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Amend dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Well, I should amend that.
  2. I think I need to amend it.
  3. Amend the following two files:.
  4. And amend the following two files:.
  5. And amend the following three files:.

  6. Tait, to amend the bill as follows:.
  7. Leib, to amend the bill, as follows:.
  8. Reacher said, Then amend your register.
  9. The first act of Congress was to amend the.
  10. I should amend that, to be as accurate as possible.
  11. I never believed I'd ever amend the dictates of my.
  12. Article 5 outlines the steps to amend the Constitution.
  13. Amend the file to show the following (changes in bold):.
  14. Amend the following function in the image_manip library:.
  15. But you had the courage to amend the ill you had wrought.

  16. I hope, sir, the motion to amend the bill will not prevail.
  17. Amend the code to reflect the following (changes in bold):.
  18. Randolph's motion to amend, was negatived—yeas 30, nays 74.
  19. Why didn’t Congress over the years amend the 1970 National.
  20. Alston moved to amend the bill by adding the following proviso:.
  21. He knew he would find the river there and amend his sorry future.
  22. We've given him two extra chances to amend his decision have we not?
  23. Shouldn’t we amend that for Alaska? It never snows, but it blizzards.
  24. Amend: To repair; recover; having improvement, by removing the difficulty.
  25. But he needed her assistance as well to help amend his scarred reputation.

  26. Singh amend its content, hopefully with a medical association’s backing.
  27. In either case you should aim to use this theme–or amend it to your own.
  28. In the past, all the Senate has done when they amend a bill is make it worse.
  29. Crawford, he was permitted to amend his motion, made yesterday, as follows:.
  30. Quincy to amend the said bill, by adding thereto a new section, as follows:.
  31. He, therefore, moved to amend the bill by adding to it the following proviso:.
  32. The first option to implement is to amend a sentence within your press release.
  33. I ought to amend that to say that he showed up and started and started working.
  34. Amend the code in the model to reflect the following: function insert_data($data) {.
  35. Clay, to amend the bill, by adding at the end of the third section the following words:.
  36. There is none, because they have not, because they cannot, amend love to a constitution.
  37. Smilie to amend the bill so as to place the Navy on the footing on which it stood in 1806—.
  38. Except those who repent after that and amend, then surely Allah is…Forgiving…Merciful.
  39. Emott's motion being under consideration, to amend the bill so as to repeal the law of May last, &c.
  40. I am well-aware of Chapter XXIIX of our Rule: Of Those Who Have Often Been Corrected, But Do Not Amend.
  41. He, therefore, moved to amend the resolution, so as to request the attendance of the members forthwith.
  42. Grundy supported the motion on the ground of defects in the detail of the bill, which he wished to amend.
  43. After bids have been received, and before the award, bidders should not be allowed to amend their estimates.
  44. Amend the Articles! Horatio cried, for he was e’er soft on me and could not bear to see us part again.
  45. Gould’s theory that was meant to amend the earlier evolutionary understanding of even and gradual progression.
  46. To make this integration successful, it is also critical that HHS amend the federal regulation 42 CFR Part 2.
  47. He, therefore, moved to amend it, by inserting, after the word "persons," the words "other than British subjects.
  48. Emott moved to amend the same by striking out the words in italic, and to insert in their place, or merchandise.
  49. The fixed APR would not be changed unless the bank or the credit card owner would amend the contract of agreement.
  50. He decided he wanted a nice distraction, something to take his mind of a situation he now felt powerless to amend.
  51. He moved to amend the bill so as to give authority to borrow a sum of money not exceeding four millions of dollars.
  52. When love is the state, what need will there be to amend new rights to a lifestyle of equality and compassion?
  53. More advanced traders may amend the giveback rule to a mandatory 10-minute break after they have hit their giveback rule.
  54. In order to let CodeIgniter interact with two or more databases, we'll need to amend a few settings in the config file at:.
  55. We may furthermore amend our argument by stating that someone who has more of something is ―better off‖ than that someone who.
  56. Rhea made a motion which he said would put an end to all these propositions to amend the bill, viz: to postpone the bill indefinitely.
  57. Lord, and they gave it to the workmen that brought in the house of the Lord, to repair and amend the house, 11 Even to the artificers.
