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Backside dans une phrase (en anglais)

Get that nice backside home.
Tentatively, I rub my backside.
On the backside of the parking.
It was replaced by its backside in.
My backside feels as if it’s on fire.
Her backside really hurt because of him.
Johnny put his hand on Heather’s backside.

One for Lisa's throat, one for my backside.
He then flipped the box over to its backside.
Anyway, he was too busy scanning her backside.
An instant later Johnny’s backside was ablaze.
He hesitated for a moment; a kick on the backside.
Rubbing her backside, she considered his invitation.
My strength pushed the knife fully into his backside.
Fairies are real though, and a pain in the backside.
Give me a minute to shove this stick up my backside.
She then grabs her backside and holds herself in pain.
Jack stopped and pointed toward the backside of the barn.
Thanks, I said to her retreating swinging backside.
Her face was as pale as her backside, and just as smooth.
Look, said an agitated Pon pointing at his backside.
He shoved her so she plopped to her backside on the beach.
Fuerte, up where it’s level on the backside of the hill.
She shivered, her backside was cold and her face hot from.
My head is bloody but unbowed, my backside is… whatever.
David's backside as he entered the hallway beneath the seats.
Indochina? It's a sweaty pimple on the backside of China.
More than once I took a tumble at the expense of my backside.
Ferrell knelt behind me with his head resting on my backside.
He turned the box and looked at the backside and saw that the.
Tracey sat up pulling the covers up over Richards bare backside.
I want to find us a nice spot inside to rest by backside!.
Her clothes were soaking wet and her backside was numb with cold.
Dahms came to a halt so fast that Sam nearly ran up her backside.
She stood in front of him and pressed her backside into his groin.
Sweetheart, you’re soaked and your backside is covered in mud.
I follow Cherrie around the backside of the timber cabin and step.
Bernice held the door open with her backside and grinned at Johnny.
A beautiful backside and front side and was breathtaking in between.
He had made a poor entry by falling flat on his backside in front of.

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