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  1. The most popular solution is known as Gastric Banding.
  2. Brixby shot and the arrow skipped off the box's banding.
  3. However, these methods are less effective than banding.
  4. They may then have to go in for another banding procedure.
  5. My arms weren't even bear but it felt like he was banding me with his hands.

  6. Her bikini was a mix of red banding on the top and bottom with little blue swirl patterns in between.
  7. Did the North American Indians ever learn the historical lesson of banding together to fight a larger enemy? No.
  8. Gastric Banding is becoming the most common surgical procedure for treating obesity in the world, especially in America.
  9. Though banding together in tens of thousands, the lion-maned buffaloes of the West have fled before a solitary horseman.
  10. Few people can develop complications after banding such as infection, bleeding, urinary problems or ulcers at the treated site.
  11. Because each captain is in this business for himself; banding together would imply some sort of alliance—not happening, little one.
  12. But overall, hemorrhoids are less likely to recur after banding as long as one doesn�t get constipated and avoids straining during bowel movements.
  13. Then, for their collective protection and security, these settled peoples began the seemingly necessary banding together into ever-larger agglomerations.
  14. Despite this, it is always best for people who opt for the gastric banding to carefully understand the pros and cons associated with this invasive procedure.
  15. However, this procedure is less common than banding since its success rate is not as good and symptoms can recur after several years, requiring further treatment.

  16. The words 'Darceenian Flame' curved in purple lettering, distorted on a blazing ball like the banding of Kortrax centered in the deep blue mainsail of her foremast.
  17. A lot of nineteenth-century ironmasters back on Old Earth had experimented with ways of banding cast-iron artillery pieces to strengthen their breeches, but few of them had been truly satisfactory.
  18. It is a banding together as a people for the common goods and common health of the commons of themselves – their Mother Earth, their living waters, their pure air, their universal shelter, satiation, and sanitation.
  19. I’ve heard rumors that some of the clusters of pirates are becoming more organized; banding together and accruing enough wealth to acquire hardware such as that, she pointed to the large craft fast approaching, from certain manufacturers who harbor no qualms regarding the character or purpose of their clients.
  20. Asia, Africa, Europe, are to the east--America is provided for in the west, Banding the bulge of the earth winds the hot equator,.
