.
  84. Finally perform the following test to ensure adequate rope length:.
  85. The hard training had been good for Henry and his more than adequate.
  86. If temperatures are ideal and rainfall is adequate, prices will fall.
  87. If you want a small fire inside, ensure there is adequate ventilation.
  88. Would you consider that adequate? Remember machine and HAND tested?
  89. You’d have to have adequate supplies and map out the watering holes.
  90. They should arrange adequate time for companionship with their child.
  91. Guards shall be so designed and securely mounted to provide adequate.
  92. All the research indicates that there is no adequate evidence base to.
  93. Her Welsh was adequate but the caller was agitated and talking quickly.
  94. It was adequate reward for the odd job done discreetly at short notice.
  95. Stanton had kept his word by providing an adequate hiding place for him.
  96. Some cities have adequate mass transportation systems, but many don’t.
  97. So, if the way out of poverty is education and the provision of adequate.
  98. Determine fees so that physicians and patients would have adequate time.
  99. He desired that his already adequate psychic ability would develop so he.
  100. It’s important that you have adequate information before you jump into.

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