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Ask dans une phrase (en anglais)

I ask to see it.
Ask it what it is.
All I can ask is.
I ask God and His.
But I have to ask.
I want to ask her.
I forgot to ask her.

I will ask her then.
But you have to ask.
Ask it what it needs.
But if we ask other.
All I ask of you is.
Can I ever ask him?
It can't hurt to ask.
You are free to ask.
I cannot ask for more.
It's too late to ask.
He did ask one other.
Ask if they need help.
Ask God for ideas on.
He knew he had to ask.
Ask her out on a date.
I’m not going to ask.
I would never ask that.
Me not do what you ask.
I’ll have to ask her.
Ask the Spirit of the.
Not bad, if you ask me.
That is all that I ask.
To ask yourself is this.
I know I always ask you.
Baby I have to ask why?
We didn’t have to ask.
I asked him to ask his.
Will you do as I ask?
You ask about magic, I.
Receive what you ask for.
I didn’t ask for sugar.
She was asking for it.
Asking to see her, I.
It is only asking $75.
Was I mad for asking.
So now I'm asking you.
If you are asking the.
I know that by asking.
I was asking about him.
R: I am asking for that.
All it took was asking.
He was asking me here?
He's been asking for it.
God is asking that his.
He’s not asking for it.
He was asking about the.
So when asking a bigger.
And she kept asking Him.
I started off by asking.
And I am doing the asking.
She was asking for Anne.
This guy was only asking.
Is that asking too much?
It was asking if someone.
What is He asking us now?
I should be asking you.
Yes, I guess I am asking.
God is not asking you to.
All I’m asking is that.
She could not risk asking.
We are asking the question.
Why are you asking that?
All God is asking is that.
But I guess I was asking:.
He knew what she was asking.
He keeps asking for him.
So you would be asking.
Earn their trust by asking.
Should I stop asking him?
She was asking for my help.
I was terrified of asking:.
I asked if I could.
He smiled and asked me.
But why? she asked.
For what? he asked.
His mother, Martha, asked.
What now? she asked.
Now what, he asked.
Any plans? he asked.
Then he asked a question.
I asked about Ben and Ab.
Meow? asked the cat.
And so…? he asked.
Gogo asked me to sing it.
What then? he asked.
How? he asked feebly.
Doing what? She asked.
What is it? I asked.
Thank God, I just asked.
But it was Alan who asked.
Why is that? I asked.
Where is it? I asked.
Who is she? he asked.
Is he alive? asked A.
So what? She asked herself.
What was it? she asked.
The captain himself asked.
What is it? she asked.
With Raicha? he asked.
Waddell then asked for news.
I asked the owner if this.
What is it? Eve asked.
Right here? she asked.
Who is this? he asked.
Why do you think he asked.
I turned to Bert and asked.
What is it? Tom asked.
I went over and asked Sam.
What is it? Wil asked.
You like it? he asked.
Cup of tea? asked Joe.
I do as he asks.
He asks us to be.
Vince does as she asks.
Do what she asks of you.
What is it? he asks.
Who is it? he asks.
He only asks for my life.
Don't you think? he asks.
What is it? she asks.
She is, the man asks.
You see it? he asks.
First time? he asks me.
Oh no? the mans asks.
Will it stop? he asks.
The next statement asks if.
Nobody asks why we do this.
How was work? he asks.
He asks the next question.
In his innocence, he asks.
Is she ok? Torin asks.
A man asks another for help.
Are you sure? she asks.
Care to answer it she asks.
Then she asks about flavour.
Who was that? she asks.
She asks after you, you know.
They have? the man asks.
Then he asks to see it again.
Oh, yes? he asks mildly.
In another place, Jesus asks.
Who is that? Vince asks.
Uar asks that you gather as.
Did it hurt? – she asks me.
He asks us not to trust the.
Joseph asks about his father.
How was it? she asks him.
You don’t? he asks her.
Why? the window man asks.
She asks about you frequently.
You up for this? he asks.

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