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Ask dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I ask to see it.
  2. Ask it what it is.
  3. All I can ask is.
  4. But I have to ask.
  5. I forgot to ask her.

  6. I ask God and His.
  7. I want to ask her.
  8. But you have to ask.
  9. Ask it what it needs.
  10. I will ask her then.
  11. But if we ask other.
  12. You are free to ask.
  13. It can't hurt to ask.
  14. All I ask of you is.
  15. Can I ever ask him?

  16. He did ask one other.
  17. It's too late to ask.
  19. I cannot ask for more.
  20. Ask her out on a date.
  21. Ask if they need help.
  22. He knew he had to ask.
  23. Ask God for ideas on.
  24. I’ll have to ask her.
  25. That is all that I ask.

  26. I would never ask that.
  27. I’m not going to ask.
  28. Not bad, if you ask me.
  29. Ask the Spirit of the.
  30. Me not do what you ask.
  31. You ask about magic, I.
  32. I asked him to ask his.
  33. I know I always ask you.
  34. Receive what you ask for.
  35. To ask yourself is this.
  36. We didn’t have to ask.
  37. Baby I have to ask why?
  39. Will you do as I ask?
  40. You ask a guy a question.
  41. May I ask who you are?
  42. Too proud, if you ask me.
  43. We can even ask for the.
  44. To ask in a whisper the.
  45. Ask exactly what he said.
  46. I stop and ask, No way.
  47. I didn’t ask for sugar.
  48. Ask me no more questions.
  49. You get what you ask for.
  50. He did not ask for thanks.
  51. I said she should ask you.
  52. Ask them if they are sick.
  53. When we ask what type of.
  54. Here I'll only select Ask.
  55. I think I'll ask for Mrs.
  56. Let me ask you a question.
  57. Evoke His energy and ask.
  58. No one could ask for more.
  59. Uh, hold on, let me ask.
  60. I’m going to ask Mrs.
  61. I should ask you to leave.
  62. When they will ask which.
  63. I didn't even need to ask.
  64. Then I heard the Lord ask.
  65. Ok I will ask my mother.
  66. Then, they ask for God's.
  67. Why should he? I ask.
  68. Okay, Ill do as you ask.
  69. What is it? I ask her.
  70. If it isn’t wood, I ask.
  71. Who else would he ask?
  72. I will ask one more time.
  73. People ask me how he did it.
  74. Mankind must ask of their.
  75. Before they could ask him.
  76. Since they did not ask my.
  77. Maybe you should ask Harry.
  78. Is that too much to ask?
  79. She serves me in all I ask.
  80. I will need to ask first.
  81. To be this way! I ask you.
  82. He offers to go and ask her.
  83. He wouldn’t ask that now.
  84. Um, over there? I ask.
  85. He would ask the Brigadier.
  86. Dont believe me? Ask Joan.
  87. I only ask out of concern.
  88. I'll have to ask you to.
  89. Why do you ask that?
  90. What more can you ask?
  91. Did he ask what ailed me?
  92. You ask too many questions.
  93. I’ll ask it again, June.
  94. He was man enough to ask me.
  95. Why ask a homeless man for.
  96. Ask what is their specialty.
  98. The Pharisees ask for a sign.
  99. What more can you ask for?
  100. And then they ask for your.
  1. She was asking for it.
  2. It is only asking $75.
  3. Asking to see her, I.
  4. Was I mad for asking.
  5. All it took was asking.
  6. I was asking about him.
  7. R: I am asking for that.
  8. I know that by asking.
  9. So now I'm asking you.
  10. If you are asking the.
  11. He's been asking for it.
  12. God is asking that his.
  13. He was asking me here?
  14. He’s not asking for it.
  15. So when asking a bigger.
  16. He was asking about the.
  17. I started off by asking.
  18. And she kept asking Him.
  19. She could not risk asking.
  20. This guy was only asking.
  21. Why are you asking that?
  22. God is not asking you to.
  23. Yes, I guess I am asking.
  24. All I’m asking is that.
  25. What is He asking us now?
  26. She was asking for Anne.
  27. It was asking if someone.
  28. I should be asking you.
  29. We are asking the question.
