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Bore dans une phrase (en anglais)

And the hate they bore.
He was a crashing bore.
Each bore a huge barrel.
I wonder how she bore.
I bore witness to food.
She bore me rapidly away.
The heat of midday bore.

A cry that bore an agony.
I bore witness here to a.
This man, too, bore burn.
Many bore the bruises of.
Well, that part bore truth.
He bore his gaze into hers.
What he bore on his brow.
He bore himself with ease.
He would bore you to death.
She bore his children and.
She conceived, and bore a.
But it does rather bore me.
I did not wish to bore you.
Because he is never a bore.
Then the twelve bore shotgun.
I won’t bore you with.
Alas for Tiny Tim, he bore.
Some I could see bore fruit.
She bore him three daughters.
His blue eyes bore into hers.
His weight bore her back down.
He was carrying a small bore.
A wave of stifling heat bore.
Millie set her jaw and bore it.
His face bore a huge wide grin.
The firstborn bore a son, and.
The panels bore nothing but a.
At last, my efforts bore fruit.
His features bore the ancient.
Sarah's servant, bore to Abraham.
His eyes seemed to bore into me.
His gory bat bore the evidence.
I met the most astounding bore.
The day was really boring.
Life was boring but safe.
But it was also so boring.
You guys are dead boring.
Okay, but this job is boring.
Its never boring around here.
Sorry if I’m boring you.
They love dead boring things.
It was a seriously boring day.
This is so unbelievably boring.
No way, that’s boring too.
Living things are never boring.
I don't understand boring guys.
This is getting boring Chance.
The work was boring and routine.
Only if it’s a boring movie.
I was neat, presentable, boring.
I was afraid it would be boring.
As Research goes, this was boring.
School was deadly boring for her.
The most boring job in the world.
Very meaningless, and very boring.
His job must be as boring as shit.
Think mostly, it's quite boring.
It had been a long and boring day.
A lot of people find that boring.
It would be a boring conversation.
They were so boring, cold, deathly.
All this killing is getting boring.
It is also boring most of the time.
Very boring, but a man has to work.
Wouldn’t life be boring without.
It actually wasn’t boring at all.
This particular warp was boring him.
It was rather boring, but predict-.
Her green eyes were boring into his.
Running gets so boring after a while.
The service again was long and boring.
It’s not boring, he countered.
I bored him a lot.
I get bored a lot.
That and he is bored.
Bored (of, by and for).
I was bored on Eretz.
But one never got bored.
I'm bored and bored here.
You start to feel bored.
She did say she was bored.
One day, Thomas was bored.
His eyes bored into hers.
By now, everyone is bored.
Just a little bored of Mrs.
I was bored out of my mind.
Cosette was not bored there.
I am bored, he thought.
He simply got bored with it.
Kim got bored and left them.
He sounded bored and unmoved.
True, she was horribly bored.
She was bored of life itself.
But finally grew bored by her.
Zoey was still bored to death.
His black eyes bored into hers.
The lions are bored with us.
We are mentally dull and bored.
Carrie was bored with what she.
Alan Fernhill just looked bored.
How bored he would be if he did.
But he would not be bored forever.
Garcia yawned as if he were bored.
Joey had a bored look on his face.
I know, she answered, bored.
Anyway, I’m still bored at night.
She's just a very bored rich girl.
You haven’t been too bored?
But basically she was bored stiff.
Period she said in a bored tone.
Won’t he get bored with me?’.
It bores us.
Opera bores me.
But my cousins are bores.
I mean about calling certain guys bores.
This, as a question , bores down to the.
I am sorry the Foreign Office bores you so much.
Argh, enough with this triviality, it bores me.
The repetition bores me and I’m not into ancient history.
This bores me, so I think I’ll let Brick take care of you.
Hudson states, frequents trees, and bores holes in the trunk for its nest.
Among these unemployed there are bores, the bored, dreamers, and some knaves.
He was very intelligent and all, but he was one of the biggest bores I ever met.
What I’m doing now bores me senseless, running the factory that is, not the sale.
But once, hearing it, I laughed and replied: Not dead, but simply sleeping until you chattering bores shut up!.
By this point the Nautilus was resting on a bed of ice only one meter thick and drilled by bores in a thousand places.
You do not wish to earn your living, to have a task, to fulfil a duty! It bores you to be like other men? Well! You will be different.
Long bores were driven into the side walls; but after fifteen meters, the instruments were still impeded by the thickness of those walls.
I am quite serious when I say that I do not believe there are, on the whole earth besides, so many intensified bores as in these United States.
The sheet of water, lying at a tolerably great depth underground, but already sounded by two bores, is furnished by the layer of green clay situated between the chalk and the.
Investing some money into bores he found that there was sufficient water to set up an agricultural project growing exotic plants which were processed and used in many legitimate drugs.
But Rosamond reflected that if any of those high-bred cousins who were bores, should be induced to visit Middlemarch, they would see many things in her own family which might shock them.
After more that four years as a trader you get to a point where it bores the pants off you hour after hour and you start to look for something that can take away this tedious existence in front of 5 screens all day.
Dohlaran gunfounders had improved the quality of their products enormously, but guns with ten-inch bores crowded the very limit of what they could accomplish, and cast iron was still far more brittle than bronze or steel.
Farebrother, were great bores, and Lydgate did not care about commercial politics or cards: what was he to do for relaxation? He was often invited to the Bulstrodes'; but the girls there were hardly out of the schoolroom; and Mrs.
Larger field guns, with bores of up to six inches and firing shells of up to two hundred pounds at even greater elevations, were under development as well, with ranges which might go as high as eight thousand or even ten thousand yards.
His expression of face seemed to be constantly saying, Phew! how it bores me to have no one to speak to! The first thing in the morning he would go out shooting, or sit reading a book in his room, and not dress until luncheon time.
Dear Goddess, thought I, spare me this rambling Tale, which bores me so it makes my Ears itch! Were Lancelot and Horatio both daft? Had they no Judgement at all? I began to nod and close my Eyes, pretending to listen, but only listening here and there to Anne’s Tale when it suited my Convenience.

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