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Air dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Is to fil the air.
  2. The air in the sky.
  3. The air was so heavy.
  4. Were still in the air.
  5. The air had lost its.

  6. A scream fills the air.
  7. I chose the Air Force.
  8. I grabbed at thin air.
  9. The arm up in the air.
  10. Not into thin air, no.
  11. She felt it in the air.
  12. The air was very moist.
  13. The air was cool, the.
  14. There is a C in the air.
  15. The air was balmy and.

  16. They paid for the air.
  17. He waved it in the air.
  18. The air was crisp and.
  19. Clean air left for you.
  20. He joined the Air Force.
  21. The air that you breathe.
  22. Air was not that thin!.
  23. A gunshot filled the air.
  24. A scream pierces the air.
  25. The air force played a.

  26. The air was fresher than.
  27. Air was pumped into the.
  28. The clear night air was.
  29. The cries filled the air.
  30. John Smith gasped for air.
  31. He was snuffling the air.
  32. Flying around in the air.
  33. The air was crystal clear.
  34. The air was bitterly cold.
  35. The cold, fetid air will.
  36. Then he leapt into the air.
  37. The scented air was still.
  38. In the air it is the same.
  39. Is it the dirt in the air.
  40. The air took on human form.
  41. The air was cold and thin.
  42. Irish riffed the air waves.
  43. Then he rose into the air.
  44. I could feel it in the air.
  45. Breathe plenty of fresh air.
  46. The air is still and thick.
  47. The fresh country air was.
  48. The hands stayed in the air.
  49. Colors shifting in the air.
  50. The air is thick and murky.
  51. The air around me grew dark.
  52. The Air Kingdom forbids it.
  53. The air is strangely clear.
  54. His own sword hit only air.
  55. A shout cut through the air.
  56. Flame flickering in the air.
  57. The cold air was coming in.
  58. Department of the Air Force.
  59. With an air of revitalised.
  60. There is a chill in the air.
  61. He pumps his fist in the air.
  62. The question hung in the air.
  63. The air was colder, and grey.
  64. Quietly laid on wave and air.
  65. The can kicked into the air.
  66. In the air, all around us.
  67. Do you feel it in the air?
  68. The air was thick with the.
  69. Not a breath of air stirred.
  70. The air resonated and sang.
  71. The air is made up of layers.
  72. The air was musty and still.
  73. The air bags did not deploy.
  75. He is uneasy in the open air.
  76. An air of the circus trapeze.
  77. The air felt heavy, a musky.
  78. The air flew out of my lungs.
  79. Otto grabbed the coin mid air.
  80. She shook her hand in the air.
  81. Blood sprayed through the air.
  82. The air reeked of aftershave.
  83. Sven swung his arm in the air.
  84. Danny and Ben sniffed the air.
  85. Love was in the air! Though.
  86. Lisette let out a huff of air.
  87. The fresh air had revived him.
  88. Sushi is good, bad air is not.
  89. A screech tore through the air.
  90. Levi took a deep breath of air.
  91. The rich smell filled the air.
  92. Except what he pushed was air.
  93. In a moment, we are in the air.
  94. The air is heavy with tension.
  95. When he felt air filling his.
  96. Both of them still in the air.
  97. His smoke floated into the air.
  98. Now you will have fresh air.
  99. The imp retreated into the air.
  100. Jesus in the middle of the air.
  1. There he is airing his quiff.
  2. At the time of this airing Mr.
  3. A special bulletin was airing.
  4. Each one was wide open and airing.
  5. The show airing was Postman Calls.
  6. The place badly needed airing out.
  7. There's a towel in the airing cupboard.
  8. And, I set about airing up the tire for the REO.
  9. The teasers for the 6:00 news were airing on Channel 8.
  10. They would think that he was airing his superior education.
  11. George for airing the units out every day when they weren't in use.
  12. The Littlefield family with Chris during the airing of Stars Earn Stripes.
  13. BEHIND THE CRIMES had its own office area a week before it started airing.
  14. The Discovery Channel bought the TV rights but won’t be airing it real soon.
  15. The General Assembly has limited powers and is mostly a place for airing opinions.
  16. He’d stashed the album at the back of the airing cupboard and wondered how Dawn had found it.
  17. You cats should keep around till two, there’s a little serving of Stew’s new project airing.
  18. The Irish You are never so charming or so absurd as when you are airing some hypocrisy like.
  19. Darek spun around and flapped his arms wildly, airing out the rotten stench that clung to his skin.
