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Anticipate dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. M: Not to anticipate is best.
2. She did not anticipate that.
3. Try to anticipate likely questions.
4. And most of all, don’t anticipate.
5. Instead you have to anticipate the.
6. This last point seems to anticipate.
7. Kitara told me to anticipate this.

8. I anticipate people will oneday have.
9. Not that I anticipate that, but you know.
10. Plan, anticipate, defend, attack and win.
11. Paul didn’t anticipate the yelling match.
12. To the extent that you can anticipate the.
13. Even when they anticipate it might happen.
14. Theory says, you can’t anticipate a crash.
15. On the other, I could anticipate at least one.
16. Next year we anticipate a class of twenty-five.
17. I pay you to anticipate these types of problems.
18. But never did I anticipate making the first move.
19. Now, what kind of changes would we anticipate to.
20. He may anticipate our deployments and move north.
21. I anticipate that he wants to be at home with her.
22. Their movements seemed to anticipate his thoughts.
23. But she did not anticipate being so nervous about.
24. Lucy did not anticipate this, and began to cry and.
25. One should understand and—and anticipate events.
26. I anticipate this process is going to stress me out.
27. We can’t always anticipate our enemy’s next move.
29. Anticipate the questions and/or objections that the.
30. This last point seems to anticipate invention of the.
31. He evidently did not anticipate an immediate decease.
32. I tried to anticipate the problems that might develop.
33. You can anticipate this when you look at the typical.
34. I prefer not to anticipate my communication here; you.
35. I didn’t anticipate when we pulled out of the driveway.
36. It was impossible to anticipate this, he retorted.
37. However, the investor needs to anticipate this favorable.
38. We anticipate the customer's needs and we are continually.
39. A type of moving average used to anticipate long-term trends.
40. But I will anticipate events,, and explain what had happened.
1. But perhaps I am anticipating?
2. They are probably anticipating the.
3. Lydgate was quick in anticipating her.
4. You were about to, I was anticipating.
5. He spent weeks anticipating this moment.
6. But I am anticipating in a shocking way.
7. Anticipating further challenges, he was.
8. The beam arced down anticipating his roll.
9. He looked at G, anticipating her decision.
10. He seemed to be anticipating the question.
11. He was obviously anticipating a big reaction.
12. They were clearly not anticipating the Rapture.
13. I’ve stopped anticipating that it ever will.
14. She pointed her feet down, anticipating impact.
15. And it is not only Christians who are anticipating.
16. Anticipating their arrival, the culinary robots had.
17. Eva looked up sharply, not anticipating that question.
18. Our mouths began to water in anticipating our drinks.
19. The crowd went silent anticipating the boy's reaction.
20. They walked along happily anticipating a new adventure.
21. I was shocked, not even anticipating this sort of thing.
22. Her mouth had gone dry not anticipating having to point.
23. Boldly he stood his ground, tensed, anticipating the blow.
24. He’d been anticipating her arrival for most of his life.
25. I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of my prescriptions.
26. Okay! Hannah said joyfully, anticipating the surprise.
27. The Slavic man is anticipating a meeting with ‘a buyer’.
28. Gadai’s jaw clenched, anticipating the first of many blows.
29. Anticipating a skeptical response on some readers' part, the.
30. Every word of Pranjit and mother, was anticipating in my mind.
31. We are just anticipating what the market might be about to do.
32. The call that I had been anticipating came in on a secured line.
33. Instead, as though anticipating my actions, they had angled east.
34. Wall Street was now anticipating better results in 1971, 1972, etc.
35. The crowd all parted anticipating what I assumed would be my demise.
36. He sat on his bed anticipating feeling the warmth of Sonja’s body.
37. Lazano smiled as if he had been anticipating that question for a while.
38. He had a cold stare in his eyes, anticipating something from Khevasiah.
39. Tony corrected the misconception, anticipating Albert next line of thought.
40. The crew, anticipating Moshe's lead, followed closely on the heels of Ulun.
1. He had not anticipated this.
2. She anticipated his next move.
3. I should have anticipated Emry.
4. Thus it was anticipated that.
5. I should have anticipated that.
6. He should have anticipated this.
7. She anticipated that she would.
8. Seems that he anticipated some.
9. They had anticipated this event.
10. I should have anticipated this.
11. The effect was anticipated by Mr.
12. They'd not anticipated a Princess.
13. I’d anticipated that the future.
14. She anticipated the royal meeting.
15. He anticipated and smiled crookedly.
16. Lots more than what I anticipated.
17. I anticipated that, said Peter.
18. I anticipated this, Okuda said.
19. It wasn’t what he had anticipated.
20. I swallow … I’d anticipated this.
21. A counter action had been anticipated.
22. Robin and Grudge had anticipated this.
23. Max had not anticipated this scenario.
24. I could have anticipated this reaction.
25. He anticipated another verbal lashing.
26. That was faster than Loki anticipated.
27. They had anticipated twenty or thirty.
28. It was heavier than he had anticipated.
29. It is a case not anticipated by the law.
