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Blossom dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Of The Cherry Blossom Tree.
  2. Will ever blossom o'er the waves.
  3. Destroyed the blossom of his prime.
  4. It faded blossom of the crazy time.
  5. The desert shall rejoice and blossom.
  6. It was the flower blossom from earlier.
  7. At age sixteen, Connie starts to blossom.
  8. Derek Hill, the occupier of 42 Blossom.
  9. Blossom was with me again, supporting me.
  10. A blue blossom beside his head smelled sour.
  11. So will Blossom, have no worries about that.
  12. The scent of apple blossom was plain enough.
  13. Apple and cherry trees were coming into blossom.
  14. One great blossom hovered exactly over his mouth.
  15. Something small that can blossom up into trouble.
  16. Then his right leg exploded into a blossom of agony.
  17. The many cherry trees on the quad burst into blossom.
  18. But, in the last two days, they’d begun to blossom.
  19. This flower-girl now offered her blossom to the soul.
  20. We have had to activate the shields; giant blossom of'.
  21. The blossom in the cherry tree, the rose, the baby duck.
  22. On the wall had been arranged a giant map of the Blossom.
  23. It mingles with the orange buds which blossom everywhere;.
  24. The boughs of trees in full blossom wafted petals onto the.
  25. Blossom Meadows suburb and as much as he wanted to continue.
  26. I tried to speak to Blossom and to Terri, but I had no voice.
  27. But he got one in Chinese from someone called Cherry Blossom.
  28. Scents – cherry blossom, coconut, sandalwood, watermelon.
  29. Yet faeries led him to the place where the coveted blossom grew.
  30. An open field of grass speckled with mulberry trees in blossom.
  31. The next day a long-cultivated ambition was to blossom and fruit.
  32. Oh, Heaven bless you! May your life blossom and fructify in love.
  33. Uncommonly rich in flavor, with hints of clove and orange blossom.
  34. Blossom Meadows area, all have said that there’s been no sign of.
  35. That would be Annamaria, Tim, and Blossom Rosedale, the Happy Monster.
  36. The orchard was mature, and blossom covered the apple trees like snow.
  37. Seed, tree, blossom, and fruit are the fourfold order of the universe.
  38. Or, we should ask that why a rose bud should blossom into its fullness.
  39. Fair and true as a blossom whose fragrance the air with sweetness fills.
  40. The blossom month had passed, and June, with the long, long days, had come.
  41. Blossom came charging towards them, teeth bared and eyes ablaze with fury.
  42. In the year ahead our initial attraction would be allowed to blossom and grow.
  43. As he looked back at the screen, a feeling of elation began to blossom inside.
  44. Day will come when this divine seed will blossom and bring aroma and its fruit.
  45. There's no formula complex enough to capture the mystery of a magnolia blossom.
  46. The rose of love made the blossom of friendship pale and scentless by contrast.
  47. In spite of getting an early start, Yoonbarla did not blossom as a factory town.
  48. He spoke in Chinese, calling her Cherry Blossom (a reference to her Danish name).
  49. That this wound did not blossom yet, did not shine yet, at this hour, made him sad.
  50. Blossom Rosedale appeared, as she had in the dream, and helped me to stay on my feet.
  51. Grow the public sector not the private sector, to make children blossom in education.
  52. They climbed several rocky steps which led into a glade filled with blossom and fawns.
  53. Flush with the wood was the apple orchard, where blossom was falling on the grindstone.
  54. She continued to blossom out, to grow handsomer, to enjoy life, to take hearts captive.
  55. The Knave had some involvement with Magnolia Blossom, whom he recognized as a grandchild.
  56. Blossom had settled down for the evening, and lay sprawled in front of his wooden kennel.
  57. The new steroid products were taking off as the athletic market was beginning to blossom.
  58. In a flash, she realized that the Porcelain Doll was Doris and Magnolia Blossom was Rosie.
  59. It was a single little blossom on a vine that was gnarled and almost broken off in places.
  60. His thoughts blossom into deeds; and his deeds bear the fruitage of character and destiny.