  20. Alongside it was an old airing cupboard, so the dealer ran past Max, who pressed his back to the doors.
  21. There are a number of other episodes currently airing around the world in various languages and time.
  22. My plan is to tie up all the loose ends, frame the complete picture and then give the big picture an airing.
  23. No, we can’t give this thing an airing unless we find out the conspirer behind this and gather lucid proofs.
  24. My standard approach was to say I didn’t know what was airing on the channel and that I wasn’t in the studio.
  25. The lads were planning a disco trip that weekend so that would be when his new overcoat was given its first airing.
  26. This includes elimination of incidental airing of candidates for non-political reasons of interest near an election.
  27. Her once active limbs were so stiff and feeble that Jo took her for a daily airing about the house in her strong arms.
  28. Frequent washing, airing out of rooms and clothes, and use of a deodorizing cleaning product will usually keep odor away.
  29. Gary was not a man that felt comfortable airing his dirty washing in public, so as Gary snapped off the call he apologised.
  30. It was unoccupied, so he set himself to brushing his dinner suit, polishing his boot tops, and airing his best linen shirt.
  31. The old lady couldn't resist her longing to see her nephew, for she had met Laurie as she took her airing, and hearing of Mr.
  32. At the same time the Modi programme was playing out, Aaj Tak, the leading Hindi news channel, was airing a Rahul Gandhi interview.
  33. Airing in 212 different territories worldwide, the UK’s Top Gear (BBC) is the most widely watched factual programme on TV.
  34. Tam, that was not winging, it was airing out your issues to somebody that was willing to listen to you, he stated, concerned.
  35. The doors to "Haji's Authentic Chinese Palace" were wide open this night, more for airing the place out than inviting customers in.
  36. The media has been airing and analyzing footage all day, along with information about their connection to Chaos Terrain’s videogames.
  37. Lorentz turned around, kept silent for a moment and said, It’s a matter of National security, I’m afraid that it deserves no airing.
  38. Just a few weeks after my yelling match on the floor of the House, mental health parity got its first serious airing on the floor of the US Senate.
  39. He is a man who is comfortable airing his opinions, and confident that every single word that comes out of his mouth is not just correct, but fascinating.
  40. And why is the President airing on an emergency nationally televised broadcast wearing a party hat and, over his expensive business suit, his wife’s underwear?
  41. But, the problem is that we can’t give these things an airing so soon, and on the other hand, the RAM does not contain all the events, especially a picture of the Outlander.
  42. Flanders would have flounced upon her--only it was Jacob who came first, in his dressing-gown, amiable, authoritative, beautifully healthy, like a baby after an airing, with an eye clear as running water.
  43. Let the Musalmans be beware, in the running chapter of Islam, it is the winds of Wahabism that are airing the madrasa environment and the Indian Mujahideen is on the prowl, recruiting for its terror outfits.
  44. Several times she sent me to give the General an airing in the streets, even as she might have done with a lacquey and her spaniel; but, I preferred to take him to the theatre, to the Bal Mabille, and to restaurants.
  45. When the local evening news had finished airing the syndicated video from the BBC taken in Bala Buluk, one of the bodyguards of Mullah Mohammed Omar went to switch off the television set on the demand of his leader.
  46. I closed the door out of habit, mostly because of Soot encounters, but thinking about it, I reopened the door, thinking that the room was doing well during its airing out procedure, and Soot wasn’t around to despoil things anyway.
  47. She could not even take comfort in airing her troubles to her neighbors or family because the neighbors would say triumphantly: Well, what else did you expect? And her family would take on dreadfully again and try to stop her.
  48. After doing the civil all round, and airing our best bonnet, we shall astonish you by the elegant hospitalities of our mansion, the brilliant society we shall draw about us, and the beneficial influence we shall exert over the world at large.
  49. It was tempting to think of that expensive Mercenary publicly airing his boots in the archway of the Blue Boar's posting-yard; it was almost solemn to imagine him casually produced in the tailor's shop, and confounding the disrespectful senses of Trabb's boy.
