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Beam dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. While the beam was up.
  2. She only knows her beam.
  3. Books shifted on the beam.
  4. A broken beam lay nearby.
  5. And in a the sun’s beam.

  6. She flashed her beam ahead.
  7. He panned the beam of his.
  8. It hit a steel beam in the.
  9. There appeared to be a beam.
  10. Standing in a beam of sunlight.
  11. And grasped a beam of stardust.
  12. The older man continued to beam.
  13. The beam flickered and flashed.
  14. At the ends of the beam, light.
  15. He fired off the entangled beam.

  16. A second beam shot over his head.
  17. Enchanted by the moon's pale beam.
  18. No laser beam came out of my gun.
  19. To my left, a wooden beam crashed.
  20. Alicia Beam stopped in midsentence.
  21. Above, Basilard waited on the beam.
  22. I’ll beam half, Garcia said.
  23. He saw the beam of energy hit the.
  24. Crossing the beam without the lane.
  25. New Constitution, two to beam up.

  26. She turns to beam at the instructor.
  27. Drifts of lazy smoke catch the beam.
  28. Was adorned with a beam from the sun.
  29. The beam was visible from miles and.
  30. The beam was pointing directly at him.
  31. Consider the analogy of the laser beam.
  32. It froze on the beam above the priest.
  33. I saw them in the beam of a powerful.
  34. Where the beam had hit, the floor was.
  35. She sent the probe following that beam.
  36. Wemyss's face was indeed one great beam.
  37. His beam fell on the plastic container.
  38. He could see the beam, but that’s all.
  39. I slip into the purity of Aaron’s beam.
  40. Ket was swept away by a transporter beam.
  41. But that appears to be a tractor beam.
  42. We have the coordinates to beam you down.
  43. Lit up, most royally, with the pure beam.
  44. It was Bart’s turn to beam with delight.
  45. A red laser beam reflects off the barbell.
  46. The beam arced down anticipating his roll.
  47. There is an eager beam that should be seen.
  48. Notice the wavelength of the beam?
  49. But you can’t just beam us over there.
  50. You beam with a smile, hoping for the best.
  51. The sun's last beam its radiance throwing.
  52. Louie stood in the sun, holding up the beam.
  53. The radio just went off the atomic beam.
  54. Make a low pole or beam to jump over first.
  55. What about that beam thing? Joey said.
  56. You will beam over to the Enterprise now.
  57. The invisible pulse beam activated for less.
  58. The other half of the original beam hits and.
  59. No one had been allowed to approach the beam.
  60. He smiles, a more mischievous beam than before.
  61. No one should have been able to beam in, Mr.
  62. That’s when they sent down a horrible beam.
  63. Take what you need and beam the rest over to.
  64. Prepare to capture one with a tractor beam.
  65. I used some kind of a tractor beam on that kid.
  66. It would take us four minutes to beam them out.
  67. That sight made Fernand beam with satisfaction.
  68. The beam expanded and turned into a brown mist.
  69. A bright beam shot out bringing with it, death.
  70. That beam didn’t care what was in front of it.
  71. The center beam is thickest and will be quieter.
  72. There was a beam of light and a crackling sound.
  73. He lost focus and his beam thinned and vanished.
  74. These particles were in the target of my beam.
  75. A torch beam illuminated their faces for a second.
  76. The two ships were roughly beam on to each other.
  77. Ty, who had been sleeping on a cross beam in the.
  78. It’s a oscillating, high-density particle beam.
  79. After the cross beam is secured to the vertical.
  80. Suddenly, I am conscious of a white beam of light.
  81. Just the same, there was a broad beam on her face.
  82. There is no red or green in that beam of sunlight.
  83. He yells, Hook the chain on that hull beam!.
  84. It’s like she had a ray beam pointed at his head.
  85. Dad, there’s something unusual about that beam.
  86. This beam emanated from a small artefact that was.
  87. That means the beam has been sweeping through the.
  88. We can beam him up as soon as we lower the shields.
  89. Its feeble beam soon picked out the source of the.
  90. There was a beam of light as Castillo made his exit.
  91. With the beam, which cuts the silver wires of life.