  30. Is that asking too much?
  31. And I am doing the asking.
  32. So you would be asking.
  33. All God is asking is that.
  34. He keeps asking for him.
  35. She was asking for my help.
  36. He knew what she was asking.
  37. But I guess I was asking:.
  38. Earn their trust by asking.
  39. I was terrified of asking:.
  40. Should I stop asking him?
  41. One of those I regret asking.
  42. You disappoint me in asking.
  43. She was asking for medical.
  44. That’s not asking or much.
  45. It saves me from asking Mrs.
  46. What is He asking the world?
  47. He was asking her a question.
  48. Are you asking after me?
  49. You are asking the question.
  50. He's sick and asking for her.
  51. That is asking for trouble!.
  52. She was asking for something.
  53. They had been asking Sophie.
  54. Asking Daphnie how she would.
  55. Why are you asking me this?
  56. I should have kept asking her.
  58. I keep asking myself what.
  59. By asking the client to give.
  60. But why are you asking silly.
  61. I should be asking you that.
  62. She knew what he was asking.
  63. I came to him asking for help.
  64. I couldn’t resist asking it.
  65. She was asking him how he was.
  66. He was asking about a boat.
  67. There was no point in asking.
  68. Gwenda knew why she was asking.
  69. They kept on asking questions.
  70. Does she know of your asking?
  71. The asking price is 125,000.
  72. She was asking me about you.
  73. But tell me why you are asking.
  74. We all obey without asking why.
  75. The adroit artist was asking Mr.
  76. It would be asking for trouble.
  77. You can avoid asking questions.
  78. For me to do the asking would.
  79. I guess that's what I'm asking.
  80. I’m asking for one last visit.
  81. Asking what the key was for, I.
  82. Pie came in, asking about goats.
  83. Always asking what you could do.
  84. I was asking our guest, Kevin.
  85. It’s always worth asking how.
  86. I've been asking the questions.
  87. They take things without asking.
  88. She kept asking these questions.
  89. Without asking he began to speak.
  90. We'll give you the asking price.
  91. And now she was asking questions.
  92. Then she began asking questions.
  93. Qian Chi could not resist asking.
  94. A detective was asking questions.
  95. Elaine thought about asking her.
  96. Are you asking me to dance, Mr.
  97. Trago didn’t need asking twice.
  98. Instead of asking directions at.
  99. If it is not asking too much, Mr.
  100. You're the one he was asking for.
  1. I asked if I could.
  2. He smiled and asked me.
  3. I asked about Ben and Ab.
  4. Then he asked a question.
  5. Gogo asked me to sing it.
  6. So what? She asked herself.
  7. Thank God, I just asked.
  8. What is it? I asked.
  9. Is he alive? asked A.
  10. What was it? she asked.
  11. Who is she? he asked.
  12. Where is it? I asked.
  13. But it was Alan who asked.
  14. Why is that? I asked.
  15. Who is this? he asked.
  16. What is it? Eve asked.
  17. You like it? he asked.
  18. Cup of tea? asked Joe.
  19. I turned to Bert and asked.
  20. What is it? Tom asked.
  21. Why do you think he asked.
  22. I went over and asked Sam.
  23. Waddell then asked for news.
  24. I asked the owner if this.
  25. What is it? Wil asked.
  26. What is it? she asked.
  27. Are they nice? I asked.
  28. May I cut in? he asked.
  29. Is he dead? she asked.
  30. Why is that? Tom asked.
  31. He asked Tom for some water.
  32. But first he asked her name.
  33. He then asked for some food.
  34. David asked God to judge him.
  35. She asked for his number and.
  36. Is this Jim? she asked.
  37. Who was that? she asked.
  38. Where are you? he asked.
  39. Clearing his throat, he asked.
  40. I asked Jack to stay with me.
  41. Is that us? asked Chris.
  42. So, when she asked about '.
  43. Help with what? I asked.
  44. So what to do? he asked.
  45. You ready? he asked her.
