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Blueness dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It held the whiteness of the moon and the blueness of the stars.
  2. Look for any sign of blueness at extremities that would indicate restricted circulation.
  3. The blueness of jump space surrounded us all, and I saw the dark specter moving towards us.
  4. His eyes took on a strange look, almost a glassy sheen, dulling the blueness of the pupils.
  5. Things moved through this blueness, vaguely winged shapes that called to me and invited me into their dreams.

  6. He had a strong jawline with a five o’clock shadow and thick, dark eyebrows that emphasized the blueness of his eyes.
  7. And then there was a shift of stars, a glimmering of blue light, and he felt himself surrounded by blueness and suspended.
  8. Noisy breathing, froth around the nose or lips and blueness around the lips and ears are all signs of difficult or obstructed breathing.
  9. The blueness of the sky overhead, which to this point had been rich and healthy, began to fade like a plant left for too long in an equatorial sun.
  10. The more I pulled myself down the more accustomed I became; the more I explored with open eyes, the more I was astonished by the unbelievable mad blueness of the sea.
  11. As the blueness of it wrapped around us I looked for the spirit of light that had been following us, and he was there in his customary place, smiling and looking friendly.
  12. On the day before we were due to return the Christmas post arrived, and after the excitement had abated the usual "blueness" settled in—the craving for home comforts and "Blighty.
  13. As she watched the rider gallop into the distance, she noticed the brilliance of the sunny day, the blueness of the sky and the greenness of the grass and trees in the far distance.
  14. Starting at the sword Raya’s hands began to turn an icy blue as the element that she was partially made of crystallized, and within moments she was entirely made of the icy blueness emanating from the sword.
  15. They ran among the trees, they slipped and fell, they pushed each other, they played hide-and-seek and tag, but most of all they squinted at the sun until tears ran down their faces, they put their hands up to that yellowness and that amazing blueness and they breathed of the fresh, fresh air and listened and listened to the silence which suspended them in a blessed sea of no sound and no motion.

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