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Arrest dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. You need to arrest him.
  2. Go ahead and arrest me.
  3. And he was under arrest.
  4. I want you to arrest.
  5. There has been no arrest.

  6. I've come to arrest you.
  7. Arrest him if you have to.
  8. I was outraged at my arrest.
  9. An old arrest for burglary.
  10. The Arrest of the Locksmith.
  11. Chapter Thirty - The arrest.
  12. You going to arrest him?
  13. The arrest squashed all that.
  14. They’d tried to arrest him.
  15. They died of cardiac arrest.

  16. Godfrey’s arrest, by the way.
  17. Everyone here is under arrest.
  18. He called me after your arrest.
  19. You're under arrest for murder.
  20. And who would you have arrest.
  21. Not that Mercer was under arrest.
  22. FBI dropped by to arrest me the.
  23. Still they dared not arrest him.
  24. Are you still under arrest?
  25. Arrest us, place us in a prison.

  27. The best way, was to arrest all.
  28. They got those guys under arrest.
  29. Arrest the Chinaman on suspicion.
  30. You can arrest this guy now….
  31. It was a massacre, not an arrest.
  33. Are you here to arrest her?
  34. The arrest is solid, he says.
  35. Am I under arrest, yes or no?
  36. It sucked that I had to arrest her.
  37. There’s hope of an arrest yet.
  38. There are copies of the arrest.
  39. At the time of his arrest, he had.
  40. What a scene the arrest turned into.
  41. Were we under arrest? It seemed so.
  42. You’d be duty-bound to arrest me.
  43. How? I need proofs to arrest him.
  44. Why didn’t they arrest her?
  45. You can’t arrest me! She said she.
  46. Why did you want to arrest her?
  47. Cardinals and arrest errant Templars.
  48. Rodney’s arrest and the proof of.
  49. A warrant was issued for his arrest.
  50. She had to avoid arrest at all cost.
  51. Men! Arrest this artful girl!.
  52. I’m making a citizen’s arrest.
  53. The French police have made an arrest.
  54. Why did you still arrest her?’’.
  55. Arrest her or whatever it is you do.
  56. They’re going to arrest her!.
  57. Arrest them, every damned one of them.
  58. Wasn’t he going to arrest me?
  59. He had to be subdued, resisted arrest.
  60. It will be pointless to arrest Perelle.
  61. Good, so he is not evading an arrest.
  62. Warrant out for his arrest in Virginia.
  63. Was he placed under arrest then?
  64. Victor Burgess, you’re under arrest.
  65. If you do that again, I will arrest you.
  66. Chapter 61: The Arrest of the Locksmith.
  67. Or that an arrest warrant was issued.
  68. We would have to come and arrest you.
  69. Hes been in jail ever since his arrest.
  70. Forrester's arrest had engulfed my mind.
  71. They have orders to arrest you on sight.
  72. She was under house arrest, most likely.
  73. Why’m I under arrest? Ace put in.
  74. Do you want me to arrest Ted Levett?’.
  75. He did not arrest me, but only the books.
  76. There are warrants out for my arrest too.
  77. The driver had no authority to arrest me.
  78. When will he be off of house arrest?
  79. The kid’s going into cardiac arrest.
  80. Tim is on his second year of house arrest.
  81. Let them find out who he is and arrest him.
  82. They intended to arrest me for my illegal.
  83. Currently over 25,000 arrest warrants are.
  84. They needed to put together an arrest team.
  85. State Police went to his home to arrest him.
  86. Do you have a warrant for his arrest?
  87. The commodore said, You’re under arrest.
  88. Then toescape arrest she fled in the guise.
  89. With you, they’d have enough to arrest me.
  90. This arrest was not a beginning, but an end.
  91. There was a warrant out for Adam‘s arrest.
  92. Disguised, he will arrest the counterfeiters.
  94. It would be safer to arrest him at his home.
  95. You’re under arrest, he said flatly.
  96. I want you to arrest him and question him.
  97. You were practically daring him to arrest us.
  98. So the police can’t arrest for that?
  99. And what’s this about house arrest?
  100. MARGE: Promise me you won't arrest my brother.
  1. It is an arresting document.
  2. He tells me he's arresting me for DUI.
  3. Locating the criminal and arresting him.
  4. Are you arresting me? Jaycee asked.
  5. And the arresting officer wasn’t upset.
  6. The police arresting him for drunk driving.
  7. Brangas have had trouble arresting this man.
  8. Nobody would dare try arresting its members.
