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Behave dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Try, for me, to behave.
  2. Try to behave with it.
  3. Well, how did he behave?
  4. Is that anyway to behave.
  5. Why they behave this way.

  6. It doesn’t mean I behave.
  7. Q: I behave as an individual.
  8. How does one behave around.
  9. I thought you would behave.
  10. He maintained that we behave.
  11. She told him, Behave yourself.
  12. But gods should behave better.
  13. You two, behave, he said.
  14. Do not behave in a violent way.
  15. Behave decently in her presence.

  16. Not to behave as he did once—.
  17. I decided to behave illogically.
  18. They did not know how to behave.
  19. Only if she promises to behave.
  20. Behave with gentleness to others.
  21. Behave as if what I say is true.
  22. Behave, for God sake, as a witch.
  23. The way he could behave like this.
  24. How to love, behave and how to give.
  25. Human beings never behave randomly.

  26. At best it may remind you to behave.
  27. Do not be in a Hurry to behave as a.
  28. We have to behave? That’s no fun.
  29. You don't behave a bit like an uncle.
  30. Around me, she had to behave normally.
  31. In front of everyone? Behave yourself.
  32. Most systems behave in non-linear ways.
  33. Behave yourself, his mother whispered.
  34. He did not know how to behave with her.
  35. Soon, she'd behave like a darted animal.
  36. Just like you! It depends how you behave.
  37. The fact that you behave differently or.
  38. Learn to behave in the way God teaches us.
  39. Now go on in the room and behave yourself.
  40. He will always behave in an exemplary way.
  41. Behave yourself! You’re a symbol!38.
  42. Fossey learned how to behave near gorillas.
  43. Do not be in a Hurry to behave as a woman.
  44. They didn't want me to behave irrationally.
  45. He would not know how to behave in society.
  46. But I don’t believe that you’d behave.
  47. Maybe you can behave better than these two.
  48. We have a responsibility to behave as such.
  49. Behave with a friendly and courteous manner.
  50. Situations made us behave badly in response.
  51. How was Judy going to behave over the next.
  52. Do try to behave like a gentleman, now do!.
  53. I think we should behave as if they are.
  54. We all have a responsibility to behave in a.
  55. Pregnant nannies will behave differently too.
  56. At least I could behave as if I heard nothing.
  57. Do try to behave like a gentleman, now do!’.
  58. Which causes reality to behave the way it does.
  59. If it is treated gently, it will behave gently.
  60. Yes, as long as we keep them fed they behave.
  61. Note that taxes behave like propensity to spend.
  62. About as normally as we could behave, I suppose.
  63. No, no; you swear that you will behave yourself.
  64. Behave as best you know, do what you think you.
  65. No, I can behave myself around her if she can.
  66. Gods of the Indian pantheon behave the same way.
  67. Caesar, which obliged him to behave himself with.
  68. He did not speak, he did not behave like himself.
  69. But in reality he did not know how to behave as.
  70. I'll get you something, behave and stay in bed.
  71. I had to learn how to behave on buses and I even.
  72. Joseph promised to behave in the public spotlight.
  73. Behave as if you know nothing either,’ she said.
  74. God wants to see how we behave in such situations.
  75. Behave as if you know nothing either, she said.
  76. But if you behave with wickedness or are depraved.
  77. Should we behave in a selfless or selfish manner?
  78. I insisted that Ihcy should always behave decently.
  79. Immature options don’t always behave as expected.
  80. Did he expect his men to behave like damned monks?
  81. The way we behave shows the kind of relationship we.
  82. You need to be professional and behave appropriately.
  83. He thought it wisest to behave as if he hadn't heard.
  84. Carpenter ants and termites both behave the same way.
  85. Laudable! Who are you to her that you can behave.
  86. She kept telling him to sit still and behave himself.
  87. But Rhett showed no inclination to make Bonnie behave.
  88. By the way, Cindy, you’d better behave yourself.
  89. The trouble is I don't know how to behave in company.
  90. When we hold any position, the market may not behave.
  91. Florence said I should stop torturing you and behave.
  92. There is a very good reason why they behave like this.
