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Arduous dans une phrase (en anglais)

It is a long and arduous work.
The conversation would be arduous!.
Travel was arduous and unbearably slow.
It was an arduous but fruitless effort.
This process is time consuming and arduous.
The training proved to be extremely arduous.
It was a long and arduous task as the only.

The trip was a long and arduous one, but with.
It was going to be a long and arduous journey.
It was a long and arduous series of flights home.
The swim out to the buoy was arduous for them all.
It was a long and arduous journey by land and sea.
RACHEL FOUND THE DEBRIEFING process arduous and painful.
Transport can be long, arduous; without food, water, or.
Flower-borders always have weeds, and weeding is arduous.
I’m sure that you are greatly fatigued by your arduous.
It’s been arduous and I tire of his incessant direction.
The journey back to his base had been long and arduous for Gomes.
It was time for my long and arduous spiritual quest to bear fruit.
With scant resources and arduous conditions on the trail he always.
It was a shorter route, more arduous, but safer for a hunted fugitive.
Krishn admits that restraint of the mind is the most arduous, but he also.
In the end of that long, arduous search, my conscience finally delivered.
Thousands had made the arduous trek to the mountain and had climbed to its peak.
The climb down proved to be more arduous than their climb up, but they kept their.
In her matter there were no voices in disarray, no arduous discussions with no end.
This is an arduous and time-consuming process that, even if handled properly, could.
I’m not too worried about it, I don’t think the Lhar’s that arduous a journey.
Numbed from the effects of the ale, their arduous travels had finally caught up on them.
It’s been lifetimes since our arduous escape to Gaul, which we almost did not survive.
His expression was arduous, the expression of the leader, the strong, proud, immovable.
The large machines conducted the arduous task of pushing Loki’s forces out of the city.
There was no point in dampening the energy they were putting into our arduous rescue work.
The human body has an amazing ability to cope with arduous situations and testing environments.
Once she was settled she began the arduous task of establishing Baal-Melkart as the principal god.
All of their arduous effort was a colossal waste, as I hadn’t been paying them any attention.
This new route, very steep and hence very arduous, quickly took us close to the surface of the sea.
It was an arduous task, like rewinding a ball of yarn while putting the pieces of a puzzle together.
They gathered fruits and fauna from the nearby abundant rain-forest, which had been slow arduous work.
Yes, the life of a medical man is very arduous: especially when he is so devoted to his profession as Mr.

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