  46. Was he serious? asked A.
  47. Guilty of what? he asked.
  48. I was asked to speak with you.
  49. The question begs to be asked.
  50. Roger was the one who asked it.
  51. How is that? Kulai asked.
  52. Is that a yes? she asked.
  53. She asked if anything was new.
  54. Was there blood? asked A.
  55. Rex had asked them to pack a.
  56. No one asked you to interfere.
  57. Imps did this? Eve asked.
  58. That’s why I asked you here.
  59. When asked by the pastor,.
  1. I do as he asks.
  2. He asks us to be.
  3. Vince does as she asks.
  4. Do what she asks of you.
  5. What is it? he asks.
  6. He only asks for my life.
  7. Who is it? he asks.
  8. She is, the man asks.
  9. First time? he asks me.
  10. Oh no? the mans asks.
  11. You see it? he asks.
  12. Don't you think? he asks.
  13. What is it? she asks.
  14. Will it stop? he asks.
  15. Is she ok? Torin asks.
  16. How was work? he asks.
  17. The next statement asks if.
  18. He asks the next question.
  19. In his innocence, he asks.
  20. Nobody asks why we do this.
  21. Care to answer it she asks.
  22. A man asks another for help.
  23. Who was that? she asks.
  24. Then she asks about flavour.
  25. Are you sure? she asks.
  26. Uar asks that you gather as.
  27. She asks after you, you know.
  28. He asks us not to trust the.
  29. Who is that? Vince asks.
  30. In another place, Jesus asks.
  31. Did it hurt? – she asks me.
  32. Then he asks to see it again.
  33. Joseph asks about his father.
  34. Oh, yes? he asks mildly.
  35. They have? the man asks.
  36. She asks about you frequently.
  37. How was it? she asks him.
  38. You don’t? he asks her.
  39. You up for this? he asks.
  40. You told her? Ethan asks.
  41. Why? the window man asks.
  42. What was that for? he asks.
  43. They got her? Candis asks.
  44. I'll pay whatever he asks, too.
  45. And he will do what Avery asks.
  46. She asks me: Where is the man?
  47. Trust me? he asks softly.
  48. M: He will get what he asks for.
  49. What was that? Kelly asks.
  50. Who are you? the man asks.
  51. She asks him when next he will.
  52. What was that? Emily asks.
  53. Once again, man asks that God.
  54. What time is it? She asks.
  55. Are you certain? asks he.
  56. Who was that? Nadine asks.
  57. So notice the question he asks.
  58. His neighbor sees it and asks.
  59. Are you sure? Beth asks.
  60. Care of the soul asks that we.
  61. Who was that? Gordon asks.
  62. So what happened? he asks.
  63. Oh yeah? the reporter asks.
  64. Morris asks in a laughing voice.
  65. Arjun then asks Krishn whether.
  66. A week? the first boy asks.
  67. What do you think? he asks.
  68. Cass asks him, Please help me.
  69. Do everything he asks, that is.
  70. This is a question everyone asks.
  71. Are you nervous? She asks.
  72. Everybody asks me that lately.
  73. What was that, asks Dina?
  74. He asks Efm to be moving on and.
  75. It asks which numbers have been.
  76. Why is that nurse? Jaden asks.
  77. How is your father? he asks.
  78. Is that fine? asks the man.
  79. What’s a Holder? she asks.
  80. How does that feel? he asks.
  81. Is there a problem? he asks.
  82. But mature love asks more of you.
  83. The united what? Uriah asks.
  84. Where was he? Benjamin asks.
  85. What, is he dead? Asks Sean.
  86. What is it? Eugene asks her.
  87. Who was she with? asks Mary.
  88. For what? he asks hopefully.
  89. When used as a question, it asks.
  90. Are you okay? he asks to her.
  91. What about the sun? she asks.
  92. It’s a she? He asks elated.
  93. At this Arjun asks three questions.
  94. Is something wrong? he asks.
  95. All the father asks is repentance.
  96. Are you coming in? she asks.
  97. What time is it, asks John?
  98. What are you doing? she asks.
  99. What does that do? Toni asks.
  100. Yeah is it true? Evette asks.

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