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Barbarian dans une phrase (en anglais)

A Barbarian from the Hills.
But he was no less a barbarian.
What is your name, barbarian?
Must be the Northern Barbarian accent.
They remembered that he was a barbarian.
Barbarian, you look upon a strangler of Yota-pong.
He is a barbarian and no one can understand their minds.

I gazed forward in abject horror as the barbarian hordes.
I was a barbarian too, my hunger voracious and monumental.
This child is as much of a barbarian as her father!.
He was a barbarian of a thousand generations of barbarians.
At that moment, a small group of Barbarian warriors who had.
When the Barbarian Hordes of the North stormed the city the.
You have a barbarian, the monk, and a savage, the lazzarone.
The Barbarian slaver who was carrying Brandela hesitated for.
He became a civilised barbarian and decided to stay in Illium.
I intended to see that the barbarian died, in spite of Xaltotun.
Donovan was willing to bet that this Barbarian was the same man.
There was a wolfish hardness about him that marked the barbarian.
The Barbarian struggled furiously, but he could not remove his foot.
There was a wolfishness about this warrior that marked the barbarian.
Where are my friends? The barbarian and the little man is what I mean.
It stood about twelve feet tall, and was in the form of a barbarian man.
The barbarian was thinking only of the woman moving so supplely beside him.
I understand them better than you, and they, me; because I am a barbarian too.
It would all depend on how much she had control over the long-nosed barbarian.
Now the blazing eyes of the barbarian glared into the bloodshot eyes of the ape.
Maddened at the disappearance of his sweetheart, the barbarian reverted to type.
His barbarian ears had caught the quick tread of soft slippers outside the door.
Thousands who were barbarian in heart and in deed are now true disciples of Christ.
He seemed surprised at the civility he'd received from this most fearsome barbarian.
But they could not stand against these maddened giants, led by the tigerish barbarian.
A barbarian asked of their horrifying-looking leader, "Take this one to the ships too?".
In that mad nightmare of battle, the barbarian never exactly knew how he killed his man.
At this moment, his instinct told him to forget his training and trust this barbarian from.
All the superstitious dread of the barbarian slept in his soul, untouched by civilized logic.
She would not – she could not – allow herself to be partnered with that ruthless barbarian.
Pfuel alone seemed to consider Napoleon a barbarian like everyone else who opposed his theory.
He was more of a Conan the Barbarian type, at least on the outside, but she wasn’t complaining.
Wherever modern civilization without religion has touched the barbarian it has been to curse him.

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