  61. Then apply them rigorously, and watch as slowly, over time, your account begins to blossom.
  62. For a few moments he forgot all his troubles and just wanted to blossom in Tarana’s love.
  63. Another face appeared, the beautiful fire-scarred and broken face of Miss Blossom Rosedale.
  64. But then he remembered that Blossom was tethered in the yard, and that no one could help him.
  65. I felt warmth blossom inside me and spill it's life out into Jade and warm our little cocoon.
  66. Even the tree was in full blossom, its leaves the deepest green and the colour they should be.
  67. Valera handed her a cup of lime blossom tea that Nancy drank and we both drifted off to sleep.
  68. We are praying for the spiritual fruit to blossom from within us, and through our environment.
  69. Perhaps a friendship would blossom? Rodney was twenty-three, not that big a difference in ages.
  70. Let the black flower blossom as it may! Now go thy ways, and deal as thou wilt with yonder man.
  71. Unthinking, he bared his teeth, closed them on the blossom slowly, and had a mouthful of petals.
  72. Then it was that she saw, not a gargantuan blossom, but a dark-skinned woman standing above her.
  73. A kernel of hope began to blossom inside her, and she fell quiet, as she absorbed what this meant.
  74. She saw the potential in me from when we were little, and she patiently waited to see me blossom.
  75. There is a moment when girls blossom out in the twinkling of an eye, and become roses all at once.
  76. Isn't it lovely coming out, don't you think? I saw a sloe-bush in blossom and a lot of celandines.
  77. The date of the cherry-tree is therefore substituted, which is usually in blossom at the same time.
  78. The flowers from the hawthorn and the apple blossom trees, sent their own sweet aroma into the air.
  79. Mellyrn they are called, and are those that bear the yellow blossom, but I have never climbed in one.
  80. The desert is a rose garden beneath the moon, where blossom the fires of a hundred thousand warriors.
  81. So they carried away my poor little blossom, whom it will hardly be believed I can't forget even now.
  82. It seemed if they could only get the drug situation under control that the country would really blossom.
  83. Cathy stared a long time at the lonely blossom trembling in its earthy shelter, and replied, at length:.
  84. I didn’t see the cultist behind us, the last assassin, who would have shot me and no doubt Blossom, too.
  85. A unique formula is involved in the appearance of the simplest apple blossom and the most complex orchid.
  86. These stages are very natural, as the seed has to pass through many stages of growth to become a blossom.
  87. And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.
  88. A fountain gurgles quietly in the middle of a shaded courtyard where orange trees blossom and flowers bloom.
  89. You’re in the beginning stages, but it has yet to blossom and grow before it will get stronger and deeper.
  90. The emergence of tree, blossom, fruit and sweetness all are processes of the inherent potential of the seed.
  91. There was a fragrant smell, perhaps of sandalwood, or maybe lotus blossom, it was impossible to tell exactly.
  92. Katya flinched at the sight of the dog, but Blossom was still tethered, and Bryony knew they were beyond his reach.
  93. History remembers the ones who were strong and wise enough to do what it took for their ideas to blossom in reality.
  94. With its unlimited possibility of exquisite gardens that blossom everywhere, Vancouver overwhelms visitors with the.
  95. When love, peace, faith, and perseverance blossom into what we say and do we are hospitable to the miraculous birth.
  96. Blossom strained at his leash, which Edwin noted was now only a few feet long and tethered to a post inside the kennel.
  97. Chantry glanced up from his inspection of the blossom to the flower of feminine appeal showcased in the form of Maria.
  98. Becoming tree, blossom and fruit are not the thinking attainments of the seed but they were always present in the seed.
  99. In virtually the same moment, Cornelia Summers collapsed to the ground with a small red blossom just above her left ear.
  100. A healthy planet, a planet that can grow, blossom, and flourish and have all the beings on it grow, blossom and flourish.
