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Badly dans une phrase (en anglais)

My chum was hit badly.
It hurt so badly it.
And to want it badly.
So he beat him, badly.
I won, but felt badly.
He must hurt so badly.
She sent him a badly.

Her eyes hurt so badly.
She took it very badly.
Mom cried badly for you.
The war was going badly.
Deni wanted to so badly.
I agree I behaved badly.
He was really badly hurt.
They need me so badly.
I slept briefly and badly.
Got up late, worked badly.
Failing twice badly in a.
But his ships were badly.
It always turns out badly.
He was sweating badly now.
It affected him very badly.
The birth was going badly.
That, which hurt so badly.
I am writing badly on art.
He was hurt badly, struck.
His hand was shaking badly.
The ones who played badly.
He was still slurring badly.
The boy had been badly beaten.
I’m not doing badly at all.
Bumpo was only badly stunned.
The call was not going badly.
The legs were badly broken.
The week went on pretty badly.
How badly the wool has been.
You must have searched badly.
The bartender was badly hurt.
They wanted badly to believe.
I wanted to hug her so badly.

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