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Atrocious dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Ugly? I think it was atrocious.
  2. I have been an utterly atrocious host.
  3. Monygham by the mystery of his atrocious end.
  4. The daily lives of the public mob are atrocious.
  5. God knows that the local weather is atrocious enough.
  6. Zorbantans are immune to this atrocious nightmare, said Dr.
  7. Quincy) as the introducer into this House of an atrocious principle.
  8. What harm had he done to you to cause you to take that atrocious action?
  9. As with the decile 10 stocks from Value Factor One, the returns are atrocious.
  10. Notwithstanding the Durban community’s concern about such an atrocious assault.
  11. This may just be the signal for an atrocious bloodbath to start across the Pacific.
  12. It is atrocious that this would be brought to light, but it has long been suspected.
  13. I've heard exactly what happened yesterday—and the atrocious behavior of that—creature.
  14. The West claimed to have eyewitnesses to attest to the fact that we had done this atrocious act.
  15. For a moment there my heart started thumping but I said, „of course, though my accent is atrocious.
  16. It's atrocious that I should have to, but nobody ever seems to have told you a single thing in your life.
  17. Who’s responsible for this atrocious sexual crime against innocent children? All too often, the customers.
  18. The base rates for decile 1—those stocks with the highest change in net operating margins—are atrocious.
  19. Bogdanovich had no time to scream before passing out from the massive wave of pain from his atrocious wounds.
  20. The contents of this horrible, atrocious, grotesque and blackguardly letter were as follows, word for word :.
  21. Shame was a common feeling for victims of sexual abuse, despite their lack of responsibility for the atrocious acts.
  22. For the most part they do not even see how all the atrocious deeds they have suggested and authorized are carried out.
  23. He didn't seen to understand, but he wouldn't have been expecting it and Jorma's pronunciation was probably atrocious.
  24. He has leaders far more experienced than I am; prominent warriors with vendettas against this atrocious northern kingdom.
  25. It was a night-mare as hideous as was ever begotten by the hellish brood it-self; and it was an atrocious slander on God.
  26. I spent an entire chapter on the building of the bomb but I failed to discuss one of the atrocious derivatives: land 106.
  27. Carefully he placed a few of the healer leaves upon the atrocious tear and proceeded to retie the blood encrusted bandage.
  28. We take slaves of them as often as we can instead of killing them outright as they deserve because of their atrocious deeds.
  29. John Lateran; and the latter convicted of being an accomplice of the atrocious and sanguinary bandit, Luigi Vampa, and his band.
  30. At the same time, Leonardo was undressing his layer to throw it in our heads to protect us and save us from the atrocious spectacle.
  31. Jackson, or of Great Britain, be as atrocious as it will, if the fact which we assert do not exist, we and this nation are disgraced.
  32. Within a month Bomber Command managed to make three attacks, a not inconsiderable achievement in view of the atrocious weather conditions.
  33. And although my Gireldine is atrocious, Andrei said, and I couldn’t make out more than half, it sounds like someone cares about you.
  34. Soltam’s passed out nearly at once from the atrocious pain, while it took a bit longer to Nancy to kill Nazir by strangling him with her legs.
  35. Less because of my wife’s assurances than because of the atrocious sufferings which I felt in jealousy, I no longer allowed myself to be jealous.
  36. It was pretty hard to see anything as the weather was atrocious with torrential rain and thunderstorms adding to the misery and the noise of the guns.
  37. Boots polished up to the exaggeration and a hat of wing, also black, was covering partially his face, leaving alone the indigo, icy and atrocious eyes.
  38. Nature, who had made him what he was, seemed to have calculated cruelly how much he could bear in the way of atrocious anguish without actually expiring.
  39. The dishes on his table, for example, were cheap and almost coarse, and the pictures on his walls were photographs or atrocious bargain-counter paintings.
  40. Phil Rudolph was looking for some sunshine in his life and he wasn’t thinking of the atrocious weather that descended on him as he left his car at central.
  41. However long Hilderich stared at it in utter disbelief and profound distaste, words would not escape his gaping mouth and the atrocious piece of metal would not go away.
  42. Does the gentleman say that it was atrocious in 1798 to defend ourselves against the French? But it has become so now, seeing the defence we seek is against the English.
  43. But as we’ve seen before, those unsustainable returns are indeed unsustainable, with returns quickly fading and the losers soon reverting to their atrocious performance.
  44. As noted, decile 10 offers atrocious returns, beating the All Stocks universe in just 5 percent of all rolling five-year periods and in not even one rolling ten-year period.
  45. When I speak of the principle as atrocious, I beg distinctly to be understood as not impeaching the motives of any gentlemen, or representing them as advocating an atrocious principle.
