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Bleached dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. His face was bleached of all.
  2. It flashed like a bleached bone.
  3. That the mermaids have bleached hair.
  4. She bleached her hair? Yuki asked.
  5. She dried her bleached and bloated hands.

  6. Wheat tastes better when it’s bleached.
  7. I guessed it with those bleached bristles.
  8. His subjective experience is so bleached.
  9. His short ruffled hair was bleached blonde.
  10. Plain coconut oil is bleached and processed.
  11. Venus bleached everything away in a few months.
  12. While the bleached blond was a bit overdone for.
  13. With the scatter of the bleached bones, they were.
  14. The sun so hot it bleached the blue out of the sky.
  15. Wouldn't want to find your bleached skeleton tomorrow.

  16. The fronds became bleached, and then shrivelled and brittle.
  17. The interior was bleached with lime and it had small windows.
  18. With his bleached blonde hair and greasy stare, he gave me the.
  19. He bleached out, faded away, like a photo left lying in the sun.
  20. It was hot and humid and everything looked bleached out by the sun.
  21. If need be, the beards are bleached in order to emulate their deity.
  22. Tandy was freshly spray-tanned, his teeth bleached to a blinding white.
  23. He wondered once again if this was really Desa with her hair bleached.
  24. Battleworn shells of armor lined the bleached walls, arching high overhead.
  25. All the dark colors were removed from the painting that now seemed bleached.

  26. There are traces of quicklime on the bleached arms of the fermenting corpses.
  27. One of the prostitutes, a bleached haired blond reached out and began to pet me.
  28. She was pretty, with bleached blonde hair, and huge, obviously enhanced breasts.
  29. Her skin was as bleached as bone, devoid of colour to the point of translucency.
  30. His name was Thor Anderson and looked as bleached white as any vampire could be.
  31. Hours later we set down on a bleached salt pan used as an impromptu landing field.
  32. White light reflected off the hard bleached surfaces that should have been earth.
  33. The leathery face under a mop of bleached auburn hair, stared quizzically at Travis.
  34. But the bleached eyeball, the scar, and the familiar weariness of his expression were.
  35. Her hair was frizzy and bleached blonde, her face puffy and pocked with old acne scars.
  36. She hadn't straightened her bleached blonde hair and it hung in soft waves over her face.
  37. Use naturally white flour instead of the bleached flour and then it won’t be junk food.
  38. The fluorescent bulbs behind their square of ridged plastic gave a bleached, insistent thrum.
  39. As if the waves had been fullers, this craft was bleached like the skeleton of a stranded walrus.
  40. Oak could sense that Denver was taking in his own appearance, his tanned skin, sun bleached hair.
  41. Lying there, Martin found autumn as in the old days before sickness bleached him white on his bed.
  42. But the bleached eyeball, the scar, and the familiar weariness of his expression were still the same.
  43. In the uncertain light Rincewind thought he could see rows of enormous teeth, white as bleached beechwood.
  44. Big, small, sideways, smiling, straight, ugly, heavy, faint, out of focus, dark, bleached and yellowed faces.
  45. His blue shirt, open at the neck to show white clock springs, was bleached like the staring late afternoon sky.
  46. Bleached, processed, and enriched with vitamins and minerals to replenish what was lost in the processing process.
  47. I shall gather manna for her morning and night: the plains and hillsides in the moon are bleached with manna, Adèle.
  48. He had the palest, watery-blue eyes, bleached of almost all color, and a face as round and expressionless as a pie tin.
  49. Her hair was dark blond with streaks of lighter blond at the sides where her hair was finer and had bleached in the sun.
  50. Hair bleached, skins tanned, eyes paled into the silver blue of midday, they looked ecstatically happy as in the flicks.
  51. A young white man, tan skin, and bleached blonde hair, full suit, hustles to his side presenting paperwork to be reviewed.
  52. In the complexion of a third still lingers a tropic tawn, but slightly bleached withal; HE doubtless has tarried whole weeks ashore.
