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Backwards dans une phrase (en anglais)

She sat backwards on the.
He was now lying backwards.
He left the road backwards.
Alfie took a step backwards.
Why only backwards in time?
Give way by moving backwards.
War spelled backwards is raw.

Sam was now walking backwards.
Walk backwards along the wall.
Time is going backwards, not.
He fell backwards, shocked by.
Backwards, it reads ‘Not Fear.
He fell backwards to the floor.
You could try working backwards.
All evil is a backwards dynamic.
She continued to inch backwards.
If that sounds backwards, it is.
She stumbled backwards a few feet.
Tossing her backwards onto the bed.
He fell backwards, shocked by the.
Hannah stumbled backwards and fell.
Begin counting backwards from 100.
She made a face and moved backwards.
The horse may try to move backwards.
Crosswell was standing backwards on.
The Parthians could shoot backwards.
Holden Caulfield cap on backwards.
And they took another step backwards.
I walk backwards as I remove my jacket.
The T-Rex attempts to move backwards.
This has spoiled everything backwards.
She stumbled backwards and almost fell.
Harry saw stars, reeled backwards and.
Italy seems not to have gone backwards.
The Leader almost took a step backwards.
Instruct the patient to walk backwards.
I retreated a couple of steps backwards.
I had the severe urge to work backwards.
She was bending over backwards to help.
He entered the digits in backwards and.

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