  46. The Chief Of Police who had seen quite a few atrocious road accidents, and was accustomed to blood, splattered bones and brains, nevertheless found this one particularly hard to stomach.
  47. He and my father and their team watched in astonishment as the wardens—regular university students—committed barbaric and atrocious acts against the prisoners—their fellow classmates.
  48. The revelation shocked all worshipers present at the crusade arena, who wondered silently, some aloud, as to why a woman in her right senses would sacrifice his only son in such atrocious manner.
  49. Then his head rolled back, his eyelids fell, and the Capataz de Cargadores died without a word or moan after an hour of immobility, broken by short shudders testifying to the most atrocious sufferings.
  50. How atrocious that such a person should have any right to come between him and Lucy, to say she wouldn't do this, that, or the other that Wemyss proposed, and thus possess the power to make him unhappy.
  51. He raised his head with an expression of sovereign authority, an expression all the more alarming in proportion as the authority rests on a low level, ferocious in the wild beast, atrocious in the man of no.
  52. The boy had been an eager enough collaborator as they spelunked each other there in a storage room behind the auditorium, but William’s reputation was already atrocious, and afterward the boy had avoided him.
  53. Bonnie apparently suffered greatly until, at exactly the speed limit, we exited at a place where the shitter was to her liking, immediately after which I learned that my driving had been atrocious all the way there.
  54. Her French was atrocious and the cab driver's English was nonexistent, but she had insisted on giving instructions in a performance that appeared like two crazy people dedicated to a gross verbal tournament with Oui.
  55. She was surprised sometimes at the atrocious conjectures that came into her thoughts, and she had to go on smiling, to hear repeated to her at all hours that she was happy, to pretend to be happy, to let it be believed.
  56. And as Zulimistan had been doing many ill health and negative atrocious activities in Islamic countries mostly so now it was the time for it to cut that crop that has been harvested by Zulimistan for others in the past.
  57. For years he had carried about at the tail of the Army of Pacification, all over the country, a captive band of such atrocious criminals, who considered themselves most unfortunate at not having been summarily executed.
  58. Heathcliff, aware that his opponent was ignorant of the treatment received while insensible, called him deliriously intoxicated; and said he should not notice his atrocious conduct further, but advised him to get to bed.
  59. How atrocious, he thought, while he smoked in silence and held on to himself, that Lucy should be taken away from him by a mere maiden lady, an aunt, an unmarried aunt,--weakest and most negligible, surely, of all relatives.
  60. Ulysses that grabs on the fig tree seems to talk about Ulysses who is centering himself on the Cosmic SELF , so he can defend himself from being pulled under by the great devouring mother that is the atrocious reality of this world.
  61. I had resolved in my own mind that to create another like the fiend I had first made would be an act of the basest and most atrocious selfishness, and I banished from my mind every thought that could lead to a different conclusion.
  62. If such language comports with our rules of order, I must submit, seeing it is uttered where he is protected; but, sir, I must pronounce it a libel on myself, and throw it back on him who uttered it, as a foul, atrocious libel on the committee.
  63. Speaker, I ask that of the House, for the language I am compelled to use; but so long as I am a man, so help me God, when I am told I am actuated by an atrocious principle, I will throw it back in the teeth of the assertor as an atrocious falsehood.
  64. I declare it to be a manifest and atrocious usurpation of power; of a nature, dissolving, according to undeniable principles of moral law, the obligations of our national compact; and leading to all the awful consequences which flow from such a state of things.
  65. Are you kidding? Haven't you ever watched, Do U Really Know Who Lives Next Door on the Informant Channel? TSP said incredulously, as if asked if the horrors of children enslaved to mine or perish existences were as atrocious as US of All kiddie porn victims.
  66. Atrocity! The advocate of an atrocious principle! Let the gentleman recur to those who originated this principle; let him go back to the day of the Revolution, and damn the memory of the patriots of those times, the fruit of whose labors he so ill deserves to enjoy.
  67. Just as in a wicker basket all the ends are so hidden away that it is hard to find them, in the state organization the responsibility for the crimes committed is so hidden away that men will commit the most atrocious acts without seeing their responsibility for them.
  68. That inconceivably atrocious reality that tainted history with the blood of thousands of innocent people synthesizes the most malevolent perfidy that most deeply affected Roger’s feelings and, without doubt, the entire world in the earlier years of the 21st century.
  69. In addition, Roger addressed himself to the columnist: I abhor war just as much as you do, for as a result of war and Communist dominance I have known indescribable hunger, experienced abject misery, witnessed despicable injustices, and suffered atrocious repression.