  9. What was more arresting to them was the smell.
  10. Arresting the Templars and expelling the Jews.
  11. Revenge said, I spoke to the arresting officer.
  12. He told the arresting officers he was eighteen.
  13. No use arresting the Janjaweed, Adanne said.
  14. He’s at the hospital arresting this Willow bloke.
  15. It had the formal tone of an arresting police detective.
  16. You're not arresting her or anything are you? Bob queried.
  17. Bailli is responsible for arresting accused heretics as well.
  18. The arresting officer, too, believed that Laws was dangerous.
  19. They’re arresting all the Jews in Peabody, he thought aloud.
  20. Te' only thing that stop me from arresting you is the feed.
  21. No, no, no, not wonderful news about arresting Jews in Boston.
  22. If they had they would be arresting her rather than talking to her.
  23. The police will do all the arresting, but essentially you are correct.
  24. We are in the process of arresting all the directors of Shure Stock.
  25. Maybe you should be calling an ambulance instead of arresting me!.
  26. They are rounding up Jews, arresting Jews, thousands of them, in Boston.
  27. I told the cops when they were arresting me where Lester might have gone.
  28. As police in Britain, Italy, and Ohio were busy arresting suspected airliner.
  29. Nothing prevented a constable from arresting an Army general if he so pleased.
  30. He ruddy well attacked me when I was in the middle of arresting a bank robber.
  31. There was a note on the arresting officers’ report not to call the parents.
  32. Starting with this arresting arm, the eye is led down the majestic figure of St.
  33. Right now, I simply can’t see what justification you had to try arresting her.
  34. She wouldn’t have been considered beautiful, but she was arresting just the same.
  35. Hallen’s cry was drowned out by a sudden heart piercing shrill, arresting the boy.
  36. The report from the arresting officers indicated you were holding a toddler hostage.
  37. She wore little gold heart earrings, and sandals, so the effect was casual, but arresting.
  38. Never mind it was irrational, as ridiculous as arresting the prostitute but not the serviced.
  39. Such a raid is quite violent with AK47 armed men storming into your office and arresting the CEO.
  40. The arresting power of the right angle exists at each corner of a rectangular picture, where the.
  41. Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation, reports an arresting analysis of the alternative:.
  42. The arresting officers sat there, gleaming as they always did when they knew something you didn’t.
  43. Then it was you! he declared, arresting the progress of a rake-thin brunette as she tried to.
  44. With her arresting beauty, she is totally aware of the effect she has on men, even joking about it.
  45. How can he look so… arresting? It’s such a pleasure to stand and drink in the sheer sight of him.
  46. The combination of the vertical with the horizontal produces one of the strongest and most arresting.
  47. Anyway, the last straw occurred when the killer kitty slashed one of the arresting officers in the neck.
  48. Huh? he replied while distracted by the antics of a drunk driver arguing with the arresting officer.
  49. Wilson was curious to see the driver hand his arresting officer an envelope, which he quickly tucked away.
  50. But arresting Smythe, even if he was the murderer, wasn't a prospect likely to fill Rafferty with triumph.
  51. Kirk was now staring at the Primagnon in disbelief, his attention riveted to the Leader’s arresting eyes.
  52. If a formal charge is made against you, you must be given a written copy of it by the arresting police station.
  53. If it had not been for the metal staple arresting the pivoting, he might actually have fallen inside the hutch.
  54. That means doing the forensic work and arresting the perpetrator and or attaching his property with a court order.
  55. That particular party got a little out of hand and we ended up arresting a few minors for intoxication that night.
  56. The government responded to it by arresting Gandhi and Sardar Patel and by reimposing the ban of the Congress Party.
  57. They started their attempts to break up the march by arresting isolated people that had broken away from the crowds.
  58. In our macho culture committing a crime in front of us was always going to have us arresting or killing the culprits.