  1. Oscillators may be centered or banded.
  2. His mouth was shut with tight banded.
  3. The park was banded by demonstrators.
  4. The same applies to banded oscillators.
  5. Stacked and banded, her carefully copied.
  6. There were ten neat, banded stacks of paper.
  7. I have banded most of them, and this way I.
  8. They banded together to fire Lex and hire Solomon.
  9. Some authors have reported that the coral banded.
  10. The exception to this rule is a mated pair of Banded.
  11. Coral Banded Shrimp Profile Facts and Care Information.
  12. Sprigs of violets danced on white porcelain banded with gold.
  13. If what was left of the tribe banded together, they could take.
  14. There were innumerable banded stacks of twenty-dollar bills inside.
  15. Thought the monkey’s and gorilla’s would have banded together.
  16. If your Coral Banded Shrimp loses one of its arms or claws, don't worry.
  17. The shield was thicker than Dunk’s had been, solid oak banded with iron.
  18. I took out seven banded stacks of a thousand dollars each and handed them over.
  19. Adults who have found others of like mind and banded together for a common cause.
  20. Banded oscillators are the best signals to find overbought and oversold conditions.
  21. These Coral Banded Shrimp are usually very hardy if they have been acclimated slowly.
  22. Oscil ators are indicators banded between two extreme values that reflect short term.
  23. It was filled; she snipped off the length, and pinned the end down to the banded lace.
  24. Kortrax cracked the horizon and the mountain of city was silhouetted on his banded face.
  25. In fact, one group was so upset about the changes that it banded together and killed me.
  26. Coral Banded Shrimp are usually found in small crevices or hanging from live rock in the.
  27. Differences between centered and banded oscillators affect their value to spot reversals.
  28. Coral Banded Shrimp Breeding / Mating / Reproduction : Difficult to breed them in the home.
  29. The Coral Banded Shrimp is a very popular invertebrate that is kept in many marine aquariums.
  30. Sir? Why haven’t all the freighter captains banded together and put an end to them?
  31. The Coral Banded Shrimp is usually lumped in with the other cleaner shrimps but this behavior.
  32. There was an astonishing amount of money inside, maybe fifty thousand in neatly banded used bills.
  33. Conan pointed with a muscular brown arm toward the east, banded in dazzling gold by the lifting sun.
  34. The windshield disintegrated and bits of banded glass rained down in my lap as Jenna fired at the truck.
  35. He was dressed in banded leather wearing gauntlets of a silvery metal that flexed as easily as his fingers.
  36. As a time when people banded together out of sheer necessity, and became nicer-kinder-closer to each other.
  37. There was a pair of Colorado plates at the side of the bag, which was filled with stacks of banded used bills.
  38. The entire nation banded together; and hunted down every single kidnapper, and jailed them, and executed them.
  39. She had the most elaborate hairdo, of two dozen double banded pony tails on hair that was still thick and black.
  40. Lynkyn Fultyn’s banded artillery concept had been bad enough by itself, but Sylvestrai Pynzahn had made it much worse.
  41. The guns being cast for the additional screw-galleys building in Gorath would be banded like the army’s Fultyn Rifles.
  42. Stomach Stapling is also known as Vertical Banded Gastro-Plasty and it is a restrictive surgical method for weight control.
  43. The axe was long and lethal, with a banded haft, a heavy head, and a wicked spike on its back, but it was a two-handed weapon.
  44. That probably means we won’t need to continue with the banded artillery designs, the Chihirite said after a second or two.
  45. They banded with the Stalactite Orcs and enthusiastic Goblins of Mount Crow as they infiltrated the woods beyond the looming castle.
  46. She took in a deep breath to marshal her energies, then turned to follow the lad toward the heavy, wooden doors banded with iron strips.
  47. The gathering of Magi banded their power together then sealed the Rift – and so it would remain, silent and dark, for many years to come.
  48. Not gonna tell you that, but we have families that live in adjoining farms and have banded together, like it was back in the seventeen hundreds.
  49. Farmers banded together to fight back: They even attacked the courtrooms where cases were being heard and one judge was dragged out and nearly lynched.
  50. That meant many guns which would otherwise have been scrapped were likely to find themselves bored out, rifled, banded, and retained for service, instead.
  51. Many normal bystanders banded together in Louisiana and other neighboring states and drove over with their boats and helped pluck people out of the water.
  52. As with other professions the journalists were very clubbish and quickly banded together as they felt one of their number needed to be defended in any way.
  53. This confirmed to us the figures that are banded around the internet forums, and of course confirms that most of the traders on those forums are full of shit!.
  54. It was banded by narrow ledges, apparently cut out of the solid stone, and ranged along these ledges or shelves were thousands of tiny figures, mostly grayish in color.
  55. And then Your Majesty saw a divine messenger coming down from Heaven who chopped down the tree, but left its rootstock standing, banded with rings of iron and copper.
  56. And after that, the teacher rearranges the things again and asks the same students who did recently that practice, to move between them again with not banded or covered eyes.
  57. Remus smiled gently, and pointed to where the tailstock spur dug into the core of the tree, at the point where all the hundreds of spreading rings had banded down to a single point.
  58. The other was dressed like them in a white, girdled khalat and a flowing head-dress which, banded about the temples with a triple circlet of braided camel-hair, fell to his shoulders.
  59. And as vast an improvement as the banded rifles clearly were, they were still cast iron and their bore pressures pushed the limits of their endurance every time they were fired with full-powered charges.
