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Believe dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I believe it is so.
  2. But I believe it is.
  3. I try to believe her.
  4. I do not believe that.
  5. Tom did not believe it.

  6. You have to believe me.
  7. I tend to believe the.
  8. I believe it saved you.
  9. He does not believe me.
  10. But I believe it is so.
  11. I hope they believe me.
  12. As those who believe it.
  13. She had to believe that.
  14. Yes, I believe he did.
  15. Yes, I believe he is.

  16. They have to believe me.
  17. What we believe is true.
  18. I believe it to be the.
  19. Yes, I believe I did.
  20. But I cannot believe it.
  21. I believe it was open.
  22. I believe they speak a.
  23. Only we must believe in.
  24. He could well believe it.
  25. She could not believe him.

  26. It is hard to believe an.
  27. Because believe it or not.
  28. Yes, I believe so, he said.
  29. I just couldn't believe it.
  30. You just have to believe.
  31. But I didn’t believe her.
  32. We believe with our hearts.
  33. She refused to believe it.
  34. I do not believe this at.
  35. I believe it will be soon.
  36. Unions that believe in us.
  37. I do believe I cut a caper.
  38. I can't believe where I am.
  39. I believe you Lord Tarak.
  40. I can’t believe I did it.
  41. I believe that the Nikken.
  42. I could not believe my ears.
  43. I believe it is near time.
  44. He wanted to believe in her.
  45. I believe I'll curl up on.
  46. There is, I believe, some.
  47. Truly believe in the person.
  48. I believe we can stop here.
  49. Dont believe me? Ask Joan.
  50. I do believe it, I need to.
  51. But actually believe it? No.
  52. She could barely believe it.
  53. Walter seemed not to believe.
  54. Believe me when I say that.
  55. I believe that is you, Brent.
  56. I couldn‘t believe my ears.
  57. I don’t believe he will.
  58. Of course I believe in God.
  59. I just couldn’t believe it.
  60. They believe in being good.
  61. A soul I did not believe in.
  62. Believe me when I tell you.
  63. I believe it belongs to you.
  64. I believe he has a guest.
  65. I wish they would believe me.
  66. And believe in His Son, Jesus.
  67. She couldn't believe her ears.
  68. They can't believe the truth.
  69. Death does not believe in me.
  70. I do not believe that rumour.
  71. I believe that if you could.
  72. That is something we believe.
  73. And believe it or not even Mr.
  74. Yarin has someone, I believe.
  75. Believe that ye receive them.
  76. As long as you believe that.
  77. Cano could not believe that.
  78. I couldnt believe the house.
  79. Tony could not believe what.
  80. I believe they can hear them.
  81. I believe you did this for me.
  82. I was beginning to believe it.
  83. To this day I believe it was.
  84. Believe me, that’s not easy.
  85. And I would do it, believe me.
  86. And believe what he has to say.
  87. Makes you believe that there.
  88. I believe that the intention.
  89. I believe it was her mother's.
  90. Would you believe I actually.
  91. Yes, I believe the same thing.
  92. I can’t believe this shit.
  93. They also believe their suc-.
  94. I find that hard to believe.
  95. She could scarcely believe it.
  96. I believe the theory is wrong.
  97. I can hardly believe it's you.
  98. But you don’t believe it.
  99. I can't believe it's that big.
  100. We live by what we believe in.
  1. For he was believing it.
  2. Not believing me, he grunted.
  3. I groaned not believing him.
  4. There you go believing it.
  5. I never stopped believing it.
  6. Believing that he would soon.
  7. I’d stopped believing in DNA.
  8. I went to war believing in my.
  9. We are deceived into believing.
  10. He had a hard time believing it.
  11. Christ, asking, and believing Him.
  12. I laugh, not believing I said that.
  13. I moved from believing to knowing.
  14. Believing in god is not loving god.
  15. Don't be unbelieving but believing.
  16. Believing in ghosts was bad enough.
  17. You must let him keep believing it.
  18. Land, believing that God is with us.
  19. Mother was finally believing him now.
  20. But to the believing it is a savor.
  21. When did you stop believing it?’.
  22. He knew it was stupid believing in.
  23. I became a bit paranoid, believing.
  24. He was one of Our believing servants.
  25. We are accustomed to believing that.
  26. I cannot help believing my brother.
  27. I had to stop believing, I said.
  28. Edith at times believing she would die.
  29. Nevertheless, we pray believing, and.
  30. Only this believing remnant would be.
  31. I cannot resist believing a compliment.
  32. Stop believing in something for nothing.
  33. That’s like not believing in the moon.
  34. Eventually they will stop believing you.
  35. I can blame you for not believing in me.
  36. I thanked him not believing it was true.
  37. The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol.
  38. Thanks a lot for believing in me, Katie.
  39. Whitfield grinned, not believing his luck.
  40. When oh when will you start believing.
  41. I’m making it real just by believing it.
  42. Later, it lead to many believing that the.
  43. Don’t be fooled into believing that the.
  44. He told him, still not believing it himself.
