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Brand dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Brand was on his feet.
  2. I try in my brand of.
  3. You have a brand new.
  4. It is a brand new era.
  5. The ship was brand new.

  6. All brand new and shiny.
  7. He had a brand new one.
  8. Brand them in your heart.
  9. A bold, brand new country.
  10. I was a brand new teacher.
  11. Never heard of the brand.
  12. Meyer hot dog brand on it.
  13. Like a Western cow brand.
  14. Its brand new in the box.
  15. Here’s to your brand new.

  16. Promises of brand new days.
  17. They are brand spanking new.
  18. It will have to be brand new.
  19. This is a brand new shirt.
  20. But he did write me a brand.
  21. Think of yourself as a brand.
  22. A gang brand marked his skin.
  23. Some swore by a certain brand.
  24. It was brand new and deserted.
  25. There was a brand new gallows.

  26. It’s a recognized brand name.
  27. In this segment the brand has.
  28. We will brand him on the muzzle.
  29. In search of a brand new moment.
  30. Many churches would brand him a.
  31. They were both a brand new Lexus.
  32. It looks brand new, said Mr.
  33. The brand name is Haleys Drinks.
  34. Black Francis held the brand aloft.
  35. Brand said, Good for you, A-Rey.
  36. IBM is leading brand of business.
  37. They’re the same brand as yours.
  38. The chair is practically brand new.
  39. Your brand plays a big part in this.
  40. Brand had his hands in his pockets.
  41. With a brand new set of angel wings.
  42. The fire brand revealed a blank wall.
  43. You want to brand your business or.
  44. It was a brand issue, he says.
  45. The brand was crude and roughly done.
  46. You can use it solely to brand your.
  47. The pink scar stood out like a brand.
  48. You have to brand yourself there, too.
  49. For that you brand her an evil?
  50. He denied everything, Brand said.
  51. Talk about a special brand of courage.
  52. What is the best diaper brand today?
  53. It was a brand new vehicle and turned.
  54. That is the importance of a brand name.
  55. But he has his own brand of sociopathy.
  56. Office of the President Brand Gold Mine.
  57. That model isn’t that much brand.
  58. You dumb piece of crap, said Brand.
  59. Once the customer tries our brand it is.
  60. A small minority may still brand you a.
  61. Brand promotion can be used with bundling.
  62. It was a brand she had never seen before.
  63. Just by their longevity, they have brand.
  64. It's a very well known brand name product.
  65. This segment, where a different brand of.
  66. One of the ways of building a brand is to.
  67. Start by defining the voice of your brand.
  68. Parisi said, Thank you, Inspector Brand.
  69. Brand dropped his gun and put up his hands.
  70. I refuse to place trash on things brand new.
  71. But the brand makers are the market save.
  72. It is a brand of the entertainment industry.
  73. It comprises one aspect of brand management.
  74. Your brand will be associated with spam by.
  75. Brand said, It’s safe to tell us, A-Rey.
  76. Indeed! I will have to remember this brand.
  77. She slid out the book, a brand new paperback.
  78. Complaints on offers, service and some brand.
  79. Then, one day, a brand new toothbrush arrived.
  80. Brand is on suspension pending investigation.
  81. Robertson, Brand, and Whitney were also dead.
  82. With a URL watermark brand it is practically.
  83. My Brand Login (activated across the network).
  84. It’s brand new, one of the agents said.
  85. You know what ?? I just love this brand new me.
  86. He looked up and said, Brand didn’t show.
  87. Casey’s mom had bought her a brand new canvas.
  88. Especially one brand; the remaining ones were.
  89. I think the ship’s brand new, said Ford.
  90. Brand Name: Infosys has a recognized brand name.
  91. The flatware was shiny, as if it was brand new.
  92. A brand new Dodge pickup was parked in my drive.
  93. If this is a restaurant brand, we have our lead.
  94. I am not trying to brand this doctor as a faker.
  95. And in a sense this is not a brand new discovery.
  96. The Only questions you need to build your brand.
  97. Waiting of expectation of a brand new beginning.
  98. The brand new books infront of it were balanced.
  99. It was a brand new Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin.
  100. Tristan turned, studying Brand in the candlelight.
  1. Branding is not a logo or.
  2. Our hearts are branding irons.
  3. Branding in the Virtual World.
  4. How are you branding a bundle?
  5. Unaware of branding (or that the.
  6. His cap is grey without any branding.