  60. Finally you realize that, the student with banded eyes hits and steps on the things while he moves no matter how he struggles to avoid them, in addition to that he doesn’t know the direction he has to take.
  61. Guess what? We killed all those bad guys, and what happened? The Iraqi tribal leaders finally realized we meant business, and they finally banded together not just to govern themselves, but to kick the insurgents out.
  62. But by the end of April, the first shipments of new-build weapons from the Temple Lands manufactories would have reached Wyrshym at Guarnak … and so would at least two additional artillery regiments with Fultyn’s new banded rifles.
  63. Guess what? We killed all those bad guys, and what happened? The Iraqi tribal leaders finally realized we meant business, and they finally banded together not just to govern themselves, but to kick the insurgents out.
  64. The inner curve of the further wall of that court differed from the others he had seen, in that, instead of being smooth, it seemed to be banded with long lines or ledges, crowded with small objects the nature of which he could not determine.
  65. If the North American native tribes had banded together at any time in the first centuries of European invasion and colonization of their continent… they could have easily ousted them, and kept America unspoiled by more modern civilizations much longer.
  66. The error arises from the learned jurists deceiving themselves and others, by asserting that government is not what it really is, one set of men banded together to oppress another set of men, but, as shown by science, is the representation of the citizens in their collective capacity.
  67. And I'll mention—for the record—some little banded blennies that follow ships into the northernmost seas, sharp–snouted carp exclusive to the north Atlantic, scorpionfish, and lastly the gadoidfamily, chiefly the cod species, which I detected in their waters of choice over these inexhaustible Grand Banks.
  68. Parrott Rifles had still been inferior to contemporary wrought-iron guns like the US Army’s three-inch ordnance rifle, which hadn’t needed to be banded at all, but Parotts had been available in much heavier shell weights, iron was far cheaper than wrought iron, his method had offered what was almost certainly the best combination of strength and affordability of any of the banded iron guns, and between them, Fultyn and Pynzahn had essentially re-created Parrott’s methodology.
  69. Among bony fish, I noted grizzled wrasse unique to these seas, deep–water gilthead whose iris has a fiery gleam, one–meter croakers whose large mouths bristle with small teeth and which let out thin cries, black rudderfish like those I've already discussed, blue dorados accented with gold and silver, rainbow–hued parrotfish that can rival the loveliest tropical birds in coloring, banded blennies with triangular heads, bluish flounder without scales, toadfish covered with a crosswise yellow band in the shape of a Τ, swarms of little freckled gobies stippled with brown spots, lungfish with silver heads and yellow tails, various specimens of salmon, mullet with slim figures and a softly glowing radiance that Lacépède dedicated to the memory of his wife, and finally the American cavalla, a handsome fish decorated by every honorary order, bedizened with their every ribbon, frequenting the shores of this great nation where ribbons and orders are held in such low esteem.