  50. At first, they started spreading the word about themselves through posts on various propaganda sites on the internet, before finally breaking into the mainstream media by hacking into the news channel's broadcast signal and airing a viral massage to the people of Alataria.
  51. In fact, the article generated so much publicity that the young man found himself appearing on television and on radio shows throughout the country and his old but much cherished song was dusted off and given another airing by disk jockeys on every radio station that played popular music.
  52. Three women were got to help; and such scrubbing, such brushing, such washing of paint and beating of carpets, such taking down and putting up of pictures, such polishing of mirrors and lustres, such lighting of fires in bedrooms, such airing of sheets and feather-beds on hearths, I never beheld, either before or since.
  53. Yonder divine man! That saint on earth, as the people uphold him to be, and as—I must needs say—he really looks! Who, now, that saw him pass in the procession, would think how little while it is since he went forth out of his study,—chewing a Hebrew text of Scripture in his mouth, I warrant,— to take an airing in the forest! Aha! we know what that means, Hester Prynne! But, truly, forsooth, I find it hard to believe him the same man.
  54. True that Islam had dwelt all about the jihad against the kafirs to the last detail, even of splitting the ‘spoils of war’ among the believers; but then, how even the All Knowing Allah were to know that the Musalmans one day would wage jihad against their fellow Musalmans, and that which ‘the God’ couldn’t foresee, how His Messenger would have seen! Besides, Muhammad, gloating over the sycophantic antics of his flock, any way, would have been too overwhelmed to visualize the impending schism for airing an opinion as otherwise that would have surely found its way into the Islamic folklore.
  55. It is as clear as possible, and most comprehensible, that you, in your enthusiasm, should plunge headlong into the first chance that came of publicly airing your great idea that you, a prince, and a pure-living man, did not consider a woman disgraced if the sin were not her own, but that of a disgusting social libertine! Oh, heavens! it’s comprehensible enough, my dear prince, but that is not the question, unfortunately! The question is, was there any reality and truth in your feelings? Was it nature, or nothing but intellectual enthusiasm? What do you think yourself? We are told, of course, that a far worse woman was forgiven, but we don’t find that she was told that she had done well, or that she was worthy of honour and respect! Did not your common-sense show you what was the real state of the case, a few months later? The question is now, not whether she is an innocent woman (I do not insist one way or the other—I do not wish to); but can her whole career justify such intolerable pride, such insolent, rapacious egotism as she has shown? Forgive me, I am too violent, perhaps, but—.
  56. Let us not weary of repeating, and sympathetic souls must not forget that this is the first of fraternal obligations, and selfish hearts must understand that the first of political necessities consists in thinking first of all of the disinherited and sorrowing throngs, in solacing, airing, enlightening, loving them, in enlarging their horizon to a magnificent extent, in lavishing upon them education in every form, in offering them the example of labor, never the example of idleness, in diminishing the individual burden by enlarging the notion of the universal aim, in setting a limit to poverty without setting a limit to wealth, in creating vast fields of public and popular activity, in having, like Briareus, a hundred hands to extend in all directions to the oppressed and the feeble, in employing the collective power for that grand duty of opening workshops for all arms, schools for all aptitudes, and laboratories for all degrees of intelligence, in augmenting salaries, diminishing trouble, balancing what should be and what is, that is to say, in proportioning enjoyment to effort and a glut to need; in a word, in evolving from the social apparatus more light and more comfort for the benefit of those who suffer and those who are ignorant.
