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Atrocious dans une phrase (en anglais)

Ugly? I think it was atrocious.
I have been an utterly atrocious host.
Monygham by the mystery of his atrocious end.
The daily lives of the public mob are atrocious.
God knows that the local weather is atrocious enough.
Zorbantans are immune to this atrocious nightmare, said Dr.
Quincy) as the introducer into this House of an atrocious principle.

What harm had he done to you to cause you to take that atrocious action?
As with the decile 10 stocks from Value Factor One, the returns are atrocious.
Notwithstanding the Durban community’s concern about such an atrocious assault.
This may just be the signal for an atrocious bloodbath to start across the Pacific.
It is atrocious that this would be brought to light, but it has long been suspected.
I've heard exactly what happened yesterday—and the atrocious behavior of that—creature.
The West claimed to have eyewitnesses to attest to the fact that we had done this atrocious act.
For a moment there my heart started thumping but I said, „of course, though my accent is atrocious.
It's atrocious that I should have to, but nobody ever seems to have told you a single thing in your life.
Who’s responsible for this atrocious sexual crime against innocent children? All too often, the customers.
The base rates for decile 1—those stocks with the highest change in net operating margins—are atrocious.
Bogdanovich had no time to scream before passing out from the massive wave of pain from his atrocious wounds.
The contents of this horrible, atrocious, grotesque and blackguardly letter were as follows, word for word :.
Shame was a common feeling for victims of sexual abuse, despite their lack of responsibility for the atrocious acts.
He didn't seen to understand, but he wouldn't have been expecting it and Jorma's pronunciation was probably atrocious.
For the most part they do not even see how all the atrocious deeds they have suggested and authorized are carried out.
He has leaders far more experienced than I am; prominent warriors with vendettas against this atrocious northern kingdom.
It was a night-mare as hideous as was ever begotten by the hellish brood it-self; and it was an atrocious slander on God.
I spent an entire chapter on the building of the bomb but I failed to discuss one of the atrocious derivatives: land 106.
Carefully he placed a few of the healer leaves upon the atrocious tear and proceeded to retie the blood encrusted bandage.
We take slaves of them as often as we can instead of killing them outright as they deserve because of their atrocious deeds.
John Lateran; and the latter convicted of being an accomplice of the atrocious and sanguinary bandit, Luigi Vampa, and his band.
At the same time, Leonardo was undressing his layer to throw it in our heads to protect us and save us from the atrocious spectacle.
Jackson, or of Great Britain, be as atrocious as it will, if the fact which we assert do not exist, we and this nation are disgraced.
Within a month Bomber Command managed to make three attacks, a not inconsiderable achievement in view of the atrocious weather conditions.
And although my Gireldine is atrocious, Andrei said, and I couldn’t make out more than half, it sounds like someone cares about you.
Soltam’s passed out nearly at once from the atrocious pain, while it took a bit longer to Nancy to kill Nazir by strangling him with her legs.
Less because of my wife’s assurances than because of the atrocious sufferings which I felt in jealousy, I no longer allowed myself to be jealous.
It was pretty hard to see anything as the weather was atrocious with torrential rain and thunderstorms adding to the misery and the noise of the guns.
Boots polished up to the exaggeration and a hat of wing, also black, was covering partially his face, leaving alone the indigo, icy and atrocious eyes.
Nature, who had made him what he was, seemed to have calculated cruelly how much he could bear in the way of atrocious anguish without actually expiring.
The dishes on his table, for example, were cheap and almost coarse, and the pictures on his walls were photographs or atrocious bargain-counter paintings.
Phil Rudolph was looking for some sunshine in his life and he wasn’t thinking of the atrocious weather that descended on him as he left his car at central.

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