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Awful dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. We want to be awful.
  2. He is an awful rogue.
  3. It is an awful thing.
  4. She was an awful girl.
  5. It was awful to hear.

  6. It would be an awful.
  7. In fact he felt awful.
  8. And she is awful at it.
  9. My drive home was awful.
  10. All this dust is awful.
  11. Awful early for a call.
  12. That will be awful for.
  13. But what was awful was.
  14. It must have been awful.
  15. That was the awful part.

  16. My new posting was awful.
  17. I said some awful things.
  18. It was awful to see her!.
  19. She is in an awful state.
  20. I was an awful person.
  21. From out that awful wreck.
  22. I also felt awful about.
  23. On this awful wintry day.
  24. That's awful nice of you.
  25. This is awful, she thought.

  26. There was an awful thwock.
  27. That must have been awful.
  28. His breath was awful, too.
  29. Yes, it was awful, but it.
  30. My God, it sounds so awful.
  31. Not that awful Joey punk.
  32. Saves an awful lot of time.
  33. Did I do something awful?
  34. It is an awful visitation.
  35. What an awful thing to say.
  36. There's an awful lot to see.
  37. She mattered an awful lot!.
  38. You feel awful, I can tell.
  39. How could you? It’s awful.
  40. That's awful about your dad.
  41. Still, it was an awful week.
  42. Yes, that was awful, but-.
  43. You are an awful aristocrat.
  44. Awful? They don't find it so.
  45. She said, ‘It’s so awful.
  46. Got to go awful easy, though.
  47. It was awful to see her!….
  48. An awful lot of folks in.
  49. That awful cramp in Lad lane.
  50. I’m out of that awful room.
  51. It was awful to see how his.
  52. But his face was still awful.
  53. He is an awful chatterbox!.
  54. But she is an awful old harpy.
  55. It looks awful, he said.
  56. Please do not say it is awful.
  57. You’ve heard the awful news.
  58. So they hatched an awful plan.
  59. I had one of my awful visions.
  60. Dan’s a bloody awful liar!.
  61. He is an awful chatterbox!’.
  62. Alarm’s going off; feel awful.
  63. That’s an awful long –’.
  64. There was a long, awful silence.
  65. Awful close for neighbors, then.
  66. I thought it just tasted awful.
  67. The old fellow's fury was awful.
  68. You know an awful lot, Trixie.
  69. I think that would be awful.
  70. Marjie said, That felt awful.
  71. It would be too awful for him.
  72. Isn't that awful? I don't know.
  73. It’s just the-the awful truth.
  74. Well, there's that awful reason.
  75. None of these things were awful.
  76. I was awful, she admitted.
  77. But you're an awful baby though.
  78. The consequences could be awful.
  79. That's awful rot, isn't it?
  80. He seemed in an awful hurry.
  81. Until she said that awful phrase.
  82. Willy was bashful, awful bashful.
  83. It’s an awful lot to deal with.
  84. He said, It was an awful night.
  85. Beneath whose awful Hand we hold.
  86. Pretty awful, if I’m honest.
  87. How awful! My food was gone.
  88. As schools go, it wasn’t awful.
  89. Yes, it was awful, but it was so.
  90. There's an awful canaille coming.
  91. But she is an awful old harpy….
  92. It feels awful to leave him here.
  93. The sight was gruesome and awful.
  94. I felt awful for having left her.
  95. That awful man she continued.
  96. He said his father was awful!.
  97. It would be awful if he dreamed it.
  98. He had begun to have awful dreams.
  99. There was a silence, an awful one.
  100. Never found! Good lord, how awful.

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