  58. Ross, to amend the said resolution by striking out the words, delivering a lecture on, for the purpose of inserting the word explaining.
  59. I, therefore, move to amend the amendment of the gentleman from Pennsylvania so as to reduce the Navy to the standard of the act of 1801.
  60. This view will display a summary of a customer's cart at any one time, and allow that customer to amend the quantities of items in their cart.
  61. You will need to amend the permissions for the destination folder so that they are at a level high enough to allow CodeIgniter to write to it.
  62. The bill sent from the Senate, entitled "An act further to amend the judicial system of the United States," was read twice, and committed to Mr.
  63. Following that, I will go back to the play and amend as necessary, before re-distributing the lines for a final, and un-amendable read through.
  64. Rhea moved so to amend the bill as to fix the dock yard in the navy-yard at Washington City; but this motion was negatived by a large majority.
  65. The bill they proposed to amend just happened to be a health insurance reform act my father had cosponsored with Kansas Republican Nancy Kassebaum.
  66. Bibb moved to amend his motion for reference to the Committee of Foreign Relations, so as to give the committee power to send for persons and papers.
  67. In doing this, I must hope for the indulgence of those with whom I differ, and of the Senate, for detailing the reasons for the motion I made to amend the bill.
  68. Now, therefore, amend your ways and reform your doings and obey the voice of the Lord your God that you may escape the evil which has been pronounced against you.
  69. If you disagree with the system's choice, you can amend your answers to fine-tune the selection, and further in the process they will even give you the scoring key.
  70. This guy, about my age, 13th stepped her which I surprisingly never suspected, so I was surprised when she made that amend to me after she became terminal.
  71. Seybert moved to amend the first section of the bill by striking out "four seventy-fours and," so as to erase the provision for building vessels of that description.
  72. Because at the critical turningpoint of human existence he desired to amend many social conditions, the product of inequality and avarice and international animosity.
  73. To the priest and nuns that propagates the devotion of adoration, I will grant many special graces, the complete recognition of their sins and the grace to amend them.
  74. Is it possible to add some sense into the process? Could Congress amend the act to place more value on people and their land and jobs than on insects, critters, bugs and stuff?
  75. In conjunction with the purchase agreement, the company’s existing lenders have agreed to negotiate in good faith to amend and restate the company’s current credit agreement.
  76. He, therefore, moved to amend the resolution by adding to the end of it the words and to authorize vessels laden with provisions to clear out for any port of the aforesaid country.
  77. The Supreme Court had ruled that Vodafone was not liable to pay the tax but now the government was seeking to amend tax laws retrospectively to bring Vodafone-like deals in the tax net.
  78. The Department of Health and Human Services should amend 42 CFR Part 2 to remove barriers to patient care coordination and promote improved quality of care in integrated care settings.
  79. Congress should amend the HITECH Act and extend financial incentives for the meaningful use of electronic health records to mental health and addiction treatment providers and facilities.
  80. In this manner, inequalities can exist forever in democracies, whenever the unequal either lack the votes to amend its equality to the tome of inequalities, the cycling of faces ceased.
  81. Strenhowell had said, However should you find that it is insufficient, we will arrange for semi-annual appraisals of your contributions to this firm and amend your compensation accordingly.
  82. McKim moved to amend that part of the bill which directs the sale of all the gunboats, by adding the following words: belonging to the United States, unfit for service, and unworthy of repairs.
  83. Smilie, the House resumed the consideration of the report of the Committee of the Whole, on the bill from the Senate, to revive and amend certain parts of the act interdicting commercial intercourse.
  84. Lacock, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, on the bill to amend the naturalization laws of the United States; which, having been amended in committee, was reported to the House.
  85. Randolph moved to amend it, so as to record the precise state of the two ballots for a Speaker, with a view to a correct understanding of the case, if it should ever be drawn into precedent hereafter.
  86. He proposed to amend it by adding thereto the following words, accompanied with all the evidence in his possession, which will tend to show whether such persons are American citizens or British subjects.
  87. Congress must amend the HITECH Act, which offers financial incentives to physicians and hospitals for implementing electronic records, but currently excludes behavioral health providers from those incentives.
  88. A message from the Senate informed the House that the Senate have passed a bill, entitled "An act farther to amend the judicial system of the United States;" to which they desire the concurrence of this House.
