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Await dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He said, ' I await you.
  2. We shal await your return.
  3. If that be so, I but await.
  4. I await to take you with ME.
  5. I will await the examination.

  6. The horse and carriage await.
  7. What wondrous gifts await us.
  8. Did the same fate await her?
  9. And angel joys await it there!.
  10. But I await thee: scarce alive.
  11. I await your summons, Princess.
  12. They will stop there and await.
  13. About 180 permits await approval.
  14. Tell him that I await his answer.
  15. The gates await us, said Ben.

  16. Horrified to await what was coming.
  17. Tell it to stop and await my orders.
  18. He said he would await the special.
  19. We will train and await your call.
  20. So now we eagerly await the first egg.
  21. To await the fate of John the Baptist.
  22. We do not know what defenses await us.
  23. Now it was his turn to await an answer.
  24. They were to await the arrival of a Mr.
  25. More traps await us on the way and at.

  26. I shall await the result with interest.
  27. But the same fate did not await Volodya.
  28. I await with impatience your directives.
  29. Strange things await us by the eaves of.
  30. I faced Josephine to await the inevitable.
  31. We're staying and we will await the Plague.
  32. They await their turn with the psychiatrist.
  33. He would await daybreak and the pending rain.
  34. And then Bob said to her, Your fans await.
  35. He was told to go and have a drink and await.
  36. New challenges await the smallest naval service.
  37. They await the pharaoh’s orders, Ra said.
  38. I leaned back against a tree to await her answer.
  39. Cigars in the table drawer await your acceptance.
  40. Let the others await us at the foot of the stairs.
  41. Mikael: My warriors stand and await for my command.
  42. Now he could only await death with his eyes opened.
  43. But that would have to await the actual White Paper.
  44. Casaubon's aims in which she would await new duties.
  45. When they die they go to Hades to await the second.
  46. Each wondered what might await them at the spaceport.
  47. My body trembled at what might await after this fight.
  48. What adventures were there to await us? What new found.
  49. The minotaur and firbolg legions await your protection.
  50. They carried Pillsbury to a barracks to await treatment.
  51. I only wish to help, and I'll await your joint decision.
  52. Bino, remarkably calm, closed his eyes to await his fate.
  53. The stone had to be the portent he was ordered to await.
  54. Something seemed to await her, seemed to hold its breath.
  55. The room goes quiet again as all await her first selection.
  56. She now needed to go her home, rather far away, and await.
  57. Separately they await the inevitable compromise to come….
  58. We’re held over in English class to await an announcement.
  59. Mauricio Vasquez was sent to prison on remand to await trial.
  60. He turned quickly, afraid of what new horror might await him.
  61. Then abide with me whilst I await the advent of a Dharma Heruka.
  62. When set to 1, indicates that fragments still await transmission.
  63. That will await him when he enters port, said he, chuckling.
  64. Nothing but the purest and best magnetism should await him, and.
  65. There by day’s end we can rest while we await Moshe’s return.
  66. He sent us back to the capital to await your return, and that’s.
  67. With that said, he disappeared to the safety of his lair to await.
  68. As he entered, he prepared himself for the horror that might await.
  69. We will await the arrival of your Captains and depart thereafter.
  70. In cases of this sort it is better to flee than to await the battle.
  71. I shall remain here and await the arrival of the Earl of Salisbury.
  72. Police on the gate and back to our cabin to await the return of the.
  73. It was frightening to imagine what might await them on those islands.
  74. Instead, I was deposited in a single cell and told to await my fate.
  75. There are promises and gifts that await those who are willing to act.
  76. You cannot imagine with which longing I await the post man each day.
  77. I am the steward here acting under the orders of my Master to await.
  78. As one can see, many pitfalls await even the most experienced traders.
  79. I do not say that I await with pleasure his decision, but I do await it.
  80. We anxiously await the results of actions that also sometimes excite us.
  81. I hope that tonight at the Second Watch, I can await for you there!.
  82. The courier did not even stand by to await a message DRAFTChapter 18 447.
  83. I know of men who constantly torment themselves and anxiously await death.
  84. So here I am finishing my entry in my phonograph diary whilst I await her.
  85. Mercedes begged for six months more in which to await and mourn for Edmond.