  70. A murder of a most atrocious kind had been committed within the Indian country; the parties were taken near the spot, and brought before the federal authority in Georgia; and upon a question of jurisdiction, the judges decided that the court had no authority in the case.
  71. We feel it was this their birth right to retaliate because it is fundamental right of all individuals and nation to efface those harm and break finger pointed out to them, and if possible teach oppressors a lesson so that no mischief manger could dare repeat atrocious acts….
  72. Others of the sailors joined with them in this attempt, and a twisted turmoil ensued; while standing out of harm's way, the valiant captain danced up and down with a whale-pike, calling upon his officers to manhandle that atrocious scoundrel, and smoke him along to the quarter-deck.
  73. Human evolution from primates is information that advocates some explanation and understanding of atrocious human behaviours, but which can never justify such behaviour, but invokes human accountability when adding it to the mix of human consciousness, intellect, thought, emotion and freewill.
  74. And are you ready to repeal the embargo under such a threat as this? This note, sir, is sarcastic to the last degree; in it I read insult added to the atrocious injuries my country has received; there is but one part of it which can be looked at with patience, and that is the valuable admonition I have read.
  75. Even Colonel Gerineldo Márquez, who escaped three attempts on his life, survived five wounds, and emerged unscathed from innumerable battles, succumbed to that atrocious siege of waiting and sank into the miserable defeat of old age, thinking of Amaranta among the diamond-shaped patches of light in a bor-rowed house.
  76. The mention of the dignity and neutrality of the flag, so difficult to preserve in his position, "right in the thick of these events between the lawlessness of that piratical villain Sotillo and the more regularly established but scarcely less atrocious tyranny of his Excellency Don Pedro Montero," came next in order.
  77. If we can accommodate our differences with one of the belligerents only, I should prefer that one to be Britain; but if with neither, and we are forced into a selection of our enemy, then am I for war with Britain, because I believe her prior in aggression, and her injuries and insults to us were atrocious in character.
  78. Plus he knew that Ilya Orlov could not face the damning but undeniable truth that sixty years service in the most remote and barbaric outpost of Imperial Russia had been in vain, that a lifetime of battling fear and suspicion, battling inhuman winters and atrocious living conditions had been a total waste of time and effort.
  79. Upright and delicate as a flower born in the depths of a forest, she knew nothing of the world's maxims, of its deceitful arguments and specious sophisms; she therefore believed the atrocious explanation which her father gave her designedly, concealing the distinction which exists between an involuntary failure and an intentional one.
  80. And is this reason of convenience sufficient, in the estimation of this House, to justify it, in depriving this people, in the person of their Representatives, of the essential right of speaking upon this floor? Is this a justification for such an atrocious and exorbitant grasp at power? Our patriotism, nowadays, can submit to no sacrifices.
  81. Secondly, the white Nationalists really felt that they had a Noblesse Oblique—or need to carry what Kipling’s referred to as the white man’s burden in Africa as they had witnessed first-hand (this cannot be denied) the complete disorder and atrocious dictatorships which came to power wherever the Colonial powers granted independence to its colonies in Africa.
  82. Helen’s beauty, that causes an atrocious ten year war and innumerable deaths between the Achaeans and the Trojans; the Sirens who use the beauty of their song to enchant and then destroy sailors who pass by them; the nymph Calypso, whose beauty imprisons Ulysses on her island for seven long years; Penelope’s beauty which causes the death of her one hundred eight suitors).
  83. That atrocious system which, having attained to the fullest measure of detestable injustice and cruelty, was now fast crumbling into ruin, inevitably doomed to be overwhelmed because it was all so wicked and abominable, inevitably doomed to sink under the blight and curse of senseless and unprofitable selfishness out of existence for ever, its memory universally execrated and abhorred.
  84. So if the quality of love is recognized by all peoples and all nations, then why is it that throughout the course of human history there has been so many wars, so much hatred, so much crime, and so much inhumanity done to our fellow man? If everyone knows what love is, then how could so many people throughout the course of our human history commit the evil and atrocious acts they have committed?
  85. Chairman, under this accumulation of injuries, the measure of embargo was resorted to—a measure having in view a counteraction to the whole system of aggression carried on against the United States—a measure which has been pursued as a means of bringing about a relinquishment of that atrocious system on the part of the belligerents, and a redress of injuries inflicted on us, together with the preservation of peace.
  86. We walked back in silence, each feeling resentful, and keeping along the cliff passed, just before we came to Sellin, a little restaurant of coloured glass, a round building of an atrocious ugliness, which we discovered was one of the prides of Sellin; for afterwards, driving through the forest to Binz, all the sign-posts had fingers pointing in its direction, and bore the inscription _Glas Pavilion, schönste Aussicht Sellins_.