  92. My guts clenched as I caught the dead boy in my beam.
  93. Jet reacts and blasts a beam of photons, sending the.
  94. Man, I wish that Scottie could beam me out of here.
  95. Instruct the patient to walk forwards along the beam.
  96. The lighthouse beam rounded again and struck the rock.
  97. There was only darkness at the end of the light beam.
  98. You look like you're building your own tangler beam.
  99. This is true, she allowed with a satisfied beam.
  100. Louie had held the beam aloft for thirty-seven minutes.
  1. At the end he was beaming.
  2. He was beaming with delight.
  3. I was beaming with excitement.
  4. Aaron gives me a beaming smile.
  5. He was beaming from ear to ear.
  6. They were both beaming with hope.
  7. Olsen was beaming with enthusiasm.
  8. And his eyes have not the beaming.
  9. He gave a huge beaming smile again.
  10. The sun was up, beaming its wonder.
  11. He walked over to a beaming Jensen.
  12. Of course, said Azura, beaming.
  13. As Lewis left, he was beaming from.
  14. He looked at Elena’s beaming face.
  15. He walked around the corridors beaming.
  16. Will's father lifted the rifle, beaming.
  17. He couldn’t speak, but he was beaming.
  18. About time Jason, she said beaming.
  19. She arrived, beaming, in Fritz’s office.
  20. How old is he? Ashley asked, beaming.
  21. I could fake it, said Azura, beaming.
  22. Yeah, you’re just singing and beaming.
  23. You’re very welcome, he said beaming.
  24. And preventing the Kelvan from beaming in or.
  25. This caused a beaming grin to come over my face.
  26. She nodded, that beautiful face of hers beaming.
  27. I hate you, she croaked to a beaming Elfi.
  28. You know it kid, Bob said while beaming.
  29. She was beaming a perfect set of teeth framed.
  30. And here she was beaming and sidling stepfather.
  31. Beaming and in a good mood for the next two days.
  32. Esther glanced at the Rabbi who was still beaming.
  33. The proprietor greeted Carla with a beaming smile.
  34. She was still beaming from her party’s success.
  35. The beaming of the impactors had been inconclusive.
  36. The eyes beaming in the mind to inspire knowledge.
  37. She was chatting with the guests, beaming, laughing.
  38. They always do love it, added a beaming Brian.
  39. There is an indescribable aurora in beaming old age.
  40. Beaming from ear to ear, his eyes glazed and shell-.
  41. The Professor was positively beaming at the group now.
  42. I was beaming and glowing and could not stop smiling.
  43. Mary appeared without Rudd, Anna beaming a smile and.
  44. She saw her mother in the front row, beaming with joy.
  45. One Sunday night he walked in, and he wasn’t beaming.
  46. This is mind-boggling, sure, but a huge beaming grin.
  47. But Ahndray looked calm and serene, beaming with pride.
  48. Naria stepped onto the beaming pad and called the Saber.
  49. Harmonia melted away, beaming into the manifestation Orb.
  50. Sparky looked tired, but he was also beaming with pride.
  51. The sun was beaming onto my shoulder, causing me to pant.
  52. Show us the cannon, said Kostya, beaming all over.
  53. Kurt paused and looked at Dwayne, who was simply beaming.
  54. That’s true, he nodded, beaming with satisfaction.
  55. That’s a great idea, Darcy, Abigail said, beaming.
  56. The nerdy understudy was still beaming and pointed with a.
  57. Katiousha, her black eyes beaming with joy, ran toward him.
  58. Mother was beaming when I entered, and said, She looks.
  59. She dipped her head and wiggled her fingers at us, beaming.
  60. And just then a red phasor bolt went beaming past her head.
  61. Knut, incapable of wiping that smirk off his face, beaming.
  62. He was beaming now and pulled me into a bear hug, crushing.
  63. The Visioneer handed the trophy over to the beaming God Boy.
  64. He was beaming with tears in his eyes and his throat was dry.
  65. Danny glanced at his bandmates, who were beaming ear-to-ear.
  66. His frowned face instantaneously melts into a beaming smile.
  67. Sue turned her beaming grin toward me as she came over to me.
  68. Sonya was beaming all over her face, this was excellent news.
  69. Sally was beaming with excitement over the chase and flaming.
  70. Some were beaming with appreciation over the unorthodox idea.
  71. Steve was looking relieved, calm, and beaming with enthusiasm.
  72. She lay back submissively, and looked before her with beaming.