  53. They affected bright shapeless caps, lightweight linen smocks, either bleached or natural, and colorfully dyed dinosaur-leather shoes.
  54. His short-cropped hair had bleached almost white and he had lost more weight until he leveled off at 165, about 20 pounds underweight.
  55. Batam was terrified, in other words, opened his eyes excessively, expanded the fins of his nose and bleached the complexion of his face.
  56. He found a bleached old log to sit on, and placed a flat slab of stone to act as a reflector, feeling quite proud of his Boy Scout skills.
  57. He had bleached his skin, turned his house into an amusement park and had been found not guilty for child molestation in his reclusive life.
  58. Many Pilgrims before him perished while traversing the Dunes, and left nothing but bleached bones as a warning to those that came after them.
  59. Bones, bleached by the sun, and turned over pots littered the area around it, leading them to believe that it had been abandoned very recently.
  60. All through the afternoon there was only one constant and unchanging factor: the old man in the bleached blue pants and shirt was never far away.
  61. Everything was open-plan and highly designed with satin chromes and bleached woods and no obstructions to the usually spectacular view of the park.
  62. Twice, they stumbled over skeletons that had the patina of ancient bones covered by scraps of cloth which time had bleached all colors from its threads.
  63. Such constant worry at being consumed has evidently bleached these poor creatures of their jolly pigments, as my understanding of photochemistry has it.
  64. The whitewashing of elite Greeks and Romans: wearing whitened, bleached robes: covering up their blackness of their intentions, their bodies, their souls.
  65. The documents were written with pen and ink on parchment, thin leather painstakingly cleaned and scraped and bleached and stretched to form a writing surface.
  66. Her bikini top barely covered her nipples; her long, shining, sun bleached blonde hair spilled down her right shoulder seductively covering her right breast.
  67. His unusual pure white hair fell past his neck to his shoulder blades, and the worn out summer vest he wore offered suggestions of images, long since bleached by the sea.
  68. Wheat is just a plant so it doesn’t know that its nutritional value is diminished by being bleached, but that’s okay, we can always add vitamins and minerals back to it.
  69. Doubtless he pointed with repugnance at the rows of skulls which adorned the walls of the hut and urged Gorm to forgive his enemies instead of putting their bleached remnants to such use.
  70. Cloudlessly the diamond blue sky filled the air with heat from the sun, only the sporadically placed bleached linen tents at the valley’s entrance offered any variation on the sand 66.
  71. What is devitalized food and why are the Yogis so against it? Dead and devitalized foods include everything that has been preserved, bottled, bleached, refined, canned, pickled, or polished.
  72. But the lead image on the evening news that night would be a two-second clip of her father, looking bleached and confused, while an unidentified and slightly blurry woman clung to his elbow.
  73. It was a conviction that would stay with her, however illogically, even after Richard’s body turned up a week later, waterlogged, bleached, knocking against the pier of a boat slip in Brooklyn.
  74. She recovered from the initial shock of his appearance after noticing his hair -- which was woven into an elven ponytail and reached down to his lower back--and that it was whiter than bones bleached by the sun.
  75. He came to see the women that he met in pastel shades, as if the strong and vibrant colours that had once filled their lives had been bleached by the time they’d spent being weathered and beaten down by life.
  76. At the door the wood-hooped pails, sodden and bleached by infinite scrubbings, hung like hats on a stand upon the forked and peeled limb of an oak fixed there for that purpose; all of them ready and dry for the evening milking.
  77. It is appropriately lowering, starvation, for it reminds the starver that they are made of crude matter, and that without it all the quicker faculties are stripped, until the bare, bleached bones of animalism are there for all to see.
  78. Rejuvenated by this new found purpose, the creatures poured out over every inch of the surface of the planet building and cleaning spotless surfaces that looked like varnished marble, shiny glass windows and freshly bleached tile floors.
  79. Please, Ren, your white tee comes up over your head, black bikini top tiger stripped black inlay over your chest with boy short bottoms bleached rabbit vertebrae belt around your waist, rabbit feet hanging from your earlobes, bronzed.
