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Attain dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Not that we will attain.
  2. Then will you attain unity.
  3. The peaks of glory to attain.
  4. They were craving to attain.
  5. To attain the correct posture.

  6. Attain what you desire to have.
  7. To attain the prize, the heaven.
  8. You would attain the state of.
  9. S/he has to attain his/her Goal.
  10. They will attain greatness here.
  11. Let us attain this rest in action.
  12. In order to attain a balance of.
  13. But they will not attain to death.
  14. It will attain a GOLDEN yellow colour.
  15. You would attain the state of Dhyan.

  16. Love is not a mean to attain any end.
  17. To attain that world, an abstractive.
  18. May I and all others attain only these.
  19. It does not attain full fruit quickly.
  20. But, how can someone attain this love?
  21. Thomas wanted to attain the status of.
  22. When they accomplish this they attain.
  23. No one can attain to truth by himself.
  25. No one can attain enlightenment without.

  26. We therefore need to attain a Buddha’s.
  27. And soon will they attain satisfaction.
  28. Thus, you shall rise up and attain bounty.
  29. We attain equanimity which prevents wild.
  30. Indeed you can attain all desired objects.
  31. But equality he could never anyhow attain.
  32. Therefore think rightly and attain freedom.
  33. He was about to attain accomplishment but.
  34. And they plotted what they could not attain.
  35. Krishn has revealed that no one can attain.
  36. The moment we attain the wisdom of ultimate.
  37. They’d attain the roots of the Matela Par-.
  38. Only in aloneness can you attain enlightenment.
  39. However, this trip seemed to attain its object.
  40. Assuming I follow the methods and attain some.
  41. He had been able to attain his attire and tack.
  42. Think big and start small to attain those goals.
  43. One should attain the state when it shall cause.
  45. From this fifth stage practitioners will attain.
  46. Those who do not want it enough: never attain it.
  47. This book explains how we can attain the sublime.
  48. Most of us have to work hard to attain that state.
  49. Until we eventually attain to the greatest Bliss.
  50. There is no other way to attain to the adored God.
  51. May we attain the supreme happiness of humans and.
  53. May I attain the ground of the great bliss of union.
  54. He assures him that he would ultimately attain him.
  55. The disenchantment of Dulcinea will attain its due.
  56. What is the character necessary to attain? Humility.
  57. The object is to attain mental clarity in this area.
  58. When one knows he is on his way to attain a certain.
  59. Without suffering no one can attain a life in Christ.
  60. God and thus attain to the state of the highest glory.
  61. Our call and our purpose is to attain unto that glory.
  62. They would attain that position and take the section.
  63. When one cannot attain the object he covets he should.
  64. He does not leave you in the way, you attain eternal.
  65. I and my wife desire to attain this simple joy of life.
  66. But they that are accounted worthy to attain to that.
  67. To attain it and retain it, they sacrificed everything.
  68. There is always something better to attain or.
  69. For instance in Dianetics the goal is to attain the OT.
  70. Few are they who are able to attain to the sight of this.
  71. A Junior must attain the minimum age for a specific grade.
  72. He was told that although seekers attain to the desired.
  73. They provide me with the opportunity to attain the pure.
  74. My brother, Jambres, and I have yet to attain that level.
  75. We have to tame it in order to attain our lost liberation.
  76. One who follows this advice will finally attain complete.
  77. Bodhichitta is a mind that spontaneously wishes to attain.
  78. Pestsov maintained that art is one, and that it can attain.
  79. Then only you can attain Kaivalya or Absolute Independence.
  80. We therefore need to attain a Buddha’s holy body, speech.
  81. The three higher trainings are the actual method to attain.
  82. It is a character trait all Thais aspire to but few attain.
  83. Pigeons that have successfully been treated attain immunity.
  84. Some can attain this while others have little or none of it.
  85. Then we can attain liberation from the prison of separation.
  86. At the end of kalp, men attain to this conduct-this way of.
  87. Perhaps because of the mental focus he was trying to attain.
  88. There are two scenarios under which you could attain a raise.
  89. Please bless me so that I may attain all the realizations of.
  90. Perhaps you shall attain the title of Blademaiden before Jean.