  73. Cherybus was staring too, beaming with excitement and pure awe.
  74. Walsh was beaming with joy, hurry, you guys come on in!.
  75. I’ve got big news, I told her, beaming with anticipation.
  76. Energy from the purple molecule is beaming in front of the ship.
  77. Beaming with joy at her selections, she patted him on the thigh.
  78. I let out a deep breath and looked at Angel: her face was beaming.
  79. If you won't have it, we will, said Fyodor Pavlovitch, beaming.
  80. Ah! I heard about the goose! Ilusha laughed, beaming all over.
  81. Henderson, he replied, beaming continually as it was filled out.
  82. You can recognize in their faces the beaming brightness of Bliss.
  83. I slowly walk over to the woman who had a beaming smile on her face.
  84. That might be because of the sheer hatred I’m beaming towards him.
  85. If sun suddenly starts beaming only green color it would be soothing.
  86. She was surrounded by racist yobs with beaming smiles on their faces.
  87. I’m waiting for him to speak, but he stares at me, his face beaming.
  88. She sat back, beaming with pride at her boys and clearly enjoying the.
  89. She couldn’t help the wide, beaming smile at her mouth when the two.
  90. I was beaming with pride until I realized that he was leaving me behind.
  91. Twice she turned and looked at him, and her eyes met his beaming at her.
  92. He is beaming from ear to ear when he pulls it out of his suitcase and.
  93. She exhales and changes her beaming expression with a serious, doctor one.
  94. This will not be forgotten, I assure you, he said to a beaming Hillary.
  95. He stood beside them beaming, on them first and on his roomy clothes from.
  96. The beaming grin staring down was that of a starved animal savouring its.
  97. Have you told her? asked Natásha, suddenly beaming all over with joy.
  98. Miller sat down beaming, because she believed she had thought of it herself.
  99. Above the lamp, the beaming blue moon laughed with all the stars in the sky.
  100. With a smile beaming across her face, Mary continues to push herself forward.
  1. He beamed at his son.
  2. He beamed at the Keeper.
  3. He beamed at the President.
  4. The mRocK ball was beamed.
  5. Ish beamed at his proudest.
  6. Who are they? I beamed.
  7. Sarah beamed at those words.
  8. Both of them beamed with joy.
  9. He ducked his head and beamed.
  10. Miss Foley beamed out at them.
  11. The boy’s smile beamed wider.
  12. Her face beamed with happiness.
  13. She beamed at him, said, Mr.
  14. Skye beamed back at me, ‘Sure.
  15. Senator Grayson bowed and beamed.
  16. Transparent o'er the Neva beamed.
  17. Thank you! Dar beamed widely.
  18. She beamed with a smile and said:.
  19. Shaw's beard liked that and beamed.
  20. The smith beamed at the complement.
  21. I have no idea! Felix beamed.
  22. Kevin beamed at the rat and entered.
  23. The obliging actress beamed widely.
  24. Dewi’s eyes beamed with happiness.
  25. The audience beamed and settled back.
  26. George cleared his throat and beamed.
  27. Miss Betty beamed at the pair of them.
  28. I beamed all over in spite of myself.
  29. Hilma's face beamed through her tears.
  30. She turned now and beamed on Sanders.
  31. Aiden beamed, proud of Liam's success.
  32. Stick positively beamed with pleasure.
  33. He beamed at me through his spectacles.
  34. Catherine Quaid beamed at her two men.
  35. Then he straightened and beamed at her.
  36. Concern and tenderness beamed up at him.
  37. Ingrid beamed with pride at those words.
  38. He beamed up Jurak and the ranger next.
  39. They were beamed into one of the deep.
  40. He beamed like a child on his birthday.
  41. The dwarf beamed with the possibilities.
  42. Nadia Suslov beamed on hearing the name.
  43. If only we could all be beamed into a.
  44. The new captain beamed and replied.
  45. She said that? beamed the President.
  46. Messages from Earth were beamed into the.
  47. Her face beamed with pride as onlookers.
  48. The historian's round face beamed proudly.
  49. She replaced the 'phone and beamed at Jack.
  50. He nearly beamed as he readied to kill her.
  51. She beamed and caught Maggie in an embrace.
  52. The older broad beamed through his TV tube.
  53. I had wakened the glow: his features beamed.
  54. Theo beamed a smile at Stripehead and Milk.