  1. But it had better be aired.
  2. The tennis match was aired on TV.
  3. PSAs are often aired on local radio and TV.
  4. But when the footage aired, a message was sent.
  5. That episode originally aired over 30 years ago.
  6. The match was later aired by TV stations across.
  7. The six o’clock newscast aired on TV that time.
  8. The interview was aired on the 27th night at 9 p.
  9. Modi’s show, aired on a Saturday night at 10 p.
  10. They can’t tell me when it is going to be aired.
  11. She aired out most of the house before it got dark.
  12. It was aired because it was and is an ineffective film.
  13. At 9:25, a hastily organized CNN news conference aired.
  14. However, when this story was being aired, a comment came in.
  15. After the piece aired, it seemed everyone had something to say.
  16. It first aired on nation-wide radio which ramps up the chances the.
  17. In addition, in the earlier interview aired a few minutes ago, Mr.
  18. Only after the public comments had been aired would he then respond.
  19. Suppose that when the commercial is aired, it brings out the truth?
  20. News of the Angel family scandal was aired on every channel that night.
  21. All that was made of wool or fur was taken out to be aired and beaten.
  22. Cory didn’t know, but he was pretty sure it would be aired this week.
  23. Occasionally she had argued with Ashley and frankly aired her creatures.
  24. When the special report aired, only the Sheriff, Limpy and Tim were shown.
  25. Weeks later, when the episode aired, there was further humiliation for him.
  26. To my utter horror, I was shown a news-clip that had been aired the previous.
  27. The 1960 Summer Olympics were the first Olympics to be aired on television by CBS.
  28. The adherents of this group are so vocal that their ideas are constantly being aired.
  29. As of 18 May 2013, a total of 798 episodes of Doctor Who (BBC, UK) have been aired.
  30. Differences were aired and Martin Lee frequently expressed his opposition to some moves.
  31. After the story aired, Bianca and I struck up a friendship with Jason and his wife, Kori.
  32. Two days after ABC News aired this particular programme, something extraordinary happened.
  33. We went ahead and aired the programme that night but ensured we edited out any personal attacks.
  34. The broadcast wasn’t aired in America, but in the town of Claremont, South Africa, a man named E.
  35. As soon as the story aired, I got an email from Ben saying the writing seemed flat and unimaginative.
  36. And it had not been aired apparently since she went away, and it was heavy and choked with kitchen smell.
  37. Is There no Truth in Beauty TOS episode 62, written by Jean Lisette Aroeste, and aired first in 1968.
  38. Bartholomew a propos of a grant of one hundred francs to the church, and denounced abuses, aired new views.
  39. She demurred at first but I insisted and told her there were explanations to be aired and she smiled and.
  40. High society folks, like themselves, don’t appreciate having their dirty laundry aired out for all to see.
  41. Mihailovich was filming a profile of Louie, to be aired during the Olympics, and had gone to Japan to prepare.
  42. Gang thinking and behavior is psychotic and perverse, and should not be aired on commonly packaged channel offerings.
  43. It was the Media itself that freely aired every republican righteous Jesus freak screaming for his head on National TV.
  44. Already ABC News in the USA had aired a one-hour long programme with the title Crete Murders; A Modern Day Greek Tragedy.
  45. Prior to starting Digg, Kevin was the host of a technology cable TV show called Screensavers that aired on the TechTV cable channel.
  46. Leading into this broadcast, we aired several interviews with some of your coworkers and customers at the 222 diner near Poseyville.
  47. So they arranged to move their things in to Toad Hall, and sleep there, and keep it aired, and have it all ready for you when you turned up.
  48. So he sympathised with the problems being aired by the Chief Secretary and his assistant and for the moment his personal feelings were discarded.
  49. Gerrid imagined he would feel better for having spoken to her, his true thoughts (however unwelcome) aired, but in truth he was only more confused.
  50. I read the companion book, but it seemed to be too technical and not as appropriate for understanding as the program that aired on PBS some time ago.
  51. The opposition aired their views and they presented a very convincing augment that was supported by their scientists and their environmentalist experts.
  52. Without these sorts of àgents` no business transaction could ever have been aired out, since no form of invoicing could have been possible to be framed out.
  53. Without these sorts of `agents` no business transaction could ever have been aired out, since no form of invoicing could have been possible to be framed out.
  54. Which meant the viewer was no better informed than before, as everything he said had already been published in newspapers and aired on radio and television.
  55. The Federal Communications Commission requires that accurate and notarized records be kept for each and every commercial (spot) aired and logged by the station.
  56. She said that she’d been listening to her radio when the station had aired an intercepted broadcast of an American prisoner of war speaking on Japanese radio.
  57. If you didn’t have a chance to see the Frost-Nixon interviews that aired shortly after Nixon left office, you can probably find them at your local library on DVD.