  80. The white powders used by European aristocracy, pomaded white powder bleaching their faces into pale ghosts, until their clothes became a class-uniform of white silk and white bleached cloth, white pomaded wigs covered with white bleached four.
  81. Water spouts were in their speech, and mooing cows that lived in the sea and suckled their calves like land cows; and ghost ships sailing endlessly about the ocean looking for a lost port, their gear worked by seamen who were bleached skeletons.
  82. Back in the fall, dozens of Kodachrome photographs had been clothespinned to lengths of twine on the wall opposite the window, but those were gone now; he could just barely make out the darker rectangles on the paint where the sun hadn’t bleached it.
  83. The bleached effect of the white painted walls and cabinets, white appliances, white barstools, and white tile floor was broken up only slightly by the soapstone countertops and splashes of cobalt blue in various white ceramic and clear glass containers.
  84. She lifted her head to the ashen land and the bleached bone trail was endless, the duning land relentless, the crazed weather merciless and was cursed by the memory of the legislative excuses of corporate expense, socialist economics and financial exodus.
  85. Places like this still exist throughout the sands, crafted drift wood bodegas half covered, billowing big top tents bought in the wave left blowing in the wind, their covers bleached out by sunlight still staked to the ground by the bits of magic that gave them their first life.
  86. BLACKWOOD MANOR WAS LIT UP like a lantern in the rural dark, doors thrown open on the front porch, floodlights on, Jasmine sitting on the steps crying with a white handkerchief, knees up, black heels, navy blue sheath, chocolate skin and bleached curls looking lovely as was routine, her crying brokenhearted and exhausting and terribly sad.
  87. Accordingly, when the two angry men had sat back in their seats, bleached in the face with passion, and panting and out of breath, I rose up in my chair at the head of the table, and with a judicial solemnity addressed the council, saying, that what we had witnessed was a disgrace not to be tolerated in a Christian land; that unless we obtained indemnity for the past, and security for the future, I would resign; but in doing so I would bring the cause thereof before the Fifteen at Edinburgh, yea, even to the House of Lords at London; so I gave the offending parties notice, as well as those who, from motives of personal friendship, might be disposed to overlook the insult that had been given to the constituted authority of the king, so imperfectly represented in my person, as it would seem, by the audacious conflict and misdemeanour which had just taken place.
  88. Heavy rocks, bleached in the sun,.
  1. Bleaching all the nutritional goodness out of it.
  2. By indoctrination & bleaching of their innate colors.
  3. Same blue serge dress she had two years ago, the nap bleaching.
  4. There’s the bleaching process as well as the ink to be considered.
  5. Stimson has had a pair of factory cotton sheets bleaching in the Bailey garden for a week.
  6. The bleaching of flour… whitewashing it such tasteless non-nutritional dust; that even rats won’t eat it.
  7. Amongst these were skin bleaching, sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, and attempting to purchase the bones of the "elephant man".
  8. Against the twilight rises the trapezoidal top of the stack, which has stood forlornly here through the washing and bleaching of the wintry weather.
  9. While the rumors of skin bleaching were untrue, Jackson’s skin was getting progressively lighter due to a medical condition that Jackson later admitted to having, and was proven true upon his autopsy, called vitiligo.
  10. The white powders used by European aristocracy, pomaded white powder bleaching their faces into pale ghosts, until their clothes became a class-uniform of white silk and white bleached cloth, white pomaded wigs covered with white bleached four.
  11. Upon the stranger's shears were beheld the shattered, white ribs, and some few splintered planks, of what had once been a whale-boat; but you now saw through this wreck, as plainly as you see through the peeled, half-unhinged, and bleaching skeleton of a horse.
  12. Had I taken a wrong turning I would have been lost; and if faithful to my pledge I might have remained lost for days, for weeks, have left perhaps my bones to be discovered bleaching in some blind alley of the Whitechapel district, as it had happened to lonely travellers lost in the bush.
  1. It was a light brown colour with blond streaks in it, like sun bleaches.

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1. Drown in the bleach that’s found me?