  87. A long series of injurious acts, the offspring of new and (if possible) more atrocious principles than what constituted the pretended ground of former outrages, were pressed with accumulating weight into the train of former outrages, insomuch that those which followed after, taken along with those which had preceded, made up a combined system which threatened to sweep from the ocean almost every particle of canvas, and all the floating property of this great Republic.
  88. Well, sir, was there ever a crisis calling on a people for vigorous exertions more awful than that which impends over us now? Now, when a vile spirit of party has gone abroad and distracted the Union? Now, that the State which the gentleman represents is almost in arms against us? And, in such a state of things are we to be told that we are espousing an atrocious principle, because we are seeking for the means to defend our country? The will of the President is the law of the land, says the gentleman.
  89. Marta had not been able to find one, and the matter was now becoming pressing; some organ was absolutely needed to counteract the effect of the lies disseminated by the Monterist press: the atrocious calumnies, the appeals to the people calling upon them to rise with their knives in their hands and put an end once for all to the Blancos, to these Gothic remnants, to these sinister mummies, these impotent paraliticos, who plotted with foreigners for the surrender of the lands and the slavery of the people.
  90. An evil king could kill and butcher and rape and tax and oppress and commit all kinds of atrocious horrible bestial acts of cruelty and evil, but as long as they confessed their sins to the Church just before they died: they would be ‘forgiven’ their life of evil by god and be allowed to pass into heaven instead of being cast down into the everlasting fires of hell because they were finally admitting that the religious authority of the church was ultimately greater than their temporal authority on Earth.
  91. Let us, for a moment, bring to our recollection the occurrences which took place, and the orthodox opinions which were held, at the time when the honor and dignity of this nation were deeply wounded, (a wound not yet healed,) in the attack of the Chesapeake; when the blood of American citizens was wantonly shed, and when the British squadron, after the commission of an act so atrocious, in violation of the jurisdiction of the United States, anchored in Hampton Roads and interrupted the regular communication between Norfolk and other places.
  92. An Atrocious Slander On God: Henry Ward Beeches speaking of Michael Angelo's painting, The Last Judgment said, Let anyone see the enormous gigantic coils of fiends and man; let anyone look at the defiant Christ that stands like a superb athlete at the front, hurling his enemies from him and calling his friends toward him as Hercules might have done; let anyone look upon that hideous wriggling mass that goes plunging down through the air-serpents and man and beasts of every nauseous kind, mixed together; let him look at the lower parts of the picture, where with the pitchforks men are by devils being cast into cauldrons and into burning fires, where hateful fiends are gnawing the skulls of suffering sinners, and where there is hellish cannibalism going on-let a man look at that picture and scenes which it depicts, and he sees what were the ideas which man once had of Hell and of divine justice.
  93. For is not the prevailing opinion among all ranks of the people, especially when they desire to appear signally enlightened, that the scriptural language respecting God as a Living Person near at hand, full of thoughtful interest regarding ourselves, is but an accommodation to the weakness of the lower order of minds; so that when prophets and apostles speak of Deity as resenting ingratitude or insult; as indignant at atrocious wrong; as loving, grieving, sympathising, seeking to associate with us in close communion; as delighting in good, provoked with bad men;—these are only so many fictions, 'anthropomorphic parables,’—the absolute truth being that the Divine Nature is infinitely removed above all possibility of concrete thought or moral emotion, of pleasure or pain—that in fact the Godhead dwells in an unbroken calm of perfect rest; so that there is no objective reality in expressions which practically describe Him with a moral nature analogous to the human.
  94. Sir, should we refuse an inquiry into this case, when we know that the fine of James Thompson Callender, for one of the most atrocious libels ever written in the United States, was remitted? When we know that it was remitted by the President of the United States, after the money had been received by the proper receiving officer of the United States, when it had passed out of the hands of James Thompson Callender into the hands of the officer of Government, and was, to all intents and purposes, in the Treasury of the United States, because there is no such thing as a treasury in which money is actually deposited—for a libel, too, in which the great Father of his Country was treated with a shameless indignity, which could not but have gone to the heart of every man? When the President of the United States was in that libel called a hoary-headed incendiary, should that fine be returned, and shall a gentleman in this House be fined and imprisoned for that which was not even improper? Shall we not restore to him that which others have been suffered to retain, and for which we have not brought to question him who restored it after it was in possession of the receiving officer of the United States—in fact, after it was in the Treasury? Let us not be guilty of this inconsistency.

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