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Bozo dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. This bozo brother of Jades’ was.
2. It wasn’t as if Bozo had to pull the cart or carry.
3. Bradshaw rode Bozo back to his house, with only a few grumbles.
4. Our guy was organized and bold, not some pumped-up backwoods bozo.
5. Bozo disappeared as the teenagers passed without a word or a glance.
6. There are two of them, probably your new pal Bozo and a jackass I refer to as Jimmy.
7. That bozo is wearing a right-handed shoulder holster but is holding his revolver with the left hand.

8. She threw up both hands and said, One more step, Bozo, and I’ll scream so loud half of Brady will come running.
9. Carl Thompson from Gibsonville – the computer club adviser from an 800-student K-12 school, literally sat with a plastered grin across his face that could have reminded anyone sitting nearby of Bozo the Circus Clown.

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