  55. Her face beamed with a brilliant soft glow.
  56. Tawaret the caretaker beamed when she saw us.
  57. His eyes seemed to brighten, and he beamed.
  58. Suddenly his eyes lit up and his face beamed.
  59. Had he beamed out in panic, Niki would have.
  60. Roberto beamed, That could be very usefull.
  61. He beamed a toothless grin at seeing her and.
  62. You could have beamed home, Tatiana said.
  63. Okay! beamed the Secretary of Agriculture.
  64. Thompson beamed and followed her into the house.
  65. She beamed, she coddled, she cajoled and teased.
  66. After Mathew had gone, Chris beamed at the group.
  67. Oh, the head’s the best part! she beamed.
  68. Carmine beamed out the word: Bones is off-limits.
  69. They were very glad; their faces beamed with joy.
  70. The first medical team from the surface beamed in.
  71. Nihar had beamed with pride and pleasure when the.
  72. The President beamed as he entered the dining area.
  73. In the distance, a light beamed from a white house.
  74. She linked her arm through his and beamed up at him.
  75. Daddy pulled out his fishing gear and beamed at me.
  76. Danny looked at Sebastian, who beamed a smile back.
  77. That would be awesome, I said and Jack beamed.
  78. Alex's mother beamed with joy as she looked to him.
  79. The Palladium beamed on its marble pedestal in the.
  80. Bev and Sue briefly beamed happy grins at each other.
  81. Annie beamed as she added, Yes, and that means no.
  82. A bright light and the party was beamed off the ship.
  83. She practically beamed, inching her way closer to him.
  84. Thomas beamed, oblivious to the nature of the comment.
  85. Sheuli beamed back and was pulled away by her friend.
  86. It was raining at the Garcia estate as they beamed in.
  87. The fairy beamed and squeaked, You can call me Ios.
  88. Andrew face turned red and beamed with a playful grin.
  89. The man beamed with delight at Max’s firm naked body.
  90. While Qs mother beamed with pride as she talked, her.
  91. Nikita appeared one meter from where they had beamed in.
  92. Have my men beamed back as well, Admiral Sheaar said.
  93. Bracken smiled his toothiest smile, He positively beamed.
  94. I beamed at him and gave his arm an affectionate squeeze.
  95. I have some welcome news for you as well, he beamed.
  96. Mother beamed again, and told her to sit down for a treat.
  97. She beamed a smile at him and raised her drink in salute.
  98. I beamed them to various facilities around the planet.
  99. Emily beamed, obviously delighted at being chosen to start.
  100. Thank you, Carter beamed, shaking his hand profusely.
  1. Its high beams were on.
  2. Aft tractor beams are on.
  3. He left the high beams on.
  4. In the violet beams we cast.
  5. Lanterns swayed on their beams.
  6. The Creature of the Shining Beams.
  7. Something had shifted, the beams.
  8. Metal beams braced the wal s, but.
  9. That, and the occasional beams of.
  10. The phasor beams suddenly shut down.
  11. Beams of light filtered through the.
  12. The reference and object beams then.
  13. Jets or directed beams of light have.
  14. Chains with leg irons hung from beams.
  15. There are no laser beams in the brain.
  16. He drains his glass and beams at Ricci.
  17. Old beams began to crack mysteriously.
  18. They lifted beams back into place and.
  19. Streetlamps beams shimmered on the wet.
  20. They shake hands and the Lord beams at him.
  21. The bodies had been hung from ceiling beams.
  22. Termites infested those solid-looking A beams.
  23. The crescent moon’s beams whirled serpent-.
  24. Climbing into the backseat, she beams at Jerry.
  25. In the middle of the beams is a cable bundle.
  26. She beams at me and swings our arms between us.
  27. Small beams of light stretched across the room.
  28. They fire two sets of brown laser beams at them.
  29. Quench'd in the chaste beams of the wat'ry moon;.
  30. The two beams quickly zapped out and disappeared.
  31. The wooden beams that had formed the apex of the.
  32. She dreamed that a whole regiment of beams, 36 ft.
  33. They all shot at the gufders with bursts and beams.
  34. The murmur in the church rose over the wooden beams.
  35. Apparently our minds are being controlled by beams.
  36. Abi beams and goes off to join Ben playing with Sam.
  37. Should I tailgate him with my high beams on?