  86. To pilot the lugger to the head of Port Creek, where friends await her cargo.
  87. And so they were content to await events, while keeping an eye on Mother Giry.
  88. The convict begins to read; the soldiers armed with the rods await motionless.
  89. He was given instructions to remain in the American military, and await orders.
  90. The head of the police preferred to await the arrival of the governor himself.
  91. Tighe introduced Boran to Tar and went to Borans office to await the professor.
  92. When the boat neared the entrance to Black Canyon, he was to anchor and await.
  93. I can arrest you for that Jack looked straight at Mark to await his response.
  94. Wherefore, let him who is of the opposite opinion come on, for here I await him.
  95. Go, then, and prepare for our immediate departure while I here await your return.
  96. They exit the restaurant hand in hand as they await the valet and he stares at her.
  97. He would maintain the facade of the ignorant noble to whatever end might await him.
  98. Raven was nervous as they led him through the door, afraid of what might await him.
  99. Some of these saints have been laid to rest to await God’s (soon and very soon).
  100. Up on a tall hill the villagers had gathered with their chief to await our arrival.
  1. Awaiting the touch of love.
  2. Awaiting on the shore I roam.
  3. Such a fate was awaiting myself.
  4. The rogue was awaiting his turn.
  5. There is no abyss awaiting them.
  6. She was only awaiting the evening.
  7. There’s a dragon awaiting us.
  8. Many surprises were awaiting him.
  9. They appeared to be awaiting the.
  10. Yes, you are awaiting his return.
  11. And no helpless man awaiting death.
  12. She approached and bowed, awaiting.
  13. Here the Sultan was awaiting me in.
  14. Alone in this cell, awaiting a stay.
  15. For now, he was still awaiting trial.
  16. The inner girls awaiting to be unpark.
  17. He was anxiously awaiting my decision.
  18. He paused, awaiting a reaction from me.
  19. The girls and I had been awaiting his.
  20. Perhaps a lover was awaiting his return.
  21. The Midianites stand ready, awaiting death.
  22. There was a hand written note awaiting me.
  23. The cursor blinks repeatedly awaiting the.
  24. They have died and are in heaven awaiting.
  25. Here our readers were awaiting their turns.
  26. Awaiting his end preaches hope with a sigh.
  27. Awaiting coming events, I retired to my room.
  28. The minion just stared at him awaiting his.
  29. Tardoc, awaiting the arrival of the High-tard.
  30. He was utterly defenceless - putty awaiting.
  31. He could never relax when awaiting new orders.
  32. We will be awaiting your supplies, BABYLON.
  33. Then have a reception awaiting the Greek dogs.
  34. As for awaiting developments, that was not on.
  35. Here I stand, awaiting your lordly pleasure!'.
  36. All eyes turned toward Jane, awaiting her reply.
  37. Everything here is doomed and awaiting the end.
  38. Her awaiting gaze was filled with anticipation.
  39. We all have urgent business awaiting us at home.
  40. He slowed as he came close to the awaiting guard.
  41. At the end of the day, a surprise was awaiting me.
  42. They tossed sacks in the shell of an awaiting van.
  43. Agent Hatfield is stil awaiting a response from.
  44. Awaiting the fury, Kifter, Hallen and Bane were.
  45. Whilst awaiting my meal I browse through the menu.
  46. He was merely awaiting him to make his first move.
  47. Now they were older of course and still awaiting.
  48. He met every day with dread, awaiting his transfer.
  49. Vincent sat in his chair motionless awaiting what.
  50. Elizabeth leaned forward awaiting his next sentence.
  51. Terror ignited at the outcome, awaiting the final.
  52. Actually I do feel relieved about Oded awaiting me.
  53. They were awaiting Mitya with impatience in the shop.
  54. But most cower’d in the Steerage, awaiting Rescue.
  55. I slithered in the bushes like a snake awaiting prey.
  56. We’re just awaiting your orders, Kitara said.
  57. Sacred Hearts, awaiting everything from the power of.
  58. Napoleon had lunched and was awaiting the deputation.
  59. And each one is tied securely, awaiting the harvesters.
  60. So he's sitting there in jail and he's awaiting death.
  61. The awaiting crew were jumping and waving their hands.
  62. She was in Los Angeles, awaiting the birth of a child.
  63. The warriors of God sleep, awaiting a leader to lead.
  64. Without awaiting a reply, she disappeared back indoors.
  65. City airport and the Radisson is awaiting our check in.
  66. A dolmen awaiting the cover stone, Ryodan murmurs.
  67. So he's sitting there in jail, and he's awaiting death.
  68. Did Isaac spot it? I don’t see an ambush awaiting me.
  69. The day she'd been awaiting a year for was here at last.
  70. He sat there and returned her stare, awaiting an answer.
