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Angry dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. He is angry at the.
2. Kirk was an angry man.
3. He was angry at the.
4. He had an angry face.
5. I was hurt and angry.
6. I was angry that the.
7. He felt angry with her.

8. It made me so angry!.
9. And she is very angry.
10. He was angry at God!.
11. I was angry of myself.
12. Did he get angry? Yes.
13. It was an angry pulse.
14. Guo Yuxia was angry now.
15. She was cold and angry.
16. Part of her was angry.
17. Then do not be angry.
18. Rory was a little angry.
19. So he was really angry.
20. I was angry with myself.
21. Do not be angry with me.
22. But he was still angry.
23. I should be angry or not.
24. Being angry is on thing.
25. He made me really angry.
26. I wasn't angry with him.
27. I was angry with mother.
29. If I am angry I show it.
30. They grow angry at the.
31. I felt angry at my father.
32. I was insulted and angry.
33. If you are angry - eat it.
34. And stop your angry shout.
35. He’d wanted to be angry.
36. And now he was angry too.
37. Dad was just plain angry.
38. I knew he is angry at me.
39. Then I got a little angry.
40. I was very angry with you.

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