  59. Within hours of the court’s decision, the Security Police began arresting cadets who verbally accosted other cadets.
  60. Lalu had built his political reputation as a saviour of the minorities by arresting Advani during the 1990 rath yatra.
  61. Afterwards, the arresting officers weren’t happy, the victims weren’t happy, and I felt like I was letting them down.
  62. The police was shamed into arresting her husband Pratap Sigh Chauhan and inlaws and 2 neighbours who had been harassing her.
  63. He put Georgia under martial law to stop KKK terrorism and suspended habeas corpus in South Carolina, arresting many Klansmen.
  64. This actually takes many of the complications away from the sordid mess of arresting a pregnant women and was a relief to him.
  65. It was identical to the one they had encountered in the cavern that morning and it had an equally arresting effect on the river.
  66. Why are they arresting Jews, anyway? No, what is good news, good news for me is what you Harvey Schwartz/The Reluctant Terrorist.
  67. From now on, in the territories of our allies, the Church will be forbidden from arresting or judging anyone, for whatever reason.
  68. After all of the arresting procedures were performed on me, I was led to a telephone where I was allowed to call my personal lawyer.
  69. It was as if he were always arresting people for playing the electric guitar and singing rock and roll outside luxury hotels.
  70. The two arresting officers were sitting at the desk waiting impatiently for the formalities to be over with before they started their questions.
  71. There was something so big and arresting and virile in the man that the clatter and shouting died gradually away before his commanding gesture.
  72. The scientist who discovered the laws of motion clearly sounded like Isaac Newton, but Morse was unsure about the part about arresting counterfeiters.
  73. His appearance and manner are peculiarly arresting, and as he raised his hand for order the whole audience settled down expectantly to give him a hearing.
  74. As the sergeant stepped into the room, his rifle at trail, Rhett, evidently trying to steady Tom, what you arresting him for? He ain’t so very drunk.
  75. As a result we were excited at the prospect of arresting or killing a few robbers red handed and decided to seriously kick the (you know what) out of them.
  76. If you are NOT under arrest but only ‘helping with enquiries’ you do not have to stay with an arresting officer and you should have this explained to you.
  77. His suspicions being aroused, the sergeant followed the man, and with the aid of Constable Pollock succeeded, after a most desperate resistance, in arresting him.
  78. I have dealt with worse injuries than this—I have been hit harder than I was by the soldier who slammed the butt of his gun into my jaw while he was arresting me.
  79. But if you look at the heaven which is surrounding this universe from all its sides and which is set upon most arresting and perfect system, you will ascertain that.
  80. There were no charges that looked related to Alana Favors, but the high bond amounts implied that the arresting officers were investigating them for further charges.
  81. Still, even he had to admit that the cluster of ancient villas slowly sinking into the swamp could be visually arresting in the right light, especially at a distance.
  82. Some of those high level officials had suggested that she be used to Iran’s profit, rather than create an international incident by simply arresting her on arrival.
  83. Another public record accompanied it—an act of one of the States arresting executions for debt during the continuance of the embargo, and for six months afterwards.
  84. In the following verses, this Omnipotent Provider, the Source of this arresting creation reminds us of the hour of death and with the day when we will all return to Him.
  85. Constitutional scholars say that while the law has little use in modern times, it is often used by Washington area police as a way to avoid arresting members of Congress.
  86. The mystery was why they had allowed him so much time before arresting him? If the surveillance was as good as it appeared they would surely know about his artificial body.
  87. Melissa Anderson of the Village Voice wrote, So arresting is Monroe’s presence that when she’s not on-screen, we wait impatiently, wondering, ‘Where have you gone, Mrs.
  88. On the news came a report of police arresting a thirty-two year old driver, who admitted to smoking two bongs to stay awake, while in control of his 40 tonne dangerous goods truck.
  89. Tina said when she left the hospital after visiting hours, she saw the police outside the hospital arresting your cousin Dana for assaulting a security guard right inside the hospital.
  90. It lies in your own power to be Edgar's brother! No, no, Isabella, you shan't run off, she continued, arresting, with feigned playfulness, the confounded girl, who had risen indignantly.
