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Apparition dans une phrase (en anglais)

floor of the apparition.
A ghastly apparition,.
The apparition she had.
direction of the apparition.
an untamed, rough apparition.
apparition trying to seize him.
And I the apparition, I the spectre.

He stared at a green-skinned apparition.
The apparition was several feet from her.
This apparition seemed to stun the Westies.
Wiggam's throat and his apparition shimmered.
Maybe it was an apparition that he was seeing.
Before he could clarify this the apparition.
prayed that that apparition might turn to good.
The apparition then disappeared before my eyes.
She looked at Caris as at a heavenly apparition.
And he saw a pale apparition appear from the gloom.
Before he could clarify this the apparition spoke.
This apparition was even worse that the real thing.
Having seen the apparition she turned it back again.
They looked back at the apparition with dazed smiles.
She would certainly swoon if she saw this apparition.
distance, pressing out of the haze like an apparition.
He glanced at the apparition in the mist and snorted.
the middle of the night! But it wasn’t an apparition.
we may suppose the apparition of news where, in their.
The apparition smiled and turned her brown eyes to the.
inestimable mountain’s summit replaced that apparition.
This apparition was more substantial and oozed evilness.
The Pegasus looked over to the apparition who now stood.

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Synonymes pour apparition

apparition fantasm phantasm phantasma phantom specter spectre shadow