  93. Behave in a way that will win your employees’ trust.
  94. Something is bothering him or he would not behave in.
  95. Each market is unique; the markets behave differently.
  96. If you lie in your bed and behave you can have this.
  97. You children behave Cass and do exactly what he says.
  98. How should we behave O Allah's beloved? He says to us:.
  99. That path allows us not to behave like eternal students.
  100. Animals sure can behave in an uncouth manner at times.
  1. Why are you behaving like.
  2. He was behaving really oddly.
  3. His job depends on us behaving.
  4. He was behaving in the way that.
  5. She was behaving as if she were ill.
  6. She was crying and behaving frantically.
  7. Still behaving in an excited manner as.
  8. They were behaving as if he didn't exist.
  9. Because today you are behaving in such a.
  10. Actually, he’s behaving quite civilly.
  11. Cal and Paul were behaving very erratically.
  12. People accused him of behaving like a lord.
  13. Behaving too with her usual moderation and.
  14. Why are they behaving so rude to us? I said.
  15. He was observing them as how they were behaving.
  16. Are you behaving on your day off? Said a chic.
  17. Rosetti himself was behaving like a caged panther.
  18. They were behaving more like friends than lovers.
  19. So far the automatic system is behaving perfectly.
  20. Sue by now was behaving in a much more calm manner.
  21. Dopamine Detection in the Behaving Animal: In Vivo.
  22. Rayne was behaving totally unlike the person he knew.
  23. Exactly as the Egyptian deities are shown as behaving.
  24. Yes I did, but I don’t remember behaving that way.
  25. So he kept behaving as he was and headed for the corner.
  26. I’d never imagined Cynthia behaving that way, neither.
  27. I repeated the act of behaving like a lion with a woman.
  28. I can’t understand why they are behaving like this.
  29. Exactly as Greek mythology depicted their gods behaving.
  30. It’s a bloody good job they’re behaving themselves.
  31. How are you currently behaving in this area of your life?
  32. Now they were mystified that it wasn’t behaving properly.
  33. Plus, it gets them lots of attention for behaving this way.
  34. But there again, I must say that I was behaving very silly.
  35. She was behaving the way she always behave, Gracy says.
  36. As Zem and Bev approached the crowd, the crowd was behaving.
  37. But I’ll just tell Mamma how you are behaving with Borís.
  38. He's been behaving very queerly, and he is very much excited.
  39. They used a taser, because I was behaving like a wild animal.
  40. Stop behaving like a child; do not take it so seriously!.
  41. But why was he behaving like Who was I? Like he had nothing.
  42. Central was behaving in a way that they had never seen before.
  43. While we can establish our own credibility by behaving when-.
  44. Well, young cavalryman, how is my Rook behaving? he asked.
  45. Q: What is the harm in behaving like a saint even before being.
  46. In her zealotry she was actually behaving like a good capitalist.
  47. Behaving like real Christians the light continues in gradual way.
  48. Essentially, behaving like a superconductor that operates at room.
  49. I began behaving like a tyrant in the household, causing Polly and.
  50. She had a little boy and was behaving more like a mother than a nun.
  51. I just guessed everyone is behaving strangely because of my birthday.
  52. They don’t try to understand why the child is behaving in this manner.
  53. You are behaving very badly yourself, and for that reason you are wrong.
  54. What was Hartle up to? When last seen, he was behaving rather strangely.
  55. What happened sir? Why are you behaving like this? I have to leave now.
  56. You are behaving in an inappropriate way in some area of your waking life.
  57. I know I was behaving stupidly, but hey, I was in (so called) pain !!!!!!.
  58. Is that what you meant by behaving? I’d rather revel against you!.
  59. If your employees observe you behaving dishonestly, they will do so as well.
  60. He’d been more and more worried about the way she’d been behaving lately.
  61. Once you start living as the master, they will start behaving as if you were.
  62. Her father said she was behaving like the world was ending but to her, it was.
  63. But, according to ‘Dusty’ Miller, Jarvis was behaving absolutely normally.
  64. Girls must have been asking about him, that’s why they are behaving so funny.