  7. The closer that your branding image is.
  8. Instead of beauty, a branding that hurts.
  9. The style of branding you use depends on.
  10. Branding is a phenomenon that occurs in the.
  11. This time he held a branding iron in his hand.
  12. I also chose the font intentionally as a branding item.
  13. The sight of cowboys branding, doctoring, and herding.
  14. Affiliate links are also the heart of branding an ebook.
  15. Cinder was terrified to realize they were branding irons.
  16. Branding is the act of heating a marker on the hide of a.
  17. Thankfully, branding is being phased out through the use.
  18. Now he had to consider branding as he began to ponder ideas.
  19. What are you doing in your branding that makes you and your.
  20. Once you have your ID#, login here for branding instructions.
  21. Who knows, branding me loose, he might even show me the door.
  22. For better branding results, your domain name should stand out.
  23. But branding costs money — lots of it — with no guarantee of.
  24. Hell, the Coalition had pinned a medal on him, branding him a war hero.
  25. Which of the following characteristics should be included in your branding?
  26. Oh, that's just a place we put the cattle in sometimes, for branding and that.
  27. Granted, I’m the one doing the branding, but that makes it hurt all the more.
  28. The above diagrams show you the most important features to use when branding your.
  29. Branding oneself is about setting up your business how you would create a clients.
  30. Repeated exposure to a branding message induces involuntary associations in the mind.
  31. From a brazier of coals one of the shadows picked up a branding iron and checked it.
  32. Then there is the branding, which is a great difficulty in the way of complete escape.
  33. The point about branding your video with video editing software is that you want to be.
  34. After that there's the branding of the calves, and driving the stock down to Julia Creek.
  35. These questions had been branding his brain since his first look through the tavern window.
  36. In this age of celebrity and branding it’s hard to imagine that brands can be undervalued.
  37. When doing that insures disaster, then the allegation, 'They did that!', is a gulag branding.
  38. Effectively using methods to increase your branding associations increase the instances that.
  39. Let me begin this section by saying that customization isn’t about colors, fonts or branding.
  40. Branding the box takes it up to $100, but in the meantime they are selling a $2,000 or greater.
  41. He neatly laid out his tools on a rolling table—the cattle prod, the machete, the branding iron.
  42. Ideas to help jump-start sales and branding efforts while improving marketing literacy through a format.
  43. There was beating, then whipping, then cutting, then burning them with a branding iron, then the cattle prod.
  44. He could now cross yet another thing off his list but now he then had to add a new section entitled, Branding.
  45. Her back, chest and buttocks were covered with bloody whip marks and with at least a dozen deep burns from branding irons.
  46. She possessed strict Indian ways and forever aggravated the Kantsler by branding and challenging his old fashioned ideals.
  47. She wanted him to get it over with—the punch, the jab, the slap, the electric cattle prod, the branding iron, the machete.
  48. Alexa can help you with that and what‘s more, it shares your growth with other branding, self-development, and more to you.
  49. The check was Anna's way of branding him a defeatist, a coward, a man deficient in fortitude to brave the rigours of the assignment.
  50. Just go to the branding sign up page here and within just a few minutes you’ll have your very own branded copy to send out to everybody.
  51. I propose a permanent government structure, within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to be responsible for the country branding of our product.
  52. For her what she saw was something that looked almost like a branding mark, upon his back, the mark resting at the center of his shoulder blades.
  53. Blinded with instant fury on seeing this, Louis raised his pistol and shot from five paces away the man with the branding iron, killing him outright.
  54. She knew from watching him on video that he had the initials WB tattooed on the side of his neck, as if they’d been burned there with a branding iron.
  55. Apart from the cream cheese, all the other ingredients had arrived, menu boards eloquently written by his mother and the finishing touches to his branding sorted.