  91. It further tells us that seven is the age at which we attain.
  92. In case he wins, however, he will attain to the state of re-.
  93. Look for partnerships that you can create to attain the same.
  94. Only a worshipper fulfilling these four conditions can attain.
  95. Heruka with faith we shall attain the realization of the union.
  96. We should maintain renunciation – the sincere wish to attain.
  97. The chance for happiness has always truly been my own to attain.
  98. Our present Buddha was the first of our humanity to attain that.
  99. The speed of light is a significant barrier to attain as was the.
  100. Since the three higher trainings are the actual method to attain.
  1. This is key to attaining the.
  2. Thus the means of attaining to.
  3. Attaining possessions is not the goal.
  4. And attaining to love is your responsibility.
  5. With the thought of attaining enlightenment.
  6. On minor’s attaining the age of majority i.
  7. They only succeed in attaining to the fancied.
  8. It may be equally efficient in attaining the end.
  9. After attaining this state only, you should take.
  10. It is way of attaining salvation in a crumbling world.
  11. Attaining these toys is not the purpose of a noble life.
  12. Regular meditation will help you in attaining this end.
  13. The steps are the same for attaining the Final Truth too.
  14. He concentrated on attaining the parameters for napalm delivery.
  15. Now I am discussing only the possibility of attaining the object.
  16. This is a time for attaining emotional harmony, for feeling right.
  17. So it can play a vital role in attaining the spiritual development.
  18. They are still losing more ground then they are attaining at times.
  19. Have you sought for means of attaining your aim in religion?
  20. I was attaining twenty-sixth years of age, fully matured young lady.
  21. Investing isn’t easy (anything in life worth attaining rarely is).
  22. According to Jung, attaining of one’s selfness happens through the.
  23. It is only after attaining to the Supreme Spirit that man is not born.
  24. God; after attaining this state he subdues all temptation and, resting.
  25. Once they found the dirt path they pressed through the gears attaining.
  26. In Krishn’s words, action is the mode of attaining to the one, inex-.
  27. On attaining majority, the erstwhile minor has to confirm the balance in.
  28. There are several methods of attaining the ability to dream lucidly, the.
  29. They were both interested in attaining Tabitha’s section of the scrolls.
  30. On attaining the majority the old Savings Bank account is closed and a new.
  31. This would be all the more so if the price is actually attaining new highs.
  32. So, attaining these steps and reaching these high ranks are based on prayer.
  33. It is the basis of attaining knowledge and the only means to achieve belief.
  34. Aside from that, they may also give you some pointers in attaining your goal.
  35. Those who, attaining the level of Adeptship, choose as Their future career to.
  36. Perfected Men is increasing, and the possibility of attaining to Their level is.
  37. On attaining majority, the erstwhile minor is required to confirm the balance in.
  38. Though bound to suffer in woeful states, they have hope of attaining eternal peace.
  39. But without attaining to such happiness, Mother Crucifixion's death was very precious.
  40. There’s the route to attaining a landmark that moves, truly goes away, then arrives.
  41. Indeed government is more often an obstacle than an assistance in attaining these aims.
  42. There are no attempts to attaining any kind of humane perfection… only mechanical ones.
  43. We can not advance on the spiritual path without attaining mastery over this inner noise.
  44. Attaining SES status and heading up DTRA and the center are really the highlights for me.
  46. Rushworth's ever attaining to the knowledge of his two-and-forty speeches became much less.
  47. Consequently, you continue to think and act in circles, never attaining truth or perfection.
  48. The Sexual urge which one feels and becomes overwhelmed by is the door way to attaining the.
  49. We all need to accept our own personal, individual responsibility towards attaining happiness.
  50. Instead it will be a time for fact gathering, reviewing information and attaining mental clarity.
  51. He had only retired to the Marais when he quitted society, long after attaining the age of eighty.
  52. I don’t mean you should stop improving yourself, or stop learning, or stop attaining new skills.
  53. Reaction is for retaining what is there but proactiveness is for attaining which should ideally be.
  54. Hollywood is the magical fairy tale of attaining instant over-nite perfection without working at it.