  89. Congress should amend the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) to allow funding for teacher and principal training and professional development to be used for social and emotional learning training.
  90. So a law of the jungle had ended up into an urban mode controlled out by syndicates that were bound with corruptions but were compensated with grief and pity to make good and amend for the mistakes that they incurred.
  91. The Senate resumed, as in Committee of the Whole, the bill to amend and continue in force an act, entitled "An act to incorporate the subscribers to the Bank of the United States," passed on the 25th of February, 1791.
  92. He had proposed an amendment to do away some of the objections to the detail; but instead of being allowed to amend the bill, the House were met by a constitutional objection, from the gentleman from Massachusetts (Mr.
  93. Bayard, it was agreed to amend the fourth section of the bill, by inserting, after the word "enacted," the words, "That in case possession of the territory aforesaid shall be obtained by the United States, as aforesaid.
  94. The bill to revive and amend certain parts of the act "interdicting commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France, and their dependencies, and for other purposes," was read the third time.
  95. The Senate resumed, as in Committee of the Whole, the bill to amend and continue in force an act, entitled "An act to incorporate the subscribers to the Bank of the United States," passed on the 25th day of February, 1791.
  96. Alston) was mistaken, when he said that a committee had the power of defeating the purposes of members; because, whenever a report was made, it was in the power of a majority of the House to amend it, and make it just what they please.
  97. If therefore you believe and listen to my words and walk in them and amend your ways you shall have it in your power to live: but if you remain in wickedness and in the recollection of offences no sinner of that class will live unto God.
  98. I was working to amend the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act, which was making its way through House committees, to beef up mental health provisions for veterans returning with what were starting to be called the invisible wounds of war.
  99. In the hope that they would yet come to an agreement on the subject; that they could give some vote of unanimity in relation to the war, he should move for a recommitment of the bill, with a view to amend it by striking out the third section.
  100. In connection with these voluntary exchange offers, the company frequently will seek consents from each creditor or security holder to delete or amend restrictive covenants in the indentures or agreements under which the instruments were issued.
  1. Amending these laws to include a.
  2. In regard to amending your application.
  3. Fred Ford was amending his list and added, This really should be standard.
  4. Levin could not help recalling every word he had said, and in imagination amending his own replies.
  5. You can eat very well by simply amending recipes to save on fats, carbohydrates, sugar and calories.
  6. Then they crept out of the cockpit and looked around, amending their crumpled outfits and tousled hair.
  7. The goal of democracy is to eliminate the need for endlessly amending rights of access to a broken system by transcending majority rule with universal equality.
  8. For what are democracies, but the institutionally slow apparatus for amending rights of equality to constitutions of inequality one long laborious issue at a time.
  9. He stated that the ballot wording lacked the phrase be it enacted and therefore, the voters didn’t know they were amending the constitution, despite eight.
  10. The Cart class in CodeIgniter provides basic shopping cart functionality, such as adding items, amending the cart, displaying cart details, and removing items within the cart.
  11. In order to preserve our freedom, it may be necessary to resolve these problems by amending the Constitution to enact term limits and eliminate the practice of gerrymandering.
  12. Resolved, That the same committee be instructed to inquire into the expediency of amending the act laying an embargo, and the several acts supplementary and additional thereto.
  13. McKee, from the select committee which was directed to inquire into the propriety of amending the act for the government of the Missouri Territory, reported against any amendment.
  14. For the amending of every thing that is amiss in the church, the reviving of primitive Christianity, and the power of godliness, and in order thereunto, the pouring out of the spirit.
  15. It is our considered view that the nation’s interest would be served by amending the Securities Act so as to prohibit the public offering of securities of new and definitely unseasoned ventures.
  16. Fripon reversing your results, and now, Uncle Ken amending results and as well apologising to a student? Who gave monkey banana? I mean, these achievements are simply incredible and unheard of in this campus.
  17. At the same time, adding more long or short combinations (thereby amending the resulting ratio of long and short combinations) may bring about the fundamental change in the shape of the portfolio payoff function.
  18. In between meetings, I was on the House floor voting on everything from increased accountability and transparency for lobbyists, to prohibitions on price gouging in the sale of gasoline and other fuels, to amending the Internal Revenue Code and ERISA to reform pension funding rules.