30. First of all, the anticipated event at.
32. The creatures had anticipated this plan.
33. I anticipated that, replied Marian.
34. Mario hadn’t anticipated his next move.
35. She anticipated the game with trepidation.
36. While he had anticipated one, he had not.
37. We hadn’t anticipated that, but we will.
38. Hood had anticipated, had also taken place.
39. Something more serious than he anticipated.
40. Hal anticipated huge profits for this trade.
1. He anticipates what will happen by just.
2. She anticipates their battle second most.
3. He anticipates our actions and procedures.
4. M: When the mind takes over, remembers and anticipates, it.
5. He says nothing as he impatiently anticipates the next command.
6. On the other hand, the marginal benefits function anticipates.
7. The smart seller anticipates these aspects of the buyer’s evaluation.
8. It is a valued servant that anticipates our needs, all the Veiled replied.
9. That is the volatility the market anticipates between now and November expiration.
10. Undeniably, a system that anticipates large capital movements would be superior to.
11. This strategy anticipates either a large futures price move or a volatility increase.
12. As he enters, he anticipates to himself, Steng should be lying, passed out on the bed.
13. Manpower has a poor year, but anticipates better future prospects, they have the option of.
14. Those who have confidence in themselves, anticipates achievement does not feel stressed at all.
15. This depression can lead to a longer time trying to conceive a child than either party anticipates.
16. China has four nuclear power plants under construction and anticipates constructing one in four years.
17. The gentleman from Delaware anticipates the most direful consequences from the occupation of the country.
18. Although Goins is not currently working internationally, he anticipates that this may happen in his career.
19. As usual things drag longer than one anticipates and a month later I was still in Cairo but finally about to leave.
20. This shows how MACD often anticipates likely momentum in either direction, and may diverge from what price appears to be revealing.
21. Another section from the Bible that specifically anticipates and addresses the Theory of Evolution is given in the passages below:.
22. When the market anticipates an increase in market volatility, often the result is much higher VIX futures prices than where the VIX index is trading.
23. Whereas the buyer seeks to make a profit as prices rise, the short seller anticipates falling prices and hopes to cover the short (buy it back) at lower prices.
24. Extremely high IV usually means that the market anticipates news concerning some essential event such as a court decision, M&A announcement, new products launch, and so on.
25. It encounters an alien word not only in the object itself: every word is directed toward an answer and cannot escape the profound influence of the answering word that it anticipates.
26. Dantes had entered the Chateau d'If with the round, open, smiling face of a young and happy man, with whom the early paths of life have been smooth, and who anticipates a future corresponding with his past.
27. All these sorts of slides and tackles are as common upon the legal bench as in any type of sporting events that a ball has to change hands by acrobatic moves that anticipates what is going to happen out next.
28. What really matters is whether they are higher or lower than the Street anticipates; better to have a loss for the quarter which is less than the Street expects than to have great earnings which are less than the Street expects.
29. In the second half of the year, the company anticipates it will remain cash flow positive and achieve break-even or slight profitability, before the impact of charges associated with the Sterling Partners transaction and subsequent actions.
30. The honorable gentleman who anticipates the destruction of the constitution, unless we shall neglect one of the great interests which it was intended to protect, considers the English Orders in Council as leaving our institutions firm and untouched.
31. Another and an equally gifted writer, Edouard Rod, paints with colors still more vivid the cruelty and folly of the present situation, but he, like Maupassant, feels the influence of the dramatic element, and neither suggests a remedy nor anticipates any change.
32. The same doubt is implied in the earnestness with which he argues in the Republic that ideals are none the worse because they cannot be realized in fact, and in the chorus of laughter, which like a breaking wave will, as he anticipates, greet the mention of his proposals; though like other writers of fiction, he uses all his art to give reality to his inventions.
33. If the Bible anticipates events that would happen in the future, should we not then measure information, doctrines and facts that are forced onto us in today’s world, against that which is written in the Bible? Should we search for truth and answers to questions about eternity anywhere else, if this Book is the only document on Earth that can be proven to have originated from beyond our space-time and provides ample information about the topics we would like to know about? Would it be wise to adopt beliefs that are based on human hypotheses and theories alone - especially if there is mounting evidence against those theories? Would it be wise to risk one’s eternal destiny to follow after conjured up human fantasies and philosophies that have no provable basis for authenticity?

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