  55. He recalled the efforts and pain he had to invest in the preparedness for attaining his purposes at.
  56. But man is a creature with a conscience and capable of attaining a higher and higher degree of truth.
  57. A form of beauty already attained, but for the attaining of which I would not perhaps consent to live.
  58. But, being situated on the east coast and in Old Town has not exactly made attaining live shellfish easy.
  59. It put a completely new spin on attaining the goal they originally came to Hawaii for, revenge and money.
  60. Men, therefore, will see God that they may live, being made immortal by the vision, and attaining unto God.
  61. Not as essential as The Handbook of Japanese Verbs for attaining fluency but still a very good book indeed.
  62. The point of sharing this is not to suggest eating junk food as a way of losing weight and attaining health.
  63. The masses have felt the necessity of education, and have begun to work in the direction of attaining their end.
  64. He loves the process of attaining, but does not quite like to have attained, and that, of course, is very absurd.
  65. You are in a period for fact-gathering, for attaining mental clarity, for exploring ways to improve the finances.
  66. Likewise, the difficulty of attaining and maintaining positivity and awareness is what builds spiritual strength.
  67. If your main goal is attaining beautiful skin and general well-being, then a healthy lifestyle is worth maintaining.
  68. Check what types of illnesses are common in the regions of your visit and then prepare by attaining the proper shots.
  69. The great lie is that happiness is supposed to be only found be by chasing perfection… and never actually attaining it.
  70. They knew only a religion that imposed the doing of certain things as the means of attaining righteousness -- salvation.
  71. Hemlock was sweeping his sword toward the beasts head, it jerked away, roaring in frustration at not attaining his death.
  72. Ironically, most people today place so much emphasis in attaining material gains and disregard their true spiritual nature.
  73. On attaining the age of two, near puberty, the child is considered an adolescent and three marks the beginning of adulthood.
  74. Sadhana a ritual prayer that is a special method for attaining spiritual realizations, usually associated with a Tantric Deity.
  75. To lower the standard of an ideal means not only to lessen the chances of attaining perfection, but to destroy the ideal itself.
  76. Those of you working on attaining their second marriage will have an active and happy social year, but will probably not marry.
  77. Mere emotional bubbling for the time being out of sheer curiosity or for attaining psychic powers cannot bring any tangible result.
  78. Ranking behind these strategies would be the ones that offer limited profits with a reasonable probability of attaining that profit.
  79. The hundred is distinguishing figure attaining a whole within a whole showing the great virtue of the Trinity doctrine in fullness unity.
  80. A group of representative Swedish intellectuals addressed themselves to Tolstoi with a letter as to the means of attaining universal peace.
  81. Through our good thinking the wise Creator will enable us to do his will, thereby attaining the realization of all that is divinely perfect.
  82. All five refer to the lost and speak of their death, deceased, destruction, dead, not attaining unto the paths of life, resting with the dead.
  83. We sometimes choose absolute nonsense because in our foolishness we see in that nonsense the easiest means for attaining a supposed advantage.
  84. As I’ve always been aware of your deeds, it must surely be a charitable project aiming at attaining greater closeness to the Almighty Al’lah.
  85. In order to help ourselves, we have to realize our potential as divine beings and meditate towards attaining the level of focus and determination.
  86. SOULSPEAK: The Outward Journey of the Soul is a ground breaking CD/book combination intended for anyone interested in attaining the deep spiritual.
  87. He had coached Tress over several years – perhaps teaching her too much, honing her skills in assisting his pursuit of attaining relics of power.
  88. And without divine help, said Adeimantus, they will go on for ever making and mending their laws and their lives in the hope of attaining perfection.
  89. Those who understand the principle and incorporate it in their lives immensely increase their chance of attaining the state of happiness we all long for.
  90. All five refer to the lost, and speak of their death, deceased, destruction, dead, not ever attaining unto the paths of life again, resting with the dead.