  91. Ample corroboration of this statement may be obtained by arresting the above-mentioned Edmond Dantes, who either carries the letter for Paris about with him, or has it at his father's abode.
  92. The Iranian authorities would have every reason to be suspicious of her and could easily justify arresting her and jailing her, with little regards for her claims to be here as a simple reporter.
  93. It lies in your own power to be Edgar’s brother! No, no, Isabella, you sha’n’t run off,’ she continued, arresting, with feigned playfulness, the confounded girl, who had risen indignantly.
  94. The Security Forces conducted sweeps in the city of Nairobi arresting whoever else may be involved to ensure that the remaining insurgents don't have any physical support for food and medicine etc.
  95. His men had used military grade weaponry, including grenades, to attack the arresting officers but, before the Armed Response Unit could react, the criminals had blown themselves up with a grenade.
  96. Not long after his arresting deputy’s patrol car came to a halt in the downtown Greensboro’s booking center, Butch was shoved into a fluorescent lit, twenty by forty foot sparsely furnished room.
  97. Should not those defrauding ones assume and know that He who created the heaven and the earth and founded them upon such arresting order is high above leaving humanity irresponsible for their deeds?
  98. She became what would have been called a fine creature; her aspect was fair and arresting; her soul that of a woman whom the turbulent experiences of the last year or two had quite failed to demoralize.
  99. Luther, however, questioned Roman Catholic orthodoxy at a time when the prestige of the papacy was at low ebb and the German princes were open to any reason to justify arresting the flow of money to Rome.
  100. The Governor's smart coup in arresting all the chief men, had robbed the warriors of their leaders; and the open failure of the fetish power had demoralised them thoroughly, but every precaution had to be taken.
