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Aristocratic dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Aristocratic to his finger tips.
  2. Her answer was breezily aristocratic.
  3. Boredom is an aristocratic sensation.
  4. James is so droll, the aristocratic Mrs.
  5. It fitted with his tall, aristocratic bearing.

  6. He kept telling her she had aristocratic hands.
  7. One was aristocratic birth; the other, education.
  8. The thirst for culture is an aristocratic thirst.
  9. I had visions of a woman—a proud, aristocratic.
  10. So far, the aristocratic forces have been defeated.
  11. Most people recognized she was of aristocratic birth.
  12. It was merely a copy of the aristocratic class system.
  13. I know your and Sergey Ivanovitch's aristocratic views.
  14. This would permit the Vatican and its aristocratic and.
  15. The features of his handsome face were sharp and aristocratic.

  16. She walked past the cars with an aristocratic elegance, and her.
  17. My, my, I said, your husband must be from an aristocratic lineage.
  18. The Minister nodded in aristocratic appreciation and patted the bed.
  19. She had the same aristocratic features and she had long, blond hair.
  20. You have been their father’s guest … one may say aristocratic….
  21. Verily, aristocratic Spofford Avenue had rarely beheld such a display.
  22. With less religious or spiritual elements of aristocratic superiority.
  23. A good aristocratic name, hailing from Little Russia, thought Mr.
  24. America was blessed not to have a stable, hereditary aristocratic class.
  25. He became one of the ruling class; a member of the aristocratic society.

