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Blush dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I blush – of course.
  2. It was my time to blush.
  3. I felt my cheeks blush.
  4. I could only blush and.
  5. And as if on cue, I blush.

  6. This time I did not blush.
  7. Anne had the grace to blush.
  8. Now it was my turn to blush.
  9. Emily felt her blush rising.
  10. I think I saw her blush too.
  11. He felt the blush coming on.
  12. Now it was his turn to blush.
  13. A blush crept over her cheeks.
  14. Annyeke felt her blush rising.
  15. Yes; you have cause to blush.

  16. Blessed by the Moon’s Blush.
  17. Mary Catherine seemed to blush.
  18. He was surprised at the blush.
  19. The blush crept back into her.
  20. A blush rose to her cheeks as.
  21. I blush and move his hands away.
  22. It was Orphenn’s turn to blush.
  23. Ignoring the blush on her cheeks.
  24. With a blush, she bowed her head.
  25. She could feel herself blush as.

  26. There is plenty of time to blush.
  27. I’d never seen him blush before.
  28. I blush and look down at my hands.
  29. A faint blush stole into her cheeks.
  30. You do this to channel the blush.
  31. There was a slight blush on her face.
  32. Her face was completely turned blush.
  33. Jeff returned the smile with a blush.
  34. The way he looked at me made me blush.
  35. She glared at him, trying not to blush.
  36. I blush a little when he answered that.
  37. His blush was all Kulai needed to hear.
  38. The deep blush of her face disappeared.
  39. Oh, don't blush! I've told you already.
  40. He was satisfied when he saw them blush.
  41. He winked at her which made Tarana blush.
  42. She shrugs off the flattery with a blush.
  43. And pressed her hand—the crimson blush.
  44. Jeff could feel the hot blush on his cheeks.
  45. Cami felt herself blush as Jonquil piped up.
  46. He even began to blush at being a bourgeois.
  47. Avoid using a heavy hand when applying blush.
  48. He was glad Rupert couldn’t see him blush.
  49. Nico could have sworn that she saw him blush.
  50. It was a gift she replied, with a blush.
  51. Her skin turned a rose color, a blush of rage.
  52. The hint of a blush rose along her cheekbones.
  53. The blush of shame began to swing in my cheeks.
  54. Things that should have made her blush didn't.
  55. Still blush, a s thinking the ir own kisse s sin.
  56. There wasn't a hint of a blush on her fair skin.
  57. Then Claire yanked up her own shirt with a blush.
  58. Um, thanks, I replied, trying not to blush.
  59. It made the boy blush redder than a pomegranate.
  60. He was very proud of himself and began to blush.
  61. It should be paired up with blush on the cheeks.
  62. He laughed when the blush returned to her cheeks.
  63. The blush of spring was kissing Virginia as the.
  64. What of that?' said Maryanka with a sudden blush.
  65. Don’t blush, prince; you make me sorry for you.
  66. I felt myself blush, and hot waves washed over me.
  67. A couple of the older patrolmen started to blush.
  68. Toria knew that she should blush and drop her gaze.
  69. Clara took that as a compliment and began to blush.
  70. Rose-petaled blush that holds my heart in thrall?
  71. He smiled back, a faint blush colouring his cheeks.
  72. Again they nodded, and she couldn't help but blush.
  73. I passed by you, and you seemed to me to blush.
  74. He resisted the urge to blush with some difficulty.
  75. No wonder you always blush when I mention his name.
  76. He laughed harder when the blush rose to her cheeks.
  77. Oh, don't blush and don't be afraid of me as a man.
  78. And the daughter? Was her blush a favorable sign?
  79. Walking into the narrow cave made Ashi blush with.
  80. Except when you blush, of course, which is often.
  81. Even in the laboratory, I must’ve started to blush.
  82. For the first time in what seems to be ages, I blush.
  83. At first blush, this may sound inconsistent with PT.
  84. Thomas felt himself blush as he adjusted his white.
