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Batch dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He got a second batch.
  2. Better take this batch through.
  3. A batch knelt at the altarrails.
  4. Doc was sure this batch would work.
  5. There’s a nice batch, he said.
  6. Next chap rubs on a new batch with his.
  7. Go and see him when he has a good batch.
  8. And all this awkward batch of brats has.
  9. John Baret sifted through a batch of paper.
  10. No order for a new batch of components B1.
  11. One wrong move and the batch would be ruined.
  12. Batch of Japanese tourists entwining them in.
  13. This process, known as " batch processing,".
  14. BatchBatch process the selected modules.
  15. And prices fall for the next batch of earners.
  16. It began with the first batch of processed foods.
  18. Books returned to the press to prepare the next batch.
  19. It turned out it were a faulty batch of ceramic discs.
  20. I turned in the whole batch of originals, and with a.
  21. George put his batch of papers down on the hall stand.
  22. I joined with Assam woman police batch of our district.
  23. Wait, I had another batch back at Area 7 in my office.
  24. We sat listening as another batch of trouble was brewed up.
  25. And Cornelia told me I could bring up this batch of cookies.
  26. This is probably the most forward thinking batch of items.
  27. Batch - : A group of commands that are executed one at a time.
  28. I can confirm we've just had the first batch of votes from.
  29. Ah, yes, we usually don't sell them unless we have a bad batch.
  30. Once the machine had finished processing the batch for the day.
  31. Cook the rest of the granola in a 1/3 batch at a time like above.
  32. We rented it to a nice lady with a batch of kids, Skoal, brother.
  33. Bring each batch briefly to the boil and simmer for 2 - 3 minutes.
  34. Build two bays and use wood from one while the other batch dries.
  35. Was this in the first batch of notes, or the second batch?
  36. A batch had deteriorated and Robin had expressed concern about it.
  37. The new batch of hunters get off the plane and I prepare to get on.
  38. I will pay the same twelve cents to the first batch again next.
  39. They had rejected all of the most recent batch of potential recruits.
  40. I had a bad batch and one of my oldest friends was feeling terrible.
  41. You’ve to report within this week in your batch, ok? SP sir said.
  42. Aidan stood up and got the third batch of chicken wings from one corner.
  43. In a double boiler, melt the unsweetened chocolate and the first batch.
  44. This included a way for us to easily do a batch upload for our products.
  45. This particular batch for English grammar had not been going well so far.
  46. In a double boiler melt the unsweetened chocolate and the first batch of.
  47. That reminds me of another batch of rumours that have been flying around.
  48. Another girl joined us and I bought the first batch of clothing for Lizzie.
  49. The prey the Sycler had chosen to raise her first batch of eggs was perfect.
  50. Sunday morning came and with it the huge batch of papers which we always took.
  51. He once visited me in New Jersey and insisted on making a batch of the stuff.
  52. You should’ve seen the batch Vicky got stuck with, Officer Remmit says.
  53. Inside Jesse was busy entertaining Jason, with a hot batch of cookies and punch.
  54. It seemed like humorousness was always associated with this batch of Kion Blue.
  55. LP didn't want to say that they were destined for the next batch of possum pies.
  56. He couldn't get into Operations, whether or not he wanted to alter batch totals.
  57. We might have a bad batch of discs again…that’s what I think’s causing it.
  58. He made up a batch of base, enough for maybe ten orders of the linguini special.
  59. And if you concocted a batch of it today, I assure you, it would not cure anything.
  60. If one part of the procedure is skipped or left out then the whole batch is ruined.
  61. Casey jumped, startled, and the fresh batch of tiny dinos cowered under the leaves.
  62. Earlier this week, he had prepared his own homemade batch of C4 plastic explosives.
  63. The strength varied from batch to batch, and she had no precise way of measuring it.
  64. Prepare a dish that uses baked beans, lentils or chickpeas, or cook a batch of chili.
  65. This left such a crater that Eddie made a new batch of batter and filled in the hole.
  66. Richard is sitting with Missy, and Gary is growing a new batch of protein crystals.
  67. The water dripped through the coffee beans and a large batch of dark coffee was ready.
  68. Well for this particular batch we are talking of roughly two hundred thousand dollars.
  69. Lucy figured you would want something like that so she made a batch of chicken soup.
  70. Finally, Tragus released the old woman when she said the new batch needed rennet or it.
  71. With the hermit busy grinding another batch of salve, Nerissa used a twig to write these.
  72. Within seconds, the mass of girls dispersed to wait for the next batch of eager customers.
  73. Carla baked Tim a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen and wrapped them in foil.
  74. These costs remain the same whether the steel mill makes one batch of steel or 10 batches.
  75. There were other people coming by also, keeping Tonmar busy grilling up batch after batch.
  76. If a batch goes bad, believe me, you will smell it, and nothing could cause you to eat it.
  77. As Ken began to gloat, he said, I think Pepsi makes a batch of ‘Chocolate Soldier’.
  78. If the present batch was defective, William was doomed and Guy's fury would know no mercy.
  79. The room was divided into four sectors each with a batch of one hundred foetal incubators.
  80. I took as I could the batch of clothes and threw it back on the sofa, while we ran to hide.
  81. The technicians say that the new batch of ships look to be on schedule, Rush reported.
  82. The total quantity of raw material RM2 required to manufacture the specific batch of 100 pcs.
  83. This may sound like a dumb mistake, but I have made it Once this happens, the batch is ruined.
  84. Then they travelled everywhere with their batch total, and were constantly checked against it.
  85. She had been anxiously waiting for the lab to drop off her latest batch of drug screen results.
