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Belly dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. One had a big belly.
  2. Yes, even in my belly.
  3. His hand stroked my belly.
  4. Joey stopped on his belly.
  5. He said rubbing his belly.

  6. His belly stung all over.
  7. He has a pot belly and He.
  8. His belly growled for food.
  9. Crawling on her belly for.
  10. The snake in my belly hissed.
  11. Her hand caressed her belly.
  12. She has a surgical belly.
  13. I can feel this in my belly.
  14. He put his hand on her belly.
  15. Fear tightened in her belly.

  16. Crawling in the belly of sin.
  17. The Belly and the Members.
  18. She shall crawl on her belly.
  19. It is the fire in your belly.
  20. Belly was having all the food.
  21. Rubbed her large belly as if.
  22. Our staves met near her belly.
  23. My belly is grumbling anyway.
  24. A belly you could lie against.
  25. She rolled on her belly face.

  26. He had a belly sticking out,1.
  27. I loved the ZERO BELLY drinks!.
  28. Relax your face, jaw, and belly.
  30. In this case appears the belly.
  31. That belly you have is a sign.
  32. Jimmy rubbed his belly as they.
  33. Alex gave a belly laugh at that.
  34. Fear was rising within his belly.
  35. Isha gasped, grabbing her belly.
  36. Plus they dance with their belly.
  37. I didn't even have a belly ache.
  38. Submission squirmed in his belly.
  40. I feel the pull deep in my belly.
  41. The worst were her belly and ear.
  42. Nerves came to life in her belly.
  43. R osalie put her hand on her belly.
  45. Lily grinned and rubbed her belly.
  46. Exhaling, the belly sticks in as.
  47. McLean snuck forward on his belly.
  48. Many studies highlight that belly.
  49. Pick a spot: nose, belly, or chest.
  50. With Turkish-stone belly dancers &.
  51. Her vast belly was above him with.
  52. For protection I have my big belly.
  53. The land of the belly button Dragon.
  54. I had gone in with a wrinkly belly.
  55. Sierra rested her hands on her belly.
  56. Your belly is where the truth lives.
  57. She had rounded out, her belly was.
  58. The butterflies returned to my belly.
  59. Then bent down to her belly and said.
  60. Coldness filled the pit of his belly.
  61. I could feel its changes in my belly.
  62. Most of them either went belly up or.
  63. Wisdom ate until his belly was content.
  64. My belly curls at the thought… oh my.
  65. Shay patted his belly indicating where.
  66. You can see the bulge in her belly.
  67. I just whacked my head into his belly.
  68. It's a wonder his belly doesn't burst.
  69. Wearing a swimsuit with a belly bulge.
  70. He sawed and ripped at the tough belly.
  71. I felt the excitement grow in my belly.
  72. But there’s an added ZERO BELLY bonus.
  73. A sliver of fear moved within her belly.
  74. Unease settled in the pit of his belly.
  75. He yawned and scratched his lean belly.
  76. Ty was on his belly and Killer was for.
  77. He feinted a thrust for Lucas’s belly.
  78. Harry’s double chin and alehouse belly.
  79. His hand on my belly, an accidental nap.
  80. YOU NEED SOMETHING for your belly, Mr.
  81. ZERO BELLY was just the thing for Bryan.
  82. He went to his knees, then to his belly.
  83. All the muscles clench deep in my belly.
  84. Ice formed in Robert’s lungs and belly.
  85. Did they really rub jelly on the belly?
  87. They exposed their belly to her and let.
  88. My belly which had been hurting, stopped.
  89. I remember a jellyfish stinging my belly.
  90. Her ribs and belly were engulfed in fire.
  91. Some hobbyists swear by the White Belly.
  92. He enjoyed a hearty belly laugh over that.
  93. I be in the belly of a giant fish!.
  94. This is India, no one escapes Delhi belly.
  95. Your belly fat will never know what hit it.
  96. Knox slid on her belly and snagged her gun.
  97. His belly ached, and yet he had to plough.
  98. Teekra stands, puts her hand on her belly.
  99. Oak gave a huge belly laugh as he responded.
  100. Gluttony tortures a starving belly to wrath.
  1. See, where their white sails, bellying in the wind, speckle the.
  2. He swaggered as he came up the aisle, then walked through the gate as though he were bellying up to a bar.
  3. Bellying forward to the edge of the clearing, he found Hans, lying on his face, feathered with arrows like a porcupine.
  4. For several minutes, the sharks took turns bellying onto the raft with gaping mouths, always launching themselves from the same spot.