  85. With all eyes upon her, Cassie’s blush deepened to.
  86. Emily couldn't help but blush, even when their eyes.
  87. Paul noticed his mother’s cheeks increasingly blush.
  88. Must be nice, he thought, as he saw her blush from it.
  89. Josephine felt herself blush as always when this memory.
  90. I blush, but there’s a hint of a smile around his lips.
  91. She then looked away quickly, her face heated with blush.
  92. Then Linda pulled away, flustered, her face a rosy blush.
  93. I glanced at Bryce and the look in his eyes made me blush.
  94. Once again she felt that hot red blush rising across her.
  95. First blush, I see nothing different about Aiden’s house.
  96. What the hell, I don’t blush; I make other people blush.
  97. Ashi barked back, trying not to blush because it hadn’t.
  98. The thought made her blush and brought a grin to her face.
  99. I felt a blush creep up in my cheeks taking me by surprise.
  100. She could feel little jolts of energy as his blush returned.
  1. He saw that I was blushing.
  2. Blushing, she looked at him.
  3. The reality was the blushing.
  4. Anna had the faculty of blushing.
  5. I was probably blushing terribly.
  6. He reaches for my blushing cheek.
  7. He somewhat blushing would omit:.
  8. They giggled and nodded, blushing.
  9. She realized that he was blushing.
  10. And you wouldn’t be blushing.
  11. His response had left her blushing.
  12. You're blushing; your eyes flashed.
  13. I'm not blushing; it's hot in here.
  14. He broke off in confusion, blushing.
  15. Joey was blushing but he kept at it.
  16. Sure, I said, blushing lightly.
  17. By Jove, there he’s blushing again.
  18. And she glanced at him blushing shyly.
  19. Why was I blushing? It was Josh Hotz.
  20. Rose exhaled, blushing with happiness.
  21. She nodded her head, blushing slightly.
  22. He sees you as a blushing bride, Sadie.
  23. I looked over at Gemma who was blushing.
  24. Did I say that? she asked, blushing.
  25. Olorhleng looked around the room, blushing.
  26. Titania was ecstatic and clearly blushing.
  27. My graduate student is blushing before you.
  28. He smiled, blushing, as he handed it to me.
  29. Not at all! said the prince, blushing.
  30. Lots of women these days are past blushing.
  31. Isabel smiled, blushing in spite of herself.
  32. It… slipped off, she said, blushing.
  33. Now it was the older woman who was blushing.
  34. Behind my anger, I knew that I was blushing.
  35. I could see on his face that he was blushing.
  36. Yes, I got it, said the prince, blushing.
  37. Still blushing, she led the wa y down the wa rd.
  38. How cute, Sally thought, he's actually blushing.
  39. Or old rich chap of seventy and blushing bride.
  40. Carrie, blushing wildly, kept her eyes glued to.
  41. I just wish I knew what you were blushing about.
  42. The intensity of his gaze on me had me blushing.
  43. Look at you, a blushing beauty, he mocked.
  44. Jean, blushing at the attention he was receiving.
  45. Your blushing bride has legged it with your best.
  46. Oh you are a devil, replied Linda blushing.
  47. I started to, but then she turned away, blushing.
  48. Blushing and apologising profusely, she grabbed a.
  49. Too hot! she replied, blushing with pleasure.
  50. Her face was red, but not because she was blushing.
  51. I’m not blushing, it’s the heat of the fire.
  52. Elowen said that she did, blushing at the attention.
  53. Orphenn swallowed, and cleared his throat, blushing.
  54. Though I was pissed, but I couldn’t help blushing.
  55. Blushing with pleasure at the endearment, Kat nodded.
  56. She was glad he couldn’t see her blushing at the.
  57. She was blushing and it just made her even prettier.
  58. Are you blushing? I laugh as she rolls her eyes.
  59. There, he whispers, stroking my blushing cheek.
  60. Is there a pink tinge to his cheeks? Is he blushing?
  61. Already in this southern land they were blushing red.
  62. Snell-Orkney stood there, blushing, as Timulty said:.
  63. I am honoured, Sir, said Michael blushing slightly.