  91. It is the Dream of attaining a comfortable life of affluence, protected in the safety of a house used as a fortress to keep everyone else outside at bay.
  92. Flirting can be utilized in just about anything, not just in attracting the opposite sex, but also in attaining just about anything you want in your life.
  93. That jewel with which Al'lah the Almighty has adorned man in this world and made it in the brain, is now the means for getting knowledge and attaining realities.
  94. Not to excite suspicion by her look or manner was now an object worth attaining; and she felt equal to almost anything that might save her from her aunt Norris.
  95. Another group of strategies that rank high on an expected profit basis are those that have limited risk with the potential of occasionally attaining large profits.
  96. Spiritually, we often use the term letting go as a means of attaining a higher state of awareness by releasing an aspect of ourselves that no longer serves us.
  97. Much of our discussion has reflected on the unconscious enforcement of the dominator model which keeps us from attaining our right to our individuated, becoming self.
  98. After finally attaining the land of the living, I was sinking again, back to those days of my childhood when I was alone, widely avoided, wired only to other computers.
  99. With what kind of love for good, and zeal for attaining God’s Satisfaction, had his pure and honest spirit been endowed to enable him to achieve that incredible feat?
  100. However, there are those that may say this is simply not true, as all three of the above have demonstrated incredible tenacity towards attaining success, and that is true.