  45. Not quite believing what he had just heard.
  46. Think: A story about thinking and believing.
  47. Believing in yourself and believing in the.
  48. What? said Neil not believing his ears.
  49. And believing that they can get away with it.
  50. I stared about me, scarcely believing my eyes.
  51. Faith is simply believing what God has prom-.
  52. If instead of believing, they will know for.
  53. I'm believing it's going to happen this year.
  54. Alyosha could not help believing that of Ivan.
  55. But how is that possible, believing in all.
  56. And believing in the dreams that set you free.
  57. Was he naive, believing he could God deceive?
  58. Believing with absolute certainty is a giant.
  59. But you have started believing in God?' Mama.
  60. Both of them jumped up not believing their ears.
  61. He said you tricked people into believing lies.
  62. Believing their danger past, they sprang from.
  63. I felt numb and had trouble believing that the.
  64. No Bible believing Christian can deny that fact.
  65. Annette listened to him without believing a word.
  66. Then I told her of Joseph, and he not believing.
  68. Believing he is done, he starts for his bedroom.
  69. He repeatedly accused others of believing in a.
  70. No one was, I told myself, without believing it.
  71. Leesa leaned forward, scarcely believing her ears.
  72. She died believing that she meant nothing to you.
  73. But what does believing in the Creator generate?
  74. God; and that believing you may have life in His.
  75. Man: There have been so many ways of believing.
  77. So even believing that the Bible is the inerrant.
  78. The masses were misled into believing that they.
  79. Believing that Elizabeth knew of the plot, Mary.
  80. I shook my head, not believing what he was saying.
  81. What? said the mayor, not believing his ears.
  82. We blame ourselves for ever believing that man.
  83. We must not live in a state of denial, believing.
  84. Martin looked up at Nathan not believing his eyes.
  85. And feeling this, and believing this power to be.
  86. The believing Gentiles are now a people of promise.
  87. We're in LA! She shouted barely believing it.
  88. Maybe, but I still have a hard time believing it.
  89. Believing that there were only animals left on the.
  90. It is not a question of believing, but of reasoning.
  91. She still had difficulty believing her good fortune.
  92. Christendom looks back with believing regard as the.
  93. He was afraid of believing it and did not believe it.
  94. Even I had a hard time believing her ridiculous talk.
  95. That was why he had difficulty in believing in a God.
  96. I was having a hard time believing what I was hearing.
  97. He never said that believing in God, going to church.
  98. Believing this or that does not bring about salvation.
  99. Why on earth should I even consider believing you?
  100. What? I asked, not believing what I was hearing.
  1. I believed in this guy.
  2. It is believed that Dr.
  3. I believed he meant it.
  4. He believed that as a.
  5. It is believed that it.
  6. We have believed in God.
  7. He always believed in me.
  8. He believed he had one.
  9. She had not believed it.
  10. But I am not believed.
  11. He believed in his cause.
  12. He was believed to have.
  13. The one you believed in.
  14. I just believed it would.
  15. Greer said he believed me.
  16. It is believed that just.
  17. She always believed in me.
  18. It is also believed that.
  19. They believed it has the.
  20. I have always believed it.
  21. The body was believed by.
  22. I believed the same thing.
  23. We believed them, of course.
  24. If you believed the reports.
  25. Neither of them believed it.
  26. He actually believed it too.
  27. I almost half believed her.
  28. Gravity is believed to be.
  29. I never believed it could.
  30. Julie had believed in angels.
  31. We have always believed in.
  32. It was believed that black.
  33. For those who believed and.
  34. In his eyes he believed it.
  35. He believed that the state.
  36. Even I believed that maybe.
  37. If he believed Q and acted.
  38. Us But The King Believed In.
  39. The god Edward believed in.
  40. They believed the "soul" of.
  41. Believed him, before he left.
  42. It is believed she may have.
  43. Anna believed firmly in luck.
  44. And she’d believed it then.
  45. He believed he was a good man.
  46. Those who believed that the.
  47. Yes, sir, but I believed her.
  48. Modi said it, we believed it.
  49. It is believed that they.
  50. I believed him and came home.
  51. It is commonly believed that.
  52. Julie believed he was a savior.
  53. I’ve always believed it was.
  54. If I believed their teaching.
  55. I truly believed that out of.
  56. We both believed that such a.
  57. If he believed in such things.
  58. But she believed in a creator.
  59. It is believed by some to be.
  60. It was believed that whoever.
  61. For so long, I believed that.
  62. She had always believed that.
  63. They believed they could live.
  64. I believed in the ways handed.
  65. We should have believed you.
  66. But neither of them believed it.
  67. He believed in me, the real me.
  68. They are believed to be buried.
  69. If I believed in Satan that is.
  70. He had never believed that he.