  58. While TV documentaries of a few rich children starving themselves in a land of gluttony and plenty are aired to hundreds of millions of overweight obese overeaters.
  59. That spring and summer KOMO Radio in Seattle aired a series of live performances by Thula, and for the first time thousands of people heard what she was capable of.
  60. It was called; UK riots; A Taste Of Things To Come? It was aired last night not on a British news channel, but on the well-respected Middle East news channel, Al-Abu.
  61. I took my first little stab at addressing meditation’s PR problem when World News aired my story on the increasing embrace of mindfulness in counterintuitive locales.
  62. Agraphena Petrovna and Corney were both feeling tired and dissatisfied, and had even had a quarrel over those things that seemed made only to be aired and packed away.
  63. That interview, when first aired in the late afternoon, had sent shockwaves through the State Department and the various international affairs think tanks in Washington.
  64. In the late afternoon the priest was summoned and they opened the room again and aired it out, and had him sprinkle holy water through each corner and give it his blessing.
  65. One moment we’d been hovering still and in the next we were screaming across the sky at a velocity that I wouldn’t have believed possible for such an open aired vessel.
  66. Any other little gadgets I should know about just now? Mim's eyes never left the Seranim, as if she were interested to see how much of what she knew would be aired aloud.
  67. A television station in Philadelphia added to the bad news when it aired a show on bad customer service at a local Jiffy Lube, dropping car counts in that market by 70 percent.
  68. We completed Season One with a week of taping dates at the Apollo in September 2008, and even before the shows were aired, we were told to start snaring guests for a Season Two.
  69. They had constructed bunk style beds out of pine lumber and at Olin's insistence aired their bedding upon racks in the sunlight each dry day to prevent lice, fleas and other pests.
  70. If one were to be skeptical about the proposition, then it is all there to see and hear in the pre-recorded audio-video cassettes of the martyrs perpetually aired on the Muslim TV Channels.
  71. In the run-up to the US Presidential Election held on 6 November 2012, Americans were bombarded with in excess of one million political adverts, the most ever aired during an election.
  72. He had been one of the frequenters of the Casa Gould, where he had aired his Blanco convictions and his ardour for reform before Don Jose Avellanos, casting frank, honest glances towards Mrs.
  73. He aired his own views on various matters, some of his most private opinions and observations, many of which would have seemed rather funny, so his hearers agreed afterwards, had they not been so well expressed.
  74. She finally fell asleep on the couch while watching a program on TV about the green pastures and castles of lovely England and Scotland, and could not help thinking that the program was being aired especially for her.
  75. At the back of the restaurant there is an open space where a great many feather-beds in red covers were being aired on the grass, while fowls and the waiting drivers of the Sassnitz waggonettes wandered about among them.
  76. Bob successfully deflected the criticism while staying on message; however, once the interview aired that Sunday, and all of the graphic images and sound bites were edited in, Bob appeared exactly like they had wanted him to appear, dangerous and slightly deranged.
  77. In the 1960’s 60 minutes did a piece with the heads of one of the vaccination companies that was responsible for the clinical trials in Germany that was never aired on live TV, which showed the executives laughing about how we would never have to worry about Germans winning in the Olympics again, because of the effects of this vaccine on their population genetics.
  78. While the ‘hard to please’ editors reduced the aspirants to the ranks of unpublished writers, the ‘harder to amuse’ reviewers seemed to wait in the wings to turn the published ones into failed authors! Anyway, while tending to debunk the book on hand, Rau had observed that most of the reviewers aired their grandiose views on the book’s topic or tried to exhibit their profound scholarship and/or both.
  79. Enjoy! If we go by my notes, and original drafts, I can prove that I had this g-device protype in writing before the star trek novelist brought out their prototype that can turn gas giants into stars, wildfire and I can even show that I had written garcia with his mental companions before the new Battlestar Galactica aired, which I love by the way, but here’s the deal, I’m really getting annoyed seeing my ideas in my notebooks and journals ending up in movies because I’m not managing to get my work out there.
  80. As for undies they were Gerty's chief care and who that knows the fluttering hopes and fears of sweet seventeen (though Gerty would never see seventeen again) can find it in his heart to blame her? She had four dinky sets with awfully pretty stitchery, three garments and nighties extra, and each set slotted with different coloured ribbons, rosepink, pale blue, mauve and peagreen, and she aired them herself and blued them when they came home from the wash and ironed them and she had a brickbat to keep the iron on because she wouldn't trust those washerwomen as far as she'd see them scorching the things.