  19. All that we have to do, it appears to me, is to make a provision, in the nature of a declaratory law, not amending the act of 1807, but, declaring what the law is; and we ought to quiet the rights, and the mind too, of every man in society, by declaring that, by the act of 1807, it was not intended to authorize the President of the United States to interpose the bayonet between the courts of justice and the individual.
  20. The thirteen States under this Confederation conducted themselves safely through the war; but finding, in 1787, that their requisitions had not been duly respected, and that New York had rejected some necessary commercial regulations, whereby their fiscal affairs were deranged, Congress, by a resolution, resolved that a convention of States should be held for the express purpose of amending the articles of Confederation.
  21. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to inquire into the expediency of so amending the naturalization laws of the United States as to admit to the rights of citizenship such aliens as have emigrated from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and her dependencies to the United States or her Territories previous to the eighteenth day of June, 1812, and that the committee have leave to report by bill or otherwise.
  1. Immediately, I amended the thought.
  2. However, the law could be amended.
  3. A failed pizza delivery boy, he amended.
  4. Its over he amended with a pliable tone.
  5. But, sir, it cannot in this stage be amended.
  6. I should rather say," he amended, "a meaning.
  7. Well, perhaps not nonexistent, he amended.
  8. The committee rose, and reported the bill as amended.
  9. It was amended in the paperwork that would seal the.
  10. The Constitution does not change (unless it is amended).
  11. The resolutions, as amended, are in the following words:.
  12. The Constitution spells out quite clearly how it can be amended.
  13. The question was then stated on the motion as just amended, viz:.
  14. It is no longer on the books and can never be amended or changed.
  15. Ordered, That the resolution pass to the third reading, as amended.
  16. While he later amended this analysis, perhaps there is a grain of.
  17. These problems could easily be resolved by filing an amended return.
  18. Giles submitted a resolution, which was amended, and is as follows:.
  19. The amended credit agreement would provide maximum availability of $70.
  20. Return was amended by deputies members of the leading party, PDL, and.
  21. After a lifetime of consideration, this truthful answer might be amended.
  22. I guessed, from her figure, he amended, avoiding his mother’s eye.
  23. Fraser, her cousin amended, calmly, will continue in his automobile.
  24. He sat upon Schmoozeglutton’s throne, he amended to himself with a scowl.
  25. Then the Constitution would change and be repealed and amended every year.
  26. Brian amended, Actually, a hundred and three million dollars is invested.
  27. The bill was amended so as to take effect from and after the passage thereof.
  28. The bill as thus amended was then ordered to be engrossed for a third reading.
  29. An example of good regulation is the Investment Company Act of 1940 as amended.
  30. Articles 15 to 23 can, where appropriate, be amended by a protocol of amendment.
  31. The bill having been thus amended, was ordered to be engrossed for a third reading.
  32. Lacock, the bill was amended by adding thereto the following additional section:.
  33. Felicity soon amended the situation when she appeared in the bathroom doorway with.
  34. And the last word, the one word, the eternal word, is ‘beauty,’ he amended.
  35. The user will click on the forgot password link in the amended signin form (/path/to/.
  36. The Clean Air Act has been amended with new NCIS field data, and a new mandate passed.
  37. It’s only a pirate ship so far as the slavery is concerned, he amended, carefully.
  38. For now, that is, he amended, thinking about the heretics’ steam-powered ironclads.
  39. It is also very probable that the regulations could be amended to better apply to the local.
  40. The amended credit agreement is subject to final lender approval and definitive documentation.
  41. She quickly amended her original plan and grabbed two oxygen masks out of the emergency cabinet.
  42. Maybe a stop by the infirmary would be a good idea first, she amended with a reluctant sigh.
  43. Her comments and suggestions were in all honesty fantastic and I amended my assignment accordingly.
  44. The question was then taken to concur in the said rules as amended, and determined in the affirmative.
  45. Reform: To abandon that which is evil or corrupt, and return to a good state; to be amended or corrected.
  46. The Senate resumed the motion made yesterday on the subject, which was amended and agreed to, as follows:.
  47. So, after I pointed out this incorrect tax calculation, I asked the question: Can we file amended returns.
  48. And then I saw that the man he had in tow--I mean," he amended hastily, "I saw it was Skeffington he belonged to.
  49. The question was then put on the whole resolution, as amended, and the yeas and nays being demanded on its passage.
  50. His own travel accommodations were amended from one to four with his chosen commercial carriers, and they were off.
  51. On the question, Shall this bill be engrossed and read a third time as amended? it was determined in the affirmative.
