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Antagonistic dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Places with her antagonistic reflection.
2. He is neither antagonistic nor smug in his stare.
3. I was never antagonistic or envious of her success.
4. Miriam and her brother were naturally antagonistic.
5. Something about the antagonistic expressions on their.
6. Evidence suggests that the antagonistic properties of.
7. No that can’t be his voice suddenly antagonistic.

8. The man was staring at Tony, an antagonistic expression on his face.
9. Anna was happier avoiding contact with him, but was not antagonistic.
10. My very polite request was met with an antagonistic, Mind your own.
11. With what antagonistic sentiments were his subsequent reflections affected?
12. It shook her up to know that she was to accompany a man so antagonistic to her.
13. He would have plenty of time to be antagonistic later, after he got to know everyone.
14. To neglect it, to be indifferent to it, is worse and more foolish than to be antagonistic.
15. Intermingled with this theory is the antagonistic growth of the Preterist movement, whereby.
16. Noah’s eyes widened and Dane moved to step between his harvester and the antagonistic dragon.
17. Shit! That sounded about as antagonistic as could be! God! I’m starting off on the wrong foot already.
18. The North and South Poles, the two poles of the earth, are not antagonistic: they are part of one earth.
19. And for once, humans would not be socialized into antagonistic classes based on their wealth-interest greed-levels.
20. Example a year ofhorse and a year of mouse will be antagonistic in values to do the horoscope in a piece of puzzle.
21. In his words, his tone, and especially in that calm, almost antagonistic look to this world, terrible in one who is alive.
22. He had hitherto taken up a cold and even antagonistic attitude to this new doctrine, and with Countess Lidia Ivanovna, who had.
23. Why can’t you be honest with me? I was still angry, but I lowered my voice, tried to sound pleading instead of antagonistic.
24. It quickly became apparent that the panel was not adversarial or antagonistic, but held deeply felt beliefs which she was challenging.
25. All hierarchical power struggles, all antagonistic competition turns people into enemies: making any love or even cooperation impossible.
26. The general effect of all unloving, antagonistic competition that is based upon the id, the super-ego, the ‘Me first and screw everyone else.
27. Techine might be to Earth a mind unaware of, indifferent, or antagonistic to the interior lives of its composite cells and parasitical symbionts.
28. Why…? Because most of us are all trapped inside the antagonistic competitive culture of civilization: which is based upon exclusion and fear….
29. Why? Because when humans are so corrupt, so dysfunctional, so antagonistic: they cannot cooperate or agree on anything amongst themselves peacefully.
30. When I told Jax and Willa of Julius and what sort of brutal empire he had created, Jax, being antagonistic towards the Immortalis didn’t seem surprised.
31. If I had been my usual antagonistic self I would have ranted about how Itsuki barely did anything, but I was overwhelmingly grateful that he saved my life.
32. I can usually get an antagonistic or dubious client to loosen up by starting (in a friendly and easy manner) with his or her current progressions and transits.
33. Miss Entwhistle found herself in the position she had tried so hard to avoid, that of defending and explaining Wemyss to a highly sceptical, antagonistic audience.
34. Although the religious leaders at Jerusalem became increasingly antagonistic toward Jesus, they exercised no direct control over the synagogues outside of that city.
35. McGarvey’s bold expression is a practical confession that human ideas of justice are antagonistic to that doctrine, and that itself a longwinded argument against it.
36. Moreover: the abolition of any form of financial secrecy goes directly against the need for advantage in our antagonistic and competitive, pyramidal, capitalistic system.
37. This character expression in form has been thought to be somewhat antagonistic to beauty, and many sitters are shy of the particular characteristics of their own features.
38. I didn’t think much about religion at all, but wasn’t overtly antagonistic toward it, as Charles had been for probably thirty years until his recent psychotic experiences.
39. There should be no secret corner of illiberality; nothing can be more antagonistic than meanness to a soul which is ever longing after the whole of things both divine and human.
40. In his words, his tone, and especially in that calm, almost antagonistic look could be felt an estrangement from everything belonging to this world, terrible in one who is alive.

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