  64. You’re blushing? Would here be an inappropriate.
  65. I would have been blushing had I any human blood in me.
  66. When I turned around I started blushing all over again.
  67. Wisdom just looked at his friend smiling and blushing.
  68. He was making me feel hot and I know I started blushing.
  69. She was smiling and still blushing all at the same time.
  70. She swallowed and took a deep breath, blushing furiously.
  71. I’m not saying, she told him, blushing furiously.
  72. Mmhm, so is that why you’re blushing a little?
  73. She’s blushing! And there’s a dreamy look about her.
  74. Blushing crimson, Elowen stuffed the coins back into her.
  75. Paul went out, blushing deeply, not having spoken a word.
  76. It’s only a couple of yards, said Colia, blushing.
  77. And she hid her blushing face on the breast of the superb.
  78. The sisters left Joey standing there, blushing and smiling.
  79. Cecily, blushing, looked over at Don, who returned her gaze.
  80. Honestly, I am not some blushing maiden fresh out of braids.
  81. Even in this light, I can see you are blushing, he said.
  82. Blushing, I had tried to pretend to be searching for some.
  83. The blushing Lezura said, What—what are you doing?
  84. Blushing, she turned away, still thinking about what to say.
  85. Blushing a deep and fiery red, she hastily averted her gaze.
  86. This, and Marianne's blushing, gave new suspicions to Edward.
  87. Chica, blushing under her fur, and very pleased, thanked Sam.
  88. Blushing a bit, she headed upstairs with Hunter at her heels.
  89. Lisa listened silently, blushing and flushed with excitement.
  90. But how about the prince, now—look how he is blushing!.
  91. I didn't know he was going to, cried Dora, blushing scarlet.
  92. I think if he writes, I will write too,’ she said, blushing.
  93. Alex felt himself blushing at the compliments, though he grew.
  94. I think if he writes, I will write too, she said, blushing.
  95. You staying five minutes or the night? My God, he's blushing.
  96. This, and Marianne’s blushing, gave new suspicions to Edward.
  97. Uh-huh, and what was all that blushing about then? Huh?
  98. Tammas was blushing as he took his place next to the Away Team.
  99. Emily pulled out her suitcase and threw on some jeans, blushing.
  100. She decided not to reply as that might lead to further blushing.
  2. She blushed and passed on.
  3. Zoe blushed and looked away.
  4. I blushed in the dawn light.
  5. Gogoi stared her , blushed.
  6. Mary started up and blushed.
  7. She blushed at the thought.
  8. He blushed and cackled again.
  9. I blushed in spite of myself.
  10. I smiled and blushed in turn.
  11. Andy blushed and turned away.
  12. I blushed at the implication.
  13. I positively blushed for you.
  14. Con blushed and shook his head.
  15. I blushed and lowered my eyes.
  16. She blushed and turned around.
  17. She blushed under Ma’s gaze.
  18. She popped it in, and blushed.
  19. Our hero blushed and was silent.
  20. Then she hesitated and blushed.
  21. Oh, Helez said and blushed.
  22. Robert blushed and hung his head.
  23. Adrian blushed, but said nothing.
  24. She blushed a little but went on.
  25. My pulse shot up, and I blushed.
  26. She blushed and then thanked me.
  27. She blushed a little, and said:.
  28. Zoe glared at him, and he blushed.
  29. He waved a hand, blushed a little.
  30. She blushed again at the thought.
  31. The old man blushed in recognition.
  32. The young lady blushed and laughed.
  33. I blushed, hearing what I had said.
  34. Kurt smiled back and Mary blushed.
  35. I couldn’t help it but I blushed.
  36. She blushed and was very flustered.
  37. Mary only blushed rosier then ever.
  38. She sat down and blushed when she.
  39. While she blushed and blundered, Mr.
  40. His face blushed with embarrassment.
  41. The kid blushed as she embraced him.
  42. He blushed suddenly and looked away.
  43. Donna blushed at her lack of caution.
  44. Claire stared at him and he blushed.
  45. Suzanne blushed a bit as she laughed.