  52. On the question, Shall this bill pass as amended? it was determined in the negative—yeas 14, nays 16, as follows:.
  53. On the question, Shall this bill pass as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 23, nays 8, as follows:.
  54. On the question, Shall this bill pass as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 26, nays 7, as follows;.
  55. On the question, Shall this bill pass as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 14, nays 6, as follows:.
  56. On the question, Shall this bill pass as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 17, nays 9, as follows:.
  57. On the question, Shall this bill pass as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 20, nays 13, as follows:.
  58. Only the corporation had a few laws amended so they could take the prison off the hands of the state and make a profit.
  59. On the question, "Shall this bill be engrossed and read a third time, as amended?" it was determined in the affirmative.
  60. In addition, there are similar strictures existing under other parts of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 as amended.
  61. If not all sources of income is stated or was not able to claim a credit, then the taxpayer could file an amended return.
  62. Bradley called up the motion made yesterday on the subject; and, on his motion, it was amended and agreed to as follows:.
  63. Shall this bill pass to a third reading as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 19, nays 13, as follows:.
  64. What are your needs, faith or beliefs that should be cast off, amputated or amended? They no longer serve a purpose or goal.
  65. Torture is now constitutionally illegal in Jordan; the Jordanian government amended their constitution to make this so in 2011.
  66. He saw John�s confusion at the names and amended himself, �Forgive me, John, but I�m still a little flustered by all this.
  67. It appears also from the Journal in 1795, that a proposition was amended after an affirmative decision of the previous question.
  68. He liked the bill as it came from the Senate better than as amended, as he saw no necessity for retaining the office of Purveyor.
  69. Finally, Article 5 clearly indicates that the right of every state, no matter how small, to have two senators cannot be amended.
  70. On the question, Shall the bill be read a third time as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 17, nays 10, as follows:.
  71. The amended return should be filed within three years of the date when the original return was filed or two years after paying the tax.
  72. From time to time, a constitution may be amended to better reflect changing circumstances, and in some cases discarded and reformulated.
  73. Prospectus preparers operate under similar and additional strictures growing out of Section 17 of the Securities Act of 1933 as amended.
  74. Fern smiled realizing Simone was afraid of placing herself at risk from the Captain's wrath and had quickly caught and amended her actions.
  75. On the question, Shall the bill pass to the third reading as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 16, nays 12, as follows:.
  76. On the question: Shall this bill pass to a third reading, as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 15, nays 13, as follows:.
  77. He doubted whether the resolution was calculated to reach this object, and therefore wished it to lie on the table that it might be amended.
  78. And the report of the select committee having been agreed to, and the bill further amended, the President reported it to the House accordingly.
  79. On the question, Shall this resolution be engrossed, and read a third time as amended, it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 18, nays 13.
  80. On the question, Shall this bill be engrossed and read a third time as amended? it was determined in the affirmative—yeas 18, nays 9, as follows;.
  81. Chief Justice Marshall, a Federalist himself, in effect single handedly amended the Constitution to serve the Federalist purpose of judicial supremacy.
  82. A sudden thought popping into his head, he quickly amended his last statement, Actually, you know what? Can you grab me two buckets of fried chicken?
  83. Yes, Charles amended, though the mechanism would not address the most basic reason why people don’t vote, it should at least help increase voter turnout.
  84. We've amended public function index() so that we can filter the user's browsing results by $category_id (which is the primary key of each category in the database).
  85. The question then recurred on concurring with the Committee of the Whole House in their second amendment to the said bill, amended in the House to read as follows:.
  86. And he said we should never be able to man any considerable fleet except the constitution were amended to permit impressments, following the example of Great Britain.
  87. These informal notes of Andrew's were subsequently edited, amended, altered, and added to until they made up a fairly consecutive narrative of the Master's life on earth.
  88. There’s not a lady here tonight who has surrendered, no matter what her men folks did Who’ll NEVER give up, amended Hugh, and his smile was proud but a little wry.