  1. I know from whence the airs have blown.
  2. In fact he gave himself insufferable airs.
  3. Finally he spoke with powerlessness airs:.
  4. Leather when the series airs on TNT in 2012.
  5. Airs romped round him, nipping and eager airs.
  6. Airs of desperation and scourge that had seemed.
  7. She put on airs that would have made her a star in.
  8. During that fortnight I had given myself great airs.
  10. Always having airs, pretending you’re something better.
  11. The Lembkes are really giving themselves unbearable airs.
  12. They wore eccentric clothes, smoked pipes, and took on airs.
  13. There are some even who give themselves airs in this extremity.
  14. There followed friendly jokes, winking, little airs and graces.
  15. Rami, with his supercilious airs was both victim and victimizer.
  16. He was natural—natural as devoid of all cant and affected airs.
  17. He was tired of Toad, and his sulks and his airs and his meanness.
  18. Kathleen played a selection of Irish airs which was generously applauded.
  19. Her aunts are here; but they do nothing but sigh and give themselves airs.
  20. Would you like a bite of something? None of your damned lawdeedaw airs here.
  21. In this way, Raoul learned to love the same airs that had charmed Christine's.
  22. MacIntosh gave herself a lot of airs and said as how her husband had put in a.
  23. That’s why Nerissa played Smyrnan airs between her weaving and the bedchamber.
  24. But wouldn’t it be cool if they were real!? he put on airs of excitement.
  25. Foreign airs of reality finally commenced to wafting through the atmosphere toward her.
  26. I pity the poor husband, that little officer who gives himself the airs of a monarch.
  27. They passed for being intelligent and full of cunning, and gave themselves very great airs.
  28. Their dark withered plumes bent and tossed in the light cold airs, hissing softly and sadly.
  29. Do you know, you are a terrible chap for all your innocent airs, continued the vicomte.
  30. She taught little Natasha to dance, to play the piano, to put on the airs and graces of a little lady.
  31. In light airs like this it was as if she were dragging an anchor astern of her, and the clock was ticking.
  32. Ned, being in college, of course put on all the airs which freshmen think it their bounden duty to assume.
  33. The musicians were paid to play, and they again took up the instruments, and again played gay or mournful airs.
  34. Trumbull having all those less frivolous airs and gestures which distinguish the predominant races of the north.
  35. I was always a lover of equality, brother, and I can't bear to see people give themselves airs without any right.
  36. As he grew older he cut an increasingly seductive figure despite his simplicity and lack of airs of a glamour boy.
  37. I want you to whistle to my bullfinches; as I cannot see them, I like to hear them, and we teach 'em airs that way.
  38. Don't like him, he puts on airs, snubs his sisters, worries his father, a nd doesn't speak respectfully of his mother.
  39. However he tried to put on airs, he could never entirely rid himself of the appearance of the petty thief and speed addict.
  40. All these Cossacks were privates, and although the cornet assumed the airs of a commanding officer, they only obeyed Lukashka.
  41. After all, there would be plenty of time, as they settled themselves, without risking trouble by putting on airs at the start.
  42. In the center played an ornate fountain that was artistry in pink, marble horses leaping gracefully into airs above the ground.
  43. I accordingly cut the cable and made sail, with very light airs, and at that instant discovered that the pilot had abandoned me.
  44. Fine Ladies stepp’d out of Sedan Chairs to be greeted by bowing and cringing Shop Clerks who gave themselves the Airs of Princes.
  45. Go and bring that boy down to his dinner, tell him it's all right, and advise him not to put on tragedy airs with his grandfather.
  46. She returned to the mirror and began again to put on airs before it, scrutinizing herself full-face and three-quarters face in turn.
  47. The bogey elevated the support staff and shaking it repelled him to the airs, falling down this time close to where my sisters were.
  48. Another way TV has successfully brainwashed viewers into a religious belief in meaningless, is the tons of meaningless Trivia it airs.
