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Barbaric dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It seems a bit barbaric.
  2. He is noted for the barbaric.
  3. Anything else would be barbaric.
  4. This is barbaric, M’Shaw said.
  5. To accuse any child of that is barbaric.

  6. Conan heard and swore with barbaric oaths.
  7. The darkness within raged to barbaric levels.
  8. The animal is sacrificed in the most barbaric.
  9. Such overt barbaric behaviour is not its style.
  10. They call your race barbaric, Conan of Cimmeria.
  11. It is barbaric but we are more advanced than that.
  12. If anything the Taliban became even more barbaric.
  13. It’s barbaric! What happened to chivalry?
  14. I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world.
  15. To me, folks, that is barbarism at its most barbaric.

  16. Barbaric anarchy was widespread as they learned about.
  17. He is barbaric and does not deserve to be called doctor.
  18. We can’t abandon her in this barbaric time period.
  19. The barbaric slaughter of German civilians was just as.
  20. Eating whatever grows or swims nearby—this is barbaric.
  21. Their barbaric tortures were lasted more than three hours.
  22. Adams had a low opinion of Natives, believing them barbaric.
  23. Such a barbaric voice, a hideous face, and unrelenting rage.
  24. Salome was clad in the barbaric splendor of a woman of Shushan.
  25. The black yelled and stamped in a frenzy of barbaric gratification.