  56. Revolition and I'munity digicasted their invitation to corporate transcendence into every comformicating space in the branding voice connedsumers had been trained to heed.
  57. On the other hand, we find Prince Bagration tearing the Cross of Honour from the neck of a certain dignitary, and branding him as a traitor unworthy to serve his sovereign.
  58. As a branding expert Star is always looking for, and thinking about, your special edge/gift/angle for your business and then how this links with you, your business and product.
  59. And what are countries, but branding clubs with citizen members and endless bylaws of ownership rights and responsibilities? What the price to belong? What is the cost to quit?
  60. Their lives are so empty, and meaningless: the only fucking way they can feel unique is by branding themselves with the labels of branded names on their clothes, and branded tattoos on their skin.
  61. Targeting may be an issue and you may not be able to measure the branding impact of your campaign, but they’re solid vehicles when they’re in line with your goals or used in a larger campaign.
  62. They attracted casual glances from a few passers by, but no more than the other occupants drinking there to preen and be seen did, their pale colour and sun-worshipping attire incorrectly branding them tourists.
  63. Every prisoner knows perfectly that he is a convict and a reprobate, and knows the distance which separates him from his superiors; but neither the branding irons nor chains will make him forget that he is a man.
  64. Tell him also that any hint of threatening us with nuclear weapons in any way, including by threatening to give one to terrorists, will result in me branding them as ‘a clear and present danger’ to the United States.
  65. They wanted to know about the dreadful branding irons which planters used to death, and they evidenced what Scarlett felt was a very nasty and ill-bred interest in mark the faces of their slaves and the cato’-nine-tails with which they beat them to.
  66. Pan's door was closed, Pandora's box was opened and out danced the merry Bacchus of O z with a train of presents chained to his wrists, cuffing the happy to be pierced with the branding of their choice, trailing them by their truffle-sniffing noses to the factorium of Right.
  67. What's in it for them? A number of things: increased customer base, enhanced customer loyalty, positive branding (think Goldman Sachs meets Starbucks), investment diversification (through owning commercial property), and certainly an increase in commission revenue, to name a few.
  68. One could also hear the musings of young enthusiasts, provided one listened intently enough, but soon stopped looking for it branding the act immoral, a tad embarrassed himself like the child caught red-handed stealing cookies from the ‘kitchen enshrouded by the safety of early morning.
  69. My face had been sliced like a piece of ham, a three inch scar running from my eye to my upper lip and although my bones would mend and the bruises fade, my face would bear indefinitely the mark of that evening on Prospect Mira as if the city had struck me with its branding iron and the wound left indelibly frozen for all to see.
  70. In spite of the branding and the chains, in spite of the palisade which hides from his eyes the free world, and encloses him in a cage like a wild beast, he can get himself spirits and other delights; sometimes even (not always), corrupt his immediate superintendents, the old soldiers and non-commissioned officers, and get them to close their eyes to his infractions of discipline within the prison.
  71. Also, another fact that must be acknowledged is that Muslims too have been victims of Islamist terrorism, not just in countries where they aren’t in majority, but even in countries where they are in majority, and this isn’t just a recent phenomenon in the light of recent occurrences in Pakistan[115], Afghanistan and Nigeria[116], but also earlier, much before Osama came to target the US regime, when he bombed Muslim civilians in Arab countries![117] More recently, American Muslims were targeted in Saudi Arabia[118] (of course, any Muslim living in and paying taxes to a government which such folks see as an "enemy of Islam" is a crime, unless you are there to bomb Time Square or those participating in a race in Boston!), and a study shows that Al Qaeda has killed eight times more Muslims than non-Muslims![119] Equally, in this context, it must be noted that security personnel often misuse their powers to kill or detain innocents, branding them as terrorists.