  1. And the blossoming red rose.
  3. Such art, along with a blossoming of.
  4. For one, the blossoming of the dress-.
  5. Morality is a blossoming out of truths.
  6. The air was perfumed with the first blossoming.
  7. The blossoming rose with parted lips in anticipation.
  8. Her face was blossoming pink where he had struck her.
  9. Flowers were blossoming on the Cyress trees letting.
  10. She was in the prime of her blossoming years of youthfulness.
  11. Zoë was now fourteen and was blossoming into a rare flower.
  12. However, the petals of love were blossoming for Henry and Sarah.
  13. It was like watching a flower blossoming at high speed on the Tulip.
  14. Dance is a process of blossoming of love after the soul is fully soaked of it.
  15. During the blossoming, the air is filled with pollinating bees and bumblebees.
  16. His anger was growing, blossoming, and that was a terrifying thing to consider.
  17. McCoy office, only the chakra flared in reverse, from head to toe, blossoming in.
  18. Although the seeds of doubt and jealousy never stopped blossoming and torturing me.
  19. They wasted little time eliminating any who might threaten their blossoming theocracy.
  20. It is a small perennial plant, rising about half a foot; flowers white, blossoming in June.
  21. Forever cursed to be the third wheel on the blossoming countless romances Adrinius must have had.
  22. People can change, ya know, he said, as if he was answering the questions blossoming in my mind.
  23. The blossoming of plants is easily watched, but their foliation and budding ought not to be neglected.
  24. Jenks’s home was low, stately, surrounded by decoratively trimmed hedges and bright, blossoming azaleas.
  25. The people susceptible to attacks from "shooting stars" are not blossoming inwardly with fruitful qualities.
  26. Beyond, on the slopes of the Glen, were blossoming orchards, sweet and mystic and wonderful, veiled in dusk.
  27. Lucky clover is this plant’s popular name, and it is sold as a red blossoming pot plant in the flower shop.
  28. What had been a flash of green in the corner of Aazuria’s eye was quickly blossoming into a field of green.
  29. With breaking day, Henry was in the outskirts of Cardiff, all his terror gone and a new blossoming wonder in him.
  30. What day is this? Joseph asked, so flummoxed by his blossoming happiness that he had lost all track of time.
  31. Alternatively, the dream could indicate your desires for a relationship or that a new relationship is blossoming.
  32. All of the cultural blossoming of unification and goodwill threatened the upper powers on a deep instinctive level.
  33. That cushion involves the spiritual fruit blossoming in us to keep us healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  34. His lips parted, and he tilted his head, desire suddenly blossoming inside of him for this man that had savd the world.
  35. Give true love one shot at blossoming in hopes that you’ll stick around and keep me from going insane here without you.
  36. As far as safety is concerned, pool fencing can be kept discreet by way of trees, foliage and blossoming exotic-style flowers.
  37. We can assess that the divine inner presence buffers us from undesirable circumstances through the blossoming of spiritual fruit.
  38. Her blossoming moment of freedom wilted within three steps, as a hand grasped her forearm with the same bruising grip once again.
  39. Her life changed forever, she continued excitedly, when on campus, she became exposed to the blossoming women’s liberation movement.
  40. Nausicaa is life that is blossoming in all its splendor and Ulysses, his heart in his hand, goes toward this life that is offered him.
  41. Understand this! The undead seek to destroy every burgeoning, blossoming example of health and happiness before it can grow and spread.
  42. It seemed to Pierre that this comet fully responded to what was passing in his own softened and uplifted soul, now blossoming into a new life.
  43. Alas, the wound was not blossoming yet, his heart was still fighting his fate, cheerfulness and victory were not yet shining from his suffering.
  44. This provides for a brief blossoming of vegetation and the emergence of species, such as the Spade-foot toad of Arizona, for rapid reproduction.
  45. Gold if there was anything I could do to salvage my one-time blossoming relationship with Jennifer, I had my answer and that was a resounding no.
  46. And as her mind toyed about with it during that quiet afternoon ride, Ingrid felt her interest blossoming into something brighter and more colorful.
  47. Our eyes widened when we saw that the army headquarters was so much neater than the rest of the city with perfect green lawns and blossoming flowers.
  48. The cosmic stem of light, blossoming as my body, seemed a divine reproduction of the light beams that stream out of the projection booth in a cinema house.
  49. At that moment, a ragged child who was coming down through the Rue Menilmontant, holding in his hand a branch of blossoming laburnum which he had just plucked on the.
  50. She felt good about her flat stomach and curvy hips, but, even though Jen said she was crazy, she didn’t like her blossoming thighs and the lemon halves she had for boobs.
  51. What had happened yesterday, with David, and during the evening at the library, was that Helen had enjoyed a blossoming of hope that perhaps she had been wrong to dismiss her God.
  52. At the foot of it there had been strewn great quantities of branches of flowering trees, which with the new warmth of milder climates were now blossoming in the valleys of the island.
  53. She'd stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom for a long time, examining the blossoming bruises on her stomach and the slowly fading red mark on her face with a detached interest.
  54. The flower was the fruit of his own garden and was blossoming now because of his love for teaching and the many years of hard work that had helped old Ted to attain such levels of skill.
  55. The hawthorn is now in full leaf and showing signs of blossoming fairly soon, there are bluebells here and there and speedwell twining round the purple-leaved bugle which is heavy with buds.
  56. Do we feed the beast or revere the deity whenever we see spiritual fruit blossoming? Those who feed the beast oppose the divine fruit within the human spirit in efforts to gratify primal desires.
  57. He believed his communications with Optionz Traderz had grown into a true mentoring friendship, even though some had thought they had a blossoming ‘bromance’ in the group, whatever that meant.
  58. She gave him a sensation that he was at a trans-dimensional cosmic crossroads, like a singularity, where all forces merged into harmony and events unfolded in total perfection, like a blossoming lotus flower.