  26. You have impressed her with your aristocratic manner, with your refinement.
  27. Very wealthy, clever, of aristocratic family, on the highroad to a brilliant.
  28. The next the aristocratic mask was replaced, and the gentle voice had returned.
  29. But once it had defeated the other European Aristocratic Kingdoms attacking it.
  30. I understand the obligations of an aristocratic widow, she said haughtily.
  31. All were and perhaps still are aristocratic and mostly secret and therefore exclusive.
  32. As to Lizabetha Prokofievna, she, as the reader knows, belonged to an aristocratic family.
  33. His cheekbones were high and aristocratic, a mixture of Arkenian grace and human strength.
  34. Today was fair, and we went to Hyde Park, close by, for we are more aristocratic than we look.
  35. It has been vitally important to Rome and its royal and aristocratic cohorts to confound the.
  36. Vatican is therefore the headquarters of a worldwide network of aristocratic, plutocratic, and.
  37. This gives the table an aristocratic air impossible when supper and silver are left to caterers.
  38. I imagine it was what she had hoped for for years—the uniting of two old and aristocratic families.
  39. It was an uprising of an elite clique of colonial snobs against the worse aristocratic snobs of England.
  40. Gillenormand lived in the Rue Servandoni, he had frequented many very good and very aristocratic salons.
  41. It was a penthouse in a luxurious apartment building in an aristocratic part of Cairo called Garden City.
  42. The mother of the bride-elect was one of the most exclusive and aristocratic social figures in Philadelphia.
  43. Blake Hall for centuries belonged to various aristocratic families that were on intimate terms with royalty.
  44. Aristocratic Giles is heir to the family estates, but to receive his inheritance he must have exactly seven.
  45. And movin’ this kind of money, it’s probably a family with a high standin’ in th’ aristocratic society.
  46. Prusias comes to Capua as a learned Armenian, the tutor of a noble pupil in one of the aristocratic households.
  47. But he managed to get into this aristocratic school, and met many of his fellow-countrymen in a similar position.
  48. Another friend filled the gap: Bertie von Mateus, the scion of an aristocratic German family in East African exile.
  49. We have been princes for a thousand years, as aristocratic and as ancient a name as the Rohans, but we are beggars.
  50. Things aren't done so simply in aristocratic society, and it's not possible for her so simply to go and get married.
  51. I repeat again, I think that in this, Yulia Mihailovna, in spite of her aristocratic tone, made another great mistake.
  52. Lord John Roxton and I turned down Vigo Street together and through the dingy portals of the famous aristocratic rookery.
  53. So what was a handsome man with an aristocratic accent doing brawling with his bare knuckles? I'm not here to contact anyone.
  54. I found myself being deafened by the sweet noise of aristocratic music mingled with the flirtatious conversation of courtesans.
  55. For instance, we do not believe - as our present rulers do - that wealth and aristocratic influence are the two most essential.
  56. The aristocratic rich of the 1900’s managed to splinter and destroy all the workers movements by dealing with them piece-meal.
  57. Her pride and aristocratic connections were particularly insisted upon (she had called upon scarcely any one in the town).
  58. Ivan himself had gone little changed through the years other than a greying of the hairs at the borders of his aristocratic face.
  59. The business classes were regarded as upstarts in aristocratic circles and there was no shortage of aristocrats in the cathedral.
  60. In appearance he was a man of exceedingly aristocratic type, thin, high-nosed, and large-eyed, with languid and yet courtly manners.
  61. Very wealthy, clever, of aristocratic family, on the highroad to a brilliant career in the army and at court, and a fascinating man.
  62. Only his aristocratic connections and his status and corrupt willingness to change his position at a moments notice kept him in power.
  63. The public was looking forward with anxious curiosity to the meeting of the two rivals—the proud aristocratic girl and the hetaira.
  64. I have mentioned already that he had rather a shrill voice, almost feminine in fact, and at the same time a genuinely aristocratic lisp.
  65. Monogamy is indeed a test of character, but not in some extraordinary, aristocratic way that would put it out of the reach of most of us.
  66. He was born into an aristocratic Victorian family, and in his lifetime witnessed Britain’s transformation from Empire to welfare state.
  67. The hotel was run by an old Englishman who had the sort of accent you heard in TV dramas about aristocratic families in country mansions.
  68. Often described as a very handsome man, my tall, graying and aristocratic father’s language was instructive, if not exactly a revelation.
  69. Petersburg, and stopping at his aunt's, the wife of an ex-Minister of State, he found himself in the very heart of the aristocratic circle.
  70. You might sing 'Marlborough s'en va‐t‐en guerre,' for that's quite a child's song and is sung as a lullaby in all the aristocratic houses.
  71. At one time this had been a most aristocratic locality, but most of the former residents had migrated to the newer suburb at the west of the town.
  72. Our aristocratic home mud has flourished without any protection, and the pauper mud of Europe or any other mud could never beat our home product.
  73. You see, honoured sir, these orphans of good family--I might even say of aristocratic connections--and that wretch of a general sat eating grouse.
  74. You see, honoured sir, these orphans of good family—I might even say of aristocratic connections—and that wretch of a general sat eating grouse.
  75. When the king summoned Parliament, they were the Lords, the aristocratic group, by contrast with the Commons, who were knights, gentry and merchants.
  76. Buring was threatening her, and I believe stamped at her—in fact the coarse German soldier came to the surface in spite of his aristocratic breeding.
  77. Block out the little aristocratic professor pacing in front of the hearth and the late hour and the dogs and the shelves brimming with interesting things.
  78. He was with the king, preparing to invade France again – he had always regarded his bishopric mainly as a means of supporting his aristocratic lifestyle.
  79. All the aristocratic and well-bred society of the town rushed to the prison, kissed Richard and embraced him; ‘You are our brother, you have found grace.
  80. The two terrified Aristocratic engineers stood on the mats, whispered, touched wrists, and instantly appeared on the stage directly in front of the Emperor.
  81. They both come from aristocratic backgrounds (she is heiress to a Rothschild fortune, he is the son of a billionaire financier), and have been married since 2003.
  82. It fought its own rotten aristocratic society on the inside, while fighting off rotten aristocratic armies trying to save the obsolete useless aristocracy of France.
  83. Remembering the painted boots, she surveyed her white satin slippers with girlish satisfaction, and chassed down the room, admiring her aristocratic feet all by herself.
  84. Unlike most officers of his rank, however, Kaishau Hywanlohng neither held an aristocratic title nor stood heir to one, although he was related to several noble families.
  85. Instead of realizing that the aristocratic culture was the reason for their ills: they copied it and tried to turn themselves into a nation of greedy selfish aristocrats.
  86. I smiled as I unfolded it, and devised how I would tease you about your aristocratic tastes, and your efforts to masque your plebeian bride in the attributes of a peeress.
  87. He was Rumanian and gave the impression of having gypsy blood in his veins in the sense that he conveyed an earthiness quite the opposite of the aristocratic and artificial.
  88. Insulted by haughty Biiring and expecting to be insulted next day by that aristocratic lady, I knew that I could revenge myself on them, but I decided not to revenge myself.
  89. But neither his decalogue nor his delicacy prevented him from sketching airily the insignificance of wedding symbols in an aristocratic connection when the heart was involved.
  90. She was advancing surely but quietly, her secretive movements preceded by her fragrant aristocratic perfume carried on the gentle breeze, until she entered the officer’s tent.
  91. The thieves looked at one another with low murmurs, and a storm gathered over the head of the aristocratic prisoner, raised less by his own words than by the manner of the keeper.
  92. His handsome, delicate, and still youthful-looking face, to which his curly, glistening silvery hair gave a still more aristocratic air, lighted up with a smile when he saw Levin.
  93. When he was young he became a member of an aristocratic club, and there, having charming manners, he was soon the intimate of a number of men with long purses and expensive habits.
  94. It was indeed our visitor of the afternoon who came bustling in, dangling his glasses more vigorously than ever, and with a very perturbed expression upon his aristocratic features.
  95. It is hard luck on a young fellow to have expensive tastes, great expectations, aristocratic connections, but no actual money in his pocket, and no profession by which he may earn any.
  96. Such meekness towards me from a man like him, a man so aristocratic and independent, who had so much individuality, at once stirred in my heart all my tenderness for him, and trust in him.
  97. Then he recalled the coarseness and bluntness of her thoughts and the vulgarity of the expressions that were natural to her, though she had been brought up in the most aristocratic circles.
  98. How could you imagine I should believe it ? Did you believe it ? You believed it because you have never been in aristocratic society, and don't know how things are done among decent people.
  99. Her intellect, education, skill, resource, and innate tact made it possible for her everywhere to gain a footing in select aristocratic society, and to play by no means the least role there.
  100. Yes, Arkady Makarovitch, you are a member of an exceptional family, in contrary distinction to the aristocratic types who have had such a very different childhood and adolescence from yours.

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