  49. The midnight airs and gusts, moaning amongst the tightly-wrapped buds and bark of the winter twigs, were formulae of bitter reproach.
  50. There was nothing laughable or strange in it, except the airs which Isaiah Fomitch gave himself before us in performing his ceremonies.
  51. Making the situation even worse, the interview airs on November 4, 1979, the same day that fifty-two Americans are taken hostage in Iran.
  52. Crotthers was there at the foot of the table in his striking Highland garb, his face glowing from the briny airs of the Mull of Galloway.
  53. Tiberius retired to Capri leaving the affairs of state in the hands of Sejanus and generally took on the airs and attitudes of a lowlife.
  54. The minute Sue got her hands on a little money she’d give herself unendurable airs and never contribute one cent toward the upkeep of Tara.
  55. I have a confidential little bird, said she, showing very pretty airs of her head over the bit of work held high between her active fingers.
  56. Ah, then, I suppose you heard Haidee's guzla; the poor exile frequently beguiles a weary hour in playing over to me the airs of her native land.
  57. The curious thing is the haughty, superior, and compassionate airs which this groping philosophy assumes towards the philosophy which beholds God.
  58. Then he made his way stealthily to the outlet of Shelob's tunnel, where the rags of her great web were still blowing and swaying in the cold airs.
  59. The rollicking college airs he was accustomed to whistle with more vigor than accuracy gave place to Tell Me, Pretty Maiden, and Annie Laurie.
  60. Only the bald dark man continued to stare at us, unblinking; yet even he fumbled with some fruit on a stand, making airs that he was otherwise preoccupied.
  61. Koulikoff was not changed a bit, as decorous as ever, and gave himself just the same airs as ever; manner or words to show that he had had such an adventure.
  62. And the shadows were pulled, I was pulled, toward that vast glass eye, that immense window behind which a shapeless Something stared to dine on gymnasium airs.
  63. But then, you could say the same thing about all those nameless people who dreamed up the mountain airs and blue moans that later turned up in jukebox hits.
  64. When his children had departed, he took up his guitar and played several mournful but sweet airs, more sweet and mournful than I had ever heard him play before.
  65. They did not worry a great deal over their shabbiness; but it was rather trying to see Mary Vance coming out in such style and putting on such airs about it, too.
  66. One wanted to lean through and sniff wild seas of flowers, touch harvest of peach maiden girls, hear the machinery of bees bright-stitching up the glamorous airs.
  67. One wanted to lean through and sniff wild seas of flowers, touch harvests of peach-maiden girls, hear the machinery of bees bright-stitching up the glamorous airs.
  68. Fat, talkative, with the airs of a matron in dis-grace, she renounced the sterile illusions of her cards and found peace and consolation in other people’s loves.
  69. Those houses where the cold men rocked, with glasses of drink in their hands, guns leaned against the porch newels, sniffing the autumn airs and considering death.
  70. They do not give themselves lordly airs; they have no feeling of "caste;" they have a certain odour of the people; they are men of birth, and the people at once sniff it.
  71. Each one was a girl of fair common sense, and she did not delude herself with any vain conceits, or deny her love, or give herself airs, in the idea of outshining the others.
  72. There were some among them who had the idea that they might give themselves grand airs, and treat us like common soldiers, but they soon gave it up and behaved like the others.
  73. A frugal mind, an earnest soul, would have liked the attic, would have found a healthy enjoyment in a place so plain and fresh, so swept in windy weather by the airs of heaven.
  74. As he said to Bumpo and me, if he must be a king he meant to be a thoroughly democratic one, that is a king who is chummy and friendly with his subjects and doesn't put on airs.
  75. The air was softer than it had been on the other side of the Great Divide and I seemed to remember reading that the warm airs from over the Japanese current penetrate deep inland.
  76. Eshton to draw her into conversation, had first murmured over some sentimental tunes and airs on the piano, and then, having fetched a novel from the library, had flung herself in.
  77. They took her at her own valuation and endured much at her hands, her airs, her graces, her tempers, her arrogance, her downright rudeness and her frankness about their shortcomings.
  78. He was even vain of his valor, put on airs before his soldiers, climbed up on the banquette, and unbuttoned his coat expressly that he might render himself the more distinctly visible.