  71. He has failed this city and is currently awaiting trial.
  72. He was hanging on her lips, eagerly awaiting every word.
  73. We were all sort of hanging there, awaiting her response.
  74. He stood there, nervously awaiting his mother's reaction.
  75. I have been long awaiting that a great and handsome hero.
  76. Very few captured mindstates were still awaiting revival.
  77. Selena is awaiting me with her little friend, the Beretta.
  78. I will be awaiting your company in the breakfast room.
  79. Not yet Tom, we have been eagerly awaiting his arrival.
  80. She will now be at home, awaiting the moment of his death.
  81. Kneeling up on my bed, I crawled toward the awaiting gift.
  82. We returned to our room, where our orders were awaiting us.
  83. I can’t answer that, I’m still awaiting my judgment.
  84. Oded just tells me he will be awaiting you at the airport.
  85. A slathering tongue flicked and slapped, awaiting its meal.
  86. I am thus awaiting your suggestions, ladies and gentlemen.
  87. The crowd was hush and leaning in their seats awaiting her.
  88. He was petrified and shaking in the cool air awaiting the.
  89. He was wrongly arrested and killed while awaiting trial.
  90. I was in jail for three days once, awaiting a bail hearing.
  91. Logs had already been piled there, awaiting a cold evening.
  92. At the moment, Annie was sitting in jail and awaiting trial.
  93. Rebecca’s mother was already home and eagerly awaiting us.
  94. There he tells his disciples of the destiny awaiting him in.
  95. Scout joined us and sat next to her, simply awaiting orders.
  96. Next stop, New York, she thought, and a new job awaiting her.
  97. The back door stood open, and a grave butler was awaiting me.
  98. Cassius squeezed my hand and led me toward the awaiting bench.
  99. Place, awaiting the arrival of Thomas, who had been more than.
  100. Then he retired, without awaiting any reply from the princess.
  1. A new life awaited her.
  2. We knew what awaited them.
  3. A change awaited him there.
  4. The awaited rain never came.
  5. Koltes and I awaited our turn.
  6. But, what a sight awaited him.
  7. Without knowing what awaited us.
  8. The light of the day awaited her.
  9. A stack of letter heads awaited.
  10. The long awaited fall of the West.
  11. On both sides some one was awaited.
  12. The book anxiously awaited its turn.
  13. As he awaited the arrival of Pater.
  14. Mongu, where our new home awaited us.
  15. They silently awaited their departure.
  16. At last, the most awaited moment came.
  17. We have eagerly awaited this moment.
  18. Cook anxiously awaited Pat’s return.
  19. He awaited the reply in deadly anxiety.
  20. The earth had eagerly awaited the ships.
  21. Nothing awaited him outside the alehouse.
  22. He knew that a painful death awaited him.
  23. Shade awaited them in the corner paddock.
  24. And that is… Crystal awaited some.
  25. Ali awaited him inside and ran to hug him.
  26. There I impatiently awaited the hour fixed.
  27. He took it, still hoping adventure awaited.
  28. A surprise awaited her on the return journey.
  29. Man patiently awaited the officer's response.
  30. Stone’s Citation CJ3+ awaited on the ramp.
  31. Stepping onto the porch he awaited the knock.
  32. She braced herself for what evil awaited her.
  33. It was here that Boddaert's Magic awaited him.
  34. What fate awaited him now? Exile? Execution?
  35. The usual pile of files awaited his attention.
  36. Voices of the fire: You have long been awaited.
  37. The world that awaited was simply frightening.
  39. The decision of fate was awaited with anguish.
  40. I was in now, so I nodded, and awaited my fate.
  41. There I squatted down and awaited developments.
  42. Hellfire awaited the unbelievers and idolaters.
  43. Lyte awaited them, and threw wide the metal door.
  44. Dorothea awaited his arrival with eager interest.
  45. All his life wondrous foods had awaited him here.
  46. She smiled to the crowd and awaited her question.
  47. Once again the friends awaited the rising sun and.
  48. Massie waltzed into the new house that awaited her.
  49. The horrors that awaited her passed from her brain.
  50. In any case he awaited me with nervotfs impatience.
  51. Three days later, I sat in his office and awaited.
  52. Here a carriage awaited us and took us to the Bois.
  53. She had to actually see the emptiness that awaited.
  54. I quickly hid behind a tree and awaited the outcome.
  55. They had no idea what awaited them inside the cabin.
  56. Without haste or agitation he awaited what was coming.
  57. Everything was still as the rifleman awaited an answer.
  58. The committee members awaited the significance of that.
  59. I awaited the night in terrible agitation, I remember.
  60. As we awaited a response to his knock, I looked around.
  61. His determination once taken, he awaited an opportunity.