  72. There have been other branding programs in the past, but for the end user,.
  1. They were branded on my memory.
  2. My mother branded him a coward.
  3. Her parents had branded her as.
  4. Then they will be branded for life.
  5. He had first been branded by his family.
  6. That had got her branded as a free thinker.
  7. I am branded the past thirty years to be one.
  8. The next two Klingons branded him with their.
  9. A ‘T’ was branded on his left cheek, the.
  10. These people should be rounded up and branded.
  11. My brain was branded with the feel of his lips.
  12. His closet was filled with Imperial branded suits.
  13. In that case, we ’re now branded as murderers.
  14. Then, in a few seconds that branded itself into my.
  15. Think of designer goods, branded items, luxury goods.
  16. On the windscreen there is a branded tax disk holder.
  17. The main point was, he was forever branded Shitshorts.
  18. But that had not stopped her being branded as a witch.
  19. They are instantly branded as dangerous revolutionaries.
  20. They become branded cattle: owned by the brands they buy.
  21. He will be branded as incompetent and pilloried in the press.
  22. It was obvious Lydia's folks still branded him as some sort.
  23. You do not have to create merchandise that is branded to your.
  24. In the end I left him for which act I was branded a whore.
  25. They branded their caskets and barrels with their Dutch logos.
  26. They have branded her a tramp, a whore, and many other insults.
  27. Since he’d been branded, he’d been nothing more than a slave, yet.
  28. And nobody will need waste their time punishing these branded criminal.
  29. On balance, Weetabix had a strongly branded product in its home market.
  30. They had been branded as racists, not true, just would be drug dealers.
  31. Among the snakes and skulls was a red heart branded with the initials R.
  32. But, gentlemen, the fool had been branded for the slaughter by the gods.
  33. This was her old sports bag and was branded with a ‘Coca-Cola’ logo.
  34. What the fuck? Niggas are supposed to fear the name branded on our chest.
  35. Private Label Resell Rights are simply products that are ready to be branded.
  36. Their women and children suffer, and their old age is branded with pauperism.
  37. Curiosity branded the cat and locked it in a cell, sang Music Man in a.
  38. No, Wynne corrected lengthily, Ardara branded the cat-I mean me-and.
  39. I"m not branded, no one owns me and I"m of good stock, as you can clearly see.
  40. I may from this point on be branded as insane as those whom I've tried to help.
  41. Then they branded the buyers of their products: as suckers: with marks of shame.
  42. To examine reversion to the mean, we will use Enesco as an example: This branded.
  43. If she looked to the skies, Nizi's face was branded in the clouds: R U Nu?
  44. Our history teacher (a man far more suited for the job than the woman who branded.
  45. But now I’m Hester Prynne, and I’ve got that nice scarlet letter branded on me.
  46. Heaven before the resurrection are branded as being a part of a cult, often even by.
  47. And you are proud of being branded? Now consumers have so little inner self-identity.
  48. Yet, my reputation seems to have been branded by that relationship in a most negative.
  49. Why, a poddy's a cleanskin, a calf born since the last muster that hasn't been branded.
  50. Your Website details are optional, but if included will also be Branded into the Product.
  51. We were branded (still are) as "Apartheid Policemen" and not in a complimentary way either.
  52. His lips branded mine, and by the time he set me down, I wasn’t sure I could stand straight.
  53. Taking a closer look, he noticed the scar was an imprint of a crucifix as though he was branded.
  54. Prostitutes often were branded by the royal justice, which used irons shaped like a fleur-de-lis.
  55. Now you’re complicit in their ruthlessness and have been branded Hitler of the zombie vampires.
  56. No, no; stay on board, on board!—lower not when I do; when branded Ahab gives chase to Moby Dick.
  57. However, this Q&A branded me as a traitor, so when NNS stood me up, I was road kill within SEA OOL.
  58. Merdon had spoken, he thought they’d be in big trouble, possibly locked up and branded as outcasts.
  59. It was in the shape of a nine, but had been branded slightly sideways instead of straight up and down.
  60. Infamous: Hateful; terrible; offensive; held in abhorrence; branded with infamy by conviction of a crime.
  61. Time has branded them and fettered they are lodged in the room of the infinite possibilities they have ousted.
  62. She told me herself that she was flogged and branded by the pirates who captured her, for having resisted them.
  63. And now—and now I am myself a branded thief, without ever having touched the wealth for which I sold my character.
  64. Those who have not destroyed them within 30 days after the issuing of the order are to be branded and work as convicts.
