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Admit dans une phrase (en anglais)

I had to admit I.
I have to admit it.
I save to admit it.
I admit to my crime.
I admit, I lost my.
I admit I forgot it.
I hate to admit it.

He had to admit that.
I admit there was a.
I must admit that I.
Jean had to admit he.
You had to admit that.
I admit I was relieved.
And I had to admit it.
As for me, I admit it.
I can admit that the.
But you do admit your.
I admit that was a.
She refused to admit it.
You have to admit he.
So I have to admit that.
I admit I considered it.
I'll admit I was jealous.
Even Sana will admit it.
But I have to admit that.
I’ll admit I may have.
I can admit that I have.
He can’t admit he was.
You would not admit me.
Better to admit his fault.
I admit, I was that way.
Derrick: come on, admit it.
I hated to admit it, but.
But I had to admit I was.
More than I wanted to admit.
At least you admit the.
A folly’s score, I admit.
You might as well admit it.
I admit that I do covet it.
It would mean admitting that.
Admitting it would make it real.
After finally admitting to Caleb.
Instead of admitting when theyre.
H'm! Admitting that's an idea, but.
There’s no shame in admitting that.
Admitting to herself that she cared.
Eventually admitting defeat after a.
I hated admitting it but she was right.
Do not be surly about admitting defeat.
By admitting him, we will kill ourselves.
The tent-flaps whipped open, admitting Dr.
I don’t mind admitting she’s the.
I argued, not admitting what I had witnessed.
I will save the court time by admitting.
Instead of admitting they had a legitimate.
She wondered if his admitting to having the.
He felt vulnerable admitting it, but he had.
Long and eagerly he worked, admitting no one.
Peter is admitting that Paul has been given.
I couldn't help admitting it was more natural.
It was his way of admitting his worldview had.
Admitting that would only complicate the issue.
The butler made no bones about admitting this.
I couldn’t help admitting it was more natural.
She didn’t like admitting someone reached her.
Science avoids admitting what it doesn’t know.
Finally admitting defeat, I approach the bouncers.
When admitting that, one must also admit that any.
And as stupid and irrational as it was admitting it.
Admitting that he knew you was his first mistake.
To apologize now was tantamount to admitting defeat.
But I don't mind admitting that I'm horribly nervous.
If I answered, I would be admitting to being a healer.
Fol owing her now would be admitting that this woman.
What about the importance of admitting our wrongdoing?
There is a difference between admitting and confessing.
They then abandoned their way, admitting its falsehood.
Father Broward laughed and nodded, admitting that he’d.
By admitting yourself to be a worrier, means that for you.
It is never admitted to.
She admitted that it was.
But then she admitted it.
I am an admitted culprit.
The court has admitted it.
No, they admitted to it.
He all but admitted it.
He admitted it seemed too.
He admitted he planned to.
I admitted that this was so.
It is admitted by all that.
He almost admitted that he.
So it is, he admitted.
Yes, she admitted, they were.
He admitted to himself that.
In any case, she admitted it.
I was there, he admitted.
A good try, she admitted.
I liked the way he admitted it.
Even the king admitted to that.
Nor have I, Zarko admitted.
There, I finally admitted it.
He admitted in his noble peace.
Most of them, she admitted.
Blake finally admitted the truth.
They all but admitted they lied.
I was awful, she admitted.
Carol admitted that she had not.
You already admitted to that one.
The case admitted of no comfort.
Have had more, Jay admitted.
Dan sulkily admitted that he had.
I do not know, she admitted.
It was a junket, he’d admitted.
I admitted the necessity by a nod.
She admitted it in front of me.
Even the patients admitted they.
He had been admitted to hospital.
Actually, it did, she admitted.
Er, not exactly, he admitted.
Now nobody admits to it.
His left ear admits no sound.
He admits that what the Lord.
He admits it, NCR 40 Roger said.
Paul admits that these are his.
A bit, she admits with a smile.
Our Government admits this right.
Defend your truths but admits to.
I don’t know, she admits.
He admits it was mostly arrogance.
He openly admits that he uses dough.
Goswami Tulsidas admits that he has.
That’s true, my mother admits.
I usually sell too late, admits Hill.
John admits that Joseph was a disciple.
She admits she’s nothing without us.
She can take you to Alan, she admits that.
He admits into His mercy whomever He wills.
Science final y admits that the simple act of.
I love you, he admits as she begins tearing.
He admits that he didn’t tie them very tightly.
Reluctantly, she admits this is a prudent scheme.
He admits it, Randy said, crossing his arms.
Even Clinton admits 300,000 could have been saved.
She admits that she has a family history of anemia.
Even the law admits that a ma rriage is de jure and.
Moncharmin, in any case, admits that he was impressed.
He denies it but – he admits he’s trying for more.
At the same time, however, as he admits in the present.
She admits it! he screamed over the crowd’s roar.
During the question-and-answer session, Stallman admits to.
If he admits anything then he will be in contempt of court.
Phil attended and admits he has continued to keep his diary.
The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out.
My page who admits patients is a new boy and by no means quick.
The story describes how he admits into his house a poor old man.
Dad admits to molesting me--the old truth in wine stuff, huh?
Age is a plain and palpable quality, which admits of no dispute.
Gary admits he is equally irritated by the numerous colleague in-.
All because every idiot who has an ego; never admits they are wrong.

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