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Anxious dans une phrase (en anglais)

I was anxious as well.
I was weary but anxious.
He began to feel anxious.
He was anxious to touch.
They had been anxious too.
He was excited yet anxious.
Anxious eyes looked at him.

He was anxious and jittery.
Joe Spratt was most anxious.
I was anxious to see Rhona.
He was anxious for guidance.
The more anxious any of us.
Jane and Sam looked anxious.
Nurse was anxious to move on.
Mitya began to feel anxious.
March, with an anxious look.
Morel was anxious about him.
Do Not Have An Anxious Mind.
He became worried and anxious.
I can see you're anxious too.
I was anxious during the day.
However Wang Susu was anxious.
And when we feel anxious, it.
His mother was anxious for him.
Hermes seemed anxious to talk.
She looked at his anxious face.
The more anxious she was for.
I've been so anxious and angry.
Anxious to open to the mutual.
He’d arrived anxious to talk.
They satisfied no anxious mind.
The crowd becomes more anxious.
She looks very sad and anxious.
He was anxious to try them out.
Godwyn came in, looking anxious.
One is always, always anxious!.
He appeared anxious and serious.
He was anxious and excited and.
Worn out by anxious watching, Mr.
They must be anxious to have me.

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