  71. Of course, no one believed him.
  72. If I had believed the sweater.
  73. That is what Lord Manu believed.
  74. He believed that the mind was.
  75. Shoop believed a little of both.
  76. He had always believed in hope.
  77. She believed in its protection.
  78. Believed YOU SHALL NOT SURELY.
  79. Believed the penalty of sin is.
  80. She believed, and you didnt.
  81. I never believed them anyways.
  82. He believed that the church he.
  83. Sir Peter believed the opposite.
  84. They believed it was what they.
  85. Neither believed those who also.
  86. She not only knew, she believed.
  87. You just never have believed it.
  88. I didn’t know what I believed.
  89. I believed I wasn’t going to.
  90. It is believed by many, myself.
  91. No one in town really believed.
  92. So he believed the myth was true.
  93. But her mother hadn’t believed.
  94. I think they believed they were.
  95. Polon had believed she meant to.
  96. Could he have actually believed.
  97. What I never believed in exists!.
  98. Neither agent really believed him.
  99. I believed that Yum was sick in.
  100. Believed that person died but Ms.
  1. He who believes in Me.
  2. Woe to him who believes.
  4. He that believes and is.
  5. She believes that what is.
  6. But he believes his theory.
  7. He believes that with the.
  8. A family who believes in me.
  9. A good cop believes nothing.
  10. He really believes in that.
  11. He who believes not in hell.
  12. Everyone else believes in it.
  13. She believes us now, however.
  14. She believes she is boss so.
  15. He also believes that the $2.
  16. Happy believes in the strong.
  17. He believes in the Law of One.
  18. In brief, John believes that $3.
  19. He is naive and he believes it.
  20. He states what he believes and.
  21. He believes the man is his twin.
  23. No one believes it, not even you.
  24. Believes my lies over your truth.
  25. What one believes, one manifests.
  26. But I don't think he believes it.
  27. But I do not know if he believes.
  28. He still believes that I am strong.
  29. And the king believes this?
  30. The ego believes it doesn't have.
  31. Robert Monroe also believes that.
  32. Yet the servant who truly believes.
  33. He believes he can speed up.
  34. Only imagine, he believes I did it.
  35. He believes she’s setting him up.
  36. She believes in what it stands for.
  37. It means the Church believes in me.
  38. He believes that these four habits.
  39. She, sad bugger, believes it anyway.
  40. Since no one believes because they.
  41. Linda believes that we aren’t real.
  42. Not everyone believes the idea is.
  43. But, of course, he believes in God.
  45. It tells me she believes she’s won.
  46. Zeus believes he has found his thief.
  47. She believes she doesn’t have much.
  48. So the Jain philosophy believes that.
  49. Whoever believes in me will never die.
  50. She believes him, said Mama Possum.
  51. If one believes the mistranslation of.
  52. The team believes that Y cannot.
  54. I think he believes you’re his mother.
  55. All that matters is that he believes it.
  56. Half the country believes that anyway.
  57. I have no doubt that he believes it all.
  58. Well Aaron believes in the Law of One.
  59. This is not what most believes, but it.
  60. He believes that this Sunday is special.
  61. He also believes the papacy is for sale.
  62. Not that Loki believes this little story.
  63. He believes that atoms, electrons, and.
  64. Casselli believes I can send him to hell.
  65. Unfortunately, he still believes what's.
  66. Nature believes in adequate compensation.
  67. Your father believes in you, she had said.
  68. No one that I know of who believes Hell.
  69. He believes anyone can succeed in America.
  70. Maybe that is why he believes he is rusty.
  71. Yoga believes that the most important to.
  72. Billy believes in the song and the melody.
  73. You're just the poor sap who believes him.
  74. Man becomes what he believes himself to be.
  75. And the worst part is, he believes her now.
  76. Harald believes he should have defied him.
  77. Is there anyone who believes angels have.
  78. This author believes there is a very good.
  79. If one believes the mistranslation of the.
  80. My father believes only you can stop it.
  81. He believes his employees are the firm’s.
  82. God is in my believes, in all the perfect.
  83. The SCMPost believes such a pact was formed.
  84. Johan believes it will ease your throat.
  85. She believes you are the Great Sentinor.
  86. I do not believe Dawson believes they were.
  87. If I say this is rubbish no one believes me.
  88. He actually believes that he was good to me.
  89. He that believes and is baptized shall be.
  90. And that is what Garcia believes this to be.
  91. Apparently the jury believes the prosecutor.
  92. She believes that Tobias belongs to her now.
  93. He who believes in the Son has eternal life.
  94. He believes that nothing here needs changing.
  96. He believes that the young lady is seditious.
  97. I think Sam actually believes he loves Donna.
  98. Science believes the age of the universe is.
  99. Family believes it’s all about tradition.
  100. She obviously believes and she has obviously.

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