  89. Let the reformed churches be more and more reformed, and let every thing that is amiss be amended; and let those that suffer for righteousness sake be supported and delivered.
  90. Macon) had advised, he had no doubt it could have been amended, and rendered more worthy of consideration as a State paper, than it is likely to be in its present dress and form.
  91. The committee then rose, reported the bill to the House, as amended; the amendments were concurred in, and the bill ordered to be engrossed and read a third time to-morrow, 47 to 39.
  92. The last of these few altered and amended copies was destroyed by fire at Alexandria about one hundred years after the original was written by the first chosen of the twelve apostles.
  93. The amendment to the bill, entitled "An act authorizing the issuing of Treasury Notes," was reported by the committee correctly engrossed, and the bill was read a third time as amended.
  94. Okay - Okay… Kathy grinningly amended, when she glanced over her shoulder at Joel, and found him quirking one of his eyebrows in patent -but- amused disbelief at her pronouncement.
  95. For example, examine the price behavior for the 6265 publicly traded closed-end investment companies registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended as of December 31, 1997.
  96. Gregg, by permission, amended his motion for recommitting the bill to the committee appointed on the confidential Message of the President of the United States, of the 1st of June, as follows:.
  97. There is, of course, the alternative view that freezing the Constitution as written, unless amended as provided for by Article 5 therein, was precisely the purpose of writing and adopting it.
  98. The enormous success of the mutual fund industry over the last twenty-five years seems directly attributable to ultrastrict regulation under the Investment Company Act of 1940 as amended (the Act).
  99. Williams the said rules were amended by striking out the word "five," in the paragraph prescribing the manner in which the previous question shall be taken, and inserting the words "one-fifth of the.
  100. Lacock, the House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole, on the bill to amend the naturalization laws of the United States; which, having been amended in committee, was reported to the House.
  1. Amends, is the word Bill W.
  2. Only wish to make my amends.
  3. She attempted to make amends.
  4. And Robin shall restore amends.
  5. There was no way to make amends.
  6. Is more than amends for all the.
  7. I was thankful that Corey and I had made amends.
  8. The house was filled with gifts meant as amends.
  9. There was a rich amends, however, preparing for her.
  10. In brief, he hopes and desires to make amends later.
  11. Amends obviates punishment and truly makes up for.
  12. I told Joe all of that, and I did my best to make amends.
  13. The least you can do in amends is to tell me what is afoot.
  14. After that, I started making amends to others in my life.
  15. He could make no amends that would give him a second chance.
  16. She had been meaning to make amends with Caroline for months.
  17. He wouldn't know as he's never made amends with a girl before.
  18. Making amends would be a lot easier if she had always been The Victim.
  19. Ladislaw, to make amends for the deprivation which befell your mother.
  20. He realized he was glaring at Theodoric, and made amends hastily, adding:.
  21. I have made my amends, and my values are good and true, and I like who I am.
  22. When the psychiatrist told him that it was not too late to make amends and pay.
  23. You’re always welcome here, but as to amends, you’ll have to ask my wife.
  24. Please, give me a chance to make amends, said Ethan, sounding genuinely sincere.
  25. He wasn’t getting any younger and he needed to make amends before it was too late.
  26. I only hope that my final act might serve to make some amends for my previous actions.
  27. The past will continue to haunt you if you do not recognise your mistakes and make amends for them.
  28. Carruthers, I think that you have done what you could to make amends for your share in an evil plot.
  29. Lawrence in order to make amends for the destructionby Spanish artillery of a church that bore his name.
  30. Bertuccio made amends, however, by loading the ante-chambers, staircases, and mantle-pieces with flowers.
  31. So I thought ahead and prepared a peace offering, a little gift to make amends for my doubts about you.
  32. The only way she can rectify the situation is by making amends, and I don’t know if that is even possible.
  33. He is eager to make amends for his late great-uncle King Sorrin’s crimes on behalf of Zarkog’s conspiracy.
  34. He was showing an interest in affairs of state and wanted to be there when Bradford was forced to make amends.
  35. A prisoner is given adequate time to think over their crime and make amends or choose a new direction in life.
  36. Then I gave him a last choice and a fair one: to renounce both Mordor and his private schemes, and make amends by helping.