  70. The posse banded a human pill box,.
  71. Coral Banded Shrimp Compatible Tank Mates : Avoid keeping them in an aquarium with Lionfish,.
  1. Loads of bands do it.
  2. All the big bands will.
  3. Remember, the bands are 1.
  4. There are no wedding bands.
  5. For the bands are made of love.
  6. After 08:55 the bands start to.
  7. Cassock, bands, and hymn-book too'.
  8. Enter on a Pullback from the Bands.
  9. They had come upon small bands of.
  10. These autonomous bands grew in size.
  11. We have country bands in Tasmania.
  12. Are any of the bands any good?
  13. But they weren’t wearing gold bands.
  14. The bands playing, the familiar faces.
  15. A ghost gum stands where shearer bands.
  16. Two bands and three sets of singers!’.
  17. And bands of any size were best avoided.
  18. There’s two other bands, he said.
  19. When the bands were rocking, the booze.
  20. The bag with the rubber bands held money.
  21. Are the bands still on her arms then?
  22. The bands were squeezing the price action.
  23. Many traders have heard of Bollinger Bands.
  24. They entered the competition of local bands.
  25. The elastic bands came in very handy for him.
  26. No, he is from one of the northeast bands.
  27. Boys in bands are trouble, she replied.
  28. Just then the bands stopped playing and the.
  29. Rent for land was to be paid to local bands.
  30. Razor thin bands through the closed shutters.
  31. Thousand more were killed by bands of robbers.
  32. He feathers the tuner, switches bands: nothing.
  33. Its aged bands of gold and matching lock acted.
  34. There aren’t that many country bands in the UK.
  35. A lot of the pubs have live bands at the weekend.
  36. Remember that I said that the bands were set to 1.
  37. Several bands were present observing the band on.
  38. The bands around her snapped; she could move again.
  39. His upturned hornlike tusks were bound with bands.
  40. Bands that lost their ability to make fire perished.
  41. In a few hours the headlining bands would take the.
  42. Tags of the bands are just that—tags, not signals.
  43. No Hollywood blockbusters or manufactured boy bands.
  44. Engravers, bands, photographers, caterers, florists.
  45. Bands of blue sweep uncollected garbage on the curb.
  46. The combined range of all six bands is known as the.
  47. Lots of bands and musicians came to play their songs.
  48. Would the bands please come up to the stage….
  49. All human societies were composed of bands of people.
  50. The feet slide into bands or clips called a reel seat.
  51. The use of Bollinger Bands varies widely among traders.
  52. Bands of iron slowly tightened around her entire body.
  53. All land was to be leased from the local Indian Bands.
  54. Small bands of weary and often wounded men came first.
  55. The guy glanced at the bag with the rubber bands on top.
  56. Engagement and wedding bands proved to be very popular.
  57. Instead, a few ragged bands of primitive pirates were.
  58. Military bands gathered from around the country, civic.
  59. He reassembled new bands, and again began his robberies.
  60. In the streets were bands of troops patrolling the city.
  61. Simply remove the unwanted water bands from your spectra.
  62. Bands that did not lose this new survival aid flourished.
  63. Now there are a lot of bands now in the Bob Wills tradi-.
  64. These modern humans were nomadic, warlike, warring bands.
  65. Once a squeeze fires off, disregard the bands completely.
  66. AKÍM sits on the oven and winds the bands round his legs.
  67. Akím sits on the oven and winds the bands round his legs.
  68. He was confronted with a room ful of rubber bands on hooks.
  69. Sue and I placed the elastic bands at a slight angle and.
  70. Who were the Romans? They were roaming… bands of killers.
  71. Pull downs, rear machines, bands, on and on and on trying.
  72. Bands or channels can be a vital criterion in such a plan.
  73. We undid the rubber bands and opened the mouths of the bags.
  74. The other bands had filled the pub with friends and family.
  75. The resistance color bands are taken true to actual values.
  76. The bands also had a small screen with buttons at the sides.
  77. Mood by all the Big Bands are on the fast side, while most.
  78. Scattered around the country there are small bands of the.
  79. Before civilization was invented; people lived in small bands.
  80. The few survivors scattered to join relatives in other bands.
  81. The musicians in his bands must have numbered in the hundreds.
  82. Two thin bands of light moved sporadically on the lower floor.
  83. Bollinger Bands provide a relative definition of high and low.
  84. On a historical basis, these bands seem to be rarely violated.
  85. The bands are sloping upward, indicating, surprise, an uptrend.
  86. If your hearts are set on live music, look for bands that have.
  87. There are four steps to confirm a W bottom with Bollinger Bands.
  88. He was the drummer for one of my favorite bands, Mates of State.
  89. Thick bands of foliage ensured nobody could fall over the sides.
  90. Once the squeeze is over, I’ll put the bands back on the chart.
  91. I could hear the whine of the nightclub bands on the Rue Bourbon.
  92. But we were one of the best club bands in San Diego, I said.
  93. Traditional Bollinger Bands are based on a simple moving average.
  94. When the priest came, he prayed with his bands and with his heart.
  95. I heard Radar talking about Battle of the Bands on Friday night.
  96. Head bands of hard hats shall fit snugly, and shall be adjustable.
  97. Two bands played that night and the food was international cuisine.
  98. Heavy metal bands came and went, but heavy metals are here to stay.
  99. Bollinger Bands can help traders understand where the price is going.
  100. Breaking the bands apart he was driven by the demon into the desert.

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1. You can meet the band.