  1. No one has arrested me.
  2. If she ever got arrested.
  3. When he was arrested, Mr.
  4. The Medic is arrested too.
  5. He was arrested and tried.
  6. Noah was arrested for it.
  7. And we arrested the guilty.
  8. And for that, he is arrested.
  9. Here is why I was arrested:.
  10. The sheriff arrested me today.
  12. Or maybe the UAI arrested him.
  13. This is where I was arrested.
  14. Yes my father was arrested.
  15. Browder was arrested in 1939.
  16. I was arrested at the airport.
  17. I was…I was arrested, yes.
  18. He was arrested and prosecuted.
  19. Tucker has never been arrested.
  20. But he first must get arrested.
  21. Darnay has been arrested again.
  22. They tried to have me arrested.
  23. Scott was going to be arrested.
  24. He was arrested numerous times.
  25. I had just arrested her husband.
  26. Jesus arrested by their soldiers.
  27. They arrested twenty-five of us.
  28. The cops came in and arrested me.
  29. I’m going to have you arrested.
  30. He missed and was later arrested.
  31. Interpol arrested him last month.
  32. Thereby not al were arrested by.
  33. So have him arrested, I said.
  34. No one has been arrested, Ms.
  35. She was arrested by state officers.
  36. She was arrested by Wemyss's voice.
  37. You might even have been arrested.
  38. Criminals who have to be arrested.
  39. A man was arrested in Washington, D.
  40. You should’ve had him arrested.
  41. Moon say why she was arrested?
  42. I guess the cops have arrested him.
  43. None of them arrested my attention.
  44. She threatened to have me arrested.
  45. Cynthia had been arrested for theft.
  46. Marine based in Japan was arrested.
  47. What suddenly arrested his ingress?
  48. Then they arrested Jack and Stanton.
  49. Me being arrested would not be good.
  50. The police just caned and arrested.
  51. Get yourself arrested, and you will.
  52. The High Police have arrested Libuse.
  53. Slate was arrested on Christmas Eve.
  54. I arrested that poor mutt who did it.
  55. I am going to have you arrested, Mme.
  56. Kids had been arrested all year for.
  57. Three of the killers are arrested.
  58. People have been arrested for less.
  59. Depp was arrested and released on the.
  60. He was arrested for drug possession.
  61. Clair, I was arrested as his murderer.
  62. I got arrested, but I've been released.
  63. She wondered if he'd been arrested yet.
  64. The cops came in and arrested me.
  65. I’ve been arrested for drunk driving.
  66. I have now been arrested, for starters.
  67. When arrested, she stated her agenda:.
  68. They were arrested for assault by the.
  69. The FBI arrested him as a German agent.
  70. I thought they just arrested Chelsea.
  71. Jamal got arrested, yo, he told me.
  72. Forth, looters are not to be arrested.
  73. His whole will rose up and arrested him.
  74. Liu for years, and had arrested him in.
  75. His thought became arrested upon Decoud.
  76. Yes, why did you have me arrested?
  77. Nelthilta's been arrested by the Council.
  78. They arrested the robber two hours later.
  79. On September 24, the police arrested her.
  80. So that‘s why she got arrested?!.
  81. Those guys had jason arrested for Assault.
  82. Instead of being arrested, I was told to.
  83. He’s the one who arrested my parents.
  84. Was that because you were arrested?
  85. The boy had been arrested for cruelty to.
  86. I ain’t been arrested in three years.
  87. That’s what she mainly got arrested for.
  88. We’d have arrested him by now if it had.
  89. More News of the World staff were arrested.
  90. Waiting to be arrested, I can’t stand it.
  91. He was arrested and never heard from again.
  92. Later, I heard that Craig had been arrested.
  93. In local news, four teens were arrested.
  94. Jorge Armando González was arrested with me.
  95. But anyone who came back was to be arrested.
  96. When we find something, he’ll be arrested.
  97. Kids get arrested, but nothing ever happens.
  98. I was also arrested, and shall be exiled.
  99. The soldiers arrested Him and took Him away.
  100. They confessed after police arrested them.
  1. Byron his history of arrests.
  2. Perhaps step up your rate of arrests.
  3. This hole arrests the propagation of crack.
  4. Was falsely borne in hand, sends out arrests.
  5. Of course, he had more than his share of arrests.
  6. No prior arrests or apparent run-ins with the law.
  7. We also heard gunfire (executions), arrests and the.
  8. It not only made the arrests safer, it also took all.
  9. In that time he’s had six arrests but no convictions.
  10. Surely there have been other arrests of people in his.
  11. Still, the arrests later that same night were not expected.
  12. Soviet purges, directed the arrests, torture and deaths of 65.
  13. In July of 2009 arrests were made in Detroit where the cases.
  14. There were also more arrests in the newspaper phone hacking scandal.
  15. Arrests and prosecutions for animal cruelty were rare, if non-existent.
  16. He had assisted in many arrests, and putting evil criminals behind bars.
  17. Enforcement Corps interceptor airships, to perform pilot arrests midair.
  18. More arrests should follow in Saudi Arabia in the coming days and weeks.
  19. Tracked down some of the officers in charge of Peterson’s later arrests.
  20. This newspaper, still in the public interest, claims those arrests are suspect.
  21. Detective-Sergeant Adrian Quinlan: We haven’t made any arrests at this stage.
  22. Consequently, the policing authorities were hesitant to make arrests for fear of.
  23. A FORMER policeman described how he was involved in the arrests of 11 Church members.
  24. Racist media coverage led to racist targeting of minorities for arrests and prosecution.
  25. Most American Jews were still struggling with their disbelief at the arrests at the March.
  26. Police poured into the rooms and the arrests were almost an anticlimax with no resistance.