  46. The young matron dimpled and blushed.
  47. Rory blushed then remembered his arm.
  48. I blushed, glancing up at Alex again.
  49. They pulled away and blushed deeply.
  50. She blushed when she saw Nekhludoff.
  51. Mrs Gold stared at me and I blushed.
  52. She turned around and almost blushed.
  53. Thalia blushed as if she were ashamed.
  54. Emily blushed and looked at the floor.
  55. She blushed and stared into his eyes.
  56. Sam quickly blushed and hung his head.
  57. I blushed and took another sip of wine.
  58. He paused, blushed, and shook his head.
  59. She blushed and said faintly, Hello.
  60. Al blushed with pleasure at the praise.
  61. Suzy blushed, I sure fell into that.
  62. He blushed and couldn’t meet her eyes.
  63. Willie blushed and backed into the sack.
  64. His eyebrows rose and she blushed again.
  65. He blushed, basking in her approbation.
  66. Helez noted their exchange and blushed.
  67. She blushed as the audience applauded!.
  68. Ye Manqing blushed and she smiled coyly.
  69. Brosy blushed too and bowed profoundly.
  70. Emily blushed and sipped on the hot cocoa.
  71. Zora blushed, but she didn’t look away.
  72. She blushed slightly and I laughed again.
  73. She stepped out into her room and blushed.
  74. Wickland thought that he may have blushed.
  75. The straw gurgled loudly and she blushed.
  76. She blushed a little and nodded her head.
  77. Olenin shrugged his shoulders and blushed.
  78. Jean and blushed to the roots of her hair.
  79. I blushed, despite my best efforts not to.
  80. He blushed wildly, not knowing what to say.
  81. Tarana blushed at Kiara’s brazen remarks.
  82. She was awake and blushed at the audience.
  83. She blushed again, It wasn’t anything.
  84. I blushed because I am the same as you are.
  85. Her cheeks blushed at the mention of Julius.
  86. I blushed while Aidan was rolling his eyes.
  87. You’re beautiful, I thought, and blushed.
  88. Meagan blushed and cleared her throat lowly.
  89. What did they say? She blushed prettily.
  90. Was I not good? She blushed violently.
  91. I blushed, I’m going to visit Brandon.
  92. She blushed, Why are you all in here?
  93. Ellie blushed from the intensity in his eyes.
  94. She blushed and damned him silently to hell.
  95. Any Cratchit would have blushed to hint at.
  96. She blushed happily and jokingly taunted him.
  97. Natásha blushed scarlet when she heard this.
  98. Carrie blushed when she realized he wasn’t.
  99. Carrie blushed again, but her gaze was steady.
  100. Lucky blushed and I chuckled; he has no idea.
  1. The woman in love blushes.
  2. Ahmed whimpers and Ricci blushes.
  3. As wine that blushes water through.
  4. She took another sip to hide her blushes.
  5. She was rosy; her neck was warm with blushes.
  6. He rolls his eyes and blushes in embarrassment.
  7. Tiffany smiles and blushes, wallowing in the flattery.
  8. She had her shyness, her sudden blushes, thought grudgingly.
  9. With the deepest blushes Fanny protested against such a thought.
  10. But Anne had given up trying to analyze the reason of her blushes.
  11. He blushes and stumbles into excuses as she sits by him at the river.
  12. Simon blushes and lowers his head, pretending to inspect his writing tools.
  13. But they were both of them flaming with blushes, and immediately he ran away.
  14. Will you come? she asked, a lovely smile adding to the beauty of her blushes.
  15. Joel noticed her blushes and flustered movements, and wondered at the cause of them.
  16. BLOOM: (Blushes furiously all over from frons to nates, three tears filling from his.
  17. She had an English rose complexion, the sort that's permanently pink and blushes easily.
  18. Sharon blushes a little from the kiss confirming Suzy's suspicions that Sharon liked more than men.
  19. Well, um, that wasn’t a question I was trying to have you answer, Jaden says while blushes.
  20. The chances of the girl hearing what they were talking about are quite high and Sharon blushes a deep red in realisation.