  65. I waited patiently for the train to arrive, behaving as I did on the green line.
  66. And so the baby raven was raised and trained in the ways of behaving ‘ravenly.
  67. Why doesn’t it surprise me that you’re behaving so selfishly, she said.
  68. Coward! She commanded herself to plunge the blade and quit behaving like a wimp.
  69. In vivo chronoamperometry studies in the behaving animal have demonstrated that.
  70. Abbey was behaving really well, all of us trying to keep each other entertained.
  71. Exactly as all the other more ancient civilizations depicted their gods behaving.
  72. He will get over it in time, Cai said, sitting with us and behaving himself.
  73. A man should know his position, status & age while behaving & dealing with others.
  74. If he intended to rape or molest her he was not behaving as she might have expected.
  75. Instead, Jamal spent his time behaving just right, to convince his father that he.
  76. Through friends we started praying and behaving a bit more spiritual as recommended.
  77. He liked these friends, although lately they seemed to be behaving somewhat distant.
  78. He saw that she was behaving unbecomingly, and considered it his duty to tell her so.
  79. I hope you’ve all been behaving yourselves, he said jokingly to the children.
  80. Her only brother’s life was at stake here and she was behaving like a spoilt child.
  81. My hair is restrained in a ponytail, and for once the tendrils are behaving themselves.
  82. Mabas were outwardly practicing the old customs but behaving like city dwellers in the.
  83. As we revere the deity, our manner of speaking and way of behaving edifies one another.
  84. And he was behaving so nicely, almost like a gentleman would do under the circumstances.
  85. If it was indeed the same animal; it was behaving pretty much as he would have expected.
  86. If a web page is not behaving the way it should, reloading it can often fix the problem.
  87. It looked like a scene from hell as nothing was behaving the normal way, the natural way.
  88. He witnessed them behaving like young teenagers as they attempted to out sell each other.
  89. We’re deeply disappointed and quite shocked to see a group of parents behaving this way.
  90. Slikit mumbled something under his breath, backing away, wary at the way Brock was behaving.
  91. The rest were indifferent, enforcing the rules with blows but at least behaving predictably.
  92. Song–Your thoughts, voice, deeds, behavior, and manner of behaving; character; path or way.
  93. At the same time, he experienced remorse, and he despised himself for behaving in this manner.
  94. At a certain point an option stops behaving with volatility and begins to trade for a price.
  95. Her reaction to him just now was proof enough; she was behaving in the classic Ogatu female way.
  96. They were always behaving in the most bestial and disgusting manner wherever you encountered them.
  97. He took me all the way home; not attempting to console me, but behaving with the greatest delicacy.
  98. I ignored the fact that Mona came afterwards and was behaving with such obvious grace and reticence.
  99. Edward, at sixty, behaving as if he were one of those young men, and she were one of those old women.
  100. The content may differ – but aren't all the above thinking, feeling and behaving in a similar way?
  1. I agree I behaved badly.
  2. She behaved like a child.
  3. As a child, be well behaved.
  4. She’s never behaved like this.
  5. They were noisy and badly behaved.
  6. He behaved in a same way with Mrs.
  7. The English behaved admirably there.
  8. You behaved wrongly, very wrongly.
  9. You should have behaved yourself.
  10. Alone with him, I behaved his equal.
  11. But Christian and Faithful behaved.
  12. It behaved in this way for some days.
  13. The clergy behaved with great dignity.
  14. Its first time that Aanya behaved so.
  15. They've never behaved this way before.
  16. She behaved, as I was not existed there.
  17. But we have behaved like decent people.
  18. Well this one was quite well behaved.
  19. Casaubon should have behaved in that way.
  20. As you say the beast behaved differently.
  21. The man misunderstood and behaved as if.
  22. He was spiritually much evolved behaved.
  23. I now understand why he behaved that way.
  24. The good priest behaved as an Italian would.
  25. Later I realized what I had behaved with Raj.
  26. He had behaved like her accomplice in crime.
  27. I’m proud of the way you behaved afterward.