  59. Your form is nothing but light! The cosmic stem of light, blossoming as my body, seemed a divine reproduction of the light beams that stream out of the projection booth in a cinema to create the pictures on the screen.
  60. There was the sound, too, of elven-harps and of sweet music; and as it echoed up towards them it seemed that the chill of the air was warmed, and they caught faintly the fragrance of woodland flowers blossoming in spring.
  61. They were huge stacks of stones in which you could distinguish the indistinct forms of palaces and temples, now arrayed in hosts of blossoming zoophytes, and over it all, not ivy but a heavy mantle of algae and fucus plants.
  62. Meredith was on his way to see Rosemary West, and he meant to tell her something which had been slowly blossoming in his heart since their first meeting and had sprung into full flower on the evening when Faith had so warmly voiced her admiration for Rosemary.
  63. Maybe what he felt for her now was the result of seeing her growing up and blossoming as a young woman, but why did he feel as if she belonged to him? Even though he’d said it hadn’t, why did it bother him that she’d been with Jared, and was now with Sam?
  64. He gazed with terror on this beauty, which was blossoming out ever more triumphant and superb beside him, beneath his very eyes, on the innocent and formidable brow of that child, from the depths of her homeliness, of his old age, of his misery, of his reprobation.
  65. Their innocent faces were two delighted surprises; a blossoming shrub which grew near wafted to the passers-by perfumes which seemed to emanate from them; the child of eighteen months displayed her pretty little bare stomach with the chaste indecency of childhood.
  66. Most were lovely sea anemone belonging to the family Actinidia, including among other species, the Phyctalis protexta, native to this part of the ocean: a small cylindrical trunk adorned with vertical lines, mottled with red spots, and crowned by a wondrous blossoming of tentacles.
  67. To further Alyssa’s misery she immediately became pregnant again, treasuring the life force within her blossoming body, but I was much happier than she because I knew that the end would be my beginning; when she was 6 months gone, I asked her to go for a walk with me in the woods.
  68. All purities and all candors meet in that celestial and fatal gleam which, more than all the best-planned tender glances of coquettes, possesses the magic power of causing the sudden blossoming, in the depths of the soul, of that sombre flower, impregnated with perfume and with poison, which is called love.
  69. How is it that they don’t both see all that, or is it that they don’t want to see? And they are pleased, pleased! And to think that this is only the first blossoming, and that the real fruits are to come! But what really matters is not the stinginess, is not the meanness, but the tone of the whole thing.
  70. To have everything of her, from her worship to her pity, never to be left, to have that sweet weakness aiding you, to lean upon that immovable reed, to touch Providence with one's hands, and to be able to take it in one's arms,—God made tangible,—what bliss! The heart, that obscure, celestial flower, undergoes a mysterious blossoming.
  71. This would have created a social equality of direct democracy in action: and all of the corruption of the entire human civilized world would have been swept away as the new blossoming happiness of young people, living outside in the beauty of nature, absorbing the beauty of nature, and radiating that beauty back into nature so all living creatures and plants and fish grow healthier and happier: unpoisoned by the evil which now swamps this planet.
  72. She was embarrassed to admit, even to herself, that several times when asked to help, when she was blossoming into adulthood, Ailia had declared her independence, saying that Unni and Brander were not her real parents, so how could they order her around? Ailia liked to think her remorseful and quick attitude adjustment was proof of her maturing, but it probably had a lot more to do with her having to sleep outdoors in the pigsty and not having the privilege of a meal.
  73. These undead filth who had SECRETLY EMBEDDED THEMSELVES into his guts and body and his mind… These undead ghouls who were invisibly leering at him, who were all around him, were LEAKING their evil sense of triumph in achieving yet another one of their unspeakable evil crimes; in managing to manipulate the politics of the British Parliament and stick in this poisoned shell of a man; the most corrupt, incompetent politician in all of England, so the whole world could be destroyed in order to prevent NEW LIFE from blossoming and flourishing on Earth….