  1. He had attained his end.
  2. No title to be attained.
  3. But my object is attained.
  4. Many have attained to his.
  5. I attained all that I wanted.
  6. He attained the maturity of.
  7. But, still, it can be attained.
  8. This point we have now attained.
  9. Before he eighteen years attained.
  10. Who have attained every perfection.
  11. Success can not be attained overnight.
  12. Stubby attained the rank of sergeant.
  13. Having attained the highest Spiritual.
  14. This is because love cannot be attained.
  15. This can be attained by doing two things.
  16. Financial goals are more or less attained.
  17. You have now attained the semi-lethal dose.
  18. He hath attained the Yog that man is such!.
  19. It is not attained by an intellectual feat.
  20. M: What has been attained may be lost again.
  21. Career goals have more or less been attained.
  22. But when you have attained it, what relief!.
  23. Whatever was to be attained has been attained.
  24. Out of his hundred sons, eighty one attained.
  25. I never attained Level 11, in person or avatar.
  26. Yet the maximum earnings attained by 1940—$3.
  27. She had hardly even attained the wish to do it.
  28. Financial goals can be attained by social means.
  29. That they have not yet as a people, attained a.
  30. He attained martyrdom during the War of Apostasy.
  31. At the age of 26, DV attained the first state of.
  32. The freedom that some died for has been attained.
  33. Sadhana, gradually the state of Dhyan is attained.
  35. Balmiki, who was a dreadful dacoit, attained the.
  37. Indeed, Fernando has attained the North American.
  38. However, who is there who has attained his ideal?
  39. He smiled as he realized he had attained readiness.
  40. The then-Captain Markham had attained a supposedly.
  41. The highest speed attained by a destroyer was 45.
  42. Neither is attained without first embarking on the.
  43. Jean Valjean had just attained his twenty-fifth year.
  44. Even those who have attained shall stand before God.
  45. The one who had to be attained to has been attained.
  46. Once she attained it, she no longer cared to keep it.
  47. The effect which they had foreseen had been attained.
  48. The highest speed it attained was 306 km/h (190 mi/h).
  49. The same end is attained by the most diverse 'devices.
  50. But everything which they attained, attained through.
  51. Also, look closely at goals that were easily attained.
  52. This letter attained the secret object which Countess.
  53. This is the hallmark of a saint who has attained the.
  54. He had done it several times and had attained fluency.
  55. In fact, this power has already been attained by a few.
  56. Both these aims were to be attained by the same effort.
  57. Is a gift and a special treasure Not attained by the man.
  58. We may think our belief that living beings have attained.
  59. Practitioners who have attained the illusory body of the.
  60. But Grantaire attained to the highest regions of dithryamb.
  61. See that you live up to the level which you have attained.
  62. A glorious campaign, that attained stupendous results? Yes.
  63. One Sunday evening they attained to their old rare harmony.
  64. For non-Druids, this means you must have attained level 70.
  65. Finally, the moon was killed and the great victory attained.
  66. How wonderful it would be if all living beings attained the.
  67. One hoped to have attained wisdom in a lifetime and, before.
  68. Having attained a Master of Theology, Desmond was appointed.
  69. Once I have attained the state of a complete Buddha, I shall.
  70. When this is attained, then your lawn would be looking great.
  71. This is something that I believe we have not attained unto yet.
  72. Anything attained through hardship was always remembered more.
  73. She attained union at age 18 without aid of scriptures or guru.
  74. And only a few of any Guild ever attained such a lofty status.
  75. Now, it seems that her second objective has just been attained.
  76. Buddha’s omniscient wisdom that is attained through complet-.
  77. In my years of gardening I attained a great amount of knowledge.
  78. Andrea had, then, in a fortnight, attained a very fair position.
  79. Then I shall have attained my object, which is an honorable one.
  80. Teachers and many of their disciples attained the realization of.
  81. As soon as turkeys have attained selling weight they're promptly.
  82. Compulsion is attained with children generally by means of blows.
  83. If the desired results have not been attained, you have a problem.
  84. They soon went past their previously attained top speed of Mach 2.
  85. But now, having attained my effect, I was suddenly panic-stricken.
  86. The market had moved higher, but neither strike had been attained.
  87. It is clear that in fact such ideal cannot be invariably attained.
  88. As such it didn’t take long before they attained their objective.
  89. Still the main distinctive feature of ASC attained by adherents of.
  90. The action of men who have attained to the ultimate bliss is free.
  91. Accomplished sages who have attained to the ultimate state are.
  92. Harald could only assume that Robin had attained that latter status.
  93. I was calm, a monk who had attained Nirvana, not a care in the world.
  94. This enumeration of the way of life of worshippers who have attained.
  95. He stopped his business meeting in the middle and he attained my call.
  96. Since sages such as Janak had also attained to the ultimate real-.
  97. GREATNESS is only attained by the constant thinking of great thoughts.
  98. When the inward and God-seeing man has thus attained to his Eter-.
  99. A state of mind is attained which is neither thought, nor non-thought.
  100. To serve those who have attained to a higher spiritual status, revered.
  1. For One who attains this.
  2. He attains the stage of Raja-Yoga.
  3. Whoever enters it attains security.
  4. Not everyone attains to that resurrection.
  5. It attains those dimensions and no further.
  6. The sage attains to the same state after his.
  7. So he attains to the final bliss of salvation.
  8. When one attains power to watch constantly the.
  9. At this point the yogi attains to Krishn’s way of.
  10. Hierarchy, and attains the level of the Silent Watcher.