  37. He’s cooked for the woman, for Christ's sake, pleading guilty, under house arrest, but he loves her and he wants to make amends.
  38. Bulstrode did not wish to go nearer to the facts than in the phrase "make some amends;" knowing that her husband must understand her.
  39. When Karl returned to England, he was going to turn up at Peter’s house, and for better or for worse try to make amends with the lad.
  40. Trying to recover and make amends for the slip so as not to cause further offence Nikko rushed on: What I mean is you’re so different.
  41. That noon he sat down to dinner with us, and received a heaped-up plate from my hands, as if he intended to make amends for previous fasting.
  42. Such are the prairies and barrens of the west; but, in order to make ample amends for any deficiency, nature has made them exuberantly fertile.
  43. Tussie tried to make amends for having obstructed her plans by exerting himself to the utmost to entertain the children as far as decorum allowed.
  44. We made that small house ring with boisterous mirth and resound with the murmur of much sober talk, making amends then to Walden vale for the long silences.
  45. They afforded her no companion that could make amends for what she had left behind, nor that could teach her to think of Norland with less regret than ever.
  46. I feel with her, somehow, and if I could make any amends to the poor lad, instead of bearing him a grudge for the harm he did us, I should be glad to do it.
  47. As far as I can see, it will be your chief diversion hereafter; unless Linton make amends for other losses: and your provident parent appears to fancy he may.
  48. Must there be so much explaining? It was because I thought I was making amends that way for having, though unconsciously, led you to fancy you cared for me last year.
  49. However, the Brahmans, as though to make amends for the sins of their forefathers, strived hard to clear the social debris that Brahmanism had left on the Indian soil.
  50. Is there any way in which I can make amends for our gross insensitivity? He frowns deeply, but his expression stays just as stoic, still with the same hint of contempt.
  51. In Virgenia's Jools and Robbie were in good spirits and seemed to think I should accept Mercouri's apology, make amends and forget it - after all he was just a bit drunk.
  52. He never said it, but he had made amends for leaving her to twist in the wind by convincing the Allies that they needed to change their ways towards her people as he promised he would.
  53. Maybe he’s supposed to use his own silence to wrench from Daddy the amends he wants, but all he gets is Daddy’s cleared throat, this cartilaginous tic that was always annoying as hell.
  54. Her husband was not impressed when she eventually returned home minus the shopping trolley, without any money and too scared to make amends for her failings by popping down to the off-licence for him.
  55. When man puts the rules and the systems, before long he changes and amends a part of them for the defects of deficiency that appear to him in them or for being insufficient to fufill the age’s requirements.
  56. Cookham with the intention of trying to make amends, he was just going to say something amiable when she startled him by suddenly exclaiming, I really don't understand how men can bring themselves to do such dreadful.
  57. I told her in that case, Mother is precisely whom she will have to approach in order to arrange the meeting, and that she can invite her guides, particularly White Eagle, and we will see if she’s allowed to make amends.
  58. Lydgate's ear had caught eagerly her mention of the living, and as soon as he could, he reopened the subject, seeing here a possibility of making amends for the casting-vote he had once given with an illsatisfied conscience.
  59. The goings on of Antioch was no worse for wear because of my arrival, for I’d made amends to all that I hurt with my shenanigans, and now awaited the eastern sky to announce itself with new beginnings, so I could once again head in the northwest direction.
  60. But also for people who for some reason are unable to make the real changes, that are unable to live in and with relational love, compassion and reconciliation, so there will be a time when everyone has a chance to make amends when face to face with ‘God’ the Creator.
  61. When our gracious Queen at the end of the Crimean war came forward in front of the Horse Guards, and with her own royal hands gave the Victoria Cross to the gallant soldiers who had earned it, that public honour made rich amends for all that those soldiers had gone through.
  62. In that case, your Grace, since you have yourself stated that any unhappiness in your married life was caused by his presence I would suggest that you make such amends as you can to the Duchess, and that you try to resume those relations which have been so unhappily interrupted.
  63. In that case, your Grace, since you have yourself stated that any unhappiness in your married life was caused by his presence, I would suggest that you make such amends as you can to the Duchess, and that you try to resume those relations which have been so unhappily interrupted.