  1. And Moa blossomed most of all.
  2. For years and years it blossomed.
  3. D and Rick our friendship blossomed.
  4. A miniature mushroom cloud blossomed.
  5. She had blossomed into a stunning woman.
  6. Flowers appeared to have blossomed over night.
  7. As she blossomed through her splendid long life.
  8. Panic blossomed in her gut, forcing her eyes open.
  9. She had blossomed in the year since he had seen her.
  10. On April 2 a warm sun blossomed over Lake Washington.
  11. Henriette had blossomed into a vivacious young woman.
  12. It blossomed into heat and spread throughout his body.
  13. Bolled: Blossomed; bolled in the seed/shell of a flower.
  14. It started as a little firefly, then blossomed out, and.
  15. Charlotta the Fourth had blossomed out into young ladyhood.
  16. Janet blossomed out like a rose to attend that prayer-meeting.
  17. Jason’s odd, twisted smile blossomed into a full-blown laugh.
  18. Winter went away as fast as it came, and spring blossomed again.
  19. So as the sister thrived and blossomed to parental applause, he.
  20. His heart slowed, breathing returned to normal and hope blossomed.
  21. University mainframe game development blossomed in the early 1970s.
  22. China, and later, as communism blossomed in China, they escaped to.
  23. And Jakob the pawn’s dislike blossomed into a deep, healthy hate.
  24. It was a promise I kept and a tender intimacy blossomed between us.
  25. The trees hadn’t blossomed yet as the last winter chil s hung on.
  26. It was sweet to watch them together as their newfound love blossomed.
  27. In a few days, the teeth blossomed from pink gums and smiles returned.
  28. The romance had blossomed while they were working together in the town.
  29. Surprise blossomed across Hollowcrest’s face, but he quickly recovered.
  30. Her face blossomed with rosy innocence, causing tears to form in his eyes.
  31. He checked his personal comm – which blossomed into a screen on his hand.
  32. His store blossomed because it included a freedom and expression of values.
  33. She felt alive with the secret hidden knowledge that had blossomed within her.
  34. The hills around the monastery blossomed golden under the first rays of the sun.
  35. Anger and resentment and jealousy blossomed into bloodshed and rape and murder.
  36. His wound blossomed, his suffering was shining, his self had flown into the oneness.
  37. The smile blossomed as she realized how quick priorities could change when the word.
  38. If an individual was virtuous, his flower blossomed out, otherwise the flower faded.
  39. At the cottage we keep a small garden, and overnight last week the viburnum blossomed.
  40. Leaves of green filled the trees, then they blossomed, fruit budding on their branches.
  41. His eyes held nothing but cruelty in there depths and a deep fear blossomed within her.
  42. In time she blossomed into such a distinguished performer that her royal lineage had been.
  43. What began as an education blossomed into a passion, and this was the real life change for me.
  44. Anna blossomed; so many fiancés appeared right away; now they are running after her in crowds.
  45. General Lucas Thompson’s shiny, clean-shaven cheeks, his crinkle-cut neck blossomed bright red.
  46. A moment later, the space around the identifier tag for the Serenity blossomed with the smaller.
  47. Valrosa well deserved its name, for in that climate of perpetual summer roses blossomed everywhere.
  48. One year later and the spore has blossomed into a thriving example of a Patagonian trailing creeper.
  49. The anemones in the aquaria blossomed open, with green and purple tentacles and pale green stomachs.
  50. This was what happened to the potential love that could have blossomed between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.
  51. Jean Valjean blossomed out and felt his happiness increase with the happiness which he afforded Cosette.
  52. Court looked back and saw the figure separate from the seat then jerk upright as the canopy blossomed open.
  53. That’s why, some years later, when Molly had blossomed into a woman of hips and comely smiles, we worried.
  54. His white lab coat had blossomed with red over his heart, and he was staring up the corridor with wide eyes.
  55. Water was chic: Clearly Canadian blossomed early on as a stock-market phenomenon and almost as quickly faded.
  56. They had been at the start of a friendship that might have blossomed into something more, but now he was gone.
  57. I was very good at it and when I finished the course I found this flat and little by little business blossomed.
  58. Then she blossomed, and I started to look after her, until she began running after boys, and I let her run away.
  59. These delicate blue flowers only blossomed in Bergendal during late springtime and were Ailia’s favorite flower.
  60. The voice of course belonged to Aerith, and a bright light blossomed in the doorway as the spirit fully manifested.
  61. The pilots blossomed like stuffed pillows, only their eyes and nostrils showed through a much heavier layer of tar.
  62. Blood blossomed a startling red from her chest and she could be seen to be gasping erratically from pain and shock.
  63. This combination of spirituality and mystery blossomed into his Office of the Dead series of monastic mystery books.
  64. Although deVeau knew that Hinckley was still infatuated with the actress, her unlikely relationship with him blossomed.
  65. For some kids it was the first time in their lives they’d had three good, healthy meals each day, and they blossomed.
  66. In the garden of Jan Andersson in Malmköping, most of the flowers have already blossomed when the cauliflower is at its best.
  67. The radiated energy blossomed and bloomed on enemy gun-laying and SAM radar scopes like liquid phosphorous poured down a TV screen.
  68. He kissed her again, and for a while, she kissed him back, but a new thought had blossomed in her mind that made her pull away again.
  69. But at night—especially on a Friday or Saturday night, after the men had lined up at the MWAK payroll office—B Street blossomed.