  21. The boy blushes spectacularly and nearly runs off stage, only to be called back to clear away his props, and suddenly he loves it.
  22. Discovered on the piazza was Almington, and at sight of him my little ingénue, Cecilia, hesitated, and was lost in a sea of blushes.
  23. Suzy blushes a deep red in embarrassment, Doug had never spoken to her like that before and she could tell by Lewis's face he was not lying.
  24. He put together certain circumstances, certain dates, certain blushes and certain pallors on Cosette's part, and he said to himself: It is he.
  25. You don’t want to have the baby on the train or in a buggy, do you? This medical frankness reduced the ladies to embarrassed blushes and silence.
  26. The doctor blushes a deep red as she returns to the trolley, not trusting herself to speak she readies the trolley and asks Lewis to sit up as much as he can.
  27. You said that well, general; it is so true, concluded the prince, warmly, delighted to have found a refuge from the fiery blushes which had covered his face.
  28. Here the gentlemen interposed with earnest petitions to be further enlightened on these two last-named points; but they got only blushes, ejaculations, tremors, and.
  29. She always dines in here alone, and when I have the money I order her a bottle of wine and she blushes as if she had any demureness and lets me sit with her – nothing more, you understand.
  30. At the age when youth swells the heart with imperial pride, he dropped his eyes more than once on his dilapidated boots, and he knew the unjust shame and the poignant blushes of wretchedness.
  31. He faced us as we assembled for breakfast with a deprecating false modesty in his eyes, as who should say, I know that I deserve all that you can say, but I pray you to spare my blushes by not saying it.
  32. No real virgin, in short, in view of the nuptial bed, could give more bashful blushes to unblemished innocence, than I did to a sense of guilt; and indeed I loved Charles too truly not to feel severely that I did not deserve him.
  33. He said, 'I give you five minutes to spare your blushes! Here,' he said, taking a key from the little bag of life and death, 'here is the little bronze key that opens the two ebony caskets on the mantelpiece in the LouisPhilippe room.
  34. Aghast (and aroused) at where her errant thoughts had strayed, Kathy could feel her cheeks redden hotly, and she closed her eyes, silently bemoaning her lack of self-control, while fervently praying he couldn’t see her blushes or read her thoughts right now.
  35. Maureen’s friend from the shoe store, Barb, drawls “Nue York Ceety! Get a rope,” and when I squint at her in confusion, she says, “Oh, it’s from that old salsa commercial!” and when I still fail to connect, she blushes, puts a hand on my arm, and says, “I wouldn’t really hang you.
  36. He threw up my petticoat and shift, whilst my thighs were, by an instinct of nature, unfolded to their best; and my desires had so thoroughly destroyed all modesty in me, that even their being now naked and all laid open to him, was part of the prelude that pleasure deepened my blushes at, more than same.
  37. With drooping eyes and frequent blushes she told him she was very sorry about their past misunderstandings and did not now feel she had a right to ask him for anything, except only for permission, after the blow she had received, to remain for a few weeks longer in the house she so loved and where she had sacrificed so much.
  38. She had a sweetheart, and she had sent him word by a younger sister of the good fortune that had befallen her and begged him to come up to Creeper Cottage that evening and help her carry the precious wages safely home; and at nine o'clock when her work was done she presented herself all blushes and smiles before Priscilla and shyly asked her.
  39. Golyadkin blushed in his sleep, and, smothering his blushes, muttered to himself that in this case he ought to be able to show the strength of his character, he ought to be able to show in this case the remarkable strength of his character, and then wound up by asking himself, What, after all, is strength of character? Why understand it now?
