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Big dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. That is a big IF.
2. It was a big hit.
3. Go big or go home.
4. Big W, here I come.
5. But is a big treat.
6. He's a big boy now.
7. I owe you big, Cal.

8. It was a big river.
9. They were a bit big.
10. Big had set her up.
11. This is the big one.
12. He could see a big.
13. This is a big worry.
14. I was in big trouble.
15. There is a big wheel.
16. I had a big breakdown.
17. He picked up the big.
18. A chump in big shot.
19. It is strong and big.
20. And a really big clue.
21. M is a pretty big one.
22. And then the big man.
23. Had a bloody big cock.
24. It is all a big show.
25. She gave me a big hug.
26. It was a big ass Caddy.
27. Was there a Big Bang?
28. It was too big inside.
29. The big job, two days.
30. He's a big fan, anyway.
31. Aakash had a big house.
32. He gave me a big smile.
33. Hes a big hairy man.
34. The sky is too big and.
35. Is it really that big?
36. Fly the big red rocket.
37. He’s a big one he is.
38. The big coward you are.
39. The big man carried her.
40. There may be a few big.
41. Her big day had arrived.
42. They get their one big.
43. This state now has big.
44. They were big deals too.
45. Darrin was twice as big.
46. He says I have big ears.
47. Damn, Texas is one big.
48. To adapt in a big hurry.
49. The big one stays behind.
50. The big kid turned around.
51. Only the best, Big Boy.
52. But that’s a big maybe.
53. I'm here to see Big Dave.
54. Can't miss the big room.
55. The big farmer was also.
56. Yet that was a big place.
57. Seals as big as an 'ouse.
58. This was no big surprise.
59. It was small! Not big!.
60. That was a big mistake!.
61. Trask gave her a big grin.
62. Must’ve been a big SOB.
63. It was all a big charade.
64. Tobias was big news, and.
65. The big man sat and waited.
66. She’d found a big flat.
67. The big man shook his head.
68. Now that is a big shoebox.
69. BIG thing and new ways to.
70. Big Al thought Harry was.
71. The big dog sat in the mud.
72. The big one that got away.
73. I swing out past the big.
74. And the big guy's here!.
75. Big ears and a big heart.
76. There was no big drift in.
77. That is the big difference.
78. His big dog was beside him.
79. The big thing lately is Law.
80. The big moment finally came.
81. But it would be a big help.
82. Synchronicity is a big word.
83. I have a big box from home.
84. The Xbox was big and bulky.
85. This would be his big test.
86. The two big windows, both.
87. I have a big trust for him.
88. Finally the big one said:.
89. This fuckin' thing is big.
90. It is really a big mistake.
91. Ish said and took a big sip.
92. The big Garda snorted again.
93. I was in a big living room.
94. The big guy nodded his head.
95. She's not a big meat eater.
96. Focus on the big two issues.
97. But I have one big question.
98. He was hiding something big.
99. It would take a big load off.
100. So the Big Question is How?

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