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Bitterly dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It was a bitterly cold.
  2. The air was bitterly cold.
  3. He began to weep bitterly.
  4. It was that they bitterly.
  5. And again she cried bitterly.

  6. It was a bitterly cold night.
  7. The other man laughed bitterly.
  8. As usual,’ he added bitterly.
  9. It was windy and bitterly cold.
  10. Owen laughed bitterly to himself.
  11. Ethan smiled bitterly and said:.
  12. Bitterly, he chewed upon the fact.
  13. Damn the irony, he thought bitterly.
  14. A bitterly cold wind stung my skin.
  15. She turned away and cried bitterly.

  16. I wept bitterly and whole heartedly.
  17. And then he fell to weeping bitterly.
  18. He sniggered bitterly despite himself.
  19. He escaped, he replied bitterly.
  20. From now on… He bitterly smiled.
  21. Out of hand, he murmurs bitterly.
  22. I looked bitterly down the small river.
  23. Take your pick, she said bitterly.
  24. She was crying bitterly on my shoulder.
  25. For some reason, bitterly cold regions.

  26. But he thought bitterly about one thing.
  27. Evidently not, he replied bitterly.
  28. He was not all right, she said, bitterly.
  29. It was bitterly cold in London and beyond.
  30. Unlike the Marxists, whom they bitterly.
  31. He confessed it to me, and cried bitterly.
  32. I scaled tears bitterly while leaving you.
  33. February of 1855 started out bitterly cold.
  34. Well, worse than that, he thought bitterly.
  35. Casaubon remained proudly, bitterly silent.
  36. You son of a bitch, he said bitterly.
  37. He felt now bitterly the truth of the old.
  38. Bitterly he watched the sea floor approach.
  39. He gazed bitterly at the city passing by us.
  40. It was a grey, leaden sky and bitterly cold.
  41. Our address was on it, she says bitterly.
  42. My mum had to complain bitterly one evening.
  43. He doesn't care, said Grushenka bitterly.
  44. I could not stop my tears; I sobbed bitterly.
  45. Although bitterly disappointed, he doggedly.
  46. Sunday pilots complained bitterly afterwards.
  47. I'll never kill again, said Travis bitterly.
  48. The other confession set her weeping bitterly.
  49. Damn it! I love her, he told himself bitterly.
  50. You ate all the juice, he said bitterly.
  51. Just what we needed… she said bitterly.
  52. Outside it was bitterly cold with a bright sun.
  53. The air was still and it was now bitterly cold.
  54. It must have been bitterly hurtful for her too.
  55. I should have known, Marcus says bitterly.
  56. You prefer me like this? she said bitterly.
  57. He'll probably drool, Courtney thought bitterly.
  58. Such was the fate of soldiers, he mused bitterly.
  59. They murdered him, Bill, Kate said bitterly.
  60. Lu Yixian bitterly laughed awhile before he mused.
  61. Oberon was glaring at Lorkyn, and bitterly weeping.
  62. Now she said bitterly, It is his fault, not mine.
  63. That's true, he said, but he smiled bitterly.
  64. It was fought bitterly by Martin Luther, William.
  65. Meanwhile, in bitterly cold weather the children.
  66. You always do this to me! he bitterly yelled.
  67. What have you not done? said Isobel bitterly.
  68. And there was he, saying in his throat bitterly:.
  69. Maybe so, but I despise it, he said bitterly.
  70. He resented bitterly the authority of the officers.
  71. Everything was against us, she said bitterly.
  72. You didn’t bother to ask me? I asked bitterly.
  73. Bitterly I said, Have you turned thief too?
  74. This is what always happens! I reply bitterly.
  75. Very bitterly do I dislike Hancock? It is a profile.
  76. My father hated her for it, he replied bitterly.
  77. And again she began to sob, more bitterly than before.
  78. There were wonderful wines on it and he said bitterly.
  79. He adds bitterly, In what condition, I can’t say.
  80. I would have wanted to know that, he said bitterly.
  81. She could not control herself and began crying bitterly.
  82. I am glad you find this amusing, He said bitterly.
  83. In three bitterly horrid years, thousands of children.
  84. They complained bitterly at the first sign of hardship.
  85. Poor Ricky wept bitterly reading her mothers scolding.
  86. They both laughed, somewhat bitterly despite themselves.
  87. Have cried on love so bitterly, with so true a tongue?
  88. She used me, George complained bitterly from the.
  89. Alexandra cheated me out of that, Eve thought bitterly.
  90. His voice echoed around my head, and I laughed bitterly.
  91. And What a fool I’ve been, she thought bitterly.
  92. Emma replied bitterly that it would be better to sell it.
  93. When you did not know who I was? she asked bitterly.
  94. Vicki cried bitterly when she talked of her table-napkins.
  95. It was a bitterly cold and drab morning for the middle of.
  96. She whispered bitterly, not taking her eyes off the ground.
  97. I just sighed bitterly, and refused to say anything to her.
  98. It was barely there, Elon acknowledged to himself bitterly.
  99. Some cried bitterly as they were excused, others were stoic.
  100. Verily, he was surprised and bitterly shocked by this fact.

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