  11. And that the human being attains only what he strives for.
  12. Now the Yogi attains super conscious state and becomes a full-.
  13. Parth, the man who is always absorbed in my thought attains to the.
  14. A man attains, O son of Kunti, to the slate with the thought of.
  15. See how in a little time the fruit of the tree attains to maturity.
  16. Grief, when it attains this shape, is a headlong flight of all the.
  17. The yogi who attains this state achieves an equal vision and looks.
  18. I’m afraid it will not reach it before the rocket attains orbit.
  19. The sage who sacrifices the fruits of his action to God attains to.
  20. Man neither attains to the final state of actionlessness by desist-.
  21. But it is now revealed that even one who attains to the status of Brahma.
  22. Now the Yogi attains super conscious state and becomes a full-blown Jnani.
  23. That happiness is which the seeker attains to, by spiritual discipline by.
  24. Ahimsa becomes a reality when the mortal man attains the immortal elements.
  25. Man aspires by worship to be better and thereby eventually attains the best.
  26. This species attains to a more considerable magnitude than authors have stated.
  27. The hellbender of eastern North America attains a length of two and a half feet.
  28. Thinking and demons attains the form of prison in dispute made by demon methodology.
  29. And what becomes of a man when he attains perfection? He lives a life of bliss infinite.
  30. Whatever, they say, attains the object for which any power is given, is an execution of that power.
  31. This is because, when a woman attains orgasm, her movements would pull the semen into the uterus more.
  32. Bliss cannot come from ignorance, yet blossoms forth as one attains that consciousness which knows it can.
  33. When he enters that Presence and attains the link with Him, the Almighty, he will become spotless and rise high.
  34. The body as a whole after purification, creates a divine body and from body cleaning the soul attains liberation.
  35. Therefore we have a right to call only such activity, art and science, which has this aim in view, and attains it.
  36. When a spirit lives in such a state and attains this link, this link will lead it to be close to Al’lah, the Almighty.
  37. When all mankind attains happiness then there will be no more time, for there'll be no need of it, a very true thought.
  38. Whether you use modern technology or find a regular picture, make certain the artist attains a good likeness of the pet.
  39. Such art cannot, in our time, but be esteemed good, for it attains the end which the religious perception of our time, i.
  40. Man is made partaker of reconciliation in spiritual regeneration, which he attains to, being led and kept by the Holy Ghost.
  41. But, as LSD attains, when one glimpses the world from the liberated states of mind of the mystics, the notion of being born (i.
  42. When a trainee warrior attains his final Su-Katii rank after the gruelling years of training, the Ceremony of the War Lords is held.
  43. As for the communicant who draws his spirit nearer to his Provider, he is that who attains Al’lah’s boon and gains His charity and donation.
  44. In systematic desensitization, the patient attains a state of complete relaxation and is then exposed to stimulus that elicits the anxiety response.
  45. By such passion and love to that Godly Perfection which arises from seeing that Supreme Attributes, the spirit attains a high link with its Creator.
  46. All men know that not one of these methods attains the aim of entrusting the power into none but infallible hands, or of preventing its being misused.
  47. Everyone knows that not one of these methods attains the aim either of intrusting power only to the incorruptible, or of preventing power from being abused.
  48. In the length he attains, and in his baleen, the Fin-back resembles the right whale, but is of a less portly girth, and a lighter colour, approaching to olive.
  49. How happy the spirit will be if it performs its prayers by means of this pure spirit and attains a link with it! Only then will it enter into the Godly Presence and draw nearer to Al’lah.
  50. The science the spirit attains in such case a knowledge about the realities of things, that is, what they contain of evil or good, and that is the real science which the Almighty named science of certainty.
  51. No one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him; it is the amount and excellence of what is over and above the required that determines the greatness of ultimate distinction.
  52. When man attains the mind intervening between the material and the spiritual planes of existence, his ideas of time-space will be enormously expanded both as to quality of perception and quantity of experience.
  53. Thereby the communicant believer becomes clement with all of creation, is merciful, brave, and generous, attains such moralities as are derived from God, and is colored with them through communication with Him.
  54. That enormous ability by virtue of which one is Moses, Aeschylus, Dante, Michael Angelo, or Napoleon, the multitude awards on the spot, and by acclamation, to whomsoever attains his object, in whatsoever it may consist.
  55. That pudgala (matter) by the power of which, one attains to a higher family is higher ‘gotra karma’ and that pudgala (matter) by the power of which, one is condemned to a lower family is called lower ‘gotra karma’.
  56. This is the grade that man attains and the reality that he finds after his continues thinking, he grasps it (the reality) and his true belief in God:’ There is no god but Al’lah’ becomes based on the knowledge of certainty as God the Almighty commands.
  57. The larynx is so elongated that it rises up into the posterior end of the nasal passage, and is thus enabled to give free entrance to the air for the lungs, while the milk passes harmlessly on each side of this elongated larynx, and so safely attains the gullet behind it.
  58. The second generation of the soul is the first of a succession of personality manifestations of spiritual and progressing existences, terminating only when this divine entity attains the source of its existence, the personal source of all existence, God, the Universal Father.
  59. For the eye sees, the ear hears, and the tongue tastes, then these sensations move to the spirit which sends up the rays of these perceptions to the brain, when it is true in seeking truth, and there, the thought performs the processes of comparing, contrasting, disuniting and assembling then the spirit attains its demand.
  60. And as the individual man, when he attains a fresh stage of growth, inevitably changes his philosophy of life, and the grown-up man sees a different meaning in it from the child, so too associations of men—nations—are bound to change their philosophy of life and the conduct ensuing from their philosophy, to correspond with their development.
  61. Thus from Spirit, or Cosmic Ideation, comes our consciousness; from Cosmic Substance the several vehicles in which that consciousness is individualized and attains to self — or reflective — consciousness; while Fohat, in its various manifestations, is the mysterious link between Mind and Matter, the animating principle electrifying every atom into life.
  62. The practice of smuggling, which is odious every where, and particularly criminal in free Governments, where the laws being made by all for the good of all, a fraud is committed on every individual as well as on the State, attains its utmost guilt when it blends, with a pursuit of ignominious gain, a treacherous subserviency in the transgressors to a foreign policy, adverse to that of their own country.
  63. The temptations of power and of everything which it gives, of wealth, honours, luxurious life, present themselves as a worthy aim for the activity of men only so long as the power is not attained; but the moment a man attains it, they reveal their emptiness and slowly lose their force of attraction, like clouds, which have form and beauty only from a distance: one needs but enter them, in order that that which seemed beautiful in them should disappear.
  64. In Une Vie the fundamental thought is the perplexity in the presence of the cruel senselessness of the agonizing life of a beautiful woman, who is ruined by the gross sensuality of a man; here it is not only the perplexity, but also the indignation of the author at the sight of the welfare and success of a gross sensuous beast, who by his very sensuality makes a career for himself and attains a high position in the world, an indignation also at the sight of the corruption of that milieu in which the hero attains his success.
  65. And when I speak of the other division of the intelligible, you will understand me to speak of that other sort of knowledge which reason herself attains by the power of dialectic, using the hypotheses not as first principles, but only as hypotheses--that is to say, as steps and points of departure into a world which is above hypotheses, in order that she may soar beyond them to the first principle of the whole; and clinging to this and then to that which depends on this, by successive steps she descends again without the aid of any sensible object, from ideas, through ideas, and in ideas she ends.
  66. But when a man's pulse is healthy and temperate, and when before going to sleep he has awakened his rational powers, and fed them on noble thoughts and enquiries, collecting himself in meditation; after having first indulged his appetites neither too much nor too little, but just enough to lay them to sleep, and prevent them and their enjoyments and pains from interfering with the higher principle--which he leaves in the solitude of pure abstraction, free to contemplate and aspire to the knowledge of the unknown, whether in past, present, or future: when again he has allayed the passionate element, if he has a quarrel against any one--I say, when, after pacifying the two irrational principles, he rouses up the third, which is reason, before he takes his rest, then, as you know, he attains truth most nearly, and is least likely to be the sport of fantastic and lawless visions.
  67. The Christian teaching says to each individual man that his life, if he recognizes his life to be his, and its aim, the worldly good of his personality or of the personalities of other men, can have no rational meaning, because this good, posited as the end of life, can never be attained, because, in the first place, all beings strive after the goods of the worldly life, and these goods are always attained by one set of beings to the detriment of others, so that every separate man cannot receive the desired good, but, in all probability, must even endure many unnecessary sufferings in his struggle for these unattained goods; in the second place, because if a man even attains the worldly goods, these, the more of them he attains, satisfy him less and less, and he wishes for more and more new ones; in the third place, mainly because the longer a man lives, the more inevitably do old age, diseases, and finally death, which destroys the possibility of any worldly good, come to him.
  68. Or to the height of cruelty attains,.
  69. But if one attains his Record behind his back,.
  70. The saint, living in the condition of grace that existed in Paradise before the Fal – an undisturbed relationship with God – attains liberation from the carnal passions, patience, fearlessness,.

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