  28. The issue to be judged is how we have behaved.
  29. I should've behaved in a more responsible way.
  30. He behaved just as if he was one of themselves.
  31. He formed opinions from the way people behaved.
  32. D -222-the ill behaved horse with one that has.
  33. His parents have behaved abominably toward him.
  34. There were a few times when she behaved like a.
  35. So there was no other way Tom could have behaved.
  36. As for the captain he behaved like a small child.
  37. Ralph had behaved like a bully, and Ralph knew it.
  38. Oh, none at all! He has behaved very well indeed.
  39. He behaved well only to those who bowed before him.
  40. He was a man who just sometimes behaved very badly.
  41. Ours are well behaved and won’t eat your face off.
  42. Even in France, people talked about how she behaved.
  43. Despite what I had said, they still behaved the same.
  44. Her father had never behaved this way to her mother.
  45. Jan Smuts Avenue, but at least her old bowels behaved.
  46. Which section depended on how they'd behaved in life.
  47. Needham behaved as if he was taking enormous risks.
  48. The PMW behaved as though my mother was an article of.
  49. She's very handsome and well behaved, isn't she?
  50. The raw volunteer troopers, however, behaved splendidly.
  51. But my enemies behaved as though I were not in the room.
  52. Melanie had behaved the same way over the last two years.
  53. I behaved as casually and treated them as my other clients.
  54. Even though Monica’s adult children had behaved thought-.
  55. He behaved as if he had come on a terribly serious mission.
  56. But every so often Rebecca behaved and/or said something a.
  57. Some said, that the Vincys had behaved scandalously, that Mr.
  58. I enjoyed watching this man because he behaved like a first.
  59. Although he was a preschooler, he behaved like a spoiled baby.
  60. I want you to forget how I have acted or behaved in the past.
  61. I've behaved despicably, both as a gentleman and as a guest.
  62. Yulia Mihailovna was flattered, but she behaved with dignity.
  63. It has been shown that in 2009 the market behaved abnormally.
  64. The full barge never behaved like this, he added sounding.
  65. You don't deserve it after the way that you behaved yesterday.
  66. If you’d behaved properly, all that could’ve been yours.
  67. Sadly, it behaved impeccably on the rough and unstable surface.
  68. Ferrars; and towards us have behaved in the friendliest manner.
  69. But how could she have behaved differently? She was just a child.
  70. The guys that are the most trustworthy are the well behaved ones.
  71. Bev behaved in the same way human females often do in a similar.
  72. Judging from the way the counter worker behaved, I think that he.
  73. It is an expression to say that an individual is well behaved in.
  74. You probably remind him of the dishonourable way he behaved to me.
  75. Yes it does, Donna! I don’t think I would have behaved so….
  76. My God what well behaved children you have Matthew commented.
  77. Is it because of the way I behaved when you first got here? Or.
  78. It was no wonder my father and his friends behaved a bit strangely.
  79. The fugitives behaved, in the most literal sense, like wild beasts.
  80. This time he behaved ' chivalrously ' and concealed nothing from me.
  81. Laurie, though decidedly amazed, behaved with great presence of mind.
  82. She had grown up among humans, but they had never behaved like that.
  83. Mrs Barnum is afraid to go near after the way he behaved toward her.
  84. Then Sue said, I wonder if our bed here and on the ship behaved.
  85. From what you have told me, he isn’t a man who behaved responsibly.
  86. I also have behaved like a villain, but such is the way of the world.
  87. Tanya behaved like a grownup person, and looked after the little ones.
  88. I'm always sorry and ashamed when I have behaved as though I were ten.
  89. He behaved the way he did because he thought his parents were pil ocks.
  90. My brother and cousins had behaved no better than the cruelest nobles.
  91. One must know that Zhan Donglai had always behaved out of the norm, so.
  92. Far fewer of these men and women, only 60 percent, behaved assertively.
  93. Aglaya behaved very graciously to him, and chatted and laughed merrily.
  94. I caught up in reading and math, and I was better behaved at home, too.
  95. Well behaved and polite because of his association with inspector Paul.
  96. She behaved as respectfully as a dutiful wife could in all ways but one.