  40. One more practiced in the arts of great cities would have hid her blushes beneath a veil, or, at least, have cast down her thickly fringed lashes, so as to have concealed the liquid lustre of her animated eyes; but, on the contrary, the delighted girl looked around her with a smile that seemed to say: If you are my friends, rejoice with me, for I am very happy.
  41. No, I will not do her any harm, dear little soul! only want her to look kindly on me, to give me smiles as well as blushes, to keep a chair for me by herself wherever we are, and be all animation when I take it and talk to her; to think as I think, be interested in all my possessions and pleasures, try to keep me longer at Mansfield, and feel when I go away that she shall be never happy again.
  42. She meant to be giving her little heart a happy flutter, and filling her with sensations of delightful self-consequence; and, misinterpreting Fanny's blushes, still thought she must be doing so when she went to her after the two first dances, and said, with a significant look, Perhaps you can tell me why my brother goes to town to-morrow? He says he has business there, but will not tell me what.
  43. But while the once-Christian West blushes in embarrassment at its historical traditions in a manner similar to teenagers at the site of their baby pictures, there is a competing outlook increasingly in our midst that does not shame away from its public manifestations as characteristic of many so-called Christians and that has no qualms about imposing its beliefs upon others often through means harsher than reasoned persuasion.
  44. It had cost him ten and elevenpence; but what an agony of nervousness it had cost him! How he had suffered that day, waiting at the shop door until the shop was empty, standing at the counter and trying to appear at his ease while the girl piled ladies' blouses before him, paying at the desk and forgetting to take up the odd penny of his change, being called back by the cashier, and finally, striving to hide his blushes as he left the shop by examining the parcel to see if it.
  45. We have every grade of greatness here, from that innocent being the ensign, a creature of apparent modesty and blushes, who is obliged to stand up and drain his glass each time a superior chooses to drink to him, and who sits on the hardest chairs and looks for the balls while we play tennis, to the general, invariably delightful, whose brains have carried him triumphantly through the annual perils of weeding out, who is as distinguished in looks and manners as he is in abilities, and has the crowning merit of being manifestly happy in the society of women.
  46. Speaker: nothing would induce me to address you at this late hour, while there is so great a commotion in, and so many tokens of impatience manifested by, the House, but a sense of duty, and a desire to lend my feeble aid in arresting the progress of a measure which, in my opinion, involves a question of no less importance than whether we are prepared, after having been insulted, robbed, and deceived, by the French Emperor, to follow the fatal example of the petty, servile States of Europe, and throw this people into the embraces of that monster, at whose perfidy and corruption Lucifer blushes and Hell itself stands astonished.
  47. As it was not then very material to keep much measures with a mere natural, I made presently free with him, though at my first motion of meddling, his surprise and confusion made him receive my advances but awkwardly: nay, insomuch that he bashfully shied, and shied back a little; till encouraging him with my eyes, plucking him playfully by the hair, sleeking his cheeks, and forwarding my point by a number of little wantonnesses, I soon turned him familiar, and gave nature her sweetest alarm: so that aroused, and beginning to feel himself, we could, amidst all the innocent laugh and grin I had provoked him into, perceive the fire lighting in his eyes, and, diffusing over his cheeks, blend its glow with that of his blushes.
  48. As soon too as she felt him at home as he could reach, she lifted her head a little from the pillow, and turning her neck, without much straining, but her cheeks glowing with the deepest scarlet, and a smile of the tenderest satisfaction, met the kiss he pressed forward to give her as they were thus close joined together: when leaving him to pursue his delights, she hid again her face and blushes with her hands and pillow, and thus stood passively and as favourably too as she could, whilst he kept laying at her with repeated thrusts and making the meeting flesh on both sides resound again with the violence of them; then ever as he backened from her, we could see between them part of his long white staff foamingly in motion, till, as he went on again and closed with her, the interposing hillocks took it out of sight.
  49. That Rome her self with blushes did believe,.

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