  62. It was ten minutes to the end and she awaited her fate.
  63. That done, they awaited the next discharge of grape-shot.
  64. The city awaited the soft tread of their rubberoid boots.
  65. This could be the famous, long awaited bang on his head.
  66. A what? PT asked as he turned and awaited the cable.
  67. He stroked his chin line and eagerly awaited her reaction.
  68. Also in 1954, a second humiliating experience awaited him.
  69. He had no idea of the tumultuous welcome that awaited him.
  70. And in 1912, a new humiliation awaited the great sculptor.
  71. More evidence of the building's neglect awaited them here.
  72. Having changed, we awaited the others near the sports hall.
  73. Isaac awaited her return so he could evaluate her injuries.
  74. Rex walked into the first door not knowing what awaited him.
  75. Cold comfort awaited Annie as she stepped through the front.
  76. They could only guess as to who or what awaited them within.
  77. After successfully entering the RBC we awaited instructions.
  78. They stopped what they were doing and awaited his next words.
  79. He moved to one of the house speakers and awaited Becky’s.
  80. Waking up cheerfully, he awaited the news of the new arrival.
  81. The grim future that awaited him in Xerxes didn't feel real.
  82. A huge reward awaited the hero who would pay for his release.
  83. The scene that awaited them on the other side was worse than.
  84. He politely bowed and awaited permission to enter the office.
  85. As he awaited her arrival, he scanned the morning edition of.
  86. David was in America, and she impatiently awaited his return.
  87. So much had happened, but we still had no idea what awaited us.
  88. He took a seat, and quietly awaited the arrival of the notary.
  89. He had no notion what sort of welcome awaited him at Coldmoat.
  90. This done, he impatiently awaited the return of his companions.
  91. The lounge fell deathly silent as the group awaited the results.
  92. Liu awaited his uncle’s instructions, but they hadn’t come.
  93. Whatever fate awaited her at the end of the day was minuscule.
  94. All grew restless; they awaited the words of Lazarus anxiously.
  95. Anne watched her departure with pity, but she guiltily awaited.
  96. All the world has awaited this moment, the return of the maiden.
  97. Sighing, he sat down on the sleeping skins and awaited his fate.
  98. Andre stared at Olin in confusion as he awaited more information.
  99. And for the guilty, jail time and social ostracism awaited them.
  100. Yet it was guiding her, slowly, to where her mother awaited her.
  1. Where Love is death awaits.
  2. God awaits you at the door.
  3. The world awaits the sequel.
  4. Each awaits the other’s cue.
  5. A surprise awaits the reader.
  6. Awaits you in the age to come.
  7. A painful torment awaits them.
  8. The real abode awaits us all.
  9. Happy to show you what awaits.
  10. Follow me; our carriage awaits.
  12. Awaits the words that will warn.
  13. But I fear that worse awaits him.
  14. Neither heaven nor hell awaits me.
  15. To see what’s there, What awaits.
  16. But what awaits them isn`t a picnic.
  17. One who awaits the healer of time?
  18. The thought alone of what awaits.
  19. He awaits your reply in your ante-room.
  20. Today I have to focus on what awaits me.
  21. The same fate awaits America as a Nation.
  22. Don’t just stand there a tour awaits.
  23. The Glory That Awaits All True Christians.
  24. That destiny awaits to unfold in our union.
  25. Here it is; a horse awaits you in the court.
  26. You are poor; a miserable old age awaits you.
  27. He eagerly awaits the arrival of more people.
  28. What awaits us there this time, Revorg?
  29. But they have no idea what kind of hell awaits.
  30. Because, God awaits all our prayers all the time.
  31. Sometimes, a glass of milk awaits us on the table.
  32. The powerful treasure of the Sapient Ones awaits you.
  33. As he awaits his case he prays to God to send him grace.
  34. However, if you also hear thunder, disaster awaits you.
  35. Well then, we must be departing; the Queen awaits us.
  36. Surely, death is an ordeal that awaits both good and bad.
  37. You know now the truth of life and what awaits after.
  38. Even the sad fate that awaits her could not hold her back.
  39. I stare for a second at the sheet of steel that awaits me.
  40. Journey! A new world awaits and your Eden is ready for the.
  41. A pair of megaliths awaits a cover stone to become a dolmen.
  42. He assuredly awaits us there with his bothersome companions.
  43. He knows all the same that a frightful punishment awaits him.
  44. For other saints, the Church patiently awaits heavenly signs.
  45. If only they could see their victory awaits them in the Valley.
  46. A like fate awaits him and the two rages commingle in a whirlpool.
  47. The gallows awaits him, and I would do nothing to save him from it.