2. Acrid bleach and ammonia stung his nose.
3. Bleach blonde bimbo with a shitty makeup job.
4. Slopping his mop in the bucket of bleach and.
5. Michael drummed his fingers on a jug of bleach.
6. Maybe he needs some ammonia in his bleach water.
7. The odor of bleach cutting into the back of her nose.
8. It tells you that you can drink water but not bleach.
9. You will need at least two large containers of bleach.
10. Could it just be the bleach? Again, he could not take a chance.
11. The house was cleaned with bleach, the carpet shampooed, and acid.
12. Instead, the queasy smell of plastic bandages and bleach filled the room.
13. HE RESTS his cheek against the concrete wall, sniffing the faint smell of bleach.
14. She is followed in by a tarty looking British woman with tatty bleach blond hair.
15. With all that had gone on, she had not given a thought to the cloths or the bleach.
16. Strong scented soap with a feminine fragrance will help dilute the smell of bleach.
17. One of the inmates was shaking as though high on drugs, oily bleach blond hair waving.
18. She was wearing a black skirt, a blouse which appeared as if someone had spilled splotches of bleach.
19. He was about to high five Nolan until he noticed his face had turned bleach white, "Dude, you okay?".
20. I am not going to say to use bleach for this, as I don’t think it has much use in the painting world.
21. Do not underestimate the power of ridding your home of the scent of bleach and strong household cleaners.
22. He quickly washed the pouch with dilute bleach, its laundromat ambience causing his young wife to wrinkle her nose and squint.
23. I sat next to her laughing too I need you distract me, plus the fact that he’s going with Bianca you’ll probably need to bleach my brain.
24. Could it be blood adhering to the hull surface? He could not take a chance that it might be spotted, so he used a bleach soaked cloth to rub it off.
25. Charlie Clapper called me at the end of the day, said he’d found no incriminating evidence on the Cecily; no blood, no trace, no bleach, no nothing.
26. Good one, good one, Jaden says in laughing voice, while he mumbles to himself, ‘Make note, wash hands with commercial bleach when I get back home.
27. He remembered the snagged, trailing object and the fact that there were hard to explain items like cleaning cloths and containers of bleach on board the cruiser.
28. If Diondra’s jeans were faded, it was because that was the latest style, if they had bleach splatters, it was because she’d bought them with bleach splatters.
29. The bucket, for instance, felt clean and dry, but bathed in the aromas of moulded plastic and disinfectant I could sense a mixture of bleach and the faint tang of stale urine.
30. Now go soak your smelly big rock feet in a swimming pool of commercial bleach, Jaden says, while cutting off the rook monster’s huge head as it lays helpless on the ground.
31. His hands assumed the same curl at his sides and his mouth moved to open and stay half open and his eyes, which were light in color, seemed to bleach still more with so much looking.
32. As he knew all about staying out of harm’s way, we decided that in the morning we would leave on our new, risk-reduced Romanian route and toasted its success with something that had all the attributes of bleach.
33. Yes, yes; I was then young, and new to the sight of blood; and not relishing the thought that creatures who had spirits like myself should lay on the naked ground, to be torn asunder by beasts, or to bleach in the rains, I buried the dead with my own hands, under that very little hillock where you have placed yourselves; and no bad seat does it make neither, though it be raised by the bones of mortal men.
34. She’d been amazed by the overabundance of cleaning materials that she had correctly guessed would be stored in the cupboard under the sink – some things defy cultural differences! Kneeling on the floor, all the better to examine the various spray containers and bottles piled in there, her amazement turned into confusion … there were plastic spray bottles for limescale removal, disinfecting the worktops … apparently killing 99% of all known germs - though that did raise the question of what danger the remaining 1% presented if it was so vital to get rid of the things … bottles of cream for cleaning the sink and another, lavender scented, for polishing wood, a big bottle of bleach that at least smelt familiar, and noxious substances for cleaning the oven that had signs warning of danger plastered all over them … it was an education.

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