  86. Here you are, sir, reported Corporal Bill as he brought me a coffee and a batch of papers.
  87. What's this? Oh, it's a batch of that chilli I made last month, the last one by the look of it.
  88. With any luck, their first batch of raspberry liquor would be ready for tasting this afternoon.
  89. Occasionally he went over to the stage and put a batch of papers or a file on the trestle table.
  90. Our mother must be crying into eternity over this batch of burned cookies and fallen bread dough.
  91. There would be the last batch of dehydrated meals and bags of nuts and seeds that had gone stale.
  92. She could catch a few winks in the early morning hours while waiting for a batch of goodies to bake.
  93. Looked around but I had incinerated the last batch of corpses even though I was nearly out of flames.
  94. Each of them fell in line, soon the maneuvers were complete This batch will be delivered tomorrow.
  95. Eva looked up from writing the latest batch of letters for her father and noticed Zoe’s smiling face.
  96. Little did he know that Rex had called the owner of the batch plant and asked him not to punish the boy.
  97. Not surprisingly, when the children came to visit she always had a fresh batch of peanut butter cookies.
  98. From his vantage point, he could see through the next batch of trees into what looked like an old orchard.
  99. Cheque or payment requirements were bundled up in a batch, before they came to Computer Operations at all.
  100. The time has come to again combine the elemental substances of earth to create a new batch of ghoul-trolls.
  1. Many of the process workers had no idea that they were doing anything illegal and just followed orders in terms of batching and processing chemicals.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. He attended all the weekend batches.
  2. Fry chicken fries in batches so they do not.
  3. Add meat and brown in small batches and set aside.
  4. These cards were intended to label batches of samples.
  5. You make five more batches until almost running out of nitric acid.
  6. Apotex is accused of not properly investigating the failure of the batches of.
  7. Currently, NEFT operates in hourly batches - there are eleven settlements from 9.
  8. Impact evaluations may include delineation of affected batches and additional or more.
  9. It was realised that work was being done in batches and that local optimum was the focus.
  10. Companies began buying big batches and management schools included it in their curriculums.
  11. These costs remain the same whether the steel mill makes one batch of steel or 10 batches.
  12. In a pan, add the cooking oil and when it warms up gently, fry the chicken pieces in batches.
  13. Inch by inch, the clouds drift along in gray batches, but they appear too light to shed water.
  14. Other than that, only Norka knows, for he keeps his recipe secret and mixes it himself in huge batches.
  15. They would settle tightly packed around the rim of the dustbin lid to drink in batches of thirty or so.
  16. This allows for running economic batches reducing the cost of the finished product and its selling price.
  17. Our engineers were all most excellent fellows; we had three or four fresh batches of them while I was there.
  18. Hundreds of them would come out in batches to the apparent delight of a pair of hawks that had taken up residence nearby.
  19. With this in view, the Gantt Chart drawn up should therefore be considered applicable to the production of normal batches of components as well.
  20. Over time, those negative experiences (and at times they will come in large batches) will eventually drive you out of the trading game if you can't get a handle on them.
  21. His enthusiasm was temperate; he pointed out a number of defects and crudities which would require correction in production batches; most of these they were aware of and had attended to.
  22. Grimes sat behind a large desk in his quarters and placed out all the contents of a large envelope that Mohammed had given him that contained photographs, newspaper clippings and batches of information gathered throughout the years.
  23. Batches of the animals were sent away daily to this lying-in hospital, where they lived on straw till their calves were born, after which event, and as soon as the calf could walk, mother and offspring were driven back to the dairy.
  24. The tourists came in in jolly batches till well on towards morning, singing about things like the Rhine and the Fatherland's frontiers, glorious songs and very gory, as they passed my hastily-shut window on their way round to the door.
  25. In the cases of manufacturing normal batches of components production is again executed using the same production locations and the above mentioned manufacturing elements (documentation, process times, technology, machines) are again specified in advance.
  26. The Indians were tremendously keen about the schooling and they came in droves and crowds; so that even with the open-air classes (a school-house was impossible of course) the Doctor had to take them in relays and batches of five or six thousand at a time and used a big megaphone or trumpet to make himself heard.
  27. We still lack many of the capabilities the Federation took for granted, but shortly after Prince Nahrmahn’s death, Merlin instructed Owl to produce new batches of the drugs used aboard the starships which brought humanity to Safehold, and one of them—you might think of it as a … sleeping draught—simulates physical death almost perfectly.
  28. For all that, however, by hard rowing we put out a little to sea, for it was now somewhat calmer, and having gained about two leagues the word was given to row by batches, while we ate something, for the vessel was well provided; but the rowers said it was not a time to take any rest; let food be served out to those who were not rowing, but they would not leave their oars on any account.
  29. Widow Fenton, as I have soberly hinted; for it is not a subject to be openly spoken of, had many ill-assorted and irregular characters among her customers; and a gang of play-actors coming to the town, and getting leave to perform in Mr Dribble’s barn, batches of the young lads, both gentle and semple, when the play was over, used to adjourn to her house for pies and porter, the commodities in which she chiefly dealt.

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