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Ass dans une phrase (en anglais)

A pain in the ass.
I sweat my ass off.
A nice ass, that is.
I had to haul ass!.
I like it up the ass.
And it is a nice ass.
You are an ass, Will.

Because Ken is an ass.
This could save my ass.
It was a big ass Caddy.
Get your ass over here.
Day in court, my ass.
He was shot in the ass.
It knocks him to his ass.
Webster can kiss my ass.
I got knocked on my ass.
You were pretty bad ass.
Her hands cupped his ass.
I say, ‘Watch your ass.
He got up rubbing his ass.
Gina hit him in the ass.
That stuff kicked my ass.
He was mounted on an ass.
Pain in the ass investing.
It was a pain in the ass.
He was such an ass kisser.
Going to wear his ass out.
I had to watch my own ass.
Then he slaps my ass hard.
They like his crazy ass.
It has just sat on its ass.
Get your ass out of here.
It means we kicked the ass.
Or up his ass, if you like.
God, I was such an ass slut.
What an ass I am, he thought.
Up the ass, said Tailpipe.
One, is a sweaty, stank ass.
His ass was already sweating.
He loved his ass too much.

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