  65. Well-bred officers’ mounts branded with the Emperor’s crest–an eagle grasping an ‘A’ and a ‘D’ in its claws.
  66. And after they’d taken me to the harem, after they branded me with the tattoo that would rule my life, Slia was my solace.
  67. I would be in a British interrogation cell if not for her and that nearly caused her to be branded a traitor by the British.
  68. Then to reinforce that mark, he was further branded by his prep school, branded by his college alma mater, branded by the IFS.
  69. Steve’s gaze moved up to Chris’ chest where the skin was neatly branded with the shape of the cross, seared into the flesh.
  70. I’ve caused societal damage and will be branded for life; the obese are causing societal damage and still receive a free pass.
  71. You don’t need branded toilet paper! Study the catalogues that the stores put out to buy what you need at the cheapest prices.
  72. Hill, this bottle is on sick leave; it has been branded in all the wrong places with the Supersuds logo and cannot stand on its.
  73. But invariably there was at least a spare roll in most cubicles with the title A Gentleman’s Etiquette branded across the front.
  74. Massie politely smiled and glared at the names branded on the beds, trying to ignore the jabbing pains of vomit sliding up her throat.
  75. The information sank into Kiera, as though Chance had branded something into her and in a way more painful than physical bonds, he had.
  76. Just go to the branding sign up page here and within just a few minutes you’ll have your very own branded copy to send out to everybody.
  77. She would undoubtedly have been one of those who would endure martyrdom and would have smiled when they branded her bosom with hot pincers.
  78. She had been tortured and branded and abandoned on the BeltLine, a joke of a recreational path that was more like a criminal hunting ground.
  79. They told how the father of the family was found gagged with his feet branded with tortured burns and his throat slashed in a gruesome smile.
  80. They were both transfixed by Eleanor Kilpatrick’s outburst, the way she traced an X on her belly when she said her daughter had been branded.
  81. Such and such a phrase produces upon you the effect of the shoulder of a thief branded with the fleur-de-lys, which has suddenly been laid bare.
  82. She knew Glen meant it as a compliment, not an insult, but nothing upset her more than being branded a heartbreaker, which is exactly what she was.
  83. A divided drove of branded cattle passed the windows, lowing, slouching by on padded hoofs, whisking their tails slowly on their clotted bony croups.
  84. The woman now standing at the immigration counter could easily be considered dark-skinned enough in Alabama to be branded as a ‘colored person’.
  85. Sometimes they even had their birth eyes replaced with Green Optical Vision, so they did not see the world as it was, but as it was branded to be.
  86. When he was done, his glance wandered over his appearance until his gaze came to the rectangular monstrosity that marked every Imperial branded suit.
  87. Carving out the symbol that had been branded into the beast’s skin he wiped the blade on his dew covered grass before putting it away and standing.
  88. The ring of dark runes on his forehead blazed with a red-hot glow and a tendril of smoke coiled up from his skin where the cursed tattoo was branded.
  89. If you can instantaneously identify a commercial and know you don't want to watch it, then that advertisement has branded you with deep recognition.
  90. For at least sixty seconds before he spoke, the crowds kept chanting his name and blowing conch shells (the rally had been branded Vijay Shanknad Rally).
  91. Now billions of humans walk around proudly as branded suckers: owned by the corporations that are milking them dry and using them as consumer sucker-slaves.
  92. A first and last port of call for cross-border travellers, by day the streets buzzed with Mexican day-trippers filling shopping bags with US branded clothing.
  93. No genie should be branded as a coward, they could be able to lack other virtues, of course, but courage was not a part of the list of dispensable attributes.
  94. Most professionals have this one branded in fire someplace on their body; most amateurs do not realize that it is why they do not like to short stocks anymore.
  95. For example, instead of buying a high end branded item, you can check out its equally competitive alternative, which can offer the same features at a lower price.
  96. Then they branded their mass-produced products; as being made, and owned by them so these branded products could not be stolen by someone else and sold illegally.
  97. Plastic shelves stood against the wall, packed with cardboard boxes, most of them labeled with alcoholic beverage brands and a couple branded as cleaning supplies.