  5. And the light mounts over the faces of all the tall blind houses, slides through a chink and paints the lustrous bellying crimson curtains; the green wine-glasses; the coffee- cups; and the chairs standing askew.
  6. He was holding on his hat, and the rude wind, thwarted in its desire to frolic with it, frisked instead about his apron, twitching it up, bellying it out; so that his remaining hand had all it could do to smooth the apron down again decorously, and he was obliged to carry his umbrella pressed tightly against his side under his arm.
  7. And the talk, the wonderful talk flowed on—or was it speech entirely, or did it pass at times into song—chanty of the sailors weighing the dripping anchor, sonorous hum of the shrouds in a tearing North-Easter, ballad of the fisherman hauling his nets at sundown against an apricot sky, chords of guitar and mandoline from gondola or caique? Did it change into the cry of the wind, plaintive at first, angrily shrill as it freshened, rising to a tearing whistle, sinking to a musical trickle of air from the leech of the bellying sail? All these sounds the spell-bound listener seemed to hear, and with them the hungry complaint of the gulls and the sea-mews, the soft thunder of the breaking wave, the cry of the protesting shingle.
  1. Immediately the apron bellied.
  2. Pot bellied, has risen through the ranks.
  3. There he sat, bellied up to the bar, expecting a good rea-.
  4. Almost instantly the tent-flap bellied and a large man stepped out.
  5. Still, he muttered, none of the other ugly pot bellied bastards.
  6. I'd call it a shovel nosed, flat bellied, corner slicing, ground loving hoorah.
  7. Her eyes were hot and pregnant, swollen with child of terror behind the bellied, tautened lids.
  8. Her eyes were hot and pregnant, swollen with child of terror behind the bellied, tautened lips.
  9. The anchor chain, unshackled, splashed into the water, the sails unfurled and bellied in a rising wind.
  10. Green bellied emerald flies swarm up and out of the blackness, causing the police officer to throw himself backwards.
  11. The sail bellied no longer, and the sailors held the ship now up, now down, the tide, beating backwards and forwards in vain.
  12. The sail bellied as the wind swept over the waves with renewed force, and the white crests danced along the sweep of the wind.
  13. They walked to Macnock's store and after entering Olin and Lloyd warmed their cold hands at the store's hot pot bellied cast iron stove.
  14. Inside there was a bed, a table and two chairs, an old pot bellied stove, a few pans, some cupboards, some boxes, a few mining tools, and a miner's two way radio.
  15. The metal was cold and she was afraid to get to close but realized that the pole was an intricate part of the stage show so she bellied up to the stage prop and grabbed onto it like it was a fire hose.
  16. But a clean tanging wind bellied her silken sail, and as a wild swan cleaves the sky to her nest, she sped seaward, flames mounting higher and higher from her deck to lick at the mast and envelop the figure that lay lapped in scarlet on the shining pyre.
  17. Uncle Henry was a short, pot- Charles’ Uncle Henry Hamilton, who lived in bachelor state at the Atlanta Hotel near bellied, irascible old gentleman with a pink face, a shock of long silver hair and an utter lack of patience with feminine timidities and vaporings.
  18. As for my spark, he was presently undressed, all to his shirt, the fore-lappet of which as he leaned languishingly on me, he smilingly pointed to me to observe, as it bellied out, or rose and fell, according to the unruly starts of the motion behind it; but it was soon fixed, for now taking off his shirt, and naked as a Cupid, he shewed it me at so upright a stand, as prepared me indeed for his application to me for instant ease; but, though the sight of its fine size was fit enough to fire me, the cooling air, as I stood in this state of nature, joined to the desire I had of bathing-first, enabled me to put him off, and tranquillize him, with the remark, that a little suspense would only set a keener edge on the pleasure.