  79. Each of these stoppages was made at a doleful grating, by which any languishing good airs that were left uncorrupted, seemed to escape, and all spoilt and sickly vapours seemed to crawl in.
  80. Tony still could not stomach him though Fawsi had lost his previous airs of superiority after being dismissed by Monette and after having to plead to be taken back and taken back on her terms.
  81. Dear me, what is he doing? The old man's what d'ye call it, quite done up, I mean,—been thrashing,—and look at him, what d'ye call it, putting on airs! Put up the horse! Faugh, what filth!.
  82. I had for a long time--for the last two years--been intending to do this, simply in order to teach him not to give himself airs with me, and to show him that if I liked I could withhold his wages.
  83. While placed over us, he gave himself the airs of a being higher than human, who had got into coat and breeches; now it was all over, he looked like the lackey he was, and a disgraced lackey to boot.
  84. In the country, they have often a bewitching simplicity of character; but, in the cities, they have all the airs and ignorance of the ladies who give the tone to the circles of the large trading towns in England.
  85. Adorned in the assembled best of the family, she called on old friends, heard all the gossip of the County and felt herself again Miss herself airs among people who did not know she weeded the garden and made beds.
  86. The people responsible for her, though disconcerted in their hearts by the exposure of that disaster, are giving themselves airs of superiority--priests of an Oracle which has failed, but still must remain the Oracle.
  87. I should not have wondered by this time to find that they had their respective musical bands stationed on some eminent chip, and playing their national airs the while, to excite the slow and cheer the dying combatants.
  88. She knew very well they all thought she was a child of a but Scarlett did not like the people who called, with their airs and their traditions and mesalliance and wondered how a Robillard ever married a newly come Irishman.
  89. From the Belt of the Devil the diabolical Zoroastro army was approaching, from half a kilometer one could feel the stinking smell of the faucets and the dark shade that was furrowing the airs consuming everything to its step.
  90. The dinner was very good: the mistress of the house kept the company alive with most bewitching airs and manners,—at least so it should have been, but all excepting herself and the prince were terribly dull on this occasion.
  91. So Fred was gratified with nearly an hour's practice of "Ar hyd y nos," "Ye banks and braes," and other favorite airs from his "Instructor on the Flute;" a wheezy performance, into which he threw much ambition and an irrepressible hopefulness.
  92. It suited her exactly, and soon she began to imitate the manners and conversation of those about her, to put on little airs and graces, use French phrases, crimp her hair, take in her dresses, and talk about the fashions as well as she could.
  93. A distinguished personage happened to visit the school that morning, and Amy's beautifully drawn maps received praise, which honor to her foe rankled in the soul of Miss Snow, and caused Miss March to assume the airs of a studious young peacock.
  94. AKÍM [not seeing Akoulína but looking at his son] Dear me, what is he doing? The old man's what d'ye call it, quite done up, I mean,—been thrashing,—and look at him, what d'ye call it, putting on airs! Put up the horse! Faugh, what filth!.
  95. As a consequence, country airs circulated in Soho with vigorous freedom, instead of languishing into the parish like stray paupers without a settlement; and there was many a good south wall, not far off, on which the peaches ripened in their season.
  96. He does not even despise the prejudices of people who are disposed to be so favourable to him, and never treats them with those contemptuous and arrogant airs, which we so often meet with in the proud dignitaries of opulent and well endowed churches.
  97. I always thought we should get something like this from him, for I always looked upon him as a futile, frivolous fellow who gave himself unconscionable airs on the fact of his being a general (though he only became one because he retired as a colonel).
  98. South and west it looked towards the warm lower vales of Anduin, shielded from the east by the Ephel D®ath and yet not under the mountain-shadow, protected from the north by the Emyn Muil, open to the southern airs and the moist winds from the Sea far away.
  99. But when ladylike airs failed to lady, forced by brutal circumstance into a distasteful position, a helpless little lady who get results she was coldly businesslike and willingly undersold her competitors at a loss to herself if it would bring her a new customer.
  100. In spite of her vapourish airs (as the housewives of Yonville called them), Emma, all the same, never seemed gay, and usually she had at the corners of her mouth that immobile contraction that puckers the faces of old maids, and those of men whose ambition has failed.

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