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Batten dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Batten down the hatches.
  2. We think it’s Sally Batten.
  3. You said ‘usually,’ Mrs Batten.
  4. Mr Batten, I’m Detective Cooper.
  5. Sally Batten was still unaccounted for.
  6. And batten on this moor? Ha! have you eyes?
  7. Mrs Batten, what time did Sally finish?
  8. George Batten seemed to deflate before their eyes.
  9. Yes, Sally Batten, Ellie replied, her eyes narrowed.
  10. Robyn Batten look bewildered and her husband just shook his head.
  11. Robyn Batten hunted down the neck of her nightdress with her hand.
  12. Mrs Batten, you said you called Rick when you couldn’t reach Sally.
  13. They now knew Sally Batten was the next to go missing on June nineteenth.
  14. They’d tracked down the witness who had seen Sally Batten get into the cab.
  15. Clayton stared at what he presumed were the legs of Sally Batten and nodded grimly.
  16. George Batten opened the door and introduced himself before they had a chance to knock.
  17. The ID in the handbag we found lying a few feet from the body says it’s Sally Batten.
  18. George Batten stood off to one side, seemingly at a loss as he struggled with his own grief.
  19. Yeah, they did, although until we find Sally Batten, we can’t say for sure she’s related.
  20. According to the class roll, Sally Batten had attended his art class on the day she’d disappeared.
  21. Although it was almost too warm, Robyn Batten had at least three woollen blankets draped over her knees.
  22. Partly it depends on the weaver’s strength, and how hard he can press down the batten to pack the wool.
  23. The aged sisters draw us into life: we wail, batten, sport, clip, clasp, sunder, dwindle, die: over us dead they bend.
  24. Ellie pulled the unmarked car over to the curb and parked outside the house where Sally Batten had lived with her parents.
  25. Clayton moved toward the stainless steel gurney where the remains of who they believed to be Sally Batten had been laid out.
  26. Taking hold of the tarpaulin, he hauled it and the trash bags further out of the way until what remained of Sally Batten was revealed.
  27. Nail down the lid; caulk the seams; pay over the same with pitch; batten them down tight, and hang it with the snap-spring over the ship's stern.
  28. Stepping closer to the bundle covered by the tarpaulin, Clayton kneeled on the damp ground and lifted the stiff plastic away from what remained of Sally Batten.
  29. Palm and other long-stemmed leaves can be secured by carrying the stem around the batten and over the front of the leaf, where it is held in place by the next leaf (i).
  30. Reading his Book, you’d think that the Whore’s Life was as great a Lark as that of a Lawyer or a Magistrate or e’en a Physician! (I mention, of course, those who batten off the Sorrows of the Poor!).
  31. The office was plankwall and batten except for the pyramid wall itself, but it was well finished and he had two stand-cushions as well as a high-backed roll-stool with a tile floor and a long ornate work table with pockets, three tall folder racks on one end of the table and three short ones under that end.
  32. He’d spent the last few hours interrogating the professor and although the man had finally cracked and blubbered about trading grades for sex with some of his students, he’d refused to admit he’d had anything to do with the disappearance of Sally Batten or the murders of Angelina Caruso and Josie Ward.
  1. They are battening down their hatches.
  2. Miraculously, most of the crew was on deck, battening down the hatches in advance of the storm.
  3. Did not gape at my tears, but spoke only of Ralph’s love for green lawns and driving afield in the morning, battening flocks whilst the dew was still fresh.
  4. Millions of people who once spent time outdoors: are huddling inside their artificial houses and barring the doors and battening down the hatches and fighting off all awareness that the whole world and the nature they once knew a few short decades ago; is getting sicker and dying so fast: they cannot stand to go outside and see how horrible the trees look.
  1. We tightened our family ties and battened down the hatches.
  2. The test results were in; the cloud that had battened on Daddy’s mind was a brain tumor.
  3. On the flanks it is cased with wood, and at top completely covered by a large, sloping, battened hatchway.
  4. Trapped down here, with the hatches battened, it was impossible to see the sky or evaluate the weather, after all, and—.
  5. When all the hatches were battened down, I returned to bed, where my dear husband was alive and well, and maybe dreaming about his ten-star megaday.
  6. Every public service capable of returning direct profit was in the hands of private companies, and the shares of the private companies were in the hands of the members of the Corporation, and the members of the Corporation were in the hands of the four most able and intellectual of their number, Councillors Sweater, Rushton, Didlum and Grinder, each of whom was a director of one or more of the numerous companies which battened on the town.
  7. It was not that those causes were so obscure that it required exceptional intelligence to perceive them; the causes of all the misery were so apparent that a little child could easily be made to understand both the disease and the remedy; but it seemed to him that the majority of his fellow workmen had become so convinced of their own intellectual inferiority that they did not dare to rely on their own intelligence to guide them, preferring to resign the management of their affairs unreservedly into the hands of those who battened upon and robbed them.
  1. Long broad leaves can be sown along the thatching battens with vines (h).
  2. He looked at them for a few moments before turning to encompass both of the Battens.
  3. I followed, intrigued to see the battens, cables, pulleys, counterbalances, floods and other stuff.
  4. Carla had kicked through several tile battens and pushed off sufficient roof tiles to squeeze through the hole.
  5. The trailing edge fluttered because the sailcloth had stretched over time and there were no battens to support and smooth it out.
  6. All would wave and shout greetings to our boat as we glided by them on stiff sails, made of bamboo battens with matting stretched between them.
  7. They took him to the upper end of the field, where there were some sheds built of charred planks, beams, and battens, and led him into one of them.
  8. Refusing to allow her thoughts to wander anywhere down that path, she favored the Battens with a slight smile, mindful of their grief, but unable to completely contain her excitement.

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