  27. The roundup ensnared seven gang members, though the state police said more arrests were coming.
  28. But resigning didn’t mean the arrests would not happen, just that somebody else would do them.
  29. Does he have a criminal record? If so, find out the details of any arrests or convictions he has.
  30. Finally Lumumba arrests the Public Prosecutor, so President Kasavubu can’t arrest him any more.
  31. He convinced himself that Nikolas had paid off the police, and there would be no further arrests.
  32. Arrests were imminent, three men had already been taken into custody and one, a Sheriff was dead.
  33. A number of arrests were made but no single person could be identified as the culprit and charged.
  34. As the Council was having its meeting to conclude the ending of the arrests, four shadows entered the room.
  35. President Kasavubu says he isn’t sacked and arrests Lumumba , but Lumumba arrests him back and no returns.
  36. The American authorities will be notified of the arrests in due course, unless you insist that I call them.
  37. Coast Guard data as of March 2006 revealed that more than 160 terrorist or alleged terrorist arrests occurred.
  38. Awake all night through the arrests, she flew to Washington at dawn when summonsed by the President for a 9:00 a.
  39. The inquiry had now gone international with the potential of any immediate arrests slimmer than it had ever been.
  40. Congress have drug-related arrests in their background, eight were Paradise Lost_____________________________ 179.
  41. The police and I don’t know a thing about the arrests in the case and I was wondering if you’d heard anything.
  42. His handler was suspended indefinitely and had to explain why his and Blitz's arrests were higher than the average.
  43. How many more there were, no one knew, but everyone was suspect in the witch hunt that followed the initial arrests.
  44. A single phone call by Kennedy after one of King's arrests created the false impression Kennedy backed civil rights.
  45. Within a few months, this action spread to over one hundred cities with violence, arrests and counter demonstrations.
  46. There have been mass arrests and people herded off to detention centers that sound more like concentration camps to me.
  47. Most Police & Intelligence Agencies work together across borders to assist with information or arrests where applicable.
  48. The soldiers made arrests right and left, swearing to wipe out the Klan if they had to put every white man in Atlanta in jail.
  49. Then, because he was ordered to do so, he had issued a press statement, completely out of the blue that arrests were imminent.
  50. I ran his name and it came back with nothing deeper than a couple of unlawful demonstrations and resisting arrests, I said.
  51. York had appointed him as a senior official in his administration and Harald was empowered to make arrests and punish offenders.
  52. Making their arrests publicly known will help put fear into the hearts of at least some, or more, would-be poachers and traders.
  53. Could you believe it? There was a great deal of social unrest and people cried out for longer prison sentences and more arrests.
  54. In others it also includes arrests, charges dismissed, charges pending and even charges where the individual has been acquitted.
  55. God knows where the rest of him was going to turn up, but until they could find the body, there could be no arrests in this case.
  56. It was nearing the end of the third week of the inquiry into the brutal killing at ACCS and no arrests, which wasn’t a good result.
  57. Unfortunately, at this time there is no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and no effective treatment exists that arrests its progression.
  58. The past two years working out of the Roanoke field office had been a tedious grind of all-night stakeouts, investigations and arrests.
  59. This makes arrests and search warrants much easier for Mr Criminal cannot run to another county (municipality) and expect not to be arrested.
  60. After these greetings there took place arrests, executions and deportations to the Gulag of persons who were predominantly Polish and Catholic.
  61. Congratulations on your promotion, well deserved in view of your recent arrests, but I fear you may have won only the battle and not the war.
  62. As a result each gave up his life in the underworld and testified against the mob, resulting in quite a few arrests and imprisonments on both sides.
  63. There would be arrests made, and certainly before noon Sotillo would know in what manner the silver had left Sulaco, and who it was that took it out.
  64. With each passing month in 1980, as the world’s attention increasingly focused on the hostages, more and more arrests took place throughout the country.
  65. Unfortunately, her producers and paymasters felt that her drug arrests and time in jail would bring more money into their pockets, even if they were bogus.
  66. After the writer reminds us of who Chloe was and what happened to her, they report that although police investigators have a few leads, no arrests have been made.
  67. Perhaps sometime we can meet and trade case histories, now that I’m in the same field as you, in a sense—even though self-appointed—citizens arrests and all that.
  68. What could easily have resulted in civil war, instead resulted in a patrician compromise whereby they allowed plebeians some protection from arrests by patrician magistrates.
  69. In response, today has already seen a record number of arrests by police, MSD and army units, the detainees being held for questioning in a temporarily-converted army barracks.
  70. By noon on the day after the arrests north of Boston, the federal justice system was well on the road to recovering from the overload following the arrest of nearly 3,000 people.
  71. They had also, to avoid further arrests as much as anything, organised the collection of as much as they could of the arms and ammunition being held in private houses and drinking clubs.