  98. The writing in these charms is usually burnt or written on cloth or paper; but I saw one inscription beautifully branded on a dry strip of bamboo bark in Burmese style.
  99. JY dragged the writhing snake into shallow water and deftly changed his hold catching the creature behind its head where Sam‘s teeth marks had branded the noxious skin.
  100. That changed the whole way we looked at branded food companies and led us to invest in Nabisco, which got bought out, General Foods, which also got bought out, and others.
  1. We do have a few brands, miss.
  2. Change over to other brands when.
  3. Brands want to sell their products.
  4. They should all be the brands you like.
  5. Some brands have been reported to leach.
  6. They ignored me as they discussed TV brands.
  7. But what happens if your ISP brands you a.
  8. This is the marketplace of designer brands.
  9. Brands to love: Twinings The Republic of Tea.
  10. Cries cuckold to my father, brands the harlot.
  11. Some brands may release phosphates into the water.
  12. They have strong global brands and businesses.
  13. Brands to love: Celestial Seasonings Harney & Sons.
  14. There was no reason why supplies of all the brands.
  15. My second survey was on Shoe Name Brands and Styles.
  16. They walked single file, holding the fire brands high.
  17. Flaming brands appeared over the brink and clustered.
  18. Two brands were smouldering there in a melancholy way.
  19. They are influenced by peers more than they are brands.
  20. So many brands of the same thing, row upon pointless row.
  21. They become branded cattle: owned by the brands they buy.
  22. The less expensive brands often contain more sugar or MSG.
  23. Various brands of cottage cheese that taste like creamed.
  24. There are several coral dip brands currently on the market.
  25. The company changed its name officially to Yum! Brands, Inc.
  26. The brands were household names but the products were jaded.
  27. They have over a 1000 products, including other known brands.
  28. Today people wear t-shirts advertising company brands for free.
  29. You should also experiment using a variety of brands of condoms.
  30. They discriminate between different brands of consumer products.
  31. They bore brands for the Black Arrows, another gang in the city.
  32. There are also some promotional videos by authors and brands that.
  33. Pet supply stores usually carry at least one or two brands of these.
  34. Until they become spiritually linked to consumer brands and products.
  35. Iʼve done that with countless brands but Prograde has kept me hooked.
  36. I’ve also missed out two important film brands, Disney and Bollywood.
  37. There were all sorts of drinks there, a lot of different whisky brands.
  38. Brands spend millions of dollars each year advertising using old methods.
  39. Experiment with different brands if you find some cause skin irritation.
  40. Their fire brands revealed a large woven matt obscuring the cave opening.
  41. In some cases, national brands have had to lower prices to stay competitive.
  42. I wanted to see the differences in how the different brands would tumble in the.
  43. Businesses like Mars and Wrigley, which have strong consumer brands, fit the bill.
  44. Just watch out for the brands that are loaded with nasty high fructose corn syrup.
  45. I like to invest in consumer brands in areas like chocolate, whiskey, beer and wine.
  46. It cuts the wax residue from the commercial brands you might have used in the past.
  47. Aside from the brands, you should also consider the type of concealer that you want.
  48. The two men wore brands on the backs of their hands, human eyes with Xs through them.
  49. Brands like Apple have raving fans as customers! This is what your product or brand.
  50. Massie and Dylan probably knew all about proper fashion names and brands and designers.
  51. But quality can vary widely among brands, so you have to know what you are looking for.
  52. The funny thing about brands is even if the person never buys that brand they are aware.
  53. In this age of celebrity and branding it’s hard to imagine that brands can be undervalued.
  54. Many clients, especially established brands with years of experience and astronomy research.
  55. And last but not least, he models and represents famous brands of surfing gear and clothing.
  56. World Wide Brands – Best place to connect with real wholesalers in the USA (eBay Certified).
  57. Several bands from the area were going to perform their particular brands of religious music.
  58. For example, in 2014 this happened with Hillshire Brands (HSH) (a recent spin-off of Sara Lee).
  59. Most of them seemed to be of the Baptist variety, though the brands were hopelessly confusing.
  60. Mars is vending-machine royalty in its own right, with brands such as M&Ms, Twix and Snickers.