  38. The tops were linked by beams in two parallel lines.
  39. I assumed that other beams would have the same hole.
  40. She set out to map the routes these light beams took.
  41. The moonlight sends its blue beams into the hallway.
  42. By celestial caress of awareness, as by the sun beams.
  43. Floating dust and haze reflected the narrow beams to.
  44. On Monday he had wondered why the beams were cracking.
  45. He beams at me, delighted with my pleasure at his gift.
  46. The two energy beams won't stop five missiles in time.
  47. There are laser beams crossing our path, she said.
  48. Her lips are curved and her face beams with happiness.
  49. Though these service beams do not have a buffer matrix.
  50. The bright white glow of the low beams illuminated his.
  51. Calling and calling, probing with our beams, we searched.
  52. She saw all this, while they looked into her high beams.
  53. Out of nowhere a police van shined its high beams on us.
  54. The beams flow away from the star in opposite directions.
  55. Oh Fuck, that’s what the beams were in Rich’s letter.
  56. The beams overhead grew as transparent as glass and even.
  57. His face beams with excitement as I pause inches from him.
  58. Bill set her free by shooting the chains with laser beams.
  59. For a long time, his eyes studied the beams on the ceiling.
  60. The water seeped slowly over and through the rotting beams.
  61. Beams of light illuminate the plants in her kitchen window.
  62. Buster had the high beams on therefore we were able to see.
  63. Outside, the first sun beams traced a placid sky after the.
  64. At the centre of the grotto, sparkling beneath the beams of.
  65. The beams of the ceiling were as black and heavy as old iron.
  66. The most interesting bit was discovering what the beams were.
  67. They have clear'd the beams away, they tenderly lift me forth.
  68. Concentrated beams of extinction struck the hedgehog squarely.
  69. That didn’t stop Roho or Miss Hadya from testing the beams.
  70. The morning sun beams across the room, as Sean helps me to bed.
  71. The forest of beams became thinner, and soon he found himself.
  72. We balance the beams and brace the walls, hoping it will stand.
  73. When both beams hit me, run to the door and get out of here.
  74. A series of blue-white wide focused beams overhead, on her face.
  75. This little tower had a platform, of which only the beams remain.
  76. Still, the Borg tried, lancing out with lasers and tractor beams.
  77. Our guns are starting to overheat and the beams are losing power.
  78. Toward twelve there in the beams of the moon they surrender to us.
  79. Old drying racks, loom beams, and fulling troughs crackled in the.
  80. Before he could start to move out of the way, the beams pinned him.
  81. Then from a golden staff they shot fire beams at Sam and the others.
  82. Ava had to fish around awhile to find beams coming out of that city.
  83. In an instant, four-hundred-year-old beams in row houses are ablaze.
  84. The sphere illuminated, shooting beams of light straight up and down.
  85. The sun was gliding in long flickering beams across the wooden floor.
  86. His wife, Ethel, pregnant with their eleventh child beams with pride.
  87. The cross-tie beams of the barn were forty feet above the main floor.
  88. They don't have anything down here but the tied down planks and beams.
  89. She could not breathe for the cold that sent beams of ice through her.
  90. As sunlight displayed sparkling beams on the water, he drank his fill.
  91. Concentrated blue beams of energy are shot a mile in front of the ship.
  92. Beyond the ledge, at the limit of the beams of sunlight, water glinted.
  93. She has a mirror but she still beams when I tell her she’s beautiful.
  94. Laser beams are directed into the core of the fibroids and destroy them.
  95. Fairies, and out into the Open Air, where Jack Frost and the Star Beams.
  96. It correctly sized the individual by the use of light touch laser beams.
  97. Beams seemed to proceed from him and penetrate into the remotest corners.
  98. The footsteps came near, the light beams glanced along the stream bottom.
  99. With the high beams on, Locke could almost see to the end of this section.
  100. And now daylight came, and the sun smote Sancho on the eyes with his beams.

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