  72. You have the authority to make arrests and help us find the perpetrators, you have the local knowledge and, more importantly, this is your case and you deserve the credit for solving it.
  73. A private political committee facilitating the event agreed to pay the first 10 million dollars in court costs for defending the brutal city employees who took part in the beatings and arrests.
  74. Some one of these officials feels dull, or inclined to distinguish himself, and makes a number of arrests, and imprisons or sets free, according to his own fancy or that of the higher authorities.
  75. All that was there were the arrests of two transvestites for soliciting, six drunk and disorderly arrests, an array of traffic citations and the impounding of a car found parked in a space reserved for an executive.
  76. The arrests had begun hours earlier, under the veil of night, when police and SA storm troopers broke into the shanties and wagons that were home to Roma and Sinti families—Gypsies—and rousted them from their beds.
  77. Officially, he was an undercover cop whose job it was to supply others with the information necessary for successful arrests in any class of crime, but in the red-light district of San José that translated into cocaine.
  78. Attorney General McQueeney, whose employees would make the arrests, supervise the detentions, and prosecute the cases, knew that she had neither the staff nor the facilities to carry off such a mass round up and prosecution.
  79. It must be remembered that at that epoch the police was not precisely at its ease; the free press embarrassed it; several arbitrary arrests denounced by the newspapers, had echoed even as far as the Chambers, and had rendered the Prefecture timid.
  80. You may, therefore, comprehend, that being of no country, asking no protection from any government, acknowledging no man as my brother, not one of the scruples that arrest the powerful, or the obstacles which paralyze the weak, paralyzes or arrests me.
  81. Mostly, they talked about what happened in Boston, about the ships, the refugees fleeing in the middle of the night and, then, about the arrests, thousands of refugees and hundreds of American Jews rounded up in the middle of the night and taken into custody.
  82. The county sheriff promised a thorough investigation and swift arrests, some rather blustery and shortsighted comments in light of the fact that these ecoterrorists had been marauding through southern Appalachia with impunity for the better part of two years now.
  83. He would be redeemed with the bosses, particularly when the fingerprint ID came in confirming his identity as a wanted murderer but undoubtedly, Edgar would be shuffled back to obscurity, listening to scum inform on scum, while being locked out of even those inglorious arrests.
  84. But nothing arrests nor interrupts the tension of all these energies toward the goal, and the vast, simultaneous activity, which goes and comes, mounts, descends, and mounts again in these obscurities, and which immense unknown swarming slowly transforms the top and the bottom and the inside and the outside.
  85. Those arrests were for dubious political issues and probably were more of a desperate attempt by the Nationalists to curry favour with the ANC, for the generals constituted no threat to anyone…except the Nationalists because of their knowledge of the dirty action campaigns that they, the Nationalists had ordered.
  86. Rory had consulted with the Head of the Cargo Anti-Smuggling Unit at OR Tambo International Airport, Superintendent Steve van Zyl who told him that they had succeeded, jointly with the Crime Intelligence Unit, to a large extent, in stopping huge drug consignments from coming into the country and had made some arrests.
  87. Exactly who was this Douglas Finney from Boston, Massachusetts? His police record, begun in childhood, included two separate arrests for possession of cocaine with the intent to sell, but through plea-bargaining he had avoided conviction on both occasions: the first had been reduced to possession, and the second dropped altogether.
  88. How do you think that the Americans were able to make so much progress with new aircraft, while any attempt at using imagination and initiative here in the Soviet Union is discouraged by threats of arrests if you prove too good or competent? The progress of our country has been strangled by the MGB and by its predecessor, the NKVD, which saw plots everywhere and terrorized even the highest members of the Party.
  89. I cannot say that other units did not back down as we once had a serious fatherly talk with twelve members of the Special Guard Unit who refused to get out of their vehicle, and assist a police woman when she was attacked by three men in their presence! Their reason to let a police woman be beaten up beside their obvious cowardliness? They cannot make arrests and appear in court as witnesses, for who will then protect the Nationalists? Well, you know there's still 900 other plastic policemen in your unit who might be able to protect them! I wonder how many rest days we spend in court answering stupid questions from lawyers.

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