  70. Our whole family lit up, as if something glamorous had come into our lives and made everything bigger and more beautiful, and we blossomed.
  71. Both of these best cultural expressions of humanity flowered and blossomed into more humane ways of living in that century between 1814-1914.
  72. He had been very kind and helpful and divorced… and the friendship had blossomed into a love affair to which they were both truly committed.
  73. Is Kevin around? I asked; her relationship with him has blossomed since he got rid of Celeste, she had a glow to her and I was happy for her.
  74. What kind of flowers are these? I asked, pointing to the stalks that blossomed all around us, suddenly terrified that he was going to kiss me.
  75. They were marvelous red roses that had blossomed in the morning, in the snow, giving a glimpse of life among the dead, for death was all around him.
  76. And Frodo went to the King as he was sitting with the Queen Arwen by the fountain, and she sang a song of Valinor, while the Tree grew and blossomed.
  77. It was a place of sunken mounds and wooden markers; bees hummed all about in quietudes of sound and butterflies withered and blossomed on the clear blue air.
  78. From its colonial past as capital of East Jersey to the arrival of factories, shipping links and ethnic groups that worked them, the town never fully blossomed.
  79. For the rest, after the first six months, she grew like a larch, and could walk and talk too, in her own way, before the heath blossomed a second time over Mrs.
  80. He’d reached exactly the same conclusions as his admiral, and more canvas blossomed abruptly along Scepter’s yards as seamen raced to obey a volley of orders.
  81. Suddenly, as if to reward their attention, another formation blossomed up out of the top of the column, with muted flashes of fire flickering up its entire length.
  82. There were few buildings then, north of the Oxford-road, and forest-trees flourished, and wild flowers grew, and the hawthorn blossomed, in the now vanished fields.
  83. At that time, and when springtime blossomed, most young boys used to go along to the banks of the tributaries of the Barada River in the city of Damascus and other areas.
  84. As his grandfather‘s training took root and his potentcy blossomed, Joe Billie‘s challenges came less and less and by age 14 no Miccosukee youth would stand up to him.
  85. She had been christened Malvina, after Joe’s mother; but when the Balls blossomed out they renamed her Alva, which they somehow had got the impression was smarter.
  86. But it has blossomed in the night, and now I mean to put it in my vase here, so that when the darling wakes, the first thing she sees will be the little rose, and Mother's face.
  87. He expressed wonder at why humans are so reluctant to allow computers to take over more functions than they currently do, and asked why hasn’t Artificial Intelligence blossomed.
  88. To the astonishment of Smyrna Corner, two plug hats, around which wreaths of cigar smoke were cozily curling, blossomed on the platform of the emporium next morning, instead of one.
  89. After an inauspicious start, his headmastership of the school had blossomed in the wake of academic and sporting success, and for fifteen years he had filled the staffroom with kindred spirits.
  90. South Korea blossomed into a vibrant capitalist economy; North Korea remained an enclosed, poverty-stricken, and secretive Stalinist state under Kim Il Sung and later under his son, Kim Jong Il.
  91. Think of it as a feeling intelligence, an energy that blossomed into full existence when the Biblical God said: ‘ Let there be light’, but also think of it as having an existence before God said that.
  92. As young Alan blossomed, finding girls and music and the dreams of unchecked possibilities breasting the far hill scapes of his world view, so too Ken determined to be a part of his son’s emerging life.
  93. They still had a few hours to missile range but suddenly the approaching cruiser, which had been becoming more and more distinct on their sensors, blossomed and eight fighter interceptors popped out of launch bays.
  94. Babies were swaddled by a shoulder-head wrap of cloth that blossomed openly and widely around their bodies because it was the perfect way to rape a baby or child at night without anyone hearing a thing except muffled squalls of horror and agony.
  95. Her desires, her sorrows, the experience of pleasure, and her ever-young illusions, that had, as soil and rain and winds and the sun make flowers grow, gradually developed her, and she at length blossomed forth in all the plenitude of her nature.
  96. The sky had continued to darken as large thunderheads loomed and blossomed menacingly above her until the Tower of the Ocean Forest came into view once again; by then, the clouds had seemed to linger above the hotel grounds and the surrounding area.
  97. People vociferate, shout, howl, there they break forth and writhe with enjoyment; gayety roars; sarcasm flames forth, joviality is flaunted like a red flag; two jades there drag farce blossomed forth into an apotheosis; it is the triumphal car of laughter.
  98. I have little to say about complex structured finance products—partly because of my limited expertise but also because many new sectors that blossomed during the boom and crashed in 2007–2008 may not recover as viable investments in their current form.