  97. Most behaved the same way then but hid that behaviour well, so Mummy and.
  98. Toward him Boris behaved with a particularly dignified and sad deference.
  99. After ten seconds of your holding my chin very tight, I behaved for days.
  100. Braidwood said the four Mounties behaved as if they were responding to a.
  1. One simply behaves like a fellow of spirit.
  2. The answer to the question Who behaves like.
  3. Everyone behaves just how he or she feels like.
  4. A function in oracle behaves and produces many.
  5. She behaves differently… She thinks differently.
  6. As long as she behaves herself, we should have fun.
  7. He behaves like a drunken man—a man in a delirium.
  8. When someone behaves in a negative way towards another.
  9. You should hear how Gran behaves with people she hates.
  10. The main() function shows how lazy initialization behaves.
  11. As long as he behaves, he said, what’s his name.
  12. If one is in an atomic explosion, the other behaves just.
  13. This chapter explains in simple words, how the body behaves and.
  14. I should like to know why Peter behaves like the Big Turk when.
  15. No matter how badly or outrageously she behaves, he stands by her.
  16. This chapter in simple words explains how the body behaves and how.
  17. You can imagine how she behaves when there’s just me and the kids.
  18. Once he behaves himself, I would let him have your favors for a bonus.
  19. N behaves as a leader in communication with several people, but when.
  20. It behaves the same as if you owned the stock itself and requires no capital.
  21. A family member or close friend who behaves as a victim, playing the guilt card.
  22. We know, for instance, that a bacterium behaves differently when it is in a collective.
  23. When activists show up, management for the most part behaves responsibly and respectfully.
  24. Indeed, as previously noted, light behaves with a dual nature, with characteristics of both.
  25. There is no such thing as an unspoiled wilderness or an unspoiled animal who behaves naturally.
  26. It occasions remorse when an individual behaves contrary to his or her moral or ethical directive.
  27. Anyone can do it and see with their own eyes how light behaves going around a boat, or a mountain.
  28. Synthetic Put – A position that behaves exactly the same as a put option, but is not a put option.
  29. In other situations it behaves as a particle travelling through space (but a particle without mass).
  30. The first voice is that of columnist George Will, who behaves decades older than his forty-three years.
  31. Many of the women who had lived through pregnancy and birth told stories about how the later fetus behaves.
  32. In some situations light behaves as a continuous wave spreading out in space (but a wave without a medium).
  33. These messages, the hormones, that are being sent out will affect how your partner thinks, feels, and behaves.
  34. And because of the low correlation, one Put behaves the opposite of the other, so it is more like a Naked Call.
  35. It spends its life in a sort of schizophrenia, as, while actually being an antelope, it behaves as if it were a deer.
  36. So it behaves the same as a Straddle, but with one-third more risk, which allows it to perform better in a downturn.
  37. If she wasn’t so stubborn, maybe she could tell by the way he behaves towards her and by the things he says to her.
  38. It is the regiment in which every private is intelligent, and behaves as if the success of the campaign depended on him.
  39. When the position is market-neutral, and when the market behaves, all gains can be attributed to the magic of time decay.
  40. Instead of actually trading when the VIX breaks one barrier or another, I observe how the market behaves at such junctures.
  41. A comment has been made related to the growing environmental crisis, ‘That humanity foolishly behaves as if it is immortal.
  42. The shell behaves in slightly different ways when you log on interactively versus when you just connect to run a single command.
  43. If the spread between May and March futures behaves poorly (May declines with respect to March), then he might still lose money.
  44. Portrayed by twelve-year-old Jodie Foster, Iris behaves like an innocent child by day while turning tricks with grown men at night.
  45. This means that you can sell an option at 2-1/2 that is really worth 1-1/4 according to the way the underlying index really behaves.
