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Backbone dans une phrase (en anglais)

Backbone in front, so to say.
Courage is the backbone of man.
When had she gotten a backbone?
Since leverage is the backbone of.
There’s the backbone of the joint.
She is absolutely its very backbone.
We were the backbone of the Task Unit.

This is known as a collapsed backbone.
His moral backbone leaned on that firmness.
He respected the new guy for showing backbone.
Slowly, she massaged the bruise on her backbone.
The backbone of Christianity makes it shine more.
Next, they then send the backbone of our economy.
Business secrets are the backbone of any business.
The independent teacher remains the backbone of the.
That wasn’t exactly backbone, Paul interjected.
Taters are a flexible backbone to every versatile menu.
Anyone with a shred of backbone would have helped her.
That they do because it forms the backbone of the fraud.
Mercury conjunction natives are the backbone of society.
There are two classes of musicians: the backbone and the.
She established a common grant space on the new backbone.
That they do because it forms the backbone of their fraud.
I am not a timid person, but a chill crept up my backbone.
It was as though he had snapped the backbone of the System.
I have long felt that the Otomi are the backbone of Anahuac.
Because if the Firm lacked a backbone, Tara Golding did not.
They turned around to see it over the backbone and the rigging.
The Sphere became the solid backbone of anything that moved the.
Finally there are the backbone types of people who always stand.
My husband was a good man, a loving man; but he had no backbone.
A horizontal network that can’t access the backbone is isolated.
Panic caused my belly to fill with fire and pull against my backbone.
The following forms the backbone behind the brainwashing in teaching.
The days dragged by, and the riverbed pushed through a backbone of shale.
How can I be his backbone if he prefers not to have my support? How can.
Some designs go so far as to include two separate distributed backbone networks.
The resurrection was the backbone of the belief and teaching of the New Testament.
Its ends are stable, each a four-wheel truck pinned to the bottom of the backbone.
Change is the only force powerful enough to sever the backbone of inevitability….

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