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Aristocratic dans une phrase (en anglais)

Aristocratic to his finger tips.
Her answer was breezily aristocratic.
Boredom is an aristocratic sensation.
James is so droll, the aristocratic Mrs.
It fitted with his tall, aristocratic bearing.
He kept telling her she had aristocratic hands.
The thirst for culture is an aristocratic thirst.

One was aristocratic birth; the other, education.
I had visions of a woman—a proud, aristocratic.
So far, the aristocratic forces have been defeated.
Most people recognized she was of aristocratic birth.
It was merely a copy of the aristocratic class system.
I know your and Sergey Ivanovitch's aristocratic views.
This would permit the Vatican and its aristocratic and.
The features of his handsome face were sharp and aristocratic.
She walked past the cars with an aristocratic elegance, and her.
My, my, I said, your husband must be from an aristocratic lineage.
The Minister nodded in aristocratic appreciation and patted the bed.
You have been their father’s guest … one may say aristocratic….
She had the same aristocratic features and she had long, blond hair.
A good aristocratic name, hailing from Little Russia, thought Mr.
With less religious or spiritual elements of aristocratic superiority.
Verily, aristocratic Spofford Avenue had rarely beheld such a display.
America was blessed not to have a stable, hereditary aristocratic class.
He became one of the ruling class; a member of the aristocratic society.
You have impressed her with your aristocratic manner, with your refinement.
Very wealthy, clever, of aristocratic family, on the highroad to a brilliant.
The next the aristocratic mask was replaced, and the gentle voice had returned.
But once it had defeated the other European Aristocratic Kingdoms attacking it.
I understand the obligations of an aristocratic widow, she said haughtily.
All were and perhaps still are aristocratic and mostly secret and therefore exclusive.
As to Lizabetha Prokofievna, she, as the reader knows, belonged to an aristocratic family.
His cheekbones were high and aristocratic, a mixture of Arkenian grace and human strength.
It has been vitally important to Rome and its royal and aristocratic cohorts to confound the.
Today was fair, and we went to Hyde Park, close by, for we are more aristocratic than we look.
Vatican is therefore the headquarters of a worldwide network of aristocratic, plutocratic, and.
This gives the table an aristocratic air impossible when supper and silver are left to caterers.
I imagine it was what she had hoped for for years—the uniting of two old and aristocratic families.
It was an uprising of an elite clique of colonial snobs against the worse aristocratic snobs of England.
Gillenormand lived in the Rue Servandoni, he had frequented many very good and very aristocratic salons.

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aristocratic aristocratical blue gentle patrician

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