  48. But humanity awaits him with the same faith and with the same love.
  49. I release the past and eagerly look toward the good that awaits me.
  50. What! May I not kiss the Queen who loves me and awaits me now?
  51. A somber America awaits news about the severely wounded Ronald Reagan.
  52. Yet every man of our day sees that this is so and awaits the calamity.
  53. In the contrary event, you can conjecture what awaits you and your son.
  54. Madeleine's appearance every day as one awaits a ray of warmth and joy.
  55. Marcus leads us to the back of one of the huts where a small car awaits.
  56. In this case, what awaits you as a butterfly is constant and true and.
  57. His foot already on the sill, he said, Sorry Mother, the night awaits.
  58. Your father has asked me to take you to a sleigh that awaits outside.
  59. We teeter at the brink of sanity---a mindless chasm awaits our plunge.
  60. Man does not know whether it will be love or hatred; anything awaits him.
  61. Why is his soul so set on returning to Ithaca, where Penelope awaits him?
  62. But be reminded of the life that awaits you, should I not soon become king.
  63. Likewise, the contents of the same cup awaits those who would continue to.
  64. The writer finds his true worth as he awaits the response of a live audience.
  65. An army truck awaits his journey and a crowd has gathered to watch it leave.
  66. Major Orthodox Sect have already surrounded this Manor and awaits Mister to.
  67. It should also hint towards a free gift that awaits them should they sign up.
  68. That still awaits him in the Millennial Kingdom to possess as his inheritance.
  69. Another text arrived seconds later: Repent ye sinners else hell awaits you.
  70. Well, you better get accustomed to it, Ingrid: the United States awaits you.
  71. Two remain with the Umatilla County Sheriff in Oregon while Troaz awaits trial.
  72. You hungry already? Prentice awaits the ceremony that is expected to follow.
  73. The world awaits the big shift that will take place this evening, under these stars.
  74. An interesting historical study awaits us here from his physiognomy and his reforms.
  75. The I is the spirit, and the I awaits a new type of artist, the inner artist, who is.
  76. I have to Evette, my destiny awaits me and besides I’ve always wanted to see!.
  77. Lands there and hurries back to his room and awaits for his butler's call in the morning.
  78. And to the east floodwater stops us! There is only one way where we don't know what awaits.
  79. Behold, beloved Aurial, the Queen awaits thee patiently through yonder crystal inner gate.
  80. The majesty that awaits us! The glory that will surround and embrace us! The perfection, the.
  81. Wisdom dictates that you avoid all the pain and bloodshed that awaits those who would choose.
  82. Our karve awaits at the bay, and once we reach it, we will leave immediately, Soren said.
  83. Therefore, when cleared of de-motivation, the energy of motivation patiently awaits instruction.
  84. A terrible fate awaits us—-everlasting torment, he said, with tears in his trembling voice.
  85. In my leisure time I am a treasure hunter and a lovely rolled field awaits, so this will be short.
  86. Others have said that a greater trap awaits us if we do, an answering observation informed.
  87. The ego believes that behind the idea of enlightenment something absolutely extraordinary awaits.
  88. As long as we are a prisoner to the past, we can never fully embrace the new future that awaits us.
  89. Others have said that a greater trap awaits us if we do, an answering observation informed him.
  90. Moriarty, who awaits my convenience for the final discussion of those questions which lie between us.
  91. Colt looking entirely enamored with his wife pointed off to the side and said, Your chariot awaits.
  92. Can you hear his pain and dying cry now? Now the same fate awaits you and you can feel the horror of.
  93. And the Ship-to-Shore awaits its new management while some other friends take care of it in the meantime.
  94. His prophecies concern the unhappy fate that awaits the Israelites because they have rebelled against God.
  95. My betrothed, your chariot awaits! she announced with a giggle and a sweeping gesture of presentation.
  96. Are you prepared for what awaits you son? Cassius wasn’t sure how he felt about Calan calling him son.
  97. Let us traverse this bridge and divulge what awaits us at its terminus, replied the Liege of Mystic Down.
  98. As each node receives the incoming signal, it stops transmitting requests and awaits the incoming transmission.
  99. And yet every man of our time sees that it is precisely what is being done, and that the same thing awaits him.
  100. You mean you were in the year 2331?I can’t imagine what kind of world awaits us that far into the future!.

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