2. The rest of the band.
3. Still in band, I mean.
4. The praise band was a.
5. The mad band made their.
6. The praise band was as.
7. I long to see a band of.
8. He looked around his band.
9. Let me introduce my band.
10. This is for Honors Band.
11. As if they were his band.
12. Band Width has many uses.
13. The band took out their.
14. To this band of hooligans.
15. Some were of the band on.
16. They were an awesome band.
17. The band has two vocalists.
18. The relief band pounded on.
19. Rip it off like a band aid.
20. Too bad the band busted up.
21. The military band will play.
22. A minute later the band of.
23. Coast Guard Band is founded.
24. I need you here, in my band.
25. We have a jazz band!.
26. I want my band protected.
27. A band played in the gazebo.
28. Somewhere a band is playing.
29. When the Band Quits Playing.
30. Histories of the happy band.
31. Speakers boomed as the band.
32. The thronging band of souls;.
33. So when’s the band on?
34. Green Band was somewhere close.
35. Waved his hat with silken band.
36. A band of Cossacks braves them.
37. For activating the tine band.
38. He told us we should all band.
39. I’m sitting in with the band.
40. A wedding band is a symbol of:.
41. He left the band because of it.
42. A small band of their parents.
43. The band augmented every moment.
44. He had to be in a band, surely.
45. I laughed, thinking of the band.
47. Children's Mission Band, by Mrs.
48. What is a community, or a band?
49. Children's Mission Band of Cong.
50. The band left and that’s all.
51. Was Green Band finally moving?
52. A local rock band was tuning up.
53. The rubber band on his arm had.
54. Gerrid donned the interface band.
55. Milky Way’s thick band of stars.
56. This happy band of revellers was.
57. This lease would be paid the Band.
58. I have a good band, Afu said.
59. He would sing with the house band.
60. Girls' Mission Band of North Cong.
61. The archway had a band of light-.
62. They were clearly in that band now.
63. A band that fondles a steel guitar.
64. Couldn't hear what the band played.
65. There was a Band, not a mile ahead.
66. Dixon and his little band of misfits.
67. The town band was there in full form.
68. From aft came the tunes of the band.
69. He was the leader of the Rabid Band.
70. Carefully he unwound the rubber band.
72. All the band left the fort in order.
73. This low holds above the lower band.
74. The band simply couldn’t carry on.
75. I watched as the local island band.
76. The only band member there was Norm.
77. Penny roll and a walk with the band.
78. He quickly re-established his band.
79. He wore a fur band around his arm.
80. First was an offer from another band.
81. We’re the last of the Rabid Band.
82. He played with his gold wedding band.
83. You didn't tell me they had a band.
84. Everyone in the band gave Niki a hug.
85. And a small band from the latecomers.
86. With a rubber band around your shell.
87. She looked at the band then back to me.
88. They’re in a band called Star Fleet.
89. He gave me the cloths and the band aid.
90. Band camp would be starting next week.
91. Geils Band had revived into a big hit.
92. Snapping my rubber band didn’t help.
93. The others of our band fell valiantly.
94. Other band members could easily take.
95. Atkins,' when the band begins to play.
96. The Best Band You’ve Never Heard Of.
97. And vowed that wedlock’s sacred band.
98. It almost sounded like our school band.
99. The beat of the band soon overtook them.
100. The word group means band and sect.

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