  26. The rest of the group was in shock at the barbaric display by both.
  27. I’m a vampire, and I find that a bit barbaric, Bohdan said.
  28. Note what God says: this barbaric practise did not even enter His mind.
  29. This he said with a barbaric glint in his eyes, and Anne became alarmed.
  30. Others said they were fighting to put an end to such barbaric practices.
  31. I don’t care what barbaric practices slaves followed in their countries.
  32. What a singular way—what a barbaric way, she said, with proud eyes.
  33. Five hundred years after the Cataclysm the barbaric kingdoms have vanished.
  34. He nodded, I fear we’ve become even more barbaric than our former masters.
  35. Were Klingons really that barbaric? And who am I to talk, he begged the question.
  36. Barbaric, you say, to which I reply, no, this is the very essence of civilization.
  37. This barbaric coiffure had given the head its misshapen appearance in the starlight.
  38. Nothing! Can you imagine such a preposterous outcome? Why, it is downright barbaric.
  39. His barbaric soul was ablaze, and the chants of old heroes were singing in his ears.
  40. We were all told that they were barbaric and cruel, but this is far removed from that.
  41. Alric watched her, It’s a barbaric practice where fines are paid by giving a slave.
  42. The methods used by the Mau Mau were barbaric in any language despite the denials today.
  43. Their practices are barbaric and I wouldn’t inflict those on you, Sithias told her.
  44. Most others regarded them as barbaric savages who needed slavery to bring them salvation.
  45. Various methods of barbaric tortures were conducted to make the Christians leave their faith.
  46. Where it’s flat and immense and the heat is intense, it’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home.
  47. His conclusion, after a string of barbaric curses, was that he could find no way out of the.
  48. The ultimate punishment is the rather barbaric burning alive reserved for the few unrepentant.
  49. Only uninhabited planets are allowed to be used as weapons, but it's still a barbaric practice.
  50. Chopping of heads and the electric chair was never used, that being rather barbaric if you ask me.
  51. It’s a familiar theme: executions are barbaric; Life without parole is the humane alternative.
  52. As highly conscience willful agents they chose to create a society of barbaric conflict, so IT.
  53. The golden age we ruled, and his barbaric reign is thrown in our face as proof of his superiority.
  54. And the forester, staring into the moody, smoldering blue eyes, knew the barbaric oath would be kept.
  55. Those damn Roundheads[6] are quite barbaric when it comes to dealing with the supporters of the King.
  56. We had suffered barbaric public courts and violent justice and had lived in a constant state of fear.
  57. She was apparelled like any barbaric Ethiopian emperor, his neck heavy with pendants of polished ivory.
  58. It’s often forgotten that the American civil war largely marked the end of the barbaric practice of.
  59. A dragon tearing into a fresh meal was the very essence of barbaric, even if Laeron didn’t realize it.
  60. The pessimist always saw the dark cloud in the silver lining, as barbaric as Japanese in Second World War.
  61. When you study Hopkins and Edwards’ barbaric expressions, and study your theory by the side of the N.
  62. To her immense relief the Captain turned out to be not nearly so barbaric or cruel as she might have feared.
  63. Then he noticed that there was a difference in the barbaric tribal designs painted on their faces and breasts.
  64. Wizards and sorcerers abounded in his barbaric mythology, and any fool could tell that this was no common man.
  65. Its barbaric teeth sat in perfect rows, like splinters of wood drenched in saliva, the tips stained with blood.
  66. The utter rot called History is not the civilizing of barbaric people being absorbed into a less violent society.
  67. His eyes flamed, he ground his teeth in fury and blood-lust, as barbaric as any tribesmen in the Cimmerian hills.
  68. It is time for a cessation of these barbaric state-sanctioned murders so that calmer and cooler heads might prevail.
  69. Millions of German-Americans suddenly found their loyalty questioned and their very culture denigrated as barbaric.
  70. His treasured piece of artistically-sculptured jewellery, flattened and destroyed by a barbaric gaijin hand….
  71. He stopped short as he heard a sudden drum of hoofs outside, a frantic scream and a wild yell of barbaric exultation.
  72. These Red Flag Knights, why are they so barbaric? They had seen the wrong spiritual tablet yet blamed it on others.
  73. You just have to accept, to paraphrase, that gold is an irrational barbaric relic and people just love to play with it.
  74. Thanks to the mindless, barbaric bloodthirstiness of fishermen, the last baleen whale will someday disappear from the.
  75. Shortly thereafter, he intentionally he gave Phillip the slight edge in the video game's battle for barbaric supremacy.
  76. I find it hard to believe, in this day in age, that your society still practices this barbaric ritual, Garcia argued.
  77. There is a time when you may be concerned you are ‘behind the times’ in terms of evolution of ideas that are barbaric.
  78. Unfortunately this barbaric killing method now returned as a result of the rage that built up over poor governance since 1994.
  79. Those women, already wounded in the crash of their helicopters, had been gang-raped, then tortured to death in a most barbaric way.
  80. A start was then made for the Palace, and the weird appearance of that barbaric state procession by torchlight, baffles description.
  81. In Clockwork, government, technology, and other social institutions are seen as only worsening the problem of man's barbaric nature.
  82. He came of a barbaric race, and the superstitions and instincts of his heritage lurked close beneath the surface of his consciousness.
  83. Vile I tell you, absolutely revolting and disgusting…but nonetheless suitable for an abominable pagan barbaric practice like this!.
  84. To the east are the Rhokan Mountains, home of the nomadic Halstatt Berians in the north and the barbaric Galatae Berians in the south.
  85. People that carry out barbaric acts such as those in West Wales have forfeited the right to be treated as equal members of our society.
  86. Among those bracelets, chains of gold and sparkling rings were many that proved no love of luxury, no mere desire for barbaric bedecking.
  87. Does this show you how little we humans have changed? And how little we have learned? Where did this barbaric European custom come from?
  88. Besides he would never have carried out such barbaric acts against me – he may have been a deadly warrior but he was never unfair to me.
  89. Best thing would have been DDT, but try to lay your hands on that! And I wasn't expecting to spend forever in this Godforsaken barbaric hole.
  90. Angel, you need to hear the type of conversation they usually engage in whenever they visit my Dad: they are barbaric, devilish and bizarre.
  91. The run was sent to all the viewers in the city, but no one in the lower class, which was most of the city, would watch such a barbaric event.
  92. The Duke had not considered the possibility before, but now the motive and opportunity fitted, just as the cold and barbaric murder fitted Philippe.
  93. Keshan was a barbaric kingdom lying in the eastern hinterlands of Kush where the broad grasslands merge with the forests that roll up from the south.
  94. They tried to overcome this by acting even more barbaric than what the normal rules and laws of war allow and sometimes it worked but here it did not.
  95. With or without barbaric, liberty-killing laws, the only thing that will truly stop people from using drugs is the individual decision not to use drugs.
  96. Certain slang phrases which participate in the two epochs and have at once the barbaric character and the metaphorical character resemble phantasmagories.
  97. He glanced at the blue-fringed shore, at the far green hazes of the ocean, at the vibrant figure which stood before him; and his barbaric soul stirred within him.
  98. Fortunately, hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world do not wish to live under a brutally repressive, woman-demeaning, barbaric and totalitarian program.
  99. A wilder and more barbaric figure never trod the bridge of a ship, and in this ferocious corsair few of the courtiers of Aquilonia would have recognized their king.
  100. Conan's answer was neither kingly nor dignified, but characteristically instinctive in the man, whose barbaric nature had never been submerged in his adopted culture.

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