  64. As for any society in Portsmouth, that could at all make amends for deficiencies at home, there were none within the circle of her father's and mother's acquaintance to afford her the smallest satisfaction: she saw nobody in whose favour she could wish to overcome her own shyness and reserve.
  65. As for any society in Portsmouth, that could at all make amends for deficiencies at home, there were none within the circle of her father’s and mother’s acquaintance to afford her the smallest satisfaction: she saw nobody in whose favour she could wish to overcome her own shyness and reserve.
  66. It is the author’s emphatic and unequivocal belief that there comes a time in everyone’s life where we all have a chance to make amends in this life, to start afresh, to put behind us any suffering we have caused others, to move on and begin a new life in relational acceptance, love, compassion and reconciliation.
  67. While justice cannot bring back the deceased in murder cases it might be more important to have the perpetrator try to make amends to the victim’s family by working him in prison and taking moneys from his wages there to pay the family, crime victim compensation, rather than just have him serve time as a punishment (retribution).
  68. His opinion, however, made some little amends for his delay, for though acknowledging a very unexpected and unpleasant alteration in his patient, he would not allow the danger to be material, and talked of the relief which a fresh mode of treatment must procure, with a confidence which, in a lesser degree, was communicated to Elinor.
  69. Rochester is so talented and so lively in society, that I believe he is a general favourite: the ladies are very fond of him; though you would not think his appearance calculated to recommend him particularly in their eyes: but I suppose his acquirements and abilities, perhaps his wealth and good blood, make amends for any little fault of look.
  70. As we went up, Louisa whispered me that she had conceived a strange longing to be satisfied, whether the general rule held good with regard to this changeling, and how far nature had made him amends, in her best bodily gifts, for her denial of the sublimer intellectual ones; begin, at the same time, my assistance in procuring her this satisfaction.
  71. I would make international apologies for interdicting electrical and water and sewer facilities wherever we did on the hunt for bad guys in any homes in these war zones at any time during our assault on their lands, and I would offer lots of goats by commanders personally to people in villages where civilian population was hurt (or make amends otherwise suitable to the people injured).
  72. If it wos so, which I still don't say it is (for I will not prewaricate to you, sir), let that there boy keep his father's place, and take care of his mother; don't blow upon that boy's father--do not do it, sir--and let that father go into the line of the reg'lar diggin', and make amends for what he would have undug--if it wos so--by diggin' of 'em in with a will, and with conwictions respectin' the futur' keepin' of 'em safe.
  73. How pleasant it is to meet a single saint now for a few short hours! How it cheers and refreshes us, like snow in summer or sunshine after clouds! What, then, will it be when we shall see an enormous company of saints, without a single unconverted sinner to spoil the harmony, all men and women of faith, and none unbelievers, all wheat and no chaff, "a multitude which no man can number"! Surely the "many" we shall see in heaven will make ample amends for the "few" that we now see upon earth.
  74. As for Emma, she was hunted out by that detective who travelled down into Somersetshire with the fugitives and who had already been so useful to the Prince; and Priscilla, desperately anxious to make amends wherever she could, took her into her own household, watching over her herself, seeing to it that no word of what she had done was ever blown about among the crowd of idle tongues, and she ended, I believe, by marrying a lacquey,--one of those splendid persons with white silk calves who were so precious in the sight of Annalise.
  75. Since then there had been no intercourse with Glambeck, and the Baroness did not know of the satisfactory turn things had taken at the parsonage till on Christmas Eve, from her gallery in church to which she and the Baron had decided to return on the greater festivals as a mark of their awareness that Herr Dremmel desired to make amends, she beheld during the drawn-out verses of the chorale Ingeborg drop sideways on the seat in her pew below and remain motionless and bunched up, her hymn-book pushed crooked on the desk in front of her, and her attitude one of complete indifference to appearances.
  76. Had he entered upon this love affair, which had ended in his marriage to Cosette, without taking sufficient precautions to throw light upon the surroundings? He admitted,—it is thus, by a series of successive admissions of ourselves in regard to ourselves, that life amends us, little by little,—he admitted the chimerical and visionary side of his nature, a sort of internal cloud peculiar to many organizations, and which, in paroxysms of passion and sorrow, dilates as the temperature of the soul changes, and invades the entire man, to such a degree as to render him nothing more than a conscience bathed in a mist.

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