  99. The world seems to grow ever smaller, with the grandeur of sheer distance made into a commonplace game of skipping by the advent of more efficient means of travel and the communications revolution that has blossomed in the bright sunshine of this digital spring.
  100. The deep, hollow, concussive sound of an explosion boomed and blossomed across the canyon, reverberating against its rock walls as plumes of white rock dust shot from the face of the western cliffs, and a shower of rocks and boulders tumbled down onto the piles below.
  1. The kind that blossoms from.
  2. I see blossoms as they burst.
  3. My Prince Of The Blossoms Who.
  4. It blossoms into wisdom divine.
  5. The blossoms will say it for me.
  6. Midst Of The Blossoms, Cinders.
  7. Blossoms late June through July.
  8. Let the scent of Cherry Blossoms.
  9. Before long the blossoms will come.
  10. Hope is the seed for all new blossoms.
  11. He touched the blossoms, picked them up.
  12. The young shoots dried up, the blossoms withered.
  13. The trees were now beginning to show blossoms in.
  14. Apple orchards, the trees all cover'd with blossoms;.
  15. It blossoms and brought forth ripe clusters of grapes.
  16. Blossoms, is it? Rob smoothed his moustache with a thumb.
  17. Central Park broke out constellations of spring blossoms.
  18. Above her, bees buzzed around the aromatic apple blossoms.
  19. It carried a curious scent of salty fish and orange blossoms.
  20. All other blossoms either sagged or dropped to the arid ground.
  21. His life had been no path of blossoms since he’d been sacked.
  22. It grows and blossoms in the sun fostering heavenly conditions.
  23. The blossoms we wear in our hats the growth of thousands of years.
  24. I grew antsy and began knotting together a chain of apple blossoms.
  25. If the stick blossoms after that, it will mean that it was Christ.
  26. It blossoms in May, and is annual, it even lasts only three months.
  27. The blossoms on each part could not be distinguished by the casual.
  28. The canopies of cherry trees drift overhead, pregnant with blossoms.
  29. Vines and hanging blossoms trickled down from above, some within reach.
  30. The twigs and blossoms trembled for awhile after the fall, and stopped.
  31. We cheer the fruitage that blossoms from the inner being of one another.
  32. A Chinese tea enriched with the sweet scent of hand picked jasmine blossoms.
  33. It carried the perfume of magnolia blossoms as well as less pleasing odors.
  34. Now, they were ragweed blossoms, his wife was allergic to flowers, so when.
  35. She appeared after having bought flowers, her arms full of dogwood blossoms.
  36. Above his prostrate form the great black blossoms nodded in the windless air.
  37. Instead it stood there without blossoms, the branches naked and dark looking.
  38. The hills were a profusion of snowy dogwood and pink plum and cherry blossoms.
  39. If not for the blossoms, she would think it an act of vengeance, not compassion.
  40. Ask, seek, and knock about issues relevant to the blossoms of the spiritual fruit.
  41. The blossoms on apple-trees are scanty, and there is but little prospect of fruit.
  42. Behind her, an overdecorated flat reeks of dead apple blossoms, confusion, old age.
  43. His face was covered with stubble, the skin on his nose peppered with gin blossoms.
  44. The fresh forsythia blossoms lay scattered gracelessly on the pile of broken glass.
  45. A purple bougainvillea drooped from sunlight into shade, dead blossoms on the ground.
  46. From a cluster of green, curiously leafed stalks, great black blossoms nodded at him.
  47. It broke at the notch and, swaying, fell with its branches and blossoms into the grass.
  48. The result of the Deity that lives within includes the blossoms of the spiritual fruit.
  49. The blossoms bent toward her like sentient things, nodding serpent-like on pliant stems.
  50. Cranberries were named by Early American settlers who held that the blossoms appeared to.
  51. As those fruit blossoms in us, we align ourselves with heavenly harmony for ages to come.
  52. At will, steel blossoms bloom in unnamed gardens, or flower-swords flash in the moonlight.
  53. That entrance supplies us with power, proving the lively blossoms of the spirit's fruitage.
  54. The only flowers I’ve ever seen are wildflowers, or apple blossoms in the Amity orchards.
  55. With those early blossoms, a frost in May can kill potential fruit on peach and pear trees.
  56. Moving briskly through the orchard, he noticed the last of the cherry blossoms were falling.
  57. Its leaves were just coming, and its white blossoms still were stark against the black bark.
  58. It blossoms in August and September, has no particular beauty, but a very singular appearance.
  59. A wash of its leaves and blossoms steeped in boiling water and then cooled would ease this pain.
  60. He pressed his hand against the marble surface and stared at the blossoms in order to calm himself.
  61. White Jasmine combines the health force of white tea with the delicate flavours of jasmine blossoms.
