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Ancestor dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. In the tomb of his ancestor.
  2. That was an ancestor woman.
  3. Franco is nothing like her ancestor.
  4. Feng is the surname of my ancestor.
  5. A nananom is the spirit of an ancestor.
  6. Their spiritual ancestor is Judas Iscariot.
  7. I think she is an ancient ancestor of mine.
  8. I helped your ancestor, once upon a time.
  9. Ancestor of the Trojan kings, hence our word.
  10. Franco tells what occurred with her ancestor.
  11. Aurara and I am your ancestor replied the voice.
  12. All that she knew of her ancestor was what her.
  13. We all must have diverged from a common ancestor.
  14. The princess was mothers ancestor and the noble.
  15. A Scion of an Important Ancestor and his Marvels.
  16. Our two races must have a common ancestor, surely.
  17. This vial is filled with the blood of an ancestor.
  18. Clinton Roosevelt, a direct ancestor of Franklin.
  19. We share a common ancestor with them, nothing more.
  20. He is the cultural ancestor of the modern consumer.
  21. Khosrow’s ancestor, Ardeshir, the first of the.
  22. The child that would be the ancestor of Ubadah died.
  23. Bernard who was a family ancestor to Jane de Chantal.
  24. Where was she, the tower of ivory? The great ancestor.
  25. Toria pleaded with each ancestor in the circle for help.
  26. Islamic traditions consider Ishmael to be the ancestor.
  27. I filled her in on how Toria was my ancestor and a piece.
  28. Eventually, that half-breed prince, our ancestor, became.
  29. An ancestor of this man wrote at once to the publisher:.
  30. Because our ancestor originally came from reptilian birds.
  31. She was the woman in the video, Edith Prior, my ancestor.
  32. Are you the son of my great ancestor Zion? she asked.
  33. The child that would be the ancestor of Simon Redhead died.
  34. What I don't understand is why she would help my ancestor.
  35. The Molussus, an ancestor of the modern day Mastiff, was an.
  36. The indignation of the thwarted ancestor was heavy upon him.
  37. Most of the people in the village practice ancestor worship.
  38. That’s because we share a common ancestor, Garcia said.
  39. The ancestor of all domestic cats is a wild cat of the Fertile.
  40. The other ancestor girls I have seen were also very cute on average.
  41. Ishmael became the ancestor of the bedoin tribes containing Muhammad.
  42. It’s hard to imagine these simians actually share a common ancestor.
  43. One of your ancestor guardians got in to the habit of calling me Abby.
  44. That is why all primitive cultures have some form of ancestor worship.
  45. Our ancestor of this early period he refers to as the noble savage.
  46. The somewhat less than lawful antics of his long dead ancestor, Henry.
  47. Two ancestor men stood in the hallway, holding stun pistols pointed at her.
  48. It comes from the first human ancestor who separated something one-sidedly.
  49. He lived, despite the fact that his direct ancestor had just died as a baby.
  50. When my ancestor Tom went out with General Nail, this was all Dead Lands.
  51. Legend states that my ancestor raised the Sentinels to protect us from them.
  52. We can factually and historically declare that your ancestor Abraham was.
  53. Cut their hair off and what will these ancestor girls have over us then?
  54. And then Tarzan of the Apes did just what his first ancestor would have done.
  55. I have with me a woman ancestor who claims to be a member of the Time Patrol.
  56. I think that their hair contributes a lot to the beauty of the ancestor girls.
  57. Another ancestor, a woman, then stepped in the field of view of the videophone.
  58. I am called Cacalotl as a nickname, much as our ancestor was called the Raven.
  59. Regaining his wits the king questioned: But honorable ancestor, what of our.
  60. So all we have to do is find the tomb of his ancestor, which is listed on the map.
  61. From one ancestor he made all nations to inhabit the whole earth, and he allotted.
  62. That is no different from any other form of ancestor worship in any other culture.
  63. That Jacob had cheated Esau, the Edomite’s ancestor out of his inheritance there.
  64. He said something about not taking bets ever again against ancestor fighter pilots.
  65. The castle had been built by my great ancestor Tadias just as Thunder Ridge had been.
  66. You aren’t suggesting we all have a common ancestor, are you? Professor Heart.
  67. From what I can tell, the Witch Hunter helped my ancestor, the one who wrote the spell.
  68. Who knew that the man who had tried to rape me was the ancestor of the love of my life?
  69. Listen to this, your ancestor says that he sought the dead to learn about your lineage.
  70. Wren turned to his son who bore a stunning resemblance to his ancestor after whom he was.
  71. They survived here in the woods for centuries, until our ancestor left to return to Baden.
  72. The old painted portrait of her ancestor, Giancarlo Ruy Vabueretti, brought her to a stop.
  73. Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful.
  74. Officer Sheikho said to him, ‘I’m also descended from a high ancestor, [59]my good man.
  75. In saying good-bye, he admonished him: Worship only God, who is your true spirit ancestor.
  76. He had an ancestor, Jonas Whitefeather, who has a file from 1874 in the Order's records.
  77. The implication from the beginning was that both species must have shared a common ancestor.
  78. Wendy said, `What was the different decision that their ancestor made to make the difference?'.
  79. Did he give me that vision of what had to be an ancestor of his or did it come to me naturally?
  80. As we ate supper, Marcus told me the story about his ancestor who had married Desiree’ Terrance.
  81. While fairly sober, he also got up the ramp while holding gently the hand of a tiny ancestor woman.
  82. That answer from the half naked ancestor girl was so unexpected that Miri had trouble believing her.
  83. He recalled, from Timothy’ s Book, that his ancestor Jack Builder had briefly become a novice monk.
  84. Discoveries of fossils indicate that human species branched off from a common ancestor with the Ape.
  85. This is the actual energy truth about all ancestor worship, and worshipping all people who have died.
  86. He is going to visit the present duke, Piper says, and prove to him that his ancestor wrote the plays.
  87. I recalled the note from my ancestor describing the toes of his dead son after the battle of Glen Coe.
  88. It was almost three hundred years old, and an ancestor of mine, a member of the MacRae family, wrote it.
  89. You will be so kind as to leave out in your next edition all allusions to my ancestor, General ——.
  90. How can that sorceress be my ancestor? No offense to her but it is like she came from a different country.
  91. For her to become as Peter was, she would have to submit to Ishan and pass the test of the ancestor queen.
  92. To his utter surprise, the face of an ancestor apparently sitting in a shuttlecraft appeared on the screen.
  93. Esau was the ancestor of the Edomites, his red hair coupled with warm hearted nature suggest Irish similarity.
  94. And now, Mary McFadgen, I have waited for this moment ever since your ancestor fled me one hundred years ago.
  95. Naymlap—legendary ancestor of pre-Chimu dynasty along Lambayeque River, which is said to have arrived on rafts.
  96. At first she was suspicious, convinced that I was just using her ancestor to get back into her good books again.
  97. It was one of several hundred public sleeping chambers kept open for any vampire to use, either human or ancestor.
  98. From what Kato understood, he’d been taken by Peter after openly quitting his position and found by an ancestor.
  99. There was PDYN, a gene that began accumulating changes 7 million years ago, soon after our first ancestor appeared.
  100. Our bloodline has been around for a long, long time, and every Waldron ancestor has been involved in vampire slaying.

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