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Bastard dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. It hurt like a bastard.
2. I glared at the bastard.
3. It creaks like a bastard.
4. The poor bastard is dead.
5. The bastard winked at me.
6. Get up, you lazy bastard.
7. I never liked the bastard.

8. He is a dangerous bastard.
9. He had razors, the bastard.
10. I will bury that bastard.
11. The guy's a real bastard.
12. It was sex, you bastard.
13. So the bastard was lying.
14. That bastard had ruined it.
15. The bastard was on the move.
16. I will lure the bastard out.
17. That's my good bastard son.
18. Moody as hell, that bastard.
19. I have to kill this bastard.
20. The bastard was taunting us.
21. What a bastard! He went and.
22. I hated this bastard so much.
23. You promised me, you bastard.
24. How dare the bastard do this.
25. Clever bastard: term of abuse.
26. You're nothing but a bastard.
27. That bastard has changed her.
28. I could have had the bastard!.
29. At last, they had the bastard.
30. Please not Bastard, he prayed.
31. She enjoyed doing the bastard.
32. The little bastard tricked me.
33. The bastard pleaded Not Guilty.
34. With some woman, you bastard.
35. God I was a cold bastard.
36. Poor bastard: term of affection.
37. I should have killed the bastard.
38. You killed Arbitan, you bastard.
39. The Bastard of the Pussywillows.
40. I’d kill that bastard, didi.

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