  62. Life has its many hues, colors, springs; blossoms accentuated autumn, winter and tropical metamorphosis.
  63. Flower blossoms cover the bay as the Virgin Queen cuts a path through spring’s welcoming gesture.
  64. I knew that all the buds would be blossoms and fruit, and I was delighted as I looked at the apple-trees.
  65. The walk was beautiful with all the wildflowers in the clearings and all the blossoms on the berry bushes.
  66. Bliss cannot come from ignorance, yet blossoms forth as one attains that consciousness which knows it can.
  67. Flowering vines twirled their ways up the rough stone sides of the chapel, gracing it with their blossoms.
  68. It blossoms in August and September, but the fruits remain on the plant till the severe frosts of December.
  69. Powell, would bear our tribute of love, and scatter the blossoms of holy memories upon this new-made grave.
  70. Thank you dear, Sansa said, as she stirred the Asthan blossoms into the thickening mixture in the pot.
  71. A belief that we have already been made affects our attitude relating to the blossoms of the spiritual fruit.
  72. He paused behind the other man, examining the blossoms on a flowering shrub, and cleared his throat quietly.
  73. Many of the kind called Melolanthe were about, named for the apple blossoms that also emerged this time of year.
  74. In the streaks of light falling through the open doors of the reception-rooms, the blossoms, white and red and.
  75. Near the pathway where we walked, white flowers, with blossoms measuring as wide as a mans hand, grew in abundance.
  76. It is so; while the rivers run and the mountains stand, while the blossoms come and go on the trees, it must be so.
  77. Beneath a mound of colourful blossoms the dark mahogany and ornate handles bore evidence of somebody’s last ride.
  78. He ate them—particularly red roses, mustard flowers, wild turnip blossoms, and the petals of one variety of dahlia.
  79. The tunic whipped against me, just strings and knots, for the blossoms had torn loose and formed a funnel in the wind.
  80. I had a species of flower called ajuga reptans that spread quickly and also had beautiful blue blossoms in the spring.
  81. What shows up in a small way early in life, blossoms into a wide range of social and emotional competence as life goes on.
  82. The trees and bushes with their great pallid blossoms stood dark, still, and sinister, etched against the deepening dusk.
  83. There was no dagger in her fingers; they grasped a stalk of golden lotus, the crushed blossoms drooping on the bruised stem.
  84. No matter how tranquilly the shades of evening had kissed the blossoms of spring, the whole atmosphere was heavy with anxiety.
  85. Lucie advanced, half supported by her women, a wreath of orange blossoms in her hair, and paler than the white satin of her gown.
  86. And all this was nothing much—wayside blossoms à la Paul de Kock—though the cruel insect had already grown strong in my soul.
  87. Our natural burials transforms the frail and fallen flesh of our loved ones into the blossoms of flowers and the fruit of trees.
  88. They watch with thousands of other wandering eyes as this prince and princess disappear through the drifting blossoms of Springtime.
  89. In the moment that his thumb depresses the switch and light blossoms in the kitchen Ted's faith in boundaries is shaken to the core.
  90. The children could not be restrained now; they went and covered her coffin with flowers, and put a wreath of lovely blossoms on her head.
  91. Stacey lay low behind three rows of old salamander stoves, once used by fruit growers to keep the blossoms from freezing during cold spells.
  92. Occasionally the marks were hidden under tufts of myrtle, which spread into large bushes laden with blossoms, or beneath parasitical lichen.
  93. Tiece was out mowing the lawn, his eyes fixed to the rotating machine and each of one hundred clover blossoms, all with tiny heads like Mrs.
  94. It was the same field where I had first met Peter, but now it was dark and the tree didn’t have blossoms like the last time I’d been here.
  95. However, when our inner being blossoms with love, goodwill, and kindness, we will discover ourselves aligned with the momentum of God‘s will.
  96. Quite sedately they walked down the path until a big hydrangea bush, studded thickly with great clumps of blossoms, screened them from the house.
  97. I was gathering the blossoms, reveling in the sunlight of the summer day, remembering a night of love with Lovern, when the arrow crippled my leg.
  98. Dad seems more nourished, but there are red blossoms seeping through several parts of his clothes and I can see that his arms might require stitches.
  99. Silence would have enveloped us, but birds twittered in the tree branches, bees buzzed among the flower blossoms and insects hopped in and out of grass.
  100. How could he run to prowl, to probe, to touch the grass if that car came by again? What doing? Picking clover blossoms? Weeding dandelions? What, what?

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