  46. It resembles both the shape and the development time of the triangles, but it really looks and behaves like a pennant without a pole.
  47. For potentially higher profits, you can cover half your position and wait to see how the stock behaves before covering the other half.
  48. There will also be days that the market behaves like a spoilt, angry child - it will break, retrace, jump around and generally frustrate you.
  49. The hardest thing is to find management that actually objectively behaves in shareholders' interest as opposed to their own long-term interest.
  50. When someone behaves in a way that seems toxic, combative and filled with hatred towards you be happy that you are made aware of their behavior.
  51. In the discussion I will undertake later on about the way Ulysses behaves when confronted with his own envy, when he returns to Aeolus after his.
  52. What behaved well in the past or behaves well to-day is not such wonder, The wonder is always and always how there can be a mean man or an infidel.
  53. Water, which behaves like a ‘sponge’ for energy, is therefore introduced to absorb and to retain the positive energy for the use by its occupants.
  54. Basic assault does not require physical harm, but rather that the perpetrator behaves in a way intended to put someone in reasonable fear for their safety.
  55. The fact that the price gapped carries a major message at the open, but how it behaves (stays open, overlaps the tails or fills) tells the real value of the gap.
  56. It is also due to the way a teenager interacts with the surrounding environment which has a lot of influence on the way he behaves and reacts to different situations.
  57. For example, GLD (SPDR Gold Trust) is a proxy for gold and it behaves much differently than SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF), the exchange-traded fund (ETF) that replicates the S&P 500.
  58. For example if a child behaves well in a situation where he is amongst a group of adults partaking in a special activity then his reward should not be something unrelated like sweets.
  59. By buying a near month at-the-money Call and selling an out-of-the-money Call for the following month, the result is a trade that behaves similarly to that of a Covered Call, but without as much downside risk.
  60. Second, if the futures spread behaves miserably, the calendar spread will almost certainly lose money (bottom line of graph, where the future spread collapsed from March 4 points under to a horrendous level of 24 points over!).
  61. Never invest methodically; you need to understand the true worth of a business and you should have a thorough understanding of that business and how that business’ cycle behaves, how that business makes money, and how it performs against competitors.
  62. Instead of trying to do something we are unlikely to succeed at, we prefer to concentrate on doing something that is within our control - namely trading more aggressively when the market behaves as we hope it will, and trading defensively when it doesn’t.
  63. An individual who behaves or reacts in a manner consistent with his or her nature should not be equally commended with another individual who behaves in a similar manner under comparable conditions otherwise contrary to that individual‘s (own) nature (I am speaking here of heroic deeds).
  64. Because a Covered Call behaves exactly the same as a Naked Put, you might find it helpful before you trade a Covered Call to ask yourself: Would I place this same trade if I was using a Naked Put instead? Say you wanted to sell a Call on those 100 shares of Apple stock you owned in September, when it was trading for $400.
  65. Why? Because they wanted us to see how it worked! Then they let us destroy it! Maybe that was part of their test—to find out if humans are willing to make a heroic sacrifice to save their comrades? To see if our species actually behaves the way we portray ourselves in our books and movies and games? He stood back up and began to pace, faster and faster.
  66. Tolkatchenko, who was arrested in the neighbourhood ten days after his flight, behaves with incomparably more decorum; he does not shuffle or tell lies, he tells all he knows, does not justify himself, blames himself with all modesty, though he, too, has a weakness for rhetoric; he tells readily what he knows, and when knowledge of the peasantry and the revolutionary elements among them is touched upon, he positively attitudinises and is eager to produce an effect.
  67. Therefore, can any of us ascertain, without qualification, that the manner an individual behaves is either moral or immoral without properly assessing that individual‘s underlying assumptions or conditions without compromising our (own) judgment? Insight into ―things‖, as indicated above, requires that an individual be cognizant of the internal factors that correctly define the quality of his or her actions; that such qualities ―unseen‖ are nevertheless as real as Character, Decency or Virtuosity, or their opposites, that become readily apparent to an inquiring mind.

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