  61. Rosemary didn't often smoke, but when she did she bought what she referred to as, exotic brands.
  62. They say that the food produced by these big brands can shorten your dog's lifespan by up to a year.
  63. Many brands have developed special natural bend features that mimic the way real grass moves.
  64. Only three brands were considered official underground currency: Lucky Strike, Camel and Chesterfield.
  65. If the effort fails, the consequences for the company’s well-established brands could be disastrous.
  66. It may take a bit more adjusting in the food area, as we all tend to have our favorite brands of food.
  67. Then he put on his hat again, relieved: and read again: choice blend, made of the finest Ceylon brands.
  68. Brands have bought into this model for decades, and the overriding premise is that it is a numbers game.
  69. He seized an old shovel and spread ashes over the wet brands in such a manner as to entirely conceal them.
  70. That Mellis! The Mellis food brands could be found in every corner grocery store and supermarket in America.
  71. It's okay to use store brands -- but read the label for to be safe and healthy when feeding your family!!.
  72. The consumer staples sector is also filled with companies that have wide moats and world-recognized brands.
  73. These new social contacts for brands may be like a deer staring into the headlights of an oncoming car.
  74. Wrigley's brands include the Juicy Fruit, Orbit and Eclipse gums, Life Savers hard candies and Altoids mints.
  75. And with fewer brands on show shopping in these stores becomes a less interesting experience for the consumer.
  76. Thus, it is best if you do your research about the brands that are more preferred by professional golf players.
  77. Many brands consider social initiatives as a tactical initiative to improve relations and enhance brand equity.
  78. The first involved the withdrawal of one of the brands from the major supermarkets where the products are sold.
  79. Then, I know you will mourn over the sins of your children, and strive to pluck them out as brands from the fire.
  80. He knew they were brands of intoxicating beverages, Oh no thank you, He said, I’ve got to keep traveling.
  81. For instance, you should consider its brand, since there are certain brands that certainly stand out from the rest.
  82. The two wine glasses looked like crystal, definitely not from my collection as I tended to opt for the cheap brands.
  83. The historical model of advertising used by agencies and bought into by brands is based on impressions and attention.
  84. Although food conglomerates can do well when their brands are strong, keep in mind that growth is often hard to come by.
  85. Sales of tight fitting jeans will increase, and more brands will produce tight fitting jeans until a new fashion trend.
  86. Food companies often have good brands and this sector is a good example of one where companies and brands can get beaten down.
  87. However, many brands of premium coffees, such as those used by Starbucks, come from smaller arabica growers in Central America.
  88. For example, wine distributor Constellation Brands reported, Last year, we really focused on receivables in the United States.
  89. IBM: $75,532 million …consistently ranked as one of the world’s most innovative, profitable, and sustainable brands….
  90. The brazier, placed in the fireplace itself, beside the nearly extinct brands, sent its vapors up the chimney, and gave out no odor.
  91. The father, with the agility of an acrobat, seized a broken-nosed jug which stood on the chimney, and flung the water on the brands.
  92. According to the Private Label Manufacturers Association, store brands now account for nearly one of every four items sold in U.
  93. Four brand new slaves, freshly shaved, with bandages over their brand-new brands stood nervously behind, tethered to the golf cart.
  94. Names, characters, places, brands, media, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.
  95. There were only one brand around then Tanita which are a few hundred but these days they start at less then a hundred for some brands.
  96. She looked at the scales on the walls, two brands smoking end to end, and a long spider crawling over her head in a rent in the beam.
  97. I remember one day looking through it and was amazed at the number of Scotch whisky brands there were at that time, no less than 2316.
  98. Chase Credit Cards operates under Bank One and First USA brands and offers cards that are flexible, trusted and superb customer service.
  99. Homemade ketchup, mustard and relish, fermented as God intended, are easy to make and are much better for us than the commercial brands.
  100. Intangible assets such as patents, software, brands, or goodwill are difficult to quantify, and may not survive the break-up of a company.

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