  1. The two soldiers fell on their bellies.
  2. Show me your bellies, Silas said.
  3. Ty and Liam's bellies were too full, but it was a.
  4. But the sting in the bellies of the lion and the.
  5. It will fill their bellies and give them a chance.
  6. The skin was an odd color, like the bellies of fish.
  7. You Want Bacon with That? Trading Frozen Pork Bellies.
  8. They will eat from it, and fill their bellies with it.
  9. The cubs exposed their bellies in a sign of submission.
  10. We were instructed to form a line and drop to our bellies.
  11. Some beetles carry a poison on their bellies, but they.
  12. Lion Hunter slowly knelt down and began rubbing their bellies.
  13. At least there, they could find something to fill their bellies.
  14. By morning, all three had royal bastards in their little bellies.
  15. Later, with their bellies full for the first time in a week, the.
  16. Two hours into the party, the guests’ bellies filled with sump-.
  17. Figure 21-4: Price of pork bellies futures on the CME, 2003–2010.
  18. On their bellies, combat style, they slithered through the grasses.
  19. There were sparrow hawks with white bellies, and screeching kestrels.
  20. There were over sixty Coveits in total and their bellies were all full.
  21. They escape death and being eaten by hiding under the bellies of sheep.
  22. But whatever flesh filled their bellies that night, it would not be his.
  23. Everywhere we found men and women lying prone, their faces and bellies.
  24. It was as though I was the one torn to shreds and lying in their bellies.
  25. They have to roll their bellies over to snap you up, and in the meantime.
  26. Duke, What about pork bellies? How do you see bacon prices faring?
  27. Bellies of hills, steep as the sides, the breath of woman, speaking, calling.
  28. The pork bellies market is a seasonal market subject to wild price fluctuations.
  29. For those who have full bellies, let them hear; for those without, they cannot.
  30. The crocodiles may indeed have been summoned to accompany us—but in their bellies.
  31. They had stout forms, with solid legs and big bellies, wide shoulders and large heads.
  32. Either way, it worked—not that the guys didn’t have fire in their bellies to begin with.
  33. She got us onto our bellies and we did the positions that could be done with that side down.
  34. They dined like lords; they filled their bellies like Indian ships all day loading with spices.
  35. The water swirls about their horses' bellies and the clang of sword against sword is deafening.
  36. These dietary changes could have an impact on the prices of frozen pork bellies and other meats.
  37. He had one of those big, firm beer bellies he carried proudly, as if it were a badge of honor.
  38. The food they were served was excellent but light, this was not an occasion for stuffed bellies.
  39. As with most other livestock products, the CME offers a futures contract for frozen pork bellies.
  40. They had to fill their bellies and get fat before the winter’s frozen hell descended upon them.
  41. As for bellies, stick a fork in um, they’re done! That’s a head and shoulders top for sure.
  42. In most cases people have big bellies not only because they have fat deposits in the abdominal area.
  43. His Greek countrymen escape being killed and eaten by hiding themselves under the bellies of sheep.
  44. Many families suffered from lack of food and children groaned with the hunger pangs in their bellies.
  45. Every sailor quietly sucks in their bellies and expands their elated chest to accept his announcement.
  46. While the Dutch Burgomasters ate fat and became gouty, venal, rosy-cheeked monsters with huge bellies.
  47. Once the children’s bellies were full, the Mechanics had better luck interesting them in the machines.
  48. Finally, as lunch time approached and more people began to drum on their bellies, it began to slow down.
  49. But after eating the fruit and putting its flesh into their bellies, this state changed for Adam and his wife.
  50. As they strode through the courtyard, he watched as the wolves lay on their backs exposing their bellies to him.
  51. Be aware of the impact of these dietary trends on the prices of pork bellies and other meats before you invest.
  52. The three children were possessed—I understand that now—but when we touched their bellies, our minds stopped.
  53. Bold as they were, the knights were less willing to risk their precious mounts’ legs and bellies than their own.
  54. Even as they yelled and dug their heels into the animals' bellies, bullets thudded eerily into the stable building.
  55. By then shoulders were sagging and bellies were bulging and the hair of most of those who still had any had gone gray.
  56. Those who consume the wealth of orphans illicitly consume only fire into their bellies; and they will roast in a Blaze.
  57. Up they went, and lying on their bellies among the boulders, saw a painted mast jutting up beyond the trees to the west.
  58. I wanted my horses back, but they were in the bellies of beasts and even killing those animals would not bring them back.
  59. My limbs had been torn from my body, my entrails were in the bellies of dactyl's roosting in the swamps of the Ttharmine.
  60. No doubt that he was not far away, for there were still clients with empty bellies to feed at least for a few more hours.
  61. Sometimes they sound so close that Marie-Laure fears they might graze the rooftops, knock over chimneys with their bellies.
  62. We stand that way for a long time, breathing in the same exact rhythm, our bellies going in and out against one another’s.
  63. You will see them wearing tattered, dirty and disgusting clothes, with beards that have grown until they reach their bellies.
  64. You should also be aware that I have complete information about the horses you ship to the US with cocaine in their bellies.
  65. They were hungry and they were going to fill their bellies and that was the only thing that had any importance at all to them.
  66. Stable your horses, hand in your weapons then get some food in your bellies, I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a busy few days.
  67. It was apparent that we were in a motel of some sort, what was also apparent was that Sharika and I had smacked bellies relentlessly.
  68. An hour later, bellies full, they relaxed around the pool in the warm shade and, for the first time in three days let all tensions go.
  69. The merchants, confronted by a power they could not control with money, fell on their fat bellies and licked their oppressor's boots.
  70. That is what happened when the God/Goddess entered your left side and what happened when you touched the bellies of the three children.
  71. Each of them was tattooed on their arms, legs, shoulders, backs, breasts and bellies with snakes of gold, blue, red, orange, and yellow.
  72. The bayonets plunged into the bellies of these centaurs; hence a hideousness of wounds which has probably never been seen anywhere else.
  73. It was clear to me by now that these weren’t ordinary children, but I had no idea how they could have had such power in their bellies.
  74. Although production of pork bellies is a major determining factor of market prices, other variables have a significant impact on prices.
  75. Mitra would have folks stand upright before him—not crawling on their bellies like worms, or spilling blood of animals all over his altars.
  76. However, the sniper kills one more, and the surviving prince and one guest dive back to the ground and continue their escape on their bellies.
  77. Brander had been roasting the beast outside for hours, and its aroma filled the entire room, flirting with their taste buds and hungry bellies.
  78. An hour after entering the restaurant, the trio left, their bellies quite full, except for Sarah of course, who had only made a show of eating.
  79. Oh, for sure, we have escaped hunger but as our bellies grew fuller our manhood grew weaker until today we are nothing but a pack of angry men.
  80. The reason it didn’t notice the two Nycarmans was because they were a seven meters away, wearing leafy camouflage and lying flat on their bellies.
  81. Where mastodons were good looking beasts, with large heads and large bellies and good, solid, troll-like legs, this creature looked pretty pathetic.
  82. As for the men sitting around the table, the blast and shrapnel mangled their legs, groins and bellies, on top of projecting them violently backward.
  83. By comparing survey results with death and cancer diagnosis records, they discovered a positive correlation between big bellies and high chances of death.
  84. It’s also the destination for folks who want to trade livestock because it has contracts for live cattle, feeder cattle, lean hogs, and frozen pork bellies.
  85. One night thirty feet from his bed, on the silver workbench, the couple with unhinged bellies broke the bot-tles and ended up making love in a pool of muriatic acid.
  86. Why so many elderly people left homes and families in the south, to spend their final days in this teeming ant-heap of retirees, stuffing bloated bellies with cheap R.
  87. We talked in a flirty, humorous vein for the next two hours until the eating and drinking ended, with bloated bellies and heavy eyelids round about three past midnight.
  88. It was a high time for trolls, hungry and restless after years of sleep, the new food simmering noisily in their bellies, the excitement of a new world and a new leader.
  89. The free people of Africa were enslaved and thrust into the bellies of dark, cramped ships that sailed for months across the cold, turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
  90. All those millions of people killed in the past ten thousand years, tortured and run from continent to continent on the backs and in the bellies of monsoons and whirlwinds.
  91. The kids did the best they could to keep themselves to themselves and to fill their half starved bellies with scraps and leftovers from take aways and half finished fry-ups.
  92. Later, after we were through catching up and were lounging around the fire with full bellies, I looked around at my friends and said, I’m going back to the city tonight.
  93. LeeAnn smiled and tried to see if they were hungry, asking in questionable grammar, "Etan thu—Eat you?" Gestures followed, and soon they were greedily filling their bellies.
  94. The P-40s then raised their noses and climbed at shallow angles as they were about to pass under the bombers, peppering their vulnerable bellies at a rate of close to eighty.
  95. The biggest dead goose in London, so they could gorge their empty love-starved bellies and replace the feeling of feeling loved with the deadness of dead meat in their stomachs.
  96. They learn to trust humans by constantly being handled when taken out to be fed, and they learn to associate people with the comfort of being touched and of having full bellies.
  97. Many of them did begin working their way back, crawling on their bellies towards the inner of the town’s two lines of entrenchments, but 4th Regiment had been rearmed with St.
  98. The planes, their wings and bellies heavily laden with ordnance, overflew the Zhongnanhai District, disappearing for a moment in the cloud of smoke and dust while dropping their loads.
  99. How can you frighten a man whose hunger is not only in his own cramped stomach but in the wretched bellies of his children? You can’t scare him—he has known a fear beyond every other.
  100. Some side with those who suggest that Maebiewahnapoopie means lake of buffalo water, and was named for the uncomfortable feeling the Indians had in their bellies after they drank it).

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