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  1. We almost lost the main attractor.
  2. Acting as a gravitational attractor, the.
  3. It is not an attractor for material wealth.
  4. For once an attractor has been chosen, the searching self is transformed by 816.
  5. Since we can't bring the positioning coils on the attractor into cal, we could drop that again.

  6. And can an agent be a nism and therefore an attractor? although speaking, Olive was also 812.
  7. Thus we create them by using our fear and vengeance as the strange attractor that bends their shame to revenge.
  8. Money is a nism which also functions as an attractor, thus perpetuating itself through the agents seeking it.
  9. Of course, that's the most common type of attractor and the daily conspiracy of meaning we all participate in.
  10. The great attractor of Zomburbia is the captivating triviality of dream abodes, fashion hates, and entertainment wars.
  11. The hero and the martyr are societal expressions of a culture's spiritual development, intent, and terminal attractor.
  12. Its end is the recreation of its means – love's attractor is higher, wider, more caring for, and everless caring why/why not.
  13. The Good is a ghost attractor when we define what it should be and how one ought to live to achieve it, without actually living it.
  14. The Game's End attractor lures the entertrained into a zombie-stroll through the comformicating culture of their encompassing iWorld.
  15. The anchored ghost attractor permeating these attractors is the ubiquitous X for X's sake drawing the culture into a cascade of 454.

  16. As the system becomes holistically supportive, it ceases to require an artificial mass democratic attractor like equal opportunity to.
  17. How do we stop the cult of fame, the growth of the attractor Luv my I'mage? To ridicule it promotes It, using one's scorn to spread it.
  18. The attractor mentioned above is usually understood as an area of Space in which there is a projection of a certain point that moves in Space.
  19. And most of those reasons irrelevant, with the elimination of the womb and attractor dividing the world into endless divisions of haves and have nots.
  20. As your attractor warps your larp, every step alters either the location of your attractor or reinforces and increases its current gravity, orbit and telemetry.
  21. It is this trying to love in all conditions that creates the attractor of unconditional love: a love that has learned the wisdom of how to love in every possible situation.
  22. If we already have the ending, War on, but left unstated, X, then the ghost attractor is anchored and will never break free from fear, threat, conflict, conquest, and control.
  23. Even if the enemy is global warming, when the answer is first one(s) to save the world wins the world, the dominant force, because it is the ultimate attractor, is win or die.
  24. Homozygotic gravities create cultures of zombies grave-stalking the greatest ever NuNow Nova: the mass attractor that is the novelty of ownership and the ownership of novelties.
  25. Love is what we will to become, so we deposit it as the attractor of our social will, so that the institutions for our comformication are in our interest and not in money's or power's.

  26. A smart culture whose ideal cultural attractor is love designs a shareconomy system which implements a military whose Game's End is to evolve out of existence, not conquer and secure all.
  27. Everyone is everything – liar, lover, thief and saint, but in a crisis, however you act, your spiritual trajectory manifests the ideal your beingstyle is amassing as your true attractor.
  28. How and toward what end we interact at any, many or none of these intersections will all effect the ultimate attractor mass that our current decisions and acts are gravitating into existence.
  29. A teleology of transcendence creates the conditions that allows for the emergence and evolution of a paradigm-shattering attractor – an ideal whose mere conception redefines the gravity of perception.
  30. This hypothetical new mind, Techine, is the speculative attractor of monergic and technological teleology that is drawing us up to serve in the creation of the environment that will be conducive to its emergence.
  31. Brute democracies do not necessarily seek the collective's good, nor even the majority's, but the controlling class's interest: that attractor which governs their acquisition and utilization of the power to rule.
  32. The only corporate communal love are those social institutions that have been created by individuals not only loving, but also depositing Universal Love as the ultimate attractor of culture, society, and the individual.
  33. Since all information is in a system of communication, the comformicated arises like a particle of force within a field of energy, and, as attractor, its gravity warps the memetic space around it by the mass of its I'mage.
  34. ThinAir Conspiracists fantasy cast a memetic attractor, an idea seeking minds to inhabit and, once planted, the seeded mynd acts according to their nu attractor that will, hypothetically, bring about yet to be determined effects.
  35. An event occurring now is a succession of past events, and it is impacted by the future: the teleologically postulated possibility that is an attractor effecting the present, like the gravity of past mind effects the trajectory of current act.
  36. Every reinforcing act within the habitually participated in systems exponentially increases the culture's gravitational force upon the individual pulling them into a tightening orbit spiraling towards the heart of the hypothetical attractor, i.
  37. By creating a strange attractor – our ideal – we can construct appropriate shoulds that will give us both a telemetric arc for our journey to our no place and also the spiritual escape velocity to break the gravity of culture's prevailing is.
  38. In sharing in the creation of the environment of choices that are being constructed around them, one is invited to the table of social and personal consequence: the creation, depositing, and following of the collectively constructed Great Attractor.
  39. When there is no I'mage pursued, then the voice you can hear and freely choose to follow is your distilled will: the choices your gravity permit you according to the design your lifestyle creates as it orbits the deposited attractor of its hypothetical ideal.
  40. If we have one last chance at using the system against itself, so that from its death by paralysis a new cultural attractor can be conceived and deposited, let us try to make this our sole city, state, and national referendum: a moratorium on all new legislation, i.
  41. But any brute union, which is mono poly via ownership, be it rights or property, in turn generates a concentration of social capital which is converted repetitively into the political power which maintains the ruling quo: the encircling gravity of the brute attractor.
  42. Singularity is the Philosopher's Stone attractor of a technological explosion; its exponentially increasing population has a Game's End final solution: the sparking of the Divine Teme, the birth of the Nano Messiah, the creation of the Techno-God – the superintelligent machine-making machine.
  43. The question, then, is what is the threshold of love for love to functionally predominate the social will; what are the social systems, cultures, and institutions necessary to enact a social love that is greater than any individual within it? If love is the attractor, how are we a social will to it?
  44. By reflecting upon the smart level, by querying it from the perspective of the Ideal Attractor, Why are you doing this; how does it achieve me?, a wise culture uses its forces and systems in an integrated way to bring about its collectively imagined, commonly shared, and corporately deposited ideal.
  45. That is why this attractor repeatedly emerges, massing memetic particles into idyllic imagitons of human consciousness, inspiring spiritual leaders with love and empathy to invent charitable virtualnisms through which to socially love one another, collectively and individually, through philanthropic systems.
  46. We bring the hypothetical attractor, the Ideal Dreamed, into existence by being its formula for manifestation, by choosing mindlessly the social systems entertraining us according to the gravitational laws producing the Culture, whose increasing mass warps future space in the I'mage of its proscriptive ideal: See, Believe.
  47. There are three types of zombies; those that eat brains, like TV viewing and junk diets, making your brain stomach to whatever foods consumed; those that consume minds, ideological memes, like religious faith and national patriotism, that take up residence in minds and reshape brains in the I'mage of their worship; and spiritual zombies that take over